Multiple Filming Locations for Rent

Multiple Filming Locations for Rent near Garden Grove CA

Choosing the right location to shoot your next TV/film production project can be a chore to be sure, trying to balance the budget, permits, needs, accommodations, schedules, and putting it all against the vision that you have for particular scenes can make the taste of finding your locations seem like a full-time job. The good news is that for those who are looking for the perfect filming locations in and around the greater Southern California area, there is one name to turn to that can make life a lot easier, Hollywood Production Centers. With multiple filming locations for rent near Garden Grove CA HPC can be your one-stop options for filming locations, administration, and working offices and post-production facilities for all of your TV and film projects.

Hollywood PC has long been a leader in providing the kind of specialized work and office space that the TV and film entertainment industry needs to complete projects. Hollywood PC facilities feature high-speed data, wireless internet (as well as hardwired), and phone lines preinstalled and ready to go from the moment you turn on the lights. You will also find on-site cafes, visits from some of the hottest food trucks in LA, conference rooms, lounges, valet parking, and more. You also can take peace of mind in the on-site professional security and fully vetted maintenance and cleaning staff.

Of course, having a great place to work on, plan, and post your project is one thing, but you still need a great place to film as well. HPC has you covered on that as well. All of the facilities at all Hollywood Production Centers properties are available for onsite filming. A wide variety of shooting locations abound, including courtyards, fitness centers with locker rooms and shower areas, balconies, cafes, courtyards, parking structures, professional lobbies, and fully furnished office areas that are ready to film in when you are.

Hollywood PC has also recently opened their first fully equipped studio space in Glendale, California which features a state of the art sound stage, as well as post-production facilities and on-site office and workspace for your entire team. This facility also offers those little perks that help make your project go a lot smoother from start to finish such as on-site massage professionals, personal trainers, car detailing, flower and catering services, and more. Concierge services offered by the professional and friendly lobby staff can call for car hires, receive packages, greet guests, and provide the support that you need to get more done in less time.

If you still need more reasons to lease from Hollywood Production Centers, then why not check out their website today. While you are there, register for a free tour of any of their properties, including the Glendale sound stage studio property. Come see for yourself how Hollywood Production Centers can help make your next project a reality.