Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Griffith Park, CA

Hollywood PC provides businesses and professionals a comfortable place to run their business. We have many executive office suites, Sound Stage and production spaces in the in the most desirable areas near Griffith Park. All of our offices come fully furnished with top-notch amenities and features. We can help you select the perfect space for your project.

When you rent a furnished office you don’t need to worry about upfront capital for office equipment and furnishings. You don’t have to go through the stress of setting up the office, TV/film production space, or moving heavy furniture. HPC executive offices and production spaces come fully furnished and include the high-end amenities and features that are essential for running a successful business.

HPC office locations provide secure parking, 24-hour surveillance, and spacious office space, conveniences that residents love. There are also nearby shopping centers, dining spots, recreational facilities, and transportation that make our location a perfect place to have an office, especially for those who need easy access to highways and public transportation.

With our office solution, you’ll have access to fully-furnished conferences, cutting-edge technology, and video conferencing capabilities. You will have access to luxury suites, creative spaces, an on-site gym, personal trainer, jacuzzi, sauna, yoga instructor, and state-of-the-art business centers.

All of these amenities and features are great for production companies, business travelers, corporate personnel, directors, producers, creative teams, lawyers, and all other professionals who are looking for an ideal location for working on their special project.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect location for TV/film production or you need an executive office space, we can help. Our all-in-one environment makes it easy for on-site writing, onsite filming and editing and all other production projects.

We offer short and long-term rental options, and the wealth of top-class features we provide are designed specifically for your comfort and lifestyle.

Our company is well-reputed in the industry and we have provided satisfactory services to numerous business people and professionals in this area.

With a premier location near Griffith Park CA and top-quality amenities and services, our office spaces make for the perfect location for your all-in-one spot to work, live and play. Visit our website to check out the vast range of amenities and features we provide. Be sure to schedule a free tour of our executive offices, production and Post-production facilities.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Sunset Hills, CA

The offices at HPC are designed for creative professionals. Editors, producers, web designers, writers, photographers, public relations, and advertising businesses find these suites designed to finish creative projects on time. There are offices and production space for one person or larger groups.

The Hollywood PC has office suites that are furnished available. They have high-speed Internet, voice, and data services installed. Choose from long-term or short-term leases depending on your needs. It has ample parking, a site gym, a car wash, and janitorial services to keep suites clean.

Entertain staff and clients using the private kitchen and dining room. Our helpful staff can help filmmakers find the best location to shoot their production. Take a break for something to eat at the cafe or one of the lunch trucks on the premises. When you’re making a film or video we have all the equipment and technical assistance you need to complete your project on time.

These buildings have onsite filming in many locations right in the buildings. Film your production on the patio, or in the offices, gym, courtyard, or rooftop. When you want a location in or near Hollywood our staff can help you cut through the red tape. We know many professionals in the filming industry.

Located near Sunset Hills CA each building has many networking and social event. They have parties, banquets, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, wine and cheese tastings, socials, and brunches. These events are an opportunity to meet professionals in film, entertainment, and other industries.

Our TV/film production services provide equipment, technical staff, and office services. We have copy machines, faxes, video equipment, computers, and conference rooms. Staff can have meetings with clients in large conference rooms with all the high-tech services needed. That is why they are the most popular production and post-production facilities.

Film makers, producers, photographers, recording studios love the sound stage and all the technical amenities available. This enables them to finish projects on time and with little stress at HPC. The staff keeps the offices clean and helps with technical and project needs. Call the Hollywood Production Center to learn more about office rentals at 888-298-7886 or to schedule a tour.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations For Rent Near Little Armenia, CA

Filming your next hit feature film near Little Armenia CA has never been easier with HPC films. Your favorite syndicated networks have utilized their fully furnished office suites including CBS and NBC. Every successful filmmaker needs creative office space that ignites the productivity of everyone involved. They offer a sophisticated landscaped with an elegant interior and exterior design that invites your clients to do business. Get a great physical address that gives you access to a view of downtown Los Angeles. You’ll love Hollywood PC and all of their over the amenities that include a rooftop recreation lounge and full service private gym.

They cater to all parts of the entertainment industry with a meeting room, listening room, media center, business center, and sound stage. Ironically, HPC doubles as a superior events center. They cater to all your after-film events with top-of-the-line services, amenities, and space. You get an all-in-one location that caters to freelance professionals, writers, filmmakers, production crew, producers, and managers. You get skylights, balconies, and a private entrance at Hollywood PC. Experience great space that invokes your entire crew and quickly will become your home away from home.

Top HPC Amenities

– Unlimited local calls
– High speed internet
– All utilities included
– 24 hour courtesy officer
– Janitorial services
– Rooftop recreation lounge
– Fully furnished office space
onsite filming
post-production facilities
and much more…

Experience a great location near downtown Los Angeles with convenient locations to choose from. Their office space provides a sleek and stylish design that invites your clients to come to do business in a warm professional setting. You don’t have to worthy about a lengthy application process with 24-hour response.

Their tv/film production spaces caters to savvy, innovative, proactive, and professionals. Immerse yourself in an upscale friendly community. They have the entertainment office space that you need. You’ll find everything you need to be productive within their facilities. They would like to invite you to become a part of their signature office space today. You can choose from an open-air office, shared space, or an independent office. Turn-key office space allows you to save money with a shared community environment. Experience the option of four locations to choose from with a basement level and six floors. Become a part of their award-winning community today and start bringing your creative genius in films to the forefront.

You’re invited to visit the Hollywood PC website for more details on an office tour today.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Mount Olympus, CA

Hollywood PC has a proven track record in addressing the ever-changing needs of the business professional. If you are looking for an executive suite or fully furnished office with in-suite features, we can help.

HPC is the most recommended office and Post-production facilities provider in this area. Our company is highly reputable and we provide the best quality offices and TV/film production facilities in this area. We can help you select the most suitable workspace, Sound Stage or post-production space for your project. We have a huge database of ready-to-go production spaces. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we’ll get you what you want.

A furnished workspace or all-inclusive executive office is critical for company executives, small businesses, lawyers, producers, business travelers, creative teams, and members of the entertainment industry, especially those who are very busy and want to get work right away. It can take the worry and expense out of finding a suitable workplace. All-inclusive office solution allows businesses and professionals move into a new office quicker and without any hassle.

Get access to copiers and scanners, fax machine, and teleconference facilities. Save time in your all-inclusive office suites or collaborative office space with mail delivery and courier service, avoiding trips to the post office. Avoid the troubles of hiring and managing assistants and receptionists.

At HPC, our turnkey office solution is a cost-efficient alternative to conventional office space. We provide a vast variety of services to save you time and money. Our friendly receptionist is well experienced and is always available to answer your telephones and to greet your guests. We also provide meeting and conference rooms stocked with state-of-the-art technology and video conferencing capabilities, as well as many other impressive amenities.

Our office complex near Mount Olympus CA is just a walking distance from some of the most exciting galleries, restaurants, shops, public transportation and major roads.

If you are a member of the entertainment industry who is looking for the perfect location for onsite filming and editing, writing, or production, you’ll want to advantage of the marvelous location and amenities we offer. To find out more about our TV/film production office space and serviced office options, visit our website to schedule for a free tour of our location near Mount Olympus. We have a team of highly experienced rental consultants who will be happy to assist you.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Spaulding Square, CA

Hollywood PC is the leader in the industry and by far the widely known solution when it comes to providing executive offices, temporary office space, collaborative office space, filming space, and Post-production facilities.

When looking for a space for a business office or production project, it’s best to work with a reputable and affordable provider to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Look for a company that has a proven track record in the rental community.

When evaluating professional office space options like coworking spaces and executive suites, be sure to visit and see if the vibe is right for your business. A trusted office space provider can give you access to the best resources and facilities around.

We have been providing TV/film production and office solutions for many years and have established a great reputation in the industry. We offer affordable rates, flexible rental plans and a vast range of high-quality amenities. We have a wide variety of office, TV/film production and post-production spaces available near Spaulding Square.

HPC offices and production facilities are fully furnished and professionally decorated and come equipped with all the required amenities; receptionist service, high-speed internet access, meeting rooms, conference rooms, video conferencing, state-of-the-art telephone systems and even cafes.

HPC executive suites and production facilities make it super easy to control overhead costs since spaces can be rented needed. Our offices also come fully furnished with essential amenities, making move-in and move-out simple.

We will work with you to figure out the best solution for your need. We deliver on our promise of consistent service and professionally managed office spaces. We will provide you the support and outstanding resources you really need so you can concentrate on growing your business.

We offer creative, colorful, and conducive workspaces. Company executives, business travelers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, lawyers, entertainment industry professionals, business people, writers, editors, producers and other professionals who want to work in style and comfort can use our expert service to find office space that is a perfect fit for their company or project.

Whether you’re looking for a Sound Stage, post-production space or professional office for business, we provide you with as many alternatives as possible. To learn more about our onsite filming, production spaces and executive offices, contact our staff to subscribe for a free tour of our location near Spaulding Square CA.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Brentwood, CA

If you have been searching for executive suite or TV/film production space near Brentwood CA, you may think a good space is difficult to locate. Well, it depends on how you’re going about your search. We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

There is no doubt that finding an affordable office space, Sound Stage or production facility in this area is not an easy task. The high cost associated with traditional commercial leases can limit your options, impact your cash flow and relegate you to undesirable locations.

Hollywood PC has a better, faster solution. We can provide you with the perfect office space for your needs. We have been providing executive office spaces, production spaces, shared offices, and temporary office solutions to businesses and professionals.

Our Post-production facilities and executive offices come complete with professional reception service, high-tech meeting space, conference facilities, presentation rooms, secretarial support, computer networking, high-speed Internet, separate lounge areas, cleaning and maintenance, security, and refreshments. The office space is already in place, so there is no need to wait for equipment installations, or furniture.

HPC facilities are well designed with state-of-the-art amenities and features that create a great impression, and attract clients and associates. The sophisticated design of the workspaces is perfect for corporate executives, lawyers, production companies, and members of the entertainment industry.

Our production and Post-production facilities are perfect for writers, editors, creative teams, directors, producers and other entertainment professionals who are looking for a cost-effective location for onsite filming and other special projects.

Most start-up companies and busy executives find all-inclusive office rental to be the perfect solution to moving into a business office without typical expenses and long-term obligations.

Fully furnished offices offer convenience and can save you a lot of time and money. No need to go through the trouble of moving furnishings or coming up with a huge upfront capital. HPC offices are ready-to-go, with the setup done for you. Simply move in and start working on your projects while the management team takes care of the maintenance tasks of the production space, Sound Stage or executive office.

You’ll definitely love our production and post-production setup, including our sophisticated rooftop filming. Our team is dedicated, competent, and available to support you, and see you become successful. We provide the ideal solution to all your business or entertainment industry needs. Contact us today to schedule a free tour of our amazing location near Brentwood.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Thai Town, CA

If you need a workplace or production space that is well designed and elegantly furnished, just get in touch with HPC. We will match you with the most suitable workplace for your needs.

Furnished office space is extremely popular in Thai Town and surrounding areas and is an excellent choice if you don’t want to invest a huge chunk of your capital into rent.

We have a lot of furnished office spaces and TV/film production spaces for you to choose from and you can quickly move in and start working on your project. We have been providing office solutions to companies and business owners for years and we have the knowledge and experience to guide you in choosing the right space for your needs.

Hollywood PC is the recommended office space provider for businesses and professionals. Our furnished offices, executive suites and Post-production facilities come complete with professional reception service, secretarial help and support, the use of high-speed Internet, computer networking, meeting space, presentation rooms, conference facilities, heating and air conditioning, Sound Stage, cleaning and maintenance, refreshments, security, and separate lounge areas. HPC offices are also available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about not having access to your office.

Our cozy all-in-one spot offers the perfect option for professionals who want to live, work and play in one location. These vibrant environments include top-class amenities such as a rooftop pool, sauna, jacuzzi, helipad, luxury suites, well-equipped fitness center, and fitness instructor.

Our professional building near Thai Town is in a convenient location. Walk to boutiques, galleries, and tons of restaurants and business establishments.

Everything you need to run a successful business is available here in one place for your convenience. With premier locations in some of the most well-known areas near Thai Town, you can impress your clients with world-class amenities, an executive office, or onsite filming setup that shows you’re serious about your business.

Unlike our competitors, our office and TV/film production space rental prices are all-inclusive – with no hidden fees. Save money and time in your executive or production office search by contacting us today. Our offices for rent come with best-in-class technology, office equipment, and fantastic amenities to help enhance efficiency, and allow you to work in style and comfort. Visit our website to request a free tour of our location near Thai Town CA.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Sunset Gower Studios CA

Hollywood PC is a reputable provider of luxury offices and TV/film production spaces with outstanding features and services. We offer filming space, executive offices, and shared spaces for rent near Sunset Gower Studios. These facilities are well designed with high-end amenities and features that convey a great impression to your associates and guests.

The sophisticated design of the office spaces is perfect for Producers, Production Directors, Creative Teams, Production Companies, Writers, Editors, and all entrepreneurs and corporate executives who are looking for an affordable location for special projects.

We provide you with a vast range of amenities and features that you would have a difficult time finding in any other professional building in this area. Our office rental solutions offer flexible lease options for both short-term and long-term plans. More open space, contemporary furnishings, balconies, large windows, open kitchen, and modern bathrooms, and state-of-the-art technology are some of the added features of our fully furnished offices that keep you mesmerized.

HPC not only finds you the most efficient office space for your business in a premier location Sunset Gower Studios, but we also allow you access to outstanding amenities and features and the best support staff crucial to helping your business flourish. Our team is dedicated, reliable, and available to support you, and see you become successful. We provide the ideal solution to all your business or entertainment industry needs, including onsite filming. You’ll definitely love our TV/film production and post-production office space, including our fabulous rooftop filming.

Businesses can shell out a huge amount of money setting up an office from scratch, and providing computers, copy machines and scanners, furniture, fax machines, direct fiber internet access, and other in-suite features if they rented unfurnished office space, or purchased their own office space.

Instead of dealing with the troubles of moving furnishings or spending a huge amount of money upfront, you just get a readymade office or workspace. All you do is move in and get to work while our management team takes care of the routine maintenance of the executive office, film space or Post-production facilities.

With HPC, getting executive office space or production space that meets your project requirements. Just let us know what your requirements are and we will give you a free tour of our Sound Stage, production space, and amenities.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Garden Grove CA

Choosing the right location to shoot your next TV/film production project can be a chore to be sure, trying to balance the budget, permits, needs, accommodations, schedules, and putting it all against the vision that you have for particular scenes can make the taste of finding your locations seem like a full-time job. The good news is that for those who are looking for the perfect filming locations in and around the greater Southern California area, there is one name to turn to that can make life a lot easier, Hollywood Production Centers. With multiple filming locations for rent near Garden Grove CA HPC can be your one-stop options for filming locations, administration, and working offices and post-production facilities for all of your TV and film projects.

Hollywood PC has long been a leader in providing the kind of specialized work and office space that the TV and film entertainment industry needs to complete projects. Hollywood PC facilities feature high-speed data, wireless internet (as well as hardwired), and phone lines preinstalled and ready to go from the moment you turn on the lights. You will also find on-site cafes, visits from some of the hottest food trucks in LA, conference rooms, lounges, valet parking, and more. You also can take peace of mind in the on-site professional security and fully vetted maintenance and cleaning staff.

Of course, having a great place to work on, plan, and post your project is one thing, but you still need a great place to film as well. HPC has you covered on that as well. All of the facilities at all Hollywood Production Centers properties are available for onsite filming. A wide variety of shooting locations abound, including courtyards, fitness centers with locker rooms and shower areas, balconies, cafes, courtyards, parking structures, professional lobbies, and fully furnished office areas that are ready to film in when you are.

Hollywood PC has also recently opened their first fully equipped studio space in Glendale, California which features a state of the art sound stage, as well as post-production facilities and on-site office and workspace for your entire team. This facility also offers those little perks that help make your project go a lot smoother from start to finish such as on-site massage professionals, personal trainers, car detailing, flower and catering services, and more. Concierge services offered by the professional and friendly lobby staff can call for car hires, receive packages, greet guests, and provide the support that you need to get more done in less time.

If you still need more reasons to lease from Hollywood Production Centers, then why not check out their website today. While you are there, register for a free tour of any of their properties, including the Glendale sound stage studio property. Come see for yourself how Hollywood Production Centers can help make your next project a reality.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Civic Center, CA

When it comes to finding the perfect place to work on or film your next TV/film production project the task may seem daunting. First, you need to determine what kind of space you need for each phase of your project as well as support tasks that will be needed to make it a success. Once you have that determined, then you need to start searching out the perfect facilities to accommodate those needs. Then it becomes a complicated matter of balancing lease agreements, availability calendars, working with different staff teams, and more. Finding the right location for your project can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Hollywood Production Centers offers multiple filming locations for rent near Civic Center CA at facilities that offer you everything that you need to get your project done under one roof.

It doesn’t matter if you need a team workspace for 5 or 50, post-production facilities, or a great filming location, HPC has the right space for your needs and with the kind of amenities that you won’t find anywhere else. All Hollywood Production Center facilities offer onsite filming options with a wide variety of “sets” to choose from. Fully furnished office suites are available not only for you and your team to get the work done that is needed to make your project a success but are also available for filming. There are a wide variety of other locations as well including parking facilities, fitness centers with locker and shower areas, lobbies, courtyards, balconies, and more. All of these facilities are available for not only your use but also can be shot as filming locations. Hollywood PC is an all under one roof option that makes getting your project done, easy.

Recently Hollywood PC opened their newest facility in Glendale, CA which features a full state-of-the-art sound stage with built-in post-production facilities and workspace for your entire team to work and film under one roof. The facility includes everything that you need to plan, write, administrate, film, post, and finish your project easily. The facility includes a fitness center, preinstalled phone, data and internet lines, valet parking, onsite massage professional, flower and catering services, visits from the hottest food trucks in LA, conference rooms, screening facilities, and more. Plus, you can take comfort in knowing that there is on-site professional security and fully vetted cleaning and maintenance staff. This is the future of TV/film production facilities and it’s only available at Hollywood Production Centers. check out their website today and register for a free tour to see everything that Hollywood Production Centers can offer you.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Burbank, CA

For those who are looking for a great place to film or perform post-production work on their next project for TV, the net, or film, finding the right location can mean everything. While there are lots of places that you could choose to film and postwork your project, finding the one that is perfect for your needs and fits your budget is essential. It can also be difficult at times to find a location that is available and ready to shoot when you are. The good news is that there is an easy answer to all of these concerns, Hollywood Production Centers. With multiple filming locations for rent near Burbank CA HPC is the name know for your next TV/film production project.

Hollywood PC has six great locations around the greater LA area which all feature ready to go office and workspace that is designed specifically to meet the needs of the entertainment industry. With suites set up for post-production facilities, writers suites, administration offices and more, there is no limit to the ways that HPC can be of assistance to your project. The best part is that when you choose to work at Hollywood PC you know that you have everything that you need to get the job done from start to finish all under one roof.

All Hollywood Production center buildings offer the ability to perform onsite filming. With balconies, courtyards, parking lots, fully furnished offices, fitness centers with full locker rooms, and more, there is no end to the “sets” that you can find for your project. Just in case that’s not enough, however, Hollywood Production Centers recently went one step further and opened their brand-new facility in Glendale which contains a full-featured state of the art sound stage. This facility also features amenities such as valet parking, car detailing, a fitness center with massage professionals, dressing room space, editing facilities, and more, including office space onsite. It’s a high-tech, one-stop option for filming all of your TV/film production projects, and there is nothing like it anywhere else.

With Hollywood Production Centers, you know that you are going to have the best experience possible when you are looking to rent space near Burbank CA for your next TV, film, or net live-action shooting project. Why not check out their website today and register for a free you’re while you are there. See for yourself why Hollywood Production Centers is the name to know and to trust when you need filming locations in southern CA.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Westwood Village CA

Before you say, “Action,” renting your next film location at Hollywood PC near Westwood Village is all you’ll need for your filming projects. Take a tour of an all-in-one film location for film crews; film your next video, movie, or commercial near Westwood Village, CA. Your creative team will get the best in film amenities. This way there are no delays in completing a project on time.

Near Westwood Village CA – There’s four locations that serve the region and the one near Westwood Village is one. Centered around the entertainment industry, take a tour of one of the industry’s top film locations also known as HPC with impressive post production amenities within the facility.

Onsite filming – The onsite filming can begin once your TV/Film production crew is ready to begin. The professional entertainment services will set all the milestones needed for your company. With a turn-key facility, you can move that same day; in fact, begin filming that day too. The one-stop-shop for your film crew and the only location you’ll need.

Sound stage – Not knowing where your next creative team will have to be when shooting the next scene requires utter quietness. That’s a challenging task for the sound guys. In fact, when it comes to the sound stage, you’ll obviously get the best. Because when it’s take-after-take because of noise factors, it can be annoying. The sound stage will get you through those scenes. Plus, the sound production and editing can be done in record time because it’s on-site.

HPC, state-of-the-art – The facility to work from while being creative simultaneously is ideal. Serving the entertainment business in California is one of the main goals for HPC. It has plenty of occupancy with some of the most modern spaces for any TV/film production crew. Additionally, the amenities your crew will receive are an on-site gym, conference rooms, balconies, private kitchens, showers, yoga instructor, personal trainer, masseuse, flower/plant arrangements, and even car washes.

Post-production facilities – The facilities has the floor plans to accommodate even the most demanding creative film companies. Indeed, the entire crew will anticipate the first day of the filming process. The company will have all the required amenities, again, with special services to write, produce, film, and edit the next TV series, movie, commercial, or music video for your production crew. Finally, for onsite filming, you can subscribe for a free tour near the Westwood Village, CA location. Call: 888-409-0775.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Universal City, CA

Hollywood PC comes highly recommended in the rental community due to our quality service. For many years, we have provided excellent rental solutions to businesses and professionals. Our renters and clients come from all walks of life and are completely satisfied with the quality and affordability of our office solutions.

If you want a ready-to-go, fully-furnished work space, executive suite or TV/film production space with a vast range of amenities and features, HPC can help. We have many executive offices and production spaces for rent. Our office spaces are well designed and fully furnished and conveys corporate-style image.

Find office space for rent or TV/film production space that gives you the creative inspiration and high quality resources you need. Our executive office suites and Post-production facilities use best in class technology and high quality equipment in the conference rooms, meeting rooms and Sound Stage. Innovative business services and administrative support allow you to work efficiently and quickly.

Our attractive, state-of-the-art, all-inclusive office solutions also offer a rooftop pool, on-site café, sauna, jacuzzi, a gym with showers, onsite personal trainer, and helipad. We also provide 24-hour security monitoring throughout the premises.

HPC office complex near Universal City is in a neighborhood that is home to the area’s most distinguished corporations, finest restaurants, best retail stores, and an array of exciting recreational facilities.

All amenities are included in the fully furnished office, and you simply pay a deposit and a monthly rent. The serviced onsite filming or executive work environment comes properly equipped with furniture, photocopiers, telephones, printers, and high-speed Internet, video conferencing and teleconferencing equipment, charming lobby and sitting areas, among other things. We provide the perfect professional location for operating a business.

Whether you’re a corporate executive or an entertainment industry professional looking to complete your special project, you need an office or production space where you can stay up to speed on important tasks and impress your clients.

Your dream office is available, and you can move in as soon as you’re ready and begin working on your projects. We provide you with everything you need to work in style and comfort. Just provide us every detail for your next office and name your price, and we will match you with the perfect space for your business. To get started, go to our website and submit a request to take a free tour of our stylish location near Universal City CA.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Toluca Lake, CA

Toluca Lake CA has professional filming locations and production spaces close by at one of Hollywood PC five locations. The Hollywood Production Center is one of the top facilities in Southern California for those in the professional and entertainment industries. You can start working today with full-service amenities and staff well acquainted with the industry, your needs, and how to best serve you. Whether in the creative process, filming, production, or in need of post-production facilities, you will have everything you need to develop your complete body of work. Hollywood PC also offers the perfect environment to relax when not on task. The rooftop area, which is a great location for onsite filming, also offers a gym and spa area, massage and yoga instructor, and a breathtaking rooftop view. You are surrounded with stylish elegance and amenities that rival the best hotel including 24-hour concierge service at one all-inclusive price.

Your filming location at HPC affords you state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including the best in-house, high-quality technology and IT infrastructure as well as a fully supplied kitchenette, snacks for the crew, and professional janitorial service. There are also the same business facilities found in modern corporations. You have access to the full business center which includes workstations complete with the computer as well as the option to just plug in your own equipment, copiers, printer, scanners, and mail services. There are board and conference rooms for your convenience as well. Clients, friends, crews, and others visiting your filming location and worksite will be impressed with the professionalism of your environment.

HPC offers not only the ideal locations for onsite filming, TV/film production and post-production facilities, it also gives you access to its Sound Stage. Location sites include a courtyard, rooftop, patio, and a variety of sets. Hollywood Production Center also offer living spaces that are ready for immediate occupancy with bed linen, ready to use kitchens with dishes, cookware and appliance, and fully supplied bathrooms, which makes it the ideal place to live, work and play. Each of HPC’s five-building offers unique features. It is sure to appeal to you the most. Building 1, located at 1149 North Gower Street offers production office space cos to both Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios. Building 2 at 121 West Lexington Drive in Glendale offers spacious executive offices, office suites, and meeting rooms. Building 3, at 225 East Broadway in Glendale has is perfect for professionals entertainment office space and production and post-production workspace. Building 4 at 6350 Santa Monica Blvd offer over 100 office spaces. Building 5 at 127 S.Brand Blvd features office suites with skylights, private entrances, and balconies.

Visit to take a virtual tour and see what all Hollywood Production Center has to offer in its five different buildings.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations For Rent Near Silver Lake, CA

Your creativeness has a lot to do with the office space that you choose. Highly syndicated television networks like CBS and NBC have utilized the fully furnished office space at Hollywood PC to make your favorite television shows. They cater to entertainment professionals as well as, writers, filmmakers, directors, productions crew, and managers. If you’re near Silver Lake CA you can apply today and get a 24 hour response. In fact, their location provides a wonderful view of downtown Los Angeles and parts of Hollywood. You’re invited to become a part of their upscale productive office community.

HPC caters to proactive, savvy, innovative, and savvy business professionals. Choose from four unique locations along with a basement level and six floors. Their overall space is elegant and provides a balcony, private entrance, and skylights for a great view. You get a modern, sleek, stylish office that your clients will love. Your physical address will signify elegance and class. Their post-production facilities doubles as a great events location for your after production needs. They offer rooftop filming, in-suite filming, and more. Their property is a favorite among professionals in the entertainment industry.

Hollywood PC Amenities

– Unlimited local calls
– All utilities included
– High speed internet
– Rooftop Lounge
– Business center
– 24 hour courtesy officer
– Janitorial services
– Friendly receptionist
sound stage
and much more…

They also offer your pet at the office a pet-friendly environment. Their new location will have a cafe run by Brasil Kiss and they will also have a variety of food trucks from Monday through Friday. The CW’s Star Crossed is one of their current tenants. Enjoy some time in their on-site gym after a very productive day at the office to relax.

Hollywood PC is also associated with TENTEN Wilshire to give you a great place to live, work, and play. Their onsite filming location is guaranteed to have everything you need in one spot. Their superior location is a great opportunity for any tv/film production crew with over the top amenities and quality services. They offer a simple solution for business professionals of all types. Your decision for office space is made easier with the option of their turn-key opportunities. You’re cordially invited to become a part of their friendly office park community. Visit their exclusive website for more details on a tour of their elegant facilities. Make your next feature film with the best amenities and office space in the industry.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent in Santa Monica, CA

When you need a great onsite filming location in Santa Monica CA, the Hollywood Production Center offers a state of the art facility, with all the conveniences and amenities you need. We have several locations available and will help you find the one the best suits your needs. We attract many people in the film and production industry, so you would be working among your peers. Our devoted staff will talk with you and get you set up within the same day if you are in a hurry to get your project started.

Hollywood PC has a well-established reputation for providing high-quality rentals for filming, executive offices, and living while you are here. We provide a wide range of services to help you get your work done. Our filming and production areas are designed to serve the needs of mew media, TV/film production.

We can provide you with fully equipped filming, production, sound stage and office spaces. You don’t have to worry about setting up equipment or telephone systems. We have already done that for you. By using our facilities, you will be able to do all your filming and production with a one-stop-shop. We have various-sized office suites, plenty of parking, including valet parking, and a professional receptionist area. Our facility offers janitorial services and 24-hour security services.

Each location comes with pre-installed voice mail, data, and high-speed Internet access. You will have an onsite gym, with a trainer available, a yoga instructor, and a masseuse. Offices suites are available with skylights, kitchens, balconies, and a private entrance. We have an onsite hair salon and a café for your convenience.

For your filming needs, we have rooftop filming, penthouse filming, In Suite, office, and pool area filming. We can provide living quarters for contestants, contestant casting areas, helipad filming, revolving doors, lobby filming, catwalk access, and more.We have areas that are well suited to publishing and post-production facilities also. We serve the entertainment industry in Southern California, and your comfort is our objective. We have immediate occupancy, so you can talk with us and move in the same day.

We offer short-term leases or longer-term ones if you plan to stay for a while. You can increase your space or decrease it as your project needs to change. HPC is the perfect place to get your film project done. If you want to live onsite during your project, you will be extremely pleased with our accommodations. Visit our website at

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations For Rent Near San Jose, CA

Choose from multiple filming locations near San Jose CA with a great view of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood on a day with great weather. They offer a magnificent physical address with superior landscaping that is always well kept. Enjoy a sophisticated interior and exterior design that invites your clients to come and do business. Discover your new home away from home with everything you need for your entertainment needs at one location. Hollywood PC is affiliated with TENTEN Wilshire making their post-production facilities chosen 10 to 1 over their competitors. Experience a great place to live, work, and play. They are your all-in-one spot for all entertainment professionals.

HPC offers quality services and over the top amenities. Best of all, you can say goodbye to a lengthy application process with the benefits of getting a response within 24 hours. You have the opportunity of a turn-key office space that doubles as an event center with a meeting room, listening room, sound stage, and more. They meet all of your post-production needs including space for writers, freelancers, real estate consultations, fashion, production crew, manager, and directors. You have every opportunity to display your creative talents by networking with other link-minded people.

Hollywood PC Amenities

– All utilities included
– Unlimited local calls
– High-speed internet
– 24-hour courtesy officer
– Friendly receptionist
– Skylights
– Private entrances
– Balconies
– Rooftop pool
and much more…

You have the privilege of onsite filming in their suites, rooftop, full private gym, and more. They provide a superior location for all your entertainment needs allowing you to make your next hit feature film with them. You’ll never want to do business at another location when you are pampered by the quality services and amenities at HPC. Receive spacious office space with a private entrance that allows you to maintain your confidentiality when you’re working with high-end celebrities.

Your tv/film production crew will have everything they need within their office space. Most creative film professionals start a successful workspace that encourages them to be creative. You can have the option of finding an easy answer to your office solutions. They have four convenient office locations to choose from with a basement area and six floors. HPC would like to invite their clients to visit their easy-to-read and navigate website to schedule a tour of their facilities. They encourage you to get your best work done by becoming a part of their friendly office park community.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Palmer Park, CA

There are plenty of places to turn to when looking for the proper production studio. Hollywood is home to some of the largest TV/film production companies in the world. The Hollywood Production Centers near Palmer Park CA have hosted so many different companies and talents. Many members from the entertainment center have visited this place at one point or another. That includes, but is not limited to, post-production, new media, and publishing companies. Companies staying at Hollywood PC get all of the advanced equipment and exceptional customer service. There are four different filming locations sites to compare: Hollywood PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, and PC5.

Hollywood PC1 Post-production facilities building is great for those looking to rent some close-quarters production space. That can be used for filming skits, podcasts, or just edit video footage. All the equipment anyone would need would be in there. This HPC location is within walking distance of the popular Sunset Gower Studios destination. Hollywood PC1 has different size suites and individuals rooms available.

Hollywood PC2 is a large building with six floors and a basement level. There are all kinds of different size suites and individual recording studio rooms available for rent at this location. This place is often used by several talent agencies, fashion consultants, and real estate agencies.

Hollywood PC3 has three floors and a basement level. All of the offices are filled with state-of-the-art technology and furniture. This location is perfect for production or post-production workspace. Hollywood PC3 onsite filming suites come with skylights and balconies for better work productivity. There are also private entrances for added safety. Nobody that is not welcome is allowed inside.

Hollywood PC4 has nearly 100 different office layouts available for rent by companies and individuals. This building has a full-size conference room for people to reserve from time to time. There is no need to worry about lunch because there is an onsite cafeteria that is controlled by Brasil Kiss. Also, a variety of food trucks stop by Monday through Thursday. Each office space comes with a patio to use as a meeting place or just to enjoy the scenery.

Hollywood PC5 has a basement and three floors. It has a sound stage and is perfect for those working in production or post-production fields. The rooms have a modern-style theme with stylish furniture and other accessories. Balconies and private entrances keep each suite secure.

If you are interested or would like to know more about Filming Locations near Palmer Park, CA, give them a call at 888-298-7887 or visit the website to ask for a tour. The company would be happy to show anyone around all the suites.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent in Hollywood, CA

Arts is one of the most rewarding careers if only you can invest your time and money in it, wisely. There are no shortcuts. You will have to be willing to pay the price of success. Getting a great office facility for your production and after production is the very first step. Hollywood PC was established just to help you achieve your dreams. We provide fully furnished offices and suites so that you don’t have to worry about the startup cost of an office. If you are looking for executive filming or post-production facilities in Hollywood CA, look no further than HPC.

Our Hollywood TV/Film Production Facilities

Located in Gower Street, this is the ideal TV/Film production and post-production facility. Our HPC1 is designed in such a way that you can start working immediately after touring. And, like all our HPC facilities, we have a full range of amenities here to keep you comfy and competent.

For onsite filming, post-production activities, and creative office spaces and suites, HPC4 is your facility of choice. This world-class facility is located in Santa Monica Blvd and is easily accessible, both to you and your clients.

Benefits of Our Hollywood PC Facilities

Our Amenities
We don’t want anything to get in the way of your creativity. For this reason, we have come up with a list of amenities that will make your production easy. You will find a fully furnished room for all your meetings. There is an onsite café, sound stage, private kitchen and the food trucks do come around during the weekdays. Our facilities also have everything that you need to refresh. There is and salon, gym, locker rooms, and showers. If you are the kind to get to the gym first before you can begin the day, then you will enjoy our personal trainers and yoga instructors. We also make communication and research easy by having pre-installed data and voice and internet that allows you instant downloads and communication without hiccups.

The cost of furnish a new office might be inhibiting. However, with us, you only have to worry about your monthly rent. We take care of everything else. From furnishing your office to paying the monthly bills. We do this so that, you don’t have to waste time going to and fro the providers’ office to get connections.

Hollywood PC facilities are ideal for building new networks. With our well-maintained common spaces. Professionals can meet and interact, therefore, creating chances of getting a gig.

Our clients always come back, after the production, just to say how grateful they were for our facilities enhanced their success.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles CA is referred to as the center of entertainment in America. As so, many artists come here finding opportunities and try make it in life.

Making it in Los Angeles requires that you have something that sets you apart from the rest. Your creativity needs to be on edge and you need to know and network with the right people. Getting a great production space is usually the first step. Your production space should come with everything to support your success. If you are looking for a TV/film production of post-production facilities in LA, you are in the right place. Hollywood PC understands every one of your production needs, therefore, providing you with swanky offices that are fully furnished and have all the amenities to keep you comfortable and creative.

Our Los Angeles Filming Facility.

TENTEN is the ideal place to advance your filming career. At TENTEN is literally where your success begins. The environment here is just what you need to have a successful filming career. From onsite filming facilities to post-production facilities, you will have it all.

At TENTEN you can choose among our turn-in key offices and suites or you can have a suit to live and work in. whatever suits you, TENTEN provides. We have a full range of amenities to support you when working and also when you need to take a break and refresh.

Why Choose HPC?

When you work at TENTEN, you get to enjoy a wide range of A-Class amenities. There is enough parking space for everyone. This way, you won’t ever have to pack your car blocks away from your office then walk the rest of the way. In fact, our parking spaces are enough for you and your clients. You also get to enjoy fast internet and pre-installed voice and data. When you lease HPC offices, you benefit from onsite filming sites including a sound stage, balconies, courtyards and rooftops.

Should you want to refresh, there is an on-site café and gym with personal trainers and yoga instructors. There is also a spa with a professional masseuse. The offices and suites also have private kitchens for when you want to make a meal in-house.


Our TENTEN offices save you a lot of money in startup capital. They are fully furnished and ready for you to move in. you will not need to invest in office furniture if you lease our offices. Instead, you can use the money in getting filming equipment.

Our lease terms are really flexible. You are allowed to pay on a month-to-month basis, meaning that you can cancel your lease whenever you want.

TENTEN is a gated community with a valet and 24 hours CCTV surveillance.
Contact us today for tranquil filming and production offices in Los Angeles.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Highland Park, CA

If you’re looking a fully-furnished space for business or production work space that is affordable and properly designed, you need the services of a world-class office rental company. A trusted office space provider can give you access to the best offices and TV/film production facilities around.

Hollywood PC is a provider of all-inclusive office and production facility, which means that we match you with a suitable office space, Sound Stage or production workspace in your area of choice. We maintain spaces ourselves, and we have a wide variety of amenities and services for you to choose from. We have executive office space, temporary office space, production work space, Post-production facilities and short term office rentals, with flexible options available.

HPC office solution provides you with a host of high-end amenities and features. From well-designed offices and production spaces to high tech meeting rooms, copiers and high speed Internet, all of the resources needed to operate a successful business are available to you. We also provide 24/7 key card access, large lounge area, fully-equipped kitchen and security cameras to monitor our premises.

You will have full access to the best conference facilities, work spaces, break rooms, executive suites and top-notch services in some of the best professional buildings. Business centers and fully-furnished exquisite office spaces for rent are offered with high-end features and services, including a dedicated management staff that is available to make sure that you have everything you need to work in style and comfort.

Since the office or TV/film production space is already in place, there is no need waiting for furniture, or equipment installations. Most start-up companies, business travelers and busy professionals find all-inclusive office options to be the perfect solution to getting a great office without typical expenses and long-term contracts.

HPC staff is dedicated, competent and available to support you, and see you become successful. We provide the ideal solution to all your business or entertainment industry needs. You’ll undoubtedly love our onsite filming and post production facility, including our sophisticated rooftop filming.

By matching you up with an easily affordable business office in a professional location, your business will succeed. Our fully-furnished luxury lives, work and play lofts and office spaces are perfect for all those who want an all-inclusive location. Contact us right away to schedule a free tour of our location near Highland Park CA.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Glassell Park, CA

California is home to some of the best video production companies in the world. Media companies love to take advantage of all the best recording and production equipment near Glassell Park CA. All of the individuals and TV/film production companies in South California share a common interest in the Hollywood Production Center. This company has five different types of office suites available. Check them out below:

Hollywood PC #1 is a top pick by post-production, new media, and publishing companies. The facility has all of the equipment you would need to thrive in the entertainment industry. It is common to see a lot of writers and editors walking around this building. Hollywood PC1 also has great customer service. All of the employees are happy to help solve problems. After a long, productive day at the office suite companies and individuals can easily walk to Sunset Gower Studios.

Hollywood PC2 onsite filming building has seven floors including a basement level. There are a variety of different independent offices and big conference suites depending on how big the company is. You would typically see a lot of lawyers, talent scouts, real estate agents, marketing companies, and much more walking around this building.

Hollywood PC3 has four floors including a basement. Each suite has a private balcony area with lights to work in peace. These Post-production facilities all come filled with fancy furniture pieces and state-of-the-art technology. The room atmosphere is very stylish.

Hollywood PC4 has two floors and more than 100 different offices. In this building, there is a large conference room for different companies to rent out as needed. There is a gym for quick workouts before and after the workday. There is no need to leave the building to get food when this place brings the food to you. There is a large cafeteria controlled by Brasil Kiss and there are also a variety of food trucks that drive through Hollywood PC4 parking lots. This location does allow dogs and some other pets.

HPC (Hollywood production center) PC5 has four floors including a basement. This building has a Sound Stage and is great for entertainment companies looking for large production suites. All suites in this building have a secured balcony area with skylights. The room is very modern with new technology and luxurious furniture.

No other place is like Hollywood Production Center Glassell Park CA. To learn more about what Hollywood Production Center has to offer visit their website to schedule a tour or call 888-981-9506. In some cases, businesses or individuals needing immediate production space can move on the same day as the tour.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Edendale, CA

If you are searching for an executive office, Sound Stage or production office space near Edendale, you’re in the right place. Fully furnished work space and TV/film production facilities are available in this area. And you can find exactly what you’re looking for if you use the right resources.

Furnished office rentals make it convenient to get a comfortable office near Edendale, or another prestigious area, with the essential amenities and services, and without the hassle and huge upfront costs typically associated with professional offices. This type of dental plan is becoming very popular nowadays and is perfect for people who want to move in quickly and get to work.

Many business executives, producers, directors, lawyers, writers, and other professionals working on a short-term project or special assignment prefer a fully-furnished office space – basically, an office solution that includes various amenities such as a professional receptionist, mail and package handling, a support staff, conference room space, and business center. For professionals with limited resources or who prefer a ready-to-go office space, an all-inclusive space offers the best option.

At Hollywood PC, our aim is to provide you with the best office spaces and Post-production facilities. You will find a wide range of affordable, ready-to-use office spaces – production facilities, executive suites and collaborative office space, as well as onsite filming space. Professional setup with high-class amenities and features create a great impression and help to bring in the right clients and business associates.

You can browse through our database of fully-furnished offices – located near Edendale and search for your perfect TV/film production or executive office in just a few easy steps.

Our locations also have shared or coworking office space options. There are no long-term commitments, and you can rent space on a short-term or long-term basis. We have our own management team and administrative support staff and we allow you to pick and choose the service package you desire.

To sum up, HPC can be a great option for the professional who just needs to move into a new office and get to work without any hassles. We provide the best amenities and features to allow you to work in style and comfort. The consistent quality and professionalism of HPC office space and production facilities are hard to beat. Just visit our website to check out the vast range of amenities and services we offer, then subscribe for a free tour of our location near Edendale CA.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Eagle Rock, CA

Creating the film that you have always dreamed of is no simple feat. The same can be said for the entertainment professionals who are responsible for wrangling the resources necessary to successfully produce episodes for television shows that are broadcast via television screens or streaming networks every week or year.

The process involved auditioning actors, hiring the right production team and director, and actually positioning everyone who is working on a project in the right place so that scenes can be filmed to everyone’s satisfaction is often an intense one. The last thing that a busy entertainment professional should have to worry about is the quality of the facilities that they are using to complete their work.

TV/film production professionals that find themselves looking for offices and filming locations near Eagle Rock CA need look no further than the Hollywood Production Center. Hollywood PC has been providing high quality post-production facilities that are designed to meet the needs of individuals looking to film and edit their creative projects for years. One of the new features that we have developed on our properties with the film and television production community in mind is our sound stage. The HPCsound stage is able to meet the needs of professionals that need a soundstage for their films, commercials and television shows. It can also serve as an excellent space to film music videos and to conduct photo shoots for magazines.

HPC prides itself on being a solution for film and television production professionals that are striving to manage their productions efficiently. Our properties can help ease the logistical challenges that a creative project presents. Film and TV production professionals can have staff meetings, meet with business partners, film their scenes, edit their film, and prepare their final product almost all in one space-saving them the money it costs to transport your crew and actors to various locations. Our properties come with security, an on-site restaurant, gyms, conference rooms, and office space for production and post-production work. We have amenities that staff would enjoy like full-service kitchens, internet, an on-site cleaning service, a car wash, yoga classes, and a masseuse.

Hollywood Production Center is a great choice for film and television producers that are trying to deliver a project that delivers on quality and that is also completed on time and under budget. It solves the challenges that are presented by having to scout locations for your film. We pride ourselves on maintaining beautiful facilities that make for an environment that is conducive to work in for the busy film, television, and entertainment professionals. Our team has put effort into ensuring that the office space and interior design of our facilities are visually pleasing, a characteristic that also makes our facilities a great place for the production staff to film their projects. Depending on the project our tenants may find that our beautiful rooftops, patio and offices are great locations for onsite filming.

Go to to schedule a free tour of the facilities today!

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent in Glendale, CA

Since its establishment in 2001, Hollywood PC has quickly become one of the most sought filming locations in southern California. The establishment’s five facilities are located in Glendale, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. Prospective visitors scouting for an ideal place for Film/TV production do not need to look further because the centers offer various logistical and fine living incentives to film directors, producers, and crews. The core benefit includes world-class amenities, ready-to-use IT infrastructure, a cost-efficient co-working environment, and a premium address. The 2 HPC facilities in Glendale are Hollywood PC2 on 121 W. Lexington Dr and Hollywood PC3 on 225 E. Broadway.

Hollywood PC2 offers 6 incredible floors with spacious office suites, stand-alone offices, and a choice of mid-size and large meeting and conference rooms. The location is highly ideal for professionals from various backgrounds, including fashion consultants, talent agencies, and attorneys looking for prime executive addresses. The onsite amenities available here include 24-hour security surveillance, valet parking, ample parking, and high-speed internet. The TV/film production executives and crews will also love the fact that the locale is strategically located at the heart of Hollywood. Hollywood PC3, on its part, is situated in a 3-story, stylishly designed building.

The modern, fully furnished office suites at Hollywood PC3 generally exude a stylish ambiance. The in-suite amenities set up specifically for the guest’s pleasure include balconies, skylights, and private entrances. Guests will also enjoy the onsite gym, showers, professional masseuse, and personal trainers. While the professional reception area with its spacious lounges, service area, and welcoming staff will ensure every visitor is ushered in style. Following in the trend, the onsite filming amenities at the two centers include a courtyard, rooftop, office sets, and patio. The latest entrant into the HPC offerings in southern California is the new sound stage featuring ultra-modern amenities.

To facilitate the easy booking, the facilities offer month-to-month and long-term leases. Guests from around the area can also take advantage of the same-day booking services to set up their workspaces quickly. Because of its affordable, amenable, and attractive post-production facilities Hollywood PC is changing the whole concept of co-working in the filming industry by allowing the directors to save the expenses related to the start-up cost. The number to call to rent a space at any our Hollywood, CA facilities is 1-888-675-4015. Help is also available via email and live chat. Guests who want to schedule a tour of the facility can do so by visiting

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Chula Vista, CA

There are many different reasons why a media direction/producer may want to ensure that they have chosen the best filming setting for their project. Whether they are filming a movie, documentary, or another form of media for viewers to either enjoy or learn from, the setting they choose to produce their film project is going to have a significant effect on the overall quality of their work. Unfortunately, a vast number of producers do not place such importance on their necessities of choosing a sound stage that is going to give them the best performance of their productions. An onsite filming setting is often difficult to find, especially when there are several to choose from. However, it is important to note that many such facilities are not going to be optimal choices for many producers. One may ask why upon hearing such a statement. The reason is that the project that one will be producing will often have its quality derived from the quality of the setting they have chosen to produce their film. TV/film production works are often the best when the setting is compatible with the videos’ themes.

By choosing HPC for one’s works of production, one can have assurance of knowing that they have certainly made the right choice. Chula Vista CA is a city that has been greatly known for the quality performance of media and entertainment, however, what many are unaware of is that such a statistic is greatly derived from the settings that are available for producers to produce their works in. Hollywood PC is certainly an organization you will want to contact if you want to begin your works of filming today.

Some of the best post-production facilities near Chula Vista CA are found in places where one may least expect it. This is why you have a great opportunity of filming your projects in one of the most optimal production facilities in the entire area. Many are unaware of what benefits can be had from choosing the perfect setting to produce one’s work of entertainment in the forms of film and audio. You do not have to take any guesses as you can jump right into this tremendous opportunity. Be sure to contact one of the representatives today to have an appointment set up for your next works of filming productions.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Century City, CA

Hollywood PC is the most reputable production office and filming location provider near Hollywood. If you are looking for a well-equipped Sound Stage or production workspace, we can help. Our goal is to help you find the perfect work space or office for your project.

There are some key differences between our company and the other office providers. We offer all-inclusive office space options, which means we run and maintain all our locations ourselves, complete with a professional receptionist and support team as well as a consistent offering of amenities and services, including high-speed Internet, at each location. Having a receptionist means that guests will be greeted professionally.

We have lots of office space options, including executive office space, collaborative office space, production workspace, and post-production space. We cater to the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, producers, directors, creative writing teams, lawyers, and other professionals who are looking for an all-inclusive office solution.

When you decide to rent a furnished office or TV/film production space near Century City or another area you don’t need to worry about upfront capital for office equipment and furnishings. You don’t have to go through the stress of setting up the office or moving heavy furniture. Our executive offices and Post-production facilities come fully furnished and include the high-end amenities and services that are essential for running a successful business.

With HPC office solution, you’ll have access to fully-furnished conference rooms – stocked with cutting-edge technology and video conferencing capabilities.

At HPC our fully-furnished office spaces, executive suites, and production spaces have everything you need to live and work comfortably, including modern business centers, luxury suites, rooftop pool, helipad, saunas, jacuzzi, dramatic office views, game rooms and decorative art throughout the property.

Our TV/film production space and executive suites near Century City provide easy access to popular roads and highways. We are steps away from the area’s popular shopping and dining venues.

Let us find the suitable office, onsite filming or post-production space for your needs. We have been providing services for years and we have great expertise in the industry. Our company is the most trusted executive office company in this area and we have many ready-to-go offices to choose from, as well as a vast range of excellent features and amenities.

Visit our website to learn more and subscribe for a free tour of the excellent location near Century City CA.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations Near Bel Air, CA

Are you looking for a productive location for your next feature film? Hollywood PC provides creative space that generates and ideas by allowing you ample time and opportunity to work with other creative people. Nevertheless, their onsite filming location is also beneficial to proactive independent filmmakers. They offer executives, production companies, filmmakers, management, directors, and producers an all-in-one spot to make their next hit. HPC is near Bel Air CA while providing a magnificent view of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood. Say goodbye to a lengthy application process and get a decision within 24 hours.

Their post-production facilities also doubles as an event center with an extraordinary business and events center. You can handle all of your after-work business needs for your entire film crew or corporate business needs. In fact, they have a 1,600+ square foot sound stage to make adding features to your film a breeze. Immerse yourself in a creative environment that caters to entertainment professionals. They cater to innovative, proactive, savvy professionals including tax consultants, fashion, and corporate services. You’ll get all your needs meet in one location within a super friendly community.

HPC Over The Top Amenities

– 24 hour security officer
– All utilities included
– Unlimited local calls
– High speed internet
– Private full gym
– Fully furnished office
– Rooftop Recreation Lounge
– Near Bel Air CA
– (4) locations to choose from
– Turn-key office space
and much more…

Choose from four tv/film production locations that have all the over the top amenities to meet the needs of television shows, production, music videos, or films. You’ll have everything you need in one spot. Most successful creative professionals need reliable office space.

Hollywood PC is within distance from Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios. You get sophisticated office space that allows you to choose from shared or independent office space. In fact, get an open-air or closed office with a friendly front desk representative willing to meet your clients with a smile every time. Your friends will love your great physical address that speaks elegance and superior business practices. Offices suites come equipped with skylights, balconies, and private entrances. Enjoy a sleek stylish office that will become your home away from home.

HPC would like to invite you to visit their exclusive website for more details on a tour of their facilities. Apply today and move into your new office immediately. Hollywood PC welcomes you to become a part of their community-oriented office space today.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Altadena, CA

Conveniently perched at the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, CA is five Hollywood PC built for film, TV, photography, and commercial production. The facility prides itself in providing executive living space, full-service amenities, and world-class customer service has established itself as an ideal living and working location for entertainment professionals visiting southern California. HPC 2 and 3 are strategically located in Glendale while Hollywood Production Centers 1, 4, and 5 are located at the heart of Hollywood, CA. For convenience purposes, all the five centers are located a few miles from the bustling LA metropolis and the nearby Altadena CA.

Clients from vast backgrounds looking for creative space, executive offices, filming locations, and production and post-production facilities have more than one reason to rent space at Hollywood PC. The advantages of taking up space here include access to professional meeting space, Hi-tech communication infrastructure, premium address, and conducive work environment. The other benefits include an opportunity to save on startup costs and enjoy the highly convenient, same-day move-in services. In terms of world-class amenities, the onsite filming location in downtown LA features an award-winning rooftop featuring an impeccably designed pool area, gym, fully furnished spaces, and a helipad.

The other attractions include living quarters for contestants, penthouses, and grade A offices with revolving doors, pet-friendly spaces, and concierge services. The amazing offer doesn’t end there; Hollywood Production Center recently established a new sound stage, in a development that saw its facilities in southern California increase to six, if you add the exquisite TenTen Apartment in downtown LA. The amenities offered at the state-of-the-art sound stage in Glendale include ample parking, pre-installed data, 24-hour surveillance, voice and data services. Over the years, the popularity of the filming locations has attracted hordes of media companies looking to develop top-notch productions.

Some of the productions that have been produced here include; The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Curious George, Blade, and Jerseylicious. Entertainment crews from Altadena CA can sign up for hassle-free, short-term, and long-term stays because the facilities offer month-to-month and long-term leases. To get a firsthand look at the facilities, Hollywood PC encourages prospective clients to visit their facilities. This can be done by scheduling a tour online at The HPC office can also be contacted by phone via 1-888-296-6027. Visitors who want to be periodically updated on the offerings at Hollywood’s premier office space can sign up for a newsletter using their email addresses.

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Alhambra CA

Alhambra and surrounding areas contain a vibrant array of top-quality office spaces Sound Stage and production facilities. These prestigious areas are a prime location for businesses and professionals.

Locating your office near Alhambra most certainly has immense advantages in terms of accessibility. The area’s transportation system covers every corner of the city, and there is also a strong network of taxis and buses covering every possible route.

Hollywood PC offers professional office spaces and production facilities to match your business or project needs. We provide fully furnished office spaces, high-tech meeting rooms, business executive suites, video conferencing capabilities, executive business centers, and state-of-the-art technology in several locations near Alhambra.

We aim to give you the ability to conduct your business from the best locations in this area. We also give you the best amenities and services, the best technology, and the best administrative support crucial to making your project or business successful.

Furnished offices are becoming increasingly popular for the fast-paced lives of busy professionals and corporate executives. HPC executive offices and production facilities come with flexible contract terms. There’s no waiting time upon signing – you can immediately move into your new office and begin conducting business or working on your project with fully functional and ready-to-operate workspace and Post-production facilities.

Our executive suites and Post-production facilities include a dedicated receptionist handling all your calls and greeting your guests. We give you access to a vast range of classy amenities and features, ensuring you convey the right impression to all your associates and clients. Your business will also benefit from having an experienced support staff to help you with whatever you need to complete your project. You will have many opportunities to meet and network with like-minded professionals on your floor.

Our renowned all-in-one location also offers a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, break rooms, and an on-site cafe. Our clients and renters also enjoy the on-site exceptional amenities that provide additional comfort and convenience including lavishly furnished workstations, modern fitness centers, and resort-style pools. All common areas in our facility are secured with a controlled access system to ensure your safety and security.

HPC gives you the ability to minimize your costs and overheads which will certainly ensure the success of your business. To schedule a free tour, provide your requirements, or receive more information about our TV/film production space, executive office spaces, or onsite filming location, simply visit our website to submit your request and we’ll contact you to personally assist in any way we can.