Executive Office Suites for Rent


Are you looking for a professional office space in Sherman Oaks CA or neighboring city? If you want a better company image, you need to get an office space in a professional office complex. A nice office, located in the business district of the city and maintaining a highly prestigious image is the perfect place to set up a business office. As a business owner or company executive, it is important to find a building and an office that will portray a positive impression about your company to clients, partners and staff.

Corporate image is determined by so many factors, including the appearance of the office space or work environment. A small, poorly maintained work space or office space will not enhance the professional image of a company. A serviced office or executive suite for rent projects the right image needed for successful business operations, and that’s what you get when you contact HPC for help. Our office spaces for rent are only a fraction of the cost you would incur should you need to purchase your equipment and furnishings for your office space.

With our Executive Office Suites, there’s no need to hire a receptionist because we can provide the service for you at no extra charge. You need to pay an affordable monthly rent, and we provide you with a ready-made office space with the amenities and services you desire, including receptionist services. You don’t need to bother about variable utility costs, providing your own office maintenance, purchasing office equipment, or even designing the work space. These are all included in our office rental plans.

Our Executive Suites for Rent vary in size, and they are spacious with windows and furnished with the right type of chairs, desks, telephone, and fax and copier machines. Customize your layout the way you want, and enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own office in a professional setting. We have both short-term and long-term lease options, and you can simply pay as you go. You can even upgrade to a larger space as your business grows and you need more space.

Hollywood Production Center helps clients get an affordable office space that meets their needs, and we will match you up with the perfect office setup for your business or special project. All you need to do is get in touch with us and one of our experienced consultants will assist you. Just browse our website to see all the elegant offices and amenities we have available for you to choose from, then request a free tour of our fabulous location.