Executive Office Suites for Rent


This modern styled executive office company first opened its doors in the year 2001 and hasn’t stopped since as they have just recently opened their fourth building, known as HPC 4 in June of 2014. The four, luxurious, yet affordable office suites are all located within the vicinity of the heart of Hollywood and are within walking distance of many of North Hollywood‘s major production studios.

The first building that they built includes two floors and offers executive office spaces as well as individual office spaces. Each executive space offers a convenient kitchenette and small living space added for comfort and a homey feel from your home away from home. The building includes an onsite workout gym and in-house cafe.

The second building is the largest of the four, containing six floors, not including the basement level, and caters to those companies who are looking for executive suites to rent, such as that for attorneys, real estate agencies and like-minded professional agencies. Each level is made into sleek office spaces. Utilities are included in the rent and each building includes full-time cleaning staff for the convenience of the tenants.

The third building offers three floors of office space, plus a basement level. This building offers skylights for natural light, and private entrances for the tenants. This building is known for its superb, modern style and sleekness.

The fourth building is the largest when it comes to square footage, offering potential tenants and those already renting space, 31,000 square feet. The building packs 100 offices within this large space in a comfortable and roomy manner. The building includes an onsite gym and conference room for formal and informal business meetings and meetings with individual clients.

All Hollywood Production Center buildings include a dog-friendly policy and the staff is known for their general friendliness and helpfulness.