Executive Office Suites for Rent


Residents of Griffith Park CA, why continue to waste your time and money trying to find the perfect office space. Hollywood Production Center has a selection of office spaces in various sizes that offers many benefits for today’s professionals.

One of the benefits of signing a lease for one of the executive office suites is that you save money. You do not have to waste money renting or purchasing office furniture for your new office. Each office suite comes fully furnished allowing you to get to work immediately. You are able to also save money with the leasing options available. You can choose between a month to month lease and long term leases.

These executive suites for rent also offer conveniences for its guests. These offices already come with data, voice, and high speed internet service pre-installed. For you, this means that no time will need to be wasted waiting around for a technician to come by your new office. Just bring your equipment, hook-it up, and you are in service. Make important phone calls to your clients or co-worker or send an important fax or email. Further conveniences are added with the help of in-house amenities and services. As a guest you will be able to enjoy the on-site gym that can help you to find relief from a long day without having to battle traffic. Also, if you are have an appointment or an engagement to attend to after you leave the office; just bring a change of clothes with you when you go to work. After work you will be able to freshen up in the on-site shower. You also have access to a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and masseuse. No need to worry about hiring a clean-up crew for your office space, janitorial services is included with your lease.

In addition to offering you many conveniences, HPC gives individuals in the movie industry an opportunity to further his or her movie career as a producer, director, or camera person. By signing a lease with this facility you are granted access to various filming locations such as the gym, courtyard, rooftop, patio, office sets, and other locations. There is no need to wait weeks or months for a filming permit to be approved. Your lease is your permit and you have the ability to shoot and create movies on-site.

Many professionals require more than a single office space for their line of work. For these individuals, a state-of-the-art conference and whiteboard room are available when you need to meet with clients, co-workers, or partners.