Executive Office Suites for Rent


Do you want a fully furnished office suite complete with supplies and business support? Are you looking for total workspace package? You need to visit Hollywood Production Center to get these services.

We have Executive Office Suites with private kitchens, skylights, private entrance and balconies. Our offices can fully accommodate your needs. At HPC you will get the best production and post-production facilities. We support all artists; experienced or upcoming. The facilities here will allow you to record your music or film your productions. Our office spaces are also well suited for publishing companies, creative and publishing teams. We also accommodate directors and members of the entertainment industry.

With a range of sizes, our office spaces promises to address the needs of every client. We also have ample and secure parking. This gives our clients peace of mind when working in their offices. They don’t have to worry about security of their parked vehicles because the facility is gated. Our Executive Suites for Rent package includes showers, on-site gym, yoga instructor, personal trainer, masseuse, flower and plant arrangement, and a car wash. These services are all included in your affordable rent package.

Video and film producers benefit from several filming locations in our facility. We allow our tenants to use all the facilities to enable them produce high quality videos. You can use the courtyard, rooftops, patio, office sets and gardens among other areas. These HPC facilities are free for all tenants.

Lease agreements are very flexible. You can choose month-to-month or long-term lease. Most people choose month-to-month lease agreement for the first month only to change to long-term lease agreements because of the great service they receive in our facility. You can pay rent and move in to your Executive Suites for Rent on the same day. We have professional reception service to help every tenant in our facility. We address all the concerns in the shortest time possible. Our clients also benefit from professional meeting place in the facility.

Tenants also benefit from professional cleaning services. Our staffs clean all the offices and arrange them after the service. Cleaning is done early in the morning or after working hours to avoid disturbances in the office. The professionals are also trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about the theft of your precious jewelry or other office accessories. Visit our website today and register in order to subscribe for a free tour of our facility. You can also call in to set up a free tour.