Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Toluca Lake, CA

Toluca Lake CA has professional filming locations and production spaces close by at one of Hollywood PC five locations. The Hollywood Production Center is one of the top facilities in Southern California for those in the professional and entertainment industries. You can start working today with full-service amenities and staff well acquainted with the industry, your needs, and how to best serve you. Whether in the creative process, filming, production, or in need of post-production facilities, you will have everything you need to develop your complete body of work. Hollywood PC also offers the perfect environment to relax when not on task. The rooftop area, which is a great location for onsite filming, also offers a gym and spa area, massage and yoga instructor, and a breathtaking rooftop view. You are surrounded with stylish elegance and amenities that rival the best hotel including 24-hour concierge service at one all-inclusive price.

Your filming location at HPC affords you state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including the best in-house, high-quality technology and IT infrastructure as well as a fully supplied kitchenette, snacks for the crew, and professional janitorial service. There are also the same business facilities found in modern corporations. You have access to the full business center which includes workstations complete with the computer as well as the option to just plug in your own equipment, copiers, printer, scanners, and mail services. There are board and conference rooms for your convenience as well. Clients, friends, crews, and others visiting your filming location and worksite will be impressed with the professionalism of your environment.

HPC offers not only the ideal locations for onsite filming, TV/film production and post-production facilities, it also gives you access to its Sound Stage. Location sites include a courtyard, rooftop, patio, and a variety of sets. Hollywood Production Center also offer living spaces that are ready for immediate occupancy with bed linen, ready to use kitchens with dishes, cookware and appliance, and fully supplied bathrooms, which makes it the ideal place to live, work and play. Each of HPC’s five-building offers unique features. It is sure to appeal to you the most. Building 1, located at 1149 North Gower Street offers production office space cos to both Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios. Building 2 at 121 West Lexington Drive in Glendale offers spacious executive offices, office suites, and meeting rooms. Building 3, at 225 East Broadway in Glendale has is perfect for professionals entertainment office space and production and post-production workspace. Building 4 at 6350 Santa Monica Blvd offer over 100 office spaces. Building 5 at 127 S.Brand Blvd features office suites with skylights, private entrances, and balconies.

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