Executive Office Suites for Rent


Impossibly Perfect Executive Suites for Rent at Hollywood Production Center in Eagle Rock CA

Writer, producer, director, editor? Meet your new work-life balance.

Your goal is nothing short of creating consistently great work. Throw in a few fierce deadlines and the pressure to impress, and the right environment becomes more crucial than ever. You know a “nice office” just doesn’t cut it – you need the right environment.

When it comes to executive office suites, we believe in having it all

At the Hollywood Production Center, we believe a successful day is a productive one, and a productive day has a few worthwhile moments sprinkled in: an energy-boosting workout, an impromptu brainstorming session with a fellow colleague, and killer fish tacos, to name just a few.

Side benefits that will win you over

Our tenants have gone through the same process that you face right now. Many have been with us for five years or longer, and when we asked them, “What do you like most about HPC?” they caught us off guard… in a good way. Here’s a roundup of their favorites that you might enjoy, too:

Food truck heaven

While we stand firmly behind the excellent menu at our onsite cafe, we know that variety is the hot sauce of life. Our tenants find savory satisfaction in LA’s finest food truck cuisine, and when lunch rolls around, so do the trucks. Keep your Cholula sauce on hand to get it just right.

Zen-like focus

Breathe. Stretch. Relax. Repeat. It’s been said that a frazzled mind is an unproductive one, and according to some of our tenants, yoga is the balm that can soothe every one of those nerves into a state of relaxed concentration. Yogis and newbies alike can benefit from the onsite availability of our yoga classes. Namaste.

Killer workouts

Then again, we all know a good blood-pumping workout gets the creative juices flowing just as well, and many of our tenants take advantage of our onsite gym for a spin, run or CrossFit routine. Your projects will benefit, too, when you return with renewed energy and a fresh outlook.

Puppy love

Some of our favorite tenants simply drool over the fact that they get to hang out with their two-legged pals all day long. No free rides for these canines, though, who are are busy keeping their masters free of ergonomic distress with regular outdoor walks, belly-rubs and friendly sniffs hello around the office.

Industry connections

When you put a bunch of talented, creative types together, something pretty amazing happens. People start talking, sharing ideas, and making connections. One of our tenants confessed that she enjoys fantastic referrals on a regular basis. Nice perk, indeed!

Let us show you around

Come see for yourself! Our handsomely detailed executive suites, business centers, shared creative spaces and onsite amenities are the mainstay of our growth. Our client list keeps growing, and we’ve expanded into 5 premium locations – and counting.

To find out if we’re the kind of place for you, subscribe for a free tour now, or give us a call.