Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Altadena, CA

Conveniently perched at the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, CA is five Hollywood PC built for film, TV, photography, and commercial production. The facility prides itself in providing executive living space, full-service amenities, and world-class customer service has established itself as an ideal living and working location for entertainment professionals visiting southern California. HPC 2 and 3 are strategically located in Glendale while Hollywood Production Centers 1, 4, and 5 are located at the heart of Hollywood, CA. For convenience purposes, all the five centers are located a few miles from the bustling LA metropolis and the nearby Altadena CA.

Clients from vast backgrounds looking for creative space, executive offices, filming locations, and production and post-production facilities have more than one reason to rent space at Hollywood PC. The advantages of taking up space here include access to professional meeting space, Hi-tech communication infrastructure, premium address, and conducive work environment. The other benefits include an opportunity to save on startup costs and enjoy the highly convenient, same-day move-in services. In terms of world-class amenities, the onsite filming location in downtown LA features an award-winning rooftop featuring an impeccably designed pool area, gym, fully furnished spaces, and a helipad.

The other attractions include living quarters for contestants, penthouses, and grade A offices with revolving doors, pet-friendly spaces, and concierge services. The amazing offer doesn’t end there; Hollywood Production Center recently established a new sound stage, in a development that saw its facilities in southern California increase to six, if you add the exquisite TenTen Apartment in downtown LA. The amenities offered at the state-of-the-art sound stage in Glendale include ample parking, pre-installed data, 24-hour surveillance, voice and data services. Over the years, the popularity of the filming locations has attracted hordes of media companies looking to develop top-notch productions.

Some of the productions that have been produced here include; The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Curious George, Blade, and Jerseylicious. Entertainment crews from Altadena CA can sign up for hassle-free, short-term, and long-term stays because the facilities offer month-to-month and long-term leases. To get a firsthand look at the facilities, Hollywood PC encourages prospective clients to visit their facilities. This can be done by scheduling a tour online at The HPC office can also be contacted by phone via 1-888-296-6027. Visitors who want to be periodically updated on the offerings at Hollywood’s premier office space can sign up for a newsletter using their email addresses.