Executive Office Suites for Rent


Entertainment businesses are growing at a steady pace. California offers a vast amount of resources to consider when looking for office buildings to run businesses in this sector. If you are looking for something that caters to the needs of this industry though Hollywood Production Center is the best place to go. With this option, amenities are added to enhance the filming and entertainment industry. Luxuries to enjoy include a gated facility with valet services and great amount of parking and on-site gym, car wash, yoga, and personal trainers. Add in the on-site masseuse and your work and personal life have a nice balance.

These amenities allow you to enjoy work. Along with the amenities, HPC has a professional reception area to allow the business to run smoothly and without distraction. Cleaning your office is made simple with this company as well. Janitorial services are provided for the building to ensure your workspace is clean every day. Security is another factor that the building has thought of. While it is a gated facility, they have added on another benefit for tenants. Security surveillance is available 24 hours for your protection. You can feel secure that this particular company makes sure that all tenants and their business remain safe.

Questions that you may have may include what the actual office is like and how this company fits my needs. They do offer filming locations on-site that can cut-down on travel and expenses. The greatest aspect though is same-day move in. Once you sign on with them, you are able to be up and running the same day. Their executive office suites are fully furnished, thus eliminating the hassle of moving heavy pieces of furniture into your new office. The rental agreement is tailored to your needs. There are options from long-term to monthly leases to fit the businesses needs directly. The rent includes all utilities, internet, and phone.

Location is everything when choosing an office space. This space in Mount Olympus CA has everything to offer you and your business. The location is among the best as you will be right in Hollywood Hills. This prominent area allows for luxury and provides great scenery of Los Angeles.

With this particular area, you will be close to shopping, restaurants, and other activities. It will be as simple as getting off work and heading into the city for a fun night out with co-workers, employees, friends, and family. Lunch breaks can be taken in the building as they offer an on-site café, but can as well be taken in the great city of Los Angeles.

If you are looking for amazing executive suites for rent, this one place has everything to offer. To start your business outright, you can visit them at or call them directly to schedule a tour.