Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Glassell Park, CA

California is home to some of the best video production companies in the world. Media companies love to take advantage of all the best recording and production equipment near Glassell Park CA. All of the individuals and TV/film production companies in South California share a common interest in the Hollywood Production Center. This company has five different types of office suites available. Check them out below:

Hollywood PC #1 is a top pick by post-production, new media, and publishing companies. The facility has all of the equipment you would need to thrive in the entertainment industry. It is common to see a lot of writers and editors walking around this building. Hollywood PC1 also has great customer service. All of the employees are happy to help solve problems. After a long, productive day at the office suite companies and individuals can easily walk to Sunset Gower Studios.

Hollywood PC2 onsite filming building has seven floors including a basement level. There are a variety of different independent offices and big conference suites depending on how big the company is. You would typically see a lot of lawyers, talent scouts, real estate agents, marketing companies, and much more walking around this building.

Hollywood PC3 has four floors including a basement. Each suite has a private balcony area with lights to work in peace. These Post-production facilities all come filled with fancy furniture pieces and state-of-the-art technology. The room atmosphere is very stylish.

Hollywood PC4 has two floors and more than 100 different offices. In this building, there is a large conference room for different companies to rent out as needed. There is a gym for quick workouts before and after the workday. There is no need to leave the building to get food when this place brings the food to you. There is a large cafeteria controlled by Brasil Kiss and there are also a variety of food trucks that drive through Hollywood PC4 parking lots. This location does allow dogs and some other pets.

HPC (Hollywood production center) PC5 has four floors including a basement. This building has a Sound Stage and is great for entertainment companies looking for large production suites. All suites in this building have a secured balcony area with skylights. The room is very modern with new technology and luxurious furniture.

No other place is like Hollywood Production Center Glassell Park CA. To learn more about what Hollywood Production Center has to offer visit their website to schedule a tour or call 888-981-9506. In some cases, businesses or individuals needing immediate production space can move on the same day as the tour.