Executive Office Suites for Rent


Impossibly Perfect Executive Suites for Rent at Hollywood Production Center in Eagle Rock CA

Writer, producer, director, editor? Meet your new work-life balance.

Your goal is nothing short of creating consistently great work. Throw in a few fierce deadlines and the pressure to impress, and the right environment becomes more crucial than ever. You know a “nice office” just doesn’t cut it – you need the right environment.

When it comes to executive office suites, we believe in having it all

At the Hollywood Production Center, we believe a successful day is a productive one, and a productive day has a few worthwhile moments sprinkled in: an energy-boosting workout, an impromptu brainstorming session with a fellow colleague, and killer fish tacos, to name just a few.

Side benefits that will win you over

Our tenants have gone through the same process that you face right now. Many have been with us for five years or longer, and when we asked them, “What do you like most about HPC?” they caught us off guard… in a good way. Here’s a roundup of their favorites that you might enjoy, too:

Food truck heaven

While we stand firmly behind the excellent menu at our onsite cafe, we know that variety is the hot sauce of life. Our tenants find savory satisfaction in LA’s finest food truck cuisine, and when lunch rolls around, so do the trucks. Keep your Cholula sauce on hand to get it just right.

Zen-like focus

Breathe. Stretch. Relax. Repeat. It’s been said that a frazzled mind is an unproductive one, and according to some of our tenants, yoga is the balm that can soothe every one of those nerves into a state of relaxed concentration. Yogis and newbies alike can benefit from the onsite availability of our yoga classes. Namaste.

Killer workouts

Then again, we all know a good blood-pumping workout gets the creative juices flowing just as well, and many of our tenants take advantage of our onsite gym for a spin, run or CrossFit routine. Your projects will benefit, too, when you return with renewed energy and a fresh outlook.

Puppy love

Some of our favorite tenants simply drool over the fact that they get to hang out with their two-legged pals all day long. No free rides for these canines, though, who are are busy keeping their masters free of ergonomic distress with regular outdoor walks, belly-rubs and friendly sniffs hello around the office.

Industry connections

When you put a bunch of talented, creative types together, something pretty amazing happens. People start talking, sharing ideas, and making connections. One of our tenants confessed that she enjoys fantastic referrals on a regular basis. Nice perk, indeed!

Let us show you around

Come see for yourself! Our handsomely detailed executive suites, business centers, shared creative spaces and onsite amenities are the mainstay of our growth. Our client list keeps growing, and we’ve expanded into 5 premium locations – and counting.

To find out if we’re the kind of place for you, subscribe for a free tour now, or give us a call.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Are you an executive producer or other employee of the entertainment industry here in California? Are you searching for that perfect office to complete all aspects of your media project such as editing, filming, writing, and much more? Then the Hollywood Production Center is the perfect place for you to work. This center contains luxurious office suites for you and your team. There are also many world-class amenities that you and your team of entertainment employees can use at your disposal.

You can rent any of the executive office suites for as long as a full movie shoot or a full season of a TV show. We can provide you and your team with a long-term lease or a month-to-month lease. If you find that you need to stay much longer than initially anticipated, then we could still make adjustments to your lease.

Our luxurious, fully-furnished office suites have everything you need to begin writing any scripts for movies and TV shows, as well as film in that specific area. The technology infrastructure is set up, which includes a computer with internet access and an office phone ready for use. These office suites range in size, meaning you can obtain a smaller suite as an individual or a larger suite for an entire team of entertainment employees. These executive suites for rent have many features and amenities of their own, including a skylight, a private kitchen, a private entrance, and even a balcony.

Outside of the office suites, there are many other places around our center that you can film your shows and movies. We have a gym, a courtyard, a patio, the rooftops, and many other areas. When filming, you can let us know and we could make sure that no one comes to that area and disturbs your filming. Our center saves you money by providing you with a shared environment while still keeping your privacy. We here at HPC want to make sure that your working experience at our facilities are as smooth and convenient for you as possible.

If you have been working hard all day, then you may need to relax or play a little bit so as to be refreshed and replenished for work again. We have gyms and showers as well as a masseuse and yoga instructor. We even have a car wash for both your car and any other cars you may be using in your movie or TV show. We are happy to say that our center is now available to any residents in Alhambra CA.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Looking for office space in Altadena? Hollywood Production Center is your best choice for locating quick and affordable office for rent in this city. Each neighborhood in Altadena is unique and if you are not thoroughly familiar with the area, getting office for rent can be very difficult. Fortunately, we are familiar with the city and can easily match you up with an affordable office space or executive suite in Altadena. From short-term to long-term leases, we can help you find that perfect spot. Just let us know specifically what kind of amenities you’re looking for, and HPC can help you in your office suite search.

In order to portray the best image for your company you need more than just the basics. It is absolutely necessary to get something that provides you with options as well. Our executive offices and works paces for rent in Altadena CA are perfect for those on the move or anyone professional or business person needing a prestigious environment. Creating a classy, impressive atmosphere is a great way to attract clients and business partners and achieve business success. Work in peace and enjoy fully furnished offices, dramatic office views, decorative art throughout property, and charming lobby and waiting areas. Our professional building is sophisticated, and the executive offices are well designed and lavishly furnished for your comfort and convenience.

In addition to being polite and knowledgeable, our support and management team provides the services you need to help you work efficiently. All services are provided seamlessly for you so you can focus on your business. HPC provides amenities and services such as professional receptionist, phone lines, Internet connectivity, fax, printer, copier and maintenance of offices, as well as 24-hour security surveillance and ample parking space. Additional features like coffee and refreshments for you and your guests, a fully-stocked kitchen, separate lounge areas, and directory listings, contribute to a more relaxed working environment.

We have a variety of offices for rent, luxury workspaces, and Executive Suites for Rent. Our turnkey office rental arrangement offers advantages such as quick occupancy, all-inclusive monthly costs, and reduced need for staff. You do not require a huge amount of upfront money for office equipment and furniture. You can just move in, unpack your stuff and start working on your project. We make it our top priority to provide all the essential services to make you comfortable. We recommend that you check out our range of services and luxury offices and then schedule a free tour of our facility. We will provide you with more information about the office space, Executive Office Suites, and amenities you’re interested in and will arrange the viewings you require.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Need to get a corporate office or executive office in Bel Air? Executive offices for rent are available in Bel Air and surrounding areas. Most business professionals and corporate executives prefer professional buildings that provide business center facilities and other high class amenities that convey a great impression. Many executive rentals have large seminar and auditorium-style rooms and conference rooms that are ideal for presentations, lectures, large gatherings and more. These spaces are conveniently located and make hosting an event very simple and easy to coordinate.

Hollywood Production Center provides flexible, professional work space that is ready to “plug in and go”. We are a leading website for office space for rent. You can browse our website to check out a wide selection of executive office spaces and luxury office spaces for rent. We have many office spaces for immediate rental. Just contact our HPC rental consultant to book viewings or request information on our pricing and availability of desired amenities.

We created our Executive Suites for Rent to help businesses establish a professional impression for their clients, without the high expenses and hassles of a traditional office rent. In addition to the top-notch amenities included with our executive office rentals there are also a wide variety of pay-as-you-go services that are offered for your convenience.

When you choose a furnished space in Bel Air CA or a nearby city, there is no need to provide your own office furnishings or wait for IT installation, and capital investment is minimal. Your serviced office is fully operational and enables you to immediately start working on your project. You pay one easy, monthly fee, and the management company takes care of the maintenance and administrative and office services. Typical turnkey office services include flexible lease terms, Internet access, furniture, copier machines, fax machine, phones, receptionist, personalized telephone answering, conference rooms and meeting space, mail services, full office furniture, and much more.

HPC is dedicated to providing the easiest and most affordable way to get a professional office or workspace. We are well known in the rental community as the best company to contact if you need the right office for your business. Our high-quality amenities are very attractive and help make it easier for you to operate efficiently and grow your business. To ensure you find the most suitable space for your business or special project, visit our website right now and subscribe for a free tour of our Executive Office Suites and amenities.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Hollywood Production Center is a renowned office space provider focusing on providing corporate executives, business owners and professionals affordable office space solutions in Century City and many other areas. Executive office solutions are a great choice for executives, business owners and others who are serious about making their business successful. HPC helps companies find the perfect office space, with conference rooms, business centers, creative space, and state-of-the-art technology and provide all the services that a company needs to improve efficiency and productivity. All of our offices for rent come fully furnished and well designed to meet the needs of businesses, professionals and corporate executive.

Our office spaces in Century City CA are only a fraction of what you would pay should you need to provide your own equipment and staff a conventional office or work space. There is no need to hire a receptionist or purchase equipment when we can provide these with our turnkey, executive office solution. At only a small monthly cost, you can have an experienced support staff help you get started the right way. You don’t need to deal with many utility bills, maintaining your office, moving office furniture, or even purchasing office supplies. You will have someone answer your telephone calls with your own custom greeting. These are included in our executive office plans.

We created our Executive Office Suites to help businesses establish a professional image and attract clients, without spending huge amounts of money on office setup and the troubles associated with a traditional office lease or rent. What our renters like most about our office rental and services is the fact that we offer pay-as-you-go options, and you can choose a short-term rental arrangement or a long-term lease. We make it easy for you to move in and get to work, by providing you with a turnkey office solution, and we don’t have any hidden charges.

At HPC, we provide great value, and we have many satisfied clients who are using our world-class services to help them run their businesses and achieve the success they desire and deserve. Let us help you choose the most suitable office space for your company and provide you with services that will help you operate your business at its true potential. Simply visit our website to check out the amazing Executive Suites for Rent and high-class amenities and services that we provide. You will certainly be impressed when you see the list of our successful clients. Our experienced rental consultant is available and will be happy to talk to you.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Ready to move your business into the big time but you don’t have the facilities that are necessary to impress your clients? You need to find an area where you can work, live, and play in one central location. Our specialized professional office spaces, upper scale relaxation facilities, and comfortable living quarters are everything you need to bring in the million dollar clients.

At HPC we offer top of the line equipment and technology. All of our facility amenities are available for you to utilize and create your office space. We offer top notch audio and video ready conference rooms and office suites. Each is equipped with the latest technology for seamless presentations and meetings. We have an IT specialist available to assist you immediately in the event of any technical problems. These Executive Suites for Rent are filled with modern furniture and tasteful accessories.

After meeting with your clients, there may be a need to turn your meeting details into a working folder or presentation. We have the perfect business facilities to get the job done without ever leaving the building. Our centers are enhanced by our fully functional computer stations, copiers, faxes, printers, and mail services. Our Executive Office Suites each have their own personal professional address. Often, the business deal is not done when the paperwork is. This is when it is beneficial to be able to schmooze your clients without ever leaving your business and living location.

We offer on site facilities such as a restaurant, arcade, sauna, Jacuzzi, and an exciting bar that offers exclusive specials to our tenants. There are also facilities located on the roof such as a barbeque area, table tennis, and relaxation areas. All of this with the best views of the Chula Vista CA area. Your clients will be impressed with your professional business and your fun playful side.

The Hollywood Production Center offers the ultimate in luxurious living for our tenants. After you have entertained your guests, it is time to relax in your fully furnished apartment. These spaces come equipped with all major appliances including on-site laundry facilities. The restroom is spacious with a relaxing jet tub. For a comfortable night’s sleep, the bed is ultra-comfortable and ready for you to climb in. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with great views of the city. To see these views for yourself, give us a call to set up your tour, or visit us online and you can be moving in today.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


One of the best places to start your business is in Downtown Los Angeles CA. The economy is booming in the area and there are multitudes of opportunities available for new business owners. Even if you have been open for a while and are looking for a new location, you could not choose a better one than downtown Los Angeles.

The area is booming and they are looking to bring more business to the area. Because of this, many places are offering many deals and advantages. When looking for a location to move, the first place you should start is with a quick Google search. By doing this, you can pre-screen many locations and make a list of where you are interested in looking. There is no shortage of executive suites for rent.

One company that you should look into if you are interested in moving your business to the area is the Hollywood Production Center. They have four executive buildings in the area: HPC1, HPC2, HPC3, HPC4, and HPC at TenTen. You can schedule a tour and move in the same day with the company. By making a tour request, the company will waive the application fee. An appointment can be easily scheduled by visiting their website at

There are several advantages to renting executive office suites through HPC. They have very affordable costs and by renting a space in one of their locations, you will be able to save on start-up costs so that you can put more back into your business. You would have the advantage of working in a cost-saving environment while still maintaining your company identity. Utilities, phone, and internet are included with the rental costs. You will have access to professional meeting spaces. Your company will be able to thrive in a professional work environment. You will also save on IT since the infrastructure is preinstalled and ready to use by its members. This high-quality technology is unmatched by other buildings in the area. You will also be given your own mailing address to increase the professionalism of your firm. All of the locations provided by the company are prime real estate in the area so you cannot go wrong with renting one of their executive office suites. Make the move to increase the visibility and profitability of your business by calling them today!

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Do you want a fully furnished office suite complete with supplies and business support? Are you looking for total workspace package? You need to visit Hollywood Production Center to get these services.

We have Executive Office Suites with private kitchens, skylights, private entrance and balconies. Our offices can fully accommodate your needs. At HPC you will get the best production and post-production facilities. We support all artists; experienced or upcoming. The facilities here will allow you to record your music or film your productions. Our office spaces are also well suited for publishing companies, creative and publishing teams. We also accommodate directors and members of the entertainment industry.

With a range of sizes, our office spaces promises to address the needs of every client. We also have ample and secure parking. This gives our clients peace of mind when working in their offices. They don’t have to worry about security of their parked vehicles because the facility is gated. Our Executive Suites for Rent package includes showers, on-site gym, yoga instructor, personal trainer, masseuse, flower and plant arrangement, and a car wash. These services are all included in your affordable rent package.

Video and film producers benefit from several filming locations in our facility. We allow our tenants to use all the facilities to enable them produce high quality videos. You can use the courtyard, rooftops, patio, office sets and gardens among other areas. These HPC facilities are free for all tenants.

Lease agreements are very flexible. You can choose month-to-month or long-term lease. Most people choose month-to-month lease agreement for the first month only to change to long-term lease agreements because of the great service they receive in our facility. You can pay rent and move in to your Executive Suites for Rent on the same day. We have professional reception service to help every tenant in our facility. We address all the concerns in the shortest time possible. Our clients also benefit from professional meeting place in the facility.

Tenants also benefit from professional cleaning services. Our staffs clean all the offices and arrange them after the service. Cleaning is done early in the morning or after working hours to avoid disturbances in the office. The professionals are also trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about the theft of your precious jewelry or other office accessories. Visit our website today and register in order to subscribe for a free tour of our facility. You can also call in to set up a free tour.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Open the door and find your ideal executive office suites and filming locations in a single, convenient, high quality complex. Join the entertainment industry’s rising stars in a location built for getting right to work, writing, filming, production and networking. Our facilities are designed to meet the needs of any size or type of entertainment and new media project.

Located in Glassell Park CA, our furnished offices, meeting rooms and production spaces are ready for your project. Your entire writing, filming, editing and post-production crew will be ready to work in a fully furnished office suite. Hollywood Production Centers accommodate the industry’s most exciting up and coming professionals, from film to TV to new media, with executive suites for rent. Enjoy ample valet parking, 24 hour security, a staffed reception desk, high tech executive meeting rooms, cafes, full service salons, spas and gym facilities.

At HPC, our offices offer several sizes and floorplans to meet your crew’s needs. Move in today, and take advantage of a variety of leases for both the long and short team. Executives, producers, actors and writers will all find elevated accommodations for their long workday. Suites feature private entrances, all utilities including voice, data and high speed internet already running, janitorial services and luxury touches like skylights and private balconies. At Hollywood Production Company we keep your work schedule moving with our professional staff available 24 hours a day. We’re here to meet all your filming and production needs.

In addition to executive suites for rent we provide on-site filming locations. If your shoot takes you from a rooftop to an office to a patio, we feature all these locations and more. Get more done, while keeping your team happier, in our working and filming spaces.

We offer our clients a free tour of our locations to meet our staff and view our buildings. Call us or check us out online to set up a free, convenient tour. Our professionals can help you lock down the right space at the right price. We work with entertainment professionals every day. Our passion is to provide the space and resources to get your project off the ground. Our clients are highly satisfied with the value of our office and production spaces, and return for their next project. We’re ready for you, too. Get started with a tour and learn about same-day move in.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Residents of Griffith Park CA, why continue to waste your time and money trying to find the perfect office space. Hollywood Production Center has a selection of office spaces in various sizes that offers many benefits for today’s professionals.

One of the benefits of signing a lease for one of the executive office suites is that you save money. You do not have to waste money renting or purchasing office furniture for your new office. Each office suite comes fully furnished allowing you to get to work immediately. You are able to also save money with the leasing options available. You can choose between a month to month lease and long term leases.

These executive suites for rent also offer conveniences for its guests. These offices already come with data, voice, and high speed internet service pre-installed. For you, this means that no time will need to be wasted waiting around for a technician to come by your new office. Just bring your equipment, hook-it up, and you are in service. Make important phone calls to your clients or co-worker or send an important fax or email. Further conveniences are added with the help of in-house amenities and services. As a guest you will be able to enjoy the on-site gym that can help you to find relief from a long day without having to battle traffic. Also, if you are have an appointment or an engagement to attend to after you leave the office; just bring a change of clothes with you when you go to work. After work you will be able to freshen up in the on-site shower. You also have access to a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and masseuse. No need to worry about hiring a clean-up crew for your office space, janitorial services is included with your lease.

In addition to offering you many conveniences, HPC gives individuals in the movie industry an opportunity to further his or her movie career as a producer, director, or camera person. By signing a lease with this facility you are granted access to various filming locations such as the gym, courtyard, rooftop, patio, office sets, and other locations. There is no need to wait weeks or months for a filming permit to be approved. Your lease is your permit and you have the ability to shoot and create movies on-site.

Many professionals require more than a single office space for their line of work. For these individuals, a state-of-the-art conference and whiteboard room are available when you need to meet with clients, co-workers, or partners.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Looking for executive office space in Highland Park CA? There really is no substitute for an impressive image when it comes to renting a professional office. Executive office spaces are available to help you create a good impression for company. If you have been a reliable provider of executive office space, you’re in the right place. Welcome to HPC, where you can choose from many offices for rent and a wide range of world-class amenities to help you run a successful business.

Turnkey Executive Office Suites are a great option for business owners and professionals who do not want to bother setting up an office space from scratch. Our beautiful professional building is highly sophisticated and the offices are well designed and lavishly furnished. Our office building is located in the business district of the city, with easy access to major roads and highways. We offer both large office suites and medium-sized work spaces, each with access to modern office equipment and all the amenities and services you need to work conveniently and comfortably.

At HPC, we also provide the latest in technology, high-speed Internet access, phones, fax and state-of-the-art business centers. Our support staff is highly experienced and dedicated to making it easy and convenient for you to run your business. If there is anything you need that we don’t provide, just let us know and we’ll work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied. We have been providing services in the rental community for many years, and we have an established history of meeting the office rental needs of corporate executives, business managers, lawyers, movie directors and film producers, professionals and all those who desire a turnkey, all-in-one office setup.

Hollywood Production Center is the most reliable office rental provider in the industry, and we come highly recommended in Highland Park and surrounding areas. Our rates are the most affordable, and our executive suites are the best around. When you contact us, our highly knowledgeable consultant will work you through the entire process of getting a beautiful office set up just for you. You will have a chance to go through all available spaces and review our rates and agreements, and then choose a plan that meets your needs.

Simply visit our website and browse our highly desirable Executive Suites for Rent, then subscribe for a free tour of the world-class location and top-of-the-line amenities, and top-notch services. Check out our impressive list of clients, and you will see that we have a wonderful track record of successful tenants.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Located in the beautiful and historic neighborhood of east Hollywood, Los Feliz is a village with a style all its own. Nothing beats the star-studded and celebrity driven lifestyle of Hollywood and the surrounding areas of Los Feliz CA and using the executive office suites from Hollywood Production Center will put your company and staff in an excellent position to take full advantage of what the entertainment and creatives industries in the city of Los Angeles has to offer your current projects, your staff, and your company.

We have multiple options for all your office needs. Rather if it is a fully furnished office space that your creative team are seeking or an unfurnished suite the you can fit and set up for your production and filming needs, we here at HPC will offer your company or production team a top-notch experience and with plenty of space and accessories that will always come with our commitment to top notch and best-of-quality service.

Executive office suites for rent offered by the Hollywood Production Center will make sure that you have a positive and safe experience while in use of our facilities as we include security, surveillance, janitorial services as well as any utilities you made need while there. We also offer and an on-site gym for all of your on-the-go fitness needs. Tenants also have monthly access to monthly conference room usage as well. All of our parking areas is secured and comes with valet parking with optional car wash service. There are also additional options available to all levels of tenants to fit any of your personal needs.

We have Executive Suites for Rent in Los Feliz CA with your company’s personal choice of both short and long term lease options. We give you the option to pay as you go which will allow you to upgrade your length of occupancy as you see fit for your business or as the current project or production needs may expand as they almost always do when shooting in Hollywood. Move-in packages are also readily available.

We have over a decade worth of experience in serving the creative, professional, and entertainment community in the Los Angeles area, and we have earned a reputation for ourselves among some of the top executives in the Southern California area and we have catered to a wide array of clients and companies, which includes many well-known production companies, and major motion pictures.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


This modern styled executive office company first opened its doors in the year 2001 and hasn’t stopped since as they have just recently opened their fourth building, known as HPC 4 in June of 2014. The four, luxurious, yet affordable office suites are all located within the vicinity of the heart of Hollywood and are within walking distance of many of North Hollywood‘s major production studios.

The first building that they built includes two floors and offers executive office spaces as well as individual office spaces. Each executive space offers a convenient kitchenette and small living space added for comfort and a homey feel from your home away from home. The building includes an onsite workout gym and in-house cafe.

The second building is the largest of the four, containing six floors, not including the basement level, and caters to those companies who are looking for executive suites to rent, such as that for attorneys, real estate agencies and like-minded professional agencies. Each level is made into sleek office spaces. Utilities are included in the rent and each building includes full-time cleaning staff for the convenience of the tenants.

The third building offers three floors of office space, plus a basement level. This building offers skylights for natural light, and private entrances for the tenants. This building is known for its superb, modern style and sleekness.

The fourth building is the largest when it comes to square footage, offering potential tenants and those already renting space, 31,000 square feet. The building packs 100 offices within this large space in a comfortable and roomy manner. The building includes an onsite gym and conference room for formal and informal business meetings and meetings with individual clients.

All Hollywood Production Center buildings include a dog-friendly policy and the staff is known for their general friendliness and helpfulness.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Companies that want executive office for rent in Palmer Park CA and nearby areas can contact HPC, which is specialized in helping businesses find appropriate spaces for their project. We update our website and database with the latest office spaces available for rent, making it easy for our clients to select the right space for their need. If you want to run your business successfully by getting the most appropriate space, at an affordable rate, you need to contact us right away.

Furnished office for rent is turning into the most attractive option for business owners and corporate executives, especially for the ones that need a temporary office setup for a special project and small to medium-sized business owners and managers. Turnkey office rental has a number of important advantages, and many businesses are choosing this option. Office space is expensive and tedious to set up, and not many company owners or executives have the financial resources or inclination to design and set up their own office. Executive Office Suites or serviced offices are a great alternative.

Hollywood Production Center provides furnished office spaces and executive suites to businesses that want an affordable way to move into an executive office quickly and without hassles. Rather than getting a space, where you will have to buy office furniture and equipment, when you opt for a turnkey or serviced office, you need not worry about any such tasks since the office space comes fully equipped with all office fixtures and furniture. There will be high-speed Internet connection, telephone system, room for meeting and conference, copier and fax machines, etc. There is no need to worry about janitorial service, receptionist or any of the other managerial or maintenance tasks usually associated with renting a traditional office space. So, investment in these items and other upfront costs can be reduced tremendously, allowing you to run your business comfortably and conveniently.

Allow HPC to help you find a beautiful office space that is just right for you. Attract clients and business partners with the perfect professional setting. From the moment your clients walk through the wide-open areas and see the welcoming lobby, check out the framed photos and artwork gracing the walls of our sophisticated professional office complex, and are greeted by our polite receptionist, they will certainly be impressed. And they will want to do business with you. Go to our website now and subscribe for a private tour of our amazing location and our Executive Suites for Rent. We look forward to hearing from you.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Looking to rent an executive office space in San Jose CA? When you want to rent an office space for rent, it can be difficult to find an available office space immediately, within your budget, without long-term contracts and outrageous prices for rent and other services. With HPC, you can get a workspace anytime you are ready. As an executive office renter, you will enjoy many benefits.

Ready-to-go workspaces and executive suites with the widest possible range of amenities and complementary support services available on demand, Hollywood Production Center makes it easy to start work right away and offer an efficient alternative to traditional office spaces. Our fully-equipped, customizable workspace have the latest technology, as well as top-notch amenities to help you work in comfort.

Our office spaces for rent are perfect for busy executives, business people and professionals who simply want to move in, unpack their files and start working on their project. If you do not want to deal with any of the troubles and upfront costs of setting up and furnishing a business office, we can help you. We have a large selection of ready-made office spaces and workstations designed with you in mind.

Save on time, hassles and overheads and let us do all the work for you. Whatever your budget and desired location, our serviced offices and executive suites provide the complete, all-inclusive office space solution you need. Our luxury work spaces and Executive Suites for Rent are well designed and affordable. You choose the amount of space to suit your needs for as long as you need it, with the benefit of open area and lounges. We offer flexible short or extended terms. You pay just one monthly bill, and we take care of maintenance and utility charges.

We provide photocopiers, printers, scanners, Internet access, telecoms and secure WiFi. Our dedicated support staff is available to ensure your office space requirements are provided. Our professional setting comes fully furnished with modern kitchen facilities. Video communications technology and meeting rooms are available on hand and you can use them when you need them. 24-hour secure access is provided in our facility. Upgrade to another serviced office plan quickly, easily and without hassles if you need to.

However much office space or work space you need, we’ll create a package to fit your business needs and save you a lot of money. Visit our website now to check out amazing Executive Office Suites and luxury offices for rent that we have available and then request a free tour of our elegant location.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Are you looking for a professional office space in Sherman Oaks CA or neighboring city? If you want a better company image, you need to get an office space in a professional office complex. A nice office, located in the business district of the city and maintaining a highly prestigious image is the perfect place to set up a business office. As a business owner or company executive, it is important to find a building and an office that will portray a positive impression about your company to clients, partners and staff.

Corporate image is determined by so many factors, including the appearance of the office space or work environment. A small, poorly maintained work space or office space will not enhance the professional image of a company. A serviced office or executive suite for rent projects the right image needed for successful business operations, and that’s what you get when you contact HPC for help. Our office spaces for rent are only a fraction of the cost you would incur should you need to purchase your equipment and furnishings for your office space.

With our Executive Office Suites, there’s no need to hire a receptionist because we can provide the service for you at no extra charge. You need to pay an affordable monthly rent, and we provide you with a ready-made office space with the amenities and services you desire, including receptionist services. You don’t need to bother about variable utility costs, providing your own office maintenance, purchasing office equipment, or even designing the work space. These are all included in our office rental plans.

Our Executive Suites for Rent vary in size, and they are spacious with windows and furnished with the right type of chairs, desks, telephone, and fax and copier machines. Customize your layout the way you want, and enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own office in a professional setting. We have both short-term and long-term lease options, and you can simply pay as you go. You can even upgrade to a larger space as your business grows and you need more space.

Hollywood Production Center helps clients get an affordable office space that meets their needs, and we will match you up with the perfect office setup for your business or special project. All you need to do is get in touch with us and one of our experienced consultants will assist you. Just browse our website to see all the elegant offices and amenities we have available for you to choose from, then request a free tour of our fabulous location.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


The Hollywood Production Center, or HPC offers some of the finest executive suites for rent in the Silver Lake CA area featuring all of the comfort, technology and features a person would want out of executive office suites in order to write, film and produce top material.

Executive office suites are an ideal option for just about any business or organization that is looking to save money on office operations while still produce exceptional products. The overhead costs that are typically associated with maintaining an office is shared with other tenants in the building and this cuts down on costs greatly. This also allows for a professional atmosphere in which to work in and there are many other advantages associated with securing a spot in the HPC in Silver Lake CA


It does not matter if a company is well established or just starting out. It is always important to stick to a budget and keep costs to a minimum. Frivolous spending will only harm a company. Renting out an office suite is affordable and it allows a company to utilize the services available to them in that facility. Also, each company is not responsible for maintaining an entire building and the property surrounding it. These costs are shared by all of the tenants in the building which then equates to a very minimal fee. Also, it can be very costly to invest in all kinds of production equipment so if you can find a space that is already setup and equipped this is ideal as well.


If a company is starting out they have the ability to rent out a small executive office suite for their use. As they grow and expand their business they have the option to rent out more space to accommodate their needs. This reduces the need for a major move down the line when a company has outgrown their current location.


With a number of different businesses and companies working under one roof this can sometimes set up the opportunity for networking throughout the day. There may be connections to be made and people to meet which is much easier than if employees were confined to their own building each day.

Looking into an executive suite for office purposes is ideal in order to save money, meet other like-minded people, and set up shop in a location that allows a company to grow and expand over time. Location is everything and makes a big difference in success.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Finding the right executive office suite can be frustrating and stressful. Many of the spaces available offer limited amenities and they do not meet the needs of today’s professional. For residents of Toluca Lake CA Hollywood Production Center has perfect Executive Suites for you to rent.

Executive Office Suites available at this production center has a host of benefits that will allow you to get to work immediately. All of the suites come fully furnished. For you this means that no time needs to be wasted locating the perfect office furniture and having it delivered. Just bring in your personal items and you will be able to get work as soon as you sign your new lease. Also, professionals will be able to get to work quickly with the help of pre-installed voice, data and high speed internet.

These office suites are a perfect fit for any professional including individuals that are in the movie industry. When you sign a lease with HPC, you gain access to on-site filming locations. These locations are available to you at anytime. There is no need to waste time getting filming permits, because your lease is your filming permit.

Another great benefit of these executive suites is that they also accommodate you when you have a meeting. Your partners, clients, or co-workers will be able to get much work done with the on-site meeting spaces. This facility has conference and whiteboard rooms that will provide essential equipment needed to make sure that your meeting is a success.

In addition to offering amenities that will help you get much work done, this facility also include opportunities for you to relax. With an on-site masseuse you will be able to shed the stress and frustration built up during the day or week. If a good work-out is how you release stress then this facility also has you covered. With an in-house gym, personal trainer, and instructor you will be able to find a physical activity that will clear your mind and allow yourself to become more productive.

Another benefit of these executive suites is the ability to be flexible. Unlike other spaces that are available, HPC gives guests the opportunity to sign a month-to-month or long-term lease. Whether you need an office space for three months or three years; this facility will be able to meet your needs. Further flexibility is given with the various size office spaces available. Also, if your business expands and you need an additional room you will have the opportunity to expand your currently rented office space.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Are you looking for an office suite where you can pull up and get to work immediately, without wasting valuable time? At Hollywood Production Center, our turnkey and executive suites will get you up and running immediately. Our Executive Office Suites have all the amenities and services you need to ensure your business runs without interruption. Our professional decorated office spaces feature top-class window treatments, lush carpeting and well-designed workstations for executives and their assistants.

We have a fantastic selection of conference rooms, expansive corporate boardroom, flat screen TV, business centers, creative space, state-of-the-art-technology, and much more. When you rent an office from us, you will have access to receptionist services as well. Our professional location is properly guarded and there is a state of the art video surveillance on site constantly monitoring the environment to ensure the safety and security of our tenants and property. An on-site kitchen is also available, with modern countertops and stainless steel appliances, which allows for lunch meetings and refreshments.

When it comes to communications systems, we provide cutting edge technology so you will not miss important communications. either. High-speed Internet access, fax machines and phones are available throughout the building and full teleconferencing capabilities are also part of your tenancy package. You will also have access to color copiers and scanner when you rent one of our Executive Suites for Rent. What HPC takes pride in is the fact that all of our amenities and services are available to you for one flat rate. We have no hidden charges, and you will agree that we provide a great value.

At HPC, our ready-made office spaces will enable you to be instantly productive. We handle all of the operational details of your fully-equipped office so that you can concentrate on running your business. The lease is a key component of a furnished or serviced office, and you will be pleased to know that our lease is flexible for the needs of your company.

Not your usual cramped office space, we have devoted a large part of the building to common areas. Our welcoming lobby is top-notch, and our receptionist greets your clients in a polite manner. Our location is convenient, comfortable, and it has easy access to popular roads and highways and just a short distance from dining, shopping and entertainment venues. Designed by experienced professionals, our office locations in Universal City CA and surrounding areas are the perfect turnkey office solutions for business owners, company managers, corporate executives, lawyers, and others who desire a prestigious location for working on their projects or running a successful business. Visit our website and subscribe for a free tour of our fabulous facilities.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Hollywood Production Center is the most popular provider of executive and luxury office rentals in Westwood Village and surrounding areas. We specialize in providing turnkey and serviced professional offices for rent, and our list of clients is quite impressive. Many lawyers, film producer and directors and other professionals choose our all-in-one office solutions to help them operate a successful business. We have great expertise in matching businesses up with the right space and amenities for their projects. If you are serious about creating a great impression about your business and running your projects successfully, you need to get in touch with us right away.

Affordable Executive suites are available for rent in Westwood Village CA and surrounding areas. For many years, we have been providing office rental services to businesses and professionals, and can help you find the right work space or office for rent. We have many locations and our executive offices are well designed and furnished with modern amenities and access to world-class services. If you are looking for a professional office setup that will help you convey an impressive image about your business, we’ve got you covered.

Executive Suites for Rent can save a huge amount of money to companies and professionals, irrespective of the size of their operation. With our turnkey office solutions companies can enjoy not only one-time savings, they can enjoy tremendous savings continuously every month as they pay their rent. These offices for rent come fully furnished and ready-to-go, so you can move in right away and start working on your project. There’s no need to waste valuable time setting up an office from scratch or installing IT infrastructure when HPC has all of these tasks already done for you. When you rent an office space from HPC, you will have only a single monthly bill to deal with and you will not have to worry about handling maintenance tasks as these are taken care of for you. Let us help you get the type of office space that can enable you to save money and also run your business efficiently.

Finding the perfect office for your company, with all of the services you need to run a profitable business is not an easy endeavor, but with the services we provide, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect space for you. Just go to our website and check out our sophisticated location and Executive Office Suites as well as the list of amazing amenities and first-class services we provide. Be sure to fill out a request for a free tour of these facilities.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


If you’re running a business in Southern California, you want executive office suites that establish you as successful, productive and innovative. We’re Hollywood Production Center. We’ve been providing TV and film companies, post-production staffs, the media, publishing companies and other organizations with fully furnished suites in the Burbank CA area that fit any budget, meet operational needs and lets the world know your business is to be taken seriously.

Everything You Need in Corporate Housing

HPC promises the amenities your company needs so that you can get to work right away. We’re a gated facility with valet parking and high speed connectivity. Our office spaces feature private kitchens and entrances, balconies, skylights and more. Whether you’re looking at a long term or month-to-month lease, give us a call or visit our site to learn about our turnkey executive suites for rent. One of our reps will give you the breakdown on everything from an on-site gym to car washes and personal trainers. We’re even ready to set up your film company’s production and post-production spaces.

Once you tour our facilities, you’ll see we have an exceptional mesh of necessities and features. From start-up to established organization, let us show you how we’re growing as a luxury corporation housing solution. We not only make sure you do business, but that you can find time to relax and play. From a gym to personal trainers, yoga and massages, we promote the kind of environment that will not only inspire productivity, but impress clients and customers.

Our Story

Founded in 2001, we have built a reputation as a top housing facilitator for the entertainment and professional industry. Between four locations, our fully furnished executive office suites cover a broad portion of the Southern Cali area, meaning we can put you where you want to be.

We’ve partnered with top craftsmen in architectural design to create original and innovative office spaces. You will get natural light alongside pre-installed data, voice and high speed Internet. The details also include flowerbeds, mature trees, private janitorial and 24 hour security services, and on-site café.

HPC wants to be your company’s property venue for Burbank CA and beyond. Our facilities will become your executive home away from home. We specialize in immediate occupancy, meaning your company can be up and running in one of our offices or suites in a single day. Go ahead and review our website and get an idea of our various buildings and floor plans, and then set up a free tour via subscription or phone call.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Civic Center is a place that has few blocks in San Francisco, California and is located north of the junction of Market Street and Van Ness Avenue. This place comprises of numerous great government, cultural and business facilities. Civic Center CA, is mainly landmarked by two big plazas namely; the Civic Center plaza and the United Nations Plaza. It also has several buildings designed in a typical architectural fashion plus other monumental structures such as the Bill Graham Auditorium which was formerly known as the Exposition Auditorium.

This same locality is home to the popular Hollywood Production Center which plays an important role to the entertainment fraternity that is based in Southern California. This center offers ready-made executive office space that is suitable for TV/film production, new media, and publishing companies and post-productions businesses. Our elegant facilities provide comprehensive service amenities plus unique customer care. All over California, it is undoubtedly no other facilities like ours.

The Hollywood Production Center in Civic center California, offer executive office space that are completely furnished and come in varying sizes. These offices are fitted with ample parking lots which comprises of valet parking situated in a gated facility. As you get into the facilities, you are greeted by a proficient reception area, a janitorial and they are fitted with a 24 hour surveillance system. The executive office facilities have pre-installed super fast internet connection with a wifi for wireless connectivity. These facilities are equipped with on-site gymnasium, showers, yoga instructor, private trainer, masseuse, neatly arranged flowers and a nice car wash. These office suites also have skylights, balconies, private entrance and private kitchens.

Anyone looking for executive suites for rent should look no further since the HPC facilities are second to none. These suites are located at the middle of Hollywood and Glendale and they are offered for lease on a month to month basis and also on long term lease agreements. They provide suitable amenities for filming business and have well designed office sets, patio, courtyard, rooftops, gyms and many other facilities. They are also accessed with a turnkey mode and you inquire about them, pay for them and move in on the same day.

Each and every location in these facilities provide the premium address with proficiently prepared buildings equipped with the best quality. In this regard, anyone looking for executive office space should look out for Executive Office Suites for Rent near Civic Center, CA.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


The Hollywood Production Center has five different locations in the Southern California area to provide executive suites for rent to people in the movie industry genre such as production staffs, actors, media, and anyone who is involved in filming or producing a film or video. The five locations are two in Hollywood, two in Glendale and one in the Los Angeles area.

The Center has been providing the music industry professionals services in this area since 2001. They are considered one of the supreme locations for work, play and living arrangements all in one sweep with the finest arrangements and month to month lease that can be arranged for professionals who need living or office spaces or both. All of these can be short or long term leased and turnkey, which means move in the same day you sign your lease.

Amenities to Suit Everyone at Work, Play

All of the executive office suites at HPC offer many kinds of luxurious amenities, including furnished offices, valet parking, high speed Internet included in rent, as well as distressing features like a gym, spa, yoga instructor, personal trainers and private kitchens. Executives can also meet with clients in the reception area and take advantage of the business center and other features. It is one of the “hidden secrets” of living in one of the best places in the Southern California area, and is near to Garden Grove CA if your next production is heading in that direction.

The office suits are equipped with features such as skylights, balconies, and your own private entrance to avoid anyone bothering you at work. You also won’t have to do your own cleaning, as the facility’s janitorial service will take control of it for you. Plus, when you need to do your movie filming, you can get access to all kinds of sets like rooftops, balconies, patios, courtyards, and more. Some of the facilities also have their own cafes and on-site snack bars so you don’t even have to leave for lunch if you don’t want to or don’t have time to waste.

Set Up Appointment to View the Facilities

So, if all of this sounds perfect for your next production and you want to see what it is all about, then be sure to call or go to the website at to set up a free tour of all of the working and living facilities. These suites are totally turnkey, which means if you decide to get a lease here, you can even move in the very same day.

The main point is that if you work in the movie industry and want somewhere you can not only work, but also live and be able to relax, then consider leasing one of these great apartments to make your life easier.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Are you looking for an office space near Sunset Gower Studios CA? Do you need a luxury office complete with office equipment, receptionist and business support? If you are looking for a turnkey workspace package or executive office space, a HPC fully-serviced office with full amenities and staff is what you need. We have all-inclusive office solution to meet all your business needs. For many years, we have been providing executive office rental services to businesses and professionals, and we can help you find exactly what you need for your company.

A serviced office or executive suite is a commercial space that comes with furnishings and equipment, and are available for immediate occupancy. Rather than the traditional method of moving into a commercial or office space and having to provide furnishings and equipment for your office, as well as hire cleaning crew, supply stocking, and the like, the office space comes ready for you to move in. You simply pay the rental company to provide all of the amenities and services to ensure the office is fully equipped, allowing you to get to work right away.

Our Executive Suites for Rent allow you to conduct business in a fully furnished and equipped office or workstation. Stay productive with top-notch IT services and a dedicated receptionist to answer your business calls. Our professional workspaces and meeting rooms are fitted with state-of-the-art technology, and our fully stocked kitchens and business lounge areas are a perfect way to create a great impression.

You have a business to operate and no time to design and set up an office from scratch. Hollywood Production Center will take care of that task for you. We offer fully-furnished office spaces and executive suites, near Sunset Gower Studios, which will be appropriate for even professionals with the most demanding tastes. We have the office spaces in our elegant building, which was designed by experts to the highest level of professionalism. Only high-end furnishings and latest technology are provided in our offices.

Each of the Executive Office Suites is lavishly furnished and comes with essential amenities so you can work in comfort. The upscale window treatments and the soothing set just the perfect tone for your company. Should you wish to have your work space redesigned or if there is something else you need, let us know. We want you to be completely satisfied with your office space.

Visit our website to subscribe for a free tour of our fabulous facilities. One of our HPC consultants will be happy to help you.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Hollywood Production Center is an ideal service provider for movies, commercial and TV production in Thai Town CA. Known for restaurants and fine dining, this city has been consistently proving to be the most favorite venue for producers and directors across the nation. Exploring facilities from HPC is the best you can do to avail features for your production business. While there seems a little new under the sun when things are seen from the production perspective, it can be surprising to find out that Hollywood Production Center has it all. You will discover that the best space is not only suited to your needs by provides supportive environment for your business growth as well.

Having a production facility at your doorsteps is a boon to many producers planning to invest in production. With executive office suites, you will be offered spacious rooms and malls to rent and take your creativity to next level. You can choose office suites ranging from 1000 sqft to 20,00 sqft or more, combine the state-of-art facilities with the support system offered by the company and make the best use of your money. Production facilities here have been associated with success of many production companies in the Hollywood industry, and your business is going to be one of them. You will find long-lasting values here that offers convenience and practicality. The desire to be surrounded by well-coordinated team will only make your dreams come true.

What is more. Every unit and office suite is tailored to their customer’s needs including yours. As a production business owner, you can thoroughly explore the existing features, add or subtract various factors and make the move when things are favorable to your requirements and budget. Best of all, you will be offered some standard facilities for an incredible price to begin with. By working with management staff, you can choose your style, change various elements of design and transform the studio to your liking.

For your record, a good-sized unit comes with screening rooms, bathrooms, stage, lighting, equipment, dressing areas, dining rooms, and ample parking space. Whether you are looking for a short-term stay or a long-term endeavor, it is up to you to select the best package from the company. But remember that, these facilities are designed for modern production and post-production purpose, hence you will see the spaces built to provide modern features as well. In addition, the units come in close proximity to many interests in and around the city, so you don’t have to worry about trivial things. This means you will find places for entertainment, games, and shopping nearby.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Are you considering starting a production company or are in the beginning stages of taking a brilliant story idea and turning it into a film? If so, then you are most likely looking for affordable executive office suites to make use of throughout the entire creative process. When it comes to bringing a story to life in the world of film, you must focus on creating a brilliant screenplay. The best way to go about this process is to have a professional work and living space wherein you can dedicate the time you need without distractions. That is one of the main reasons why more and more professional and amateur filmmakers are looking for executive suites for rent

The good news is that gaining immediate access to a professional work space is not impossible or beyond the means of even the most frugal filmmaker. This is specifically true for those individuals that reside in Brentwood CA and take full advantage of production suites that are available for rent in the area. Most filmmakers that take advantage of these facilities do so to free themselves from distractions and to present a reputation of professionalism to their clients and investors.

The Hollywood Production Center or HPC for short, is used year-round by those individuals looking for the best production suites and services available to them at a price they can reasonably afford. They offer executive office suites that include professional furnishings, internet, meeting space, and phone services. This allows anyone to immediately begin working in a professional environment without distractions.

Another added benefit to working hand-in-hand with HPC is the fact they offer studio space that can also be used for filming. One can take advantage of these suites to write their project, cast their project, and even to film and edit their project all in one place. This is a great way for up and coming creative artists to bring their dreams to life with little effort.

Additionally, they offer living facilities for those individuals that wish to live on-site while they dedicate their time to their project. This is a great way for amateur filmmakers to save themselves even more money during the production process. These are some of the main reasons why so many people are flocking to this production center to bring their vision to life. If you truly are focused on your project and want to ensure you are capable of avoiding common distractions, then you should immediately consider checking out their facilities and options for production services.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


If you’re looking for an executive suite or luxury office for rent in Spaulding Square, you need to contact Hollywood Production Center. We are a highly reputable office space provider, and we serve the city of Spaulding Square and surrounding areas. We cater to the needs of corporate executives, company managers, business owners, lawyers, movie directors and producers, professionals and all those who desire all-in-one office solution. Our list of clients is impressive and indicative of the quality of services that we provide. We can help you find the right office space or workspace for your business or special project.

Finding Executive Suites for Rent is not an easy task, especially if you are not familiar with the rental market in the area. It takes a great deal of research to determine which part of town is most suitable for your business needs. Whether you’re looking to rent for a short time or an extended period of time, it’s important to take the time to find important information about the available office spaces in Spaulding Square CA and surrounding areas before you decide to rent an office space. The services of an experienced rental company will benefit you tremendously when trying to find the right location and office environment for your company.

At HPC, our turnkey facility offers fast move-in, month-to-month rent and long-term lease. Our executive suites include comfortable furniture, business centers, conference rooms, a state of the art technology, fully stocked restrooms, and modern kitchens. We also have an on-site gym, yoga instructor and personal trainer, showers, masseuse, and many other amenities. You simply specify what type of amenities that are important to you, and we ensure that all your needs are met.

We make it easy to create a positive image for your company and attract clients. We offer ample parking space, including valet parking, and the parking facility is secure. Safety is a top priority for us. We provide 24-hour security surveillance and ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed in the premises. Professional reception area is elegant, and our large balcony is classy.

No matter what type of business you’re running, or what type of office space you’re looking for, HPC is the ideal resource for finding the right office space to fit your needs. Just visit our website, check out the elegant workspaces and Executive Office Suites that we provide. Browse around to see how amazing our location is and the vast array of world-class amenities you will have access to. Then get in touch with us for a free tour of our fantastic facility.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Entertainment businesses are growing at a steady pace. California offers a vast amount of resources to consider when looking for office buildings to run businesses in this sector. If you are looking for something that caters to the needs of this industry though Hollywood Production Center is the best place to go. With this option, amenities are added to enhance the filming and entertainment industry. Luxuries to enjoy include a gated facility with valet services and great amount of parking and on-site gym, car wash, yoga, and personal trainers. Add in the on-site masseuse and your work and personal life have a nice balance.

These amenities allow you to enjoy work. Along with the amenities, HPC has a professional reception area to allow the business to run smoothly and without distraction. Cleaning your office is made simple with this company as well. Janitorial services are provided for the building to ensure your workspace is clean every day. Security is another factor that the building has thought of. While it is a gated facility, they have added on another benefit for tenants. Security surveillance is available 24 hours for your protection. You can feel secure that this particular company makes sure that all tenants and their business remain safe.

Questions that you may have may include what the actual office is like and how this company fits my needs. They do offer filming locations on-site that can cut-down on travel and expenses. The greatest aspect though is same-day move in. Once you sign on with them, you are able to be up and running the same day. Their executive office suites are fully furnished, thus eliminating the hassle of moving heavy pieces of furniture into your new office. The rental agreement is tailored to your needs. There are options from long-term to monthly leases to fit the businesses needs directly. The rent includes all utilities, internet, and phone.

Location is everything when choosing an office space. This space in Mount Olympus CA has everything to offer you and your business. The location is among the best as you will be right in Hollywood Hills. This prominent area allows for luxury and provides great scenery of Los Angeles.

With this particular area, you will be close to shopping, restaurants, and other activities. It will be as simple as getting off work and heading into the city for a fun night out with co-workers, employees, friends, and family. Lunch breaks can be taken in the building as they offer an on-site café, but can as well be taken in the great city of Los Angeles.

If you are looking for amazing executive suites for rent, this one place has everything to offer. To start your business outright, you can visit them at or call them directly to schedule a tour.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


Are you looking for a reputable office suite provider that can help you a professional and affordable office space solution in Little Armenia? Renting an executive office is the perfect way to boost your company’s image and impress your clients without having to spend a ton of money. This option is highly convenient, making it easy for you to focus on your special project or business tasks without having to deal with practical issues associated with the maintenance of the office. And, renting an executive office is relatively inexpensive, if you contact us at HPC for guidance. We have executive suites that help businesses establish a highly professional impression.

Executive Suites for Rent are an appealing option and many business owners and professionals choose this office rental plan due to its convenience and affordability. This option has increased in popularity over the past several years, and you can take advantage of the amazing benefits of a fully furnished executive office or luxury work space. These offices come furnished and equipped with all the essential amenities. In addition, the professional building is maintained and serviced by professionals that are dedicated to ensuring that it remains in top condition.

An executive office for rent provided by HPC is convenient because of the many amenities that available to you. Some of the services and amenities available through the rental of Executive Office Suites include receptionist, security guard, conference facilities and meeting rooms, lightning, heating, and elevator maintenance. Executive suites provide all-inclusive, professional office space that is ready for you to rent and move in right away. When you choose a ready-made office or furnished office, you save time and money and focus on running your business. You pay one affordable monthly fee, and the staff at Hollywood Production Center takes care of the day-to-day maintenance of the office environment.

We provide great value, which is why our company comes highly recommended in the industry. We will make sure you get exactly what you need for success. Since we are experienced in finding appropriate workspace or luxury office as per the requirement of the business owner or professional, we can find the most suitable space and offer the right kind of amenities and services. You will be totally amazed when you see our impressive list of tenants and how affordable our office space solutions in Little Armenia CA are. To ensure that you get the most suitable office for your needs, visit our website and request a free tour of our facilities.

Executive Office Suites for Rent


For professionals and companies working in the fast-paced entertainment industry, a creative, innovative workspace is a must. Luxury suites, that provide amenities along side flexibility prove to be the pinnacle of such a workspace for creative teams looking to produce, write, film, and direct in one place. The Hollywood Production Center sets the standard for entertainment offices with an impressive list of clients that include Lionsgate, Paramount, CBS, and others that can be found on their website.

If your organization is seeking a state-of-the-art, residence in Sunset Hills CA, that provides both month-to-moth and long-term leases, HPC is the ideal solution. Suites are fully furnished with a modern, sleek design and each suite includes a conference center. In this gated facility the amenities are seemingly endless. There are four different locations in the area, all designed to meet your production needs by providing fast, reliable internet, private kitchens, balconies, and beautiful skylights. This is the perfect environment for collaborating and creating. Visitors are greeted in the professional reception area that is both welcoming and convenient. Parking will never be a dilemma as each facility offers abundant spaces and valet parking. Each of these executive suites for rent is a comfortable, secure, professional environment.

The luxuries continue; begin each day of production by exercising at the on-site gym with a personal trainer. Find peace after a long day of work by engaging in a class with the yoga instructor or relax with a massage from the masseuse. You don’t even have to worry about leaving the facility during a project to wash your vehicle; there is a car wash on site.

This high-quality production center takes care of the details so you and your organization can focus on production. You will feel secure knowing there is 24-hour security surveillance. A janitorial staff will keep your suite looking professional and your plant and flower arrangements will be managed flawlessly. This assures you will be able to target in on your project needs, like filming in the sets provided on site that include office, patio, gym, courtyard, and rooftop settings.

If you’re looking for a space to create a project from beginning to end, there is truly a no better option. With flexible lease terms and same-day move-in, these executive office suites are definitely worth looking into immediately. Visit their website to subscribe for a free tour or watch the video testimonials. You can also call (888)303-2077 to find out more information.