Executive Office Suites for Rent


Are you an executive producer or other employee of the entertainment industry here in California? Are you searching for that perfect office to complete all aspects of your media project such as editing, filming, writing, and much more? Then the Hollywood Production Center is the perfect place for you to work. This center contains luxurious office suites for you and your team. There are also many world-class amenities that you and your team of entertainment employees can use at your disposal.

You can rent any of the executive office suites for as long as a full movie shoot or a full season of a TV show. We can provide you and your team with a long-term lease or a month-to-month lease. If you find that you need to stay much longer than initially anticipated, then we could still make adjustments to your lease.

Our luxurious, fully-furnished office suites have everything you need to begin writing any scripts for movies and TV shows, as well as film in that specific area. The technology infrastructure is set up, which includes a computer with internet access and an office phone ready for use. These office suites range in size, meaning you can obtain a smaller suite as an individual or a larger suite for an entire team of entertainment employees. These executive suites for rent have many features and amenities of their own, including a skylight, a private kitchen, a private entrance, and even a balcony.

Outside of the office suites, there are many other places around our center that you can film your shows and movies. We have a gym, a courtyard, a patio, the rooftops, and many other areas. When filming, you can let us know and we could make sure that no one comes to that area and disturbs your filming. Our center saves you money by providing you with a shared environment while still keeping your privacy. We here at HPC want to make sure that your working experience at our facilities are as smooth and convenient for you as possible.

If you have been working hard all day, then you may need to relax or play a little bit so as to be refreshed and replenished for work again. We have gyms and showers as well as a masseuse and yoga instructor. We even have a car wash for both your car and any other cars you may be using in your movie or TV show. We are happy to say that our center is now available to any residents in Alhambra CA.