Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent in Glendale, CA

Since its establishment in 2001, Hollywood PC has quickly become one of the most sought filming locations in southern California. The establishment’s five facilities are located in Glendale, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. Prospective visitors scouting for an ideal place for Film/TV production do not need to look further because the centers offer various logistical and fine living incentives to film directors, producers, and crews. The core benefit includes world-class amenities, ready-to-use IT infrastructure, a cost-efficient co-working environment, and a premium address. The 2 HPC facilities in Glendale are Hollywood PC2 on 121 W. Lexington Dr and Hollywood PC3 on 225 E. Broadway.

Hollywood PC2 offers 6 incredible floors with spacious office suites, stand-alone offices, and a choice of mid-size and large meeting and conference rooms. The location is highly ideal for professionals from various backgrounds, including fashion consultants, talent agencies, and attorneys looking for prime executive addresses. The onsite amenities available here include 24-hour security surveillance, valet parking, ample parking, and high-speed internet. The TV/film production executives and crews will also love the fact that the locale is strategically located at the heart of Hollywood. Hollywood PC3, on its part, is situated in a 3-story, stylishly designed building.

The modern, fully furnished office suites at Hollywood PC3 generally exude a stylish ambiance. The in-suite amenities set up specifically for the guest’s pleasure include balconies, skylights, and private entrances. Guests will also enjoy the onsite gym, showers, professional masseuse, and personal trainers. While the professional reception area with its spacious lounges, service area, and welcoming staff will ensure every visitor is ushered in style. Following in the trend, the onsite filming amenities at the two centers include a courtyard, rooftop, office sets, and patio. The latest entrant into the HPC offerings in southern California is the new sound stage featuring ultra-modern amenities.

To facilitate the easy booking, the facilities offer month-to-month and long-term leases. Guests from around the area can also take advantage of the same-day booking services to set up their workspaces quickly. Because of its affordable, amenable, and attractive post-production facilities Hollywood PC is changing the whole concept of co-working in the filming industry by allowing the directors to save the expenses related to the start-up cost. The number to call to rent a space at any our Hollywood, CA facilities is 1-888-675-4015. Help is also available via email and live chat. Guests who want to schedule a tour of the facility can do so by visiting