Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Sunset Hills, CA

If you have office space needs and want to move you and your business team to a place that’s already furnished and built for high maintenance tasks in filming and other entertainment effect engineering, our company is here for you. We have office space to rent near Sunset Hills CA that has been highly reviewed by many major motion picture companies and executives who have rented here for quite some time. One of the benefits of our furnished offices and the conference room and lounge areas is getting to use then for gatherings and networking events.

Networking events at our Hollywood PC locations could be a simple meet and greet gatherings, a casting call kind of event where refreshments can be served, or even a much larger scale banquet or big gathering where big business clients are invited. There are nearly always fun games or other activities that give you a chance to break the ice with other tenants here. And there’s on-site cafes, gyms, massage areas and many other full service amenities that you don’t want to miss out on.

How are our office solutions great for being productive? What we allow are flexible lease plans that enable you to move in and get to work as soon as possible without having to signup for a long period, but many clients love our office suites so much that they do end up staying long-term. You not only have in-house IT technicians and maintenance staff to keep your computers and equipment up and running continually; there are also secretarial staff, housekeeping services, and other assistants who will make sure your needs are met. You will also get access to a private entrance and can come in any time of day or night.

If HPC is the place you want to be, you should take a look at our suites through taking our tour. The tour is your chance to see our office facility up close and decide for yourself if you want to rent from us. While there is no obligation to rent immediately, our office suites often get taken quickly, so to make sure you get the one you want you should call us at (866)930-2806.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Little Armenia, CA

There’s nothing like being able to call a place home for work that has all the conveniences in a facility that you need and is located in a pleasant neighborhood where you can stop by retail shops and cafes. We have a place near Little Armenia CA that comes with these features and it’s where many entertainment executives call home. Here, you’ll find fully furnished offices and on-site services that are there to help film professionals meet major deadlines and accomplish tasks in a secure environment. There are also conference rooms and locations perfect for hosting networking events and large gatherings.

The office space here at Hollywood PC is designed to be fitting for various IT and paperwork tasks, but also for relaxed settings and peace when needed. In addition to high-speed wi-fi networks and access to copiers and printers, our turnkey offices also have valet parking for tenants, 24/7 access, balconies, and their own kitchens. We also employ secretarial staff and housekeeping to make sure everything in the office stays neat and organized. Even more so, we have flexible rental options for our offices.

If you need to use props and setup filming equipment on-site, our full service amenities come with locations where you can do that. Our sound stage is managed by an in-house engineer who can assist you and your film crews at any time. There are many ideal locations to film from including the rooftop, outdoor patios, and other places that match your film’s needs. If you’re not busy filming, you can spend time at our on-site gym or enjoying one of our game areas.

If HPC appeals to you and you want to get started renting from us, then it’s time to take the tour. This free tour can take you to the office suite you want and get the paperwork started so you can move in ASAP. The tour can be easily signed up for by calling (866)930-2806 or visiting today.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Mount Olympus, CA

If you’re looking for space where you can set up your work desk, bring in a film crew, and connect with other important people, then we have a place near Mount Olympus CA that’s right for you. We’ve hosted some of the entertainment industry’s biggest producers at our office space including companies like Paramount Pictures, MTV, and 20th Century Fox. What we’ve done is made everything available under one roof such as filming sets, stage equipment, and engineering crews as well as the office suites and conference areas, and best of all our rentals are completely flexible to meet both long and short-term stays.

Our Offices Are Connected To Strong IT Infrastructure

We know one of the keys to being productive at Hollywood PC is making sure you have top-of-the-line IT support while you’re working here. We’ve installed high-grade reliable internet and have new fine quality printing and copying equipment. Our executive fully furnished offices come with an outdoor balcony and private kitchen in the back, and while you’re away our janitorial staff will make sure it is kept completely clean.

Our Facilities Have Added Luxuries

Being able to enjoy the comforts of massages, having gatherings on the rooftops, and even having your personalized gym locker are some of the other full-service amenities offered here. It’s all part of our way of making your period at our facility welcomed and relaxing. What’s more is there are always fun events being hosted here where you have a chance to meet new stars for your films, rub shoulders with famous film producers or just kick back and enjoy the festivities.

If you’re becoming convinced that HPC is right for you but just want to see a little more of it first, then you can take our tour. The tour will take you through the important places in our facility and then let you take a look at the office you want. Just note that offices are rented out on a first come first serve basis, so you should reserve yours quickly by calling (866)930-2806 or visiting

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Spaulding Square, CA

When it’s time for lights, camera, and action, you want that film set you’re running to be all set. Having an office and production stage area is important to make that happen, and those things are what you’ll find at our office facility near Spaulding Square CA. Why should you rent an office suite from us? Because we make sure it has a home-like atmosphere and is a place you can work with minimal interruptions, meet with clients and your team as needed but also where you can take part in the fun when you’re off of work.

Why Our Hollywood Production Center Company Ranks High In-Service Satisfaction

Our office space is carefully and methodically prepared for you here at Hollywood PC so that once you get to work, you don’t experience any downtime. Within our facilities we have high-speed internet services that we make sure are always running for you, new and efficient office equipment and IT support staff always on call. There are a variety of floor plans detailing our fully furnished offices that include areas which have private kitchens and secured back entrances. You’ll always have 24/7 access to your office, and our lease terms are flexible for renting either short or long-term.

Other Features And Amenities At Our Company

Our HPC locations have stage areas available where you can test effects and sounds if you’re in the middle of making a film. There are also outdoor locations and different props we offer if you need to bring a little more exotic looks to your film. But even when you aren’t on the set or working in the office, HPC has other full-service amenities such as a gym, massage rooms, recreation lounge, and others for your enjoyment.

If you’re excited about what you’ve heard about us and want to move in, then sign up for our free tour to get started. The tour will cover our office suites and any on-site activity area you wish to see, and our staff can answer any questions you have. Just remember that our offices get taken fast, so don’t delay signing up for the tour by calling (866)930-2806 or visiting

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Thai Town, CA

Being in a place where office space is abundant and furnished with the right equipment and comfort items is a must when you need to organize for a major production. That’s why our office center near Thai Town CA is where you should go to get your filmmaking and effects engineering team to work. Our furnished offices and facility services have been ideal for clients to assemble stage sets, conduct meetings with important executives and even host corporate networking events and conferences. Those clients include some major television networks such as 20th Century Fox, CBS, and Paramount Pictures.

Why Our Offices Are So Popular

A big part of what makes Hollywood PC special is that we go all in to build an atmosphere both conducive to work but also with a little fun. Renting one of our fully-furnished turnkey offices is a process we’ve made easy so that you spend less time dealing with the hassle of moving and more time getting work done. Plus the suites come with a private entrance, balconies, kitchen areas and can be accessed 24/7.

Why Our Place Is Attractive

At HPC, we’ve always offered full support for projects and given access to quality equipment and areas such as our sound stage. We also have stage engineers and their helpers to assist with heavy lifting in your projects. But even when you’re off of work, our full-service amenities even include a fitness center with personal trainers and your own locker room, rooftop relaxation decks, game, and activity lounges and other fun things to do.

If you believe Hollywood PC is the best choice for you and want to see one of our office suites, you can take our guided tour. There is no charge for the tour, but you can decide while you’re on it if you want to go ahead and pay the move-in expenses and even move on the same day. You should hurry to get the office space you want and sign up for the tour by calling (866)930-2806 or filling in the form at

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Sunset Gower Studios CA

Hollywood PC has a great reputation for providing top-notch office solutions for businesses and professionals. You can benefit from our excellent amenities and services. We cater to the needs of those who want to work in style and comfort.

Each furnished office space comes with top of the line amenities and features. Office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, and scanners are available. Get access to high-tech meeting space, conference facilities, high-speed Internet service, mail handling, a professional business address, and personalized phone answering. HPC office solution also includes professional management, daily janitorial service, utilities, ample parking space, and 24/7 secured access.

Enjoy a gorgeous reception area, balconies and lounge areas, impressive lobby, and secure parking space for you and your clients. office suite features attractive entrances, modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, break rooms and fully-stocked restrooms.

And you can also take advantage of the full service amenities and luxury features such as helipad, fitness center, yoga instructor, sauna, jacuzzi, and rooftop pool.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, producer, director, corporate executive, entertainment attorney or other professional looking for an impressive business location, you need to contact HPC for assistance.

Our impressive location near Sunset Gower Studios is only minutes from the area’s famous shopping centers, fine restaurants, and recreational facilities. Our professional building can easily be accessed from any direction and is only a walking distance from public transport links and major roads.

Our executive offices and collaborative spaces are designed for your success. Contact us to check out the executive offices, production facilities, and creative workspace we offer. We will give you a free tour of our business offices and production spaces near Sunset Gower Studios CA. We’ll be glad to give you access to a vast range of amenities you need to run your business.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Garden Grove CA

Hollywood PC offers fully furnished workspaces and production facilities near Garden Grove. Our office solution features the quality amenities and upscale look you need in a prestigious location. We’ll be happy to help you get a furnished office to meet your needs.

HPC offers flexible office and workspace rental options to help clients run a successful business. We provide executive offices and workstations for businesses. If you want to convey a great impression of your company and capture the attention of business partners, clients, and prospects and sustain their interest, get in touch with us.

Our facilities provide professional phone answering, mail handling, and high-speed Internet, and other essential features. We also provide access to high-tech meeting spaces and conference facilities, and video conferencing. Janitorial service, office management, and other essential services are also available.

Our office suite solutions are perfect for busy professionals as well as established companies and entrepreneurs that want a comfortable environment in which they can grow their business. Our ready-to-go office spaces are designed for your success.

Ample parking space, private balcony, spacious offices, and 24-hour security monitoring are some of the conveniences that our clients and renters love. And our outstanding rooftop, state-of-the-art fitness center, jacuzzi, and sauna will definitely amaze you.

We have been catering to company personnel, business owners, members of the entertainment industry, and other professionals who desire a fully furnished space for their projects. Whether you need a private business office, production space or social networking event venue, HPC can help. With our turnkey solution, you will save a great deal of time and effort.

Our support team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. Visit our website to learn more about out our full service amenities and features. Be sure to submit a request for a free tour of our location near Garden Grove CA.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Civic Center, CA

A fully furnished office has the potential to maximize the workload of any independent professional or mid-size corporation at Hollywood PC. They’re dedicated to proactive, savvy, energy business-minded pros with all your office necessities in one spot. Their guests have the option of enjoying a scenic view alongside nearby Civic Center CA with valet parking opportunities when you arrive to work. You can get a flexible lease with a turnkey opportunity for guests with approved credit. Get space that is committed to the success of each workday at HPC.

What Makes HPC Great Office Space

Many professionals choose Hollywood for their full service amenities that puts all your office needs at your fingertips. Patrons enjoy a complete operating Windows 10 system, modernized office equipment, high-speed internet, ample office space, private shower, kitchen area, self-scheduled housekeeping, virtual assistance, and much more. Best of all, they offer you other unique ways to save money by including all of your basic utilities in every signed leasing agreement. Your furnished office also meets the demands of a post-production facility.

Hollywood PC’s Best Kept Secret

Their office suite is also an opportunity to capture the moment in your next feature, motion, or independent film project. They welcome your prop animals as a pet-friendly community. Nearby Raleigh studios and a full event center are also available to support your film goals. Their office space caters to every facet of the entertainment industry with production assistance available upon request. Their point and shoot opportunity are available indoors and outdoors with a sophisticated interior design and well-kept common grounds. You also have an opportunity to take advantage of their penthouse suite with a skylight view.

Guests have access to private upscale amenities that include an exclusive rooftop helipad, gym, pool, and relaxation lounge. Enjoy a tour of HPC by contacting a friendly customer service professional today.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Burbank, CA

Our fully furnished offices at Hollywood PC caters to proactive, savvy, professionals with everything they need in one spot. Amazingly, you’re within a short distance from business-oriented Burbank CA with a glorious view to and from work. Arrive to work in style with a sophisticated interior design, trendy furnishings, and well-kept common grounds. We cater to our guests with everything they need to get the most out of each workday. Our team of dedicated professionals is available to help you sign a completely flexible leasing agreement.

Why Guests Choose A Hollywood Office

Hollywood is preferred over other office suites because of their full service amenities and relaxed office community. In fact, enjoy a complete operating Windows 10 system, modernized office furnishings, ample office space, scheduled housekeeping, private shower, kitchen area, high-speed internet, skylight in each office, virtual assistance, and much more. Enjoy free basic utilities with every signed leasing agreement. If you’re interested in a short or long-term stay, the professionals at Hollywood PC can help. Our team of professionals is dedicated to your office space with several floor plans and four locations to choose from to accommodate our guests.

HPC Has A Secret

Enjoy a furnished office that will allow you to capture an extraordinary point and shoot. You can enjoy a wonderful film opportunity for your independent, short, or motion feature film. Enjoy indoor and outdoor footage to your preference with absolutely amazing coverage. Plus, guests have a nearby Raleigh Studios and a full events center to support their film goals. You have the option of networking with other film professionals at their bi-weekly social mixers exclusively for their guests only at HPC.

Plus, we have upscale amenities like our exclusive rooftop helipad, pool, gym, and relaxation lounge. Take a tour of the HPC
highrise office community by visiting their exclusive website or speaking to a friendly support professional for more details.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Toluca Lake, CA

Do you need an all-inclusive workspace for your midsize or independent business? The popular Hollywood PC office highrise offers their guests everything they need in one spot. You’re located within miles from scenic Toluca Lake CA for an opportunity to enjoy the scenery to and from work. Their plush executive suites cater to all your needs and help you get the most out of each day. In fact, their guests have an opportunity to rent office space that will grow with their business. Everyone knows HPC caters to proactive, savvy, energetic professionals with business-minded career goals.

Why Guests Choose Hollywood PC Office Space

Their full service amenities make it hard to refuse their office space. In fact, their furnished office space includes everything you need at your fingertips. Their amenities include a complete Windows 10 operating system, unlimited local calls, kitchen area, private shower, virtual assistance, customized office cleaning, ample office space, office skylight, private entrances, and much more. Hollywood lets you save more money with all your basic utilities included in every signed leasing agreement. They’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of each day.

Did you know each office suite also doubles as an extraordinary film opportunity? That’s right; HPC caters to every facet of the film industry. For example, you have an opportunity to take advantage of nearby Sunset Gower studios for your independent, feature, or small film project. In fact, their luxury penthouse suite is also another opportunity to capture an elite point and set a film scene. They also offer a full conference center, meeting, and listening room for your film needs. Their past guests include some of the top syndicated networks of your favorite television broadcast shows.

Their other upscale amenities include an exclusive rooftop helipad, gym, and relaxation lounge. Take a tour of HPC by contacting one of their friendly support professionals today for more details.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Silver Lake, CA

Your office should make you feel good about accomplishing your daily tasks. If you’re in or around the Silver Lake CA area, you have an opportunity to enjoy a completely fully furnished office suite with unique guest amenities at Hollywood PC. Their popular office space helps you perform your best creative work along with getting the most out of each day. Their friendly team of professionals is available to cater to you for the duration of your lease. In fact, enjoy a flexible leasing agreement that gives you a hassle-free experience with very little commitment.

Why Guests Prefer HPC

Hollywood PC is an amazing furnished office space that’s dedicated to proactive, savvy, business-minded professionals with everything they would need to be productive located at the office. Each office is designed with high-speed internet, a complete Windows 10 operating system, unlimited local calls with international call access, ample office space, virtual office assistance, customized housekeeping, private shower, kitchen area, and much more. Best of all, all your basic utilities are included to provide additional savings. Come to work with a trendy interior design to greet your clients and a well-kept common area. They also accommodate you with valet parking options.

Not only do they have full service amenities their office suite also doubles as the perfect film location. You have an opportunity to capture the moment from many different locations like their private luxury penthouse suite. Get production assistance when you need it upon request. Nearby Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios are there to support you with your small, independent, or feature film project. In fact, major top television syndicated networks have used their office space to produce your favorite television shows. Ask one of their courteous professionals how HPC can accommodate your film needs.

Their other upscale amenities include an exclusive rooftop helipad, gym, and relaxation lounge. Take a tour of Hollywood PC today by speaking to one of their friendly support professionals.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals in Santa Monica, CA

A serviced office or furnished space with flexible terms is the perfect option for busy professionals. A furnished rental space can take the hassle and expense out of finding the perfect space for your need.

Hollywood PC is here to help you get a professional office, production space or event space, without any hassles. We offer all-inclusive office solutions in Santa Monica CA. Our office building in Santa Monica houses top-class offices and well-designed workspaces.

Our professional building is located close to multi-national corporations, popular roads, and public transport links. Our offices are conveniently located within walking distance of fine restaurants, shopping centers, banks, and recreational facilities.

Our fully-furnished, private offices, production spaces, and collaborative workspaces include conference rooms, comfortable furniture, meeting spaces, and high-speed Internet connection. Our turn-key offices come fully functional making it easier to start working on your projects.

HPC has a fully-stocked kitchen, gourmet coffee bar, break rooms, restrooms, and lounge areas. We also provide professional receptionist service, modern business center, administrative support, and state-of-the-art technology. Office suite also features balcony areas and ample parking space with optional valet parking.

Get access to our fully-equipped fitness center, 24/7 reception and concierge services, steam/sauna facilities, rooftop pool, massage rooms, yoga instructor, and 24/7 security and CCTV surveillance throughout the property.

Ideally located for business at the most prestigious business districts, HPC office spaces are well designed and managed by a professional team, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Ready to get your furnished office? You can choose short term or long-term lease option. We have a great reputation for providing affordable offices and production facilities in premier locations. We can save you a great deal of time and money.

Visit our website to check out the full service amenities we offer. Make sure you schedule a free tour of our professional building in Santa Monica.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near San Jose, CA

Finding a suitable furnished office for your project can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to look. HPC is here to help you get a ready-to-go or fully-furnished office.

If you’re looking for a classy business office near San Jose, get in touch with our staff today. We have the best quality office spaces and production facilities for rent near San Jose. We have the resources and expertise to meet your needs efficiently.

Hollywood PC is a trusted provider of office solutions with high-quality amenities and features. We offer our efficient and affordable rental solutions to company personnel, attorneys, producers, directors, designers, business owners, creative writing teams, publishers, entertainment industry professionals, and others who want an all-in-one spot to live, work and play.

All of the administrative support services and features you expect in a modern office or production facility are available at our location. Amenities that come with your office suite, collaborative space or production space include beautiful conference rooms, meeting spaces, a modern kitchen and break rooms.

We also have a business center, a creative space, and a spacious lobby with a professional receptionist to greet visitors. You’ll be pleased with the full service amenities and features we provide. Work in a comfortable, professional setting that offers networking capabilities.

We provide office space customized to your specific needs – flexible and cost-effective business office, production space, or post-production space – Just one single monthly bill.

You’ll also have immediate access to our state-of-the-art fitness center, rooftop pool, jacuzzi, sauna, massage rooms, yoga instructor, game rooms, clubhouses, and lounge areas.

HPC offices are fully equipped and are move-in ready. Visit our website to check out the vast range of top-notch amenities and features we provide. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our world-class location near San Jose CA.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Palmer Park, CA

If you’re looking for a furnished office near Palmer Park, you’re in the right place. HPC has the best selection of corporate offices, executive suites, and production facilities near Palmer Park.

Hollywood PC provides stylish, fully furnished private offices and collaborative workspaces near Palmer Park. We provide high-end office solutions for companies and professionals who want to work in style and comfort. We can help you to select the right office suite for your needs.

Our renters and clients include corporate executives, producers, directors, tourists, business travelers, lawyers, designers, advertising agencies, writers, and entertainment industry professionals.

Our offices come “move-in ready” with full service amenities, comfortable environment, networking facilities, and fully equipped conference and meeting rooms. Our office rental includes a prestigious business address, high-speed Internet, professional receptionist service, mail handling, and administrative support to ensure that you have everything you need to work efficiently.

Our office solution offers a modern fitness center, a yoga instructor, Jacuzzi, sauna, rooftop pool, secure parking space, and 24-hour security surveillance. And the professional building is close to restaurants, shopping centers, and recreational facilities and just minutes from highways and major roads.

HPC is the perfect location for your all-in-one spot to work, live and play. Our offices and executive suites are in the perfect environment for meeting people and networking. Business centers, state-of-the-art technology, and a gorgeous lounge area are also available at our location.

Whether you want a short-term or long-term office rental, we’ve got you covered. All of our facilities are designed to help you work efficiently and be productive. Our friendly staff is ready to guide you and ensure you choose the right office space for your project.

Check out these fabulous office spaces and production spaces for yourself. Call us today and we will be happy to give you a free tour of our location near Palmer Park CA.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals in Hollywood, CA

Fully furnished workspaces, production spaces, and networking facilities are available near Hollywood CA. The quality of amenities and features available to you will have a great impact on the success of your business or project.

Hollywood PC has an established history of providing high-quality office solutions for production companies and corporate executives. We also provide office solutions for attorneys, creative writing teams, directors, artists, designers, entertainment professionals, and all others who want to work in style and comfort.

We can guide you in selecting the perfect office suite for your needs. If you’re looking for an affordable professional office, production space or post-production space near Hollywood, get in touch with our staff right away. We’ll give you access to Full Service Amenities and services.

A fully furnished, ready-to-go office space is critical for companies and professionals who are looking for a hassle-free office solution. Our all-inclusive or fully furnished business office allows our clients and renters to focus on their projects and leave the maintenance to our staff.

Conference rooms, high-speed Internet, high-tech office equipment, presentation screens, smartboards, professional phone system, executive suites, and cutting-edge teleconferencing facilities are also available in our location. We also provide receptionist service and administrative support to ensure that you work efficiently and achieve the success you desire.

Our world-class professional building near Hollywood is situated at a location that’s highly visible from popular roads. Our building is set in a prestigious business district not far from fine restaurants, famous shopping centers, and financial institutions.

Whether you need a quality, fully furnished office for a special project or want to find the perfect professional setting to meet with clients and business associates, an HPC office offers you many fantastic benefits.

Visit our website to check out the vast range of top-notch amenities and features that HPC offers. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our location near Hollywood.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for a business office with full service amenities, you’re in the right place. We can help you find an Office Suite that will convey an impressive image about your business.

Hollywood PC offers turnkey office spaces for businesses, producers, directors, designers, production companies, lawyers, writers, artists, members of the entertainment industry, and other professionals.

Our furnished office solution eliminates the hassles usually associated with setting up a business office. Our all-inclusive office packages are designed for corporate personnel and businesses in all stages, so whether you are looking for a private office, production space, executive suite, collaborative space, or luxury work station, we can help you.

We will give you immediate access to luxuriously furnished workspace, modern business centers, creative writing space, meeting rooms and conference facilities, state-of-the-art technology, high-speed Internet, fax and copier machines, sophisticated office designs, and large lounge areas.

HPC also provides fully equipped kitchens and break rooms, as well as refreshments. Additional features like directory listings, secure parking, 24-hour security surveillance, professional receptionist, and administrative support contribute to a comfortable and relaxed working environment.

You do not have to worry about the maintenance of the space. Our awesome maintenance teams work hard to maintain a shiny and clean environment, allowing you to focus on doing your best work. HPC friendly and knowledgeable staff ensures the lobby, lighting, elevators, staircase, security and maintenance are all impressive.

And you can also take advantage of the wide array of luxury features such as a rooftop pool, fitness center, jacuzzi, sauna, yoga instructor, helipad, and massage rooms.

Ready to move into a new office in a vibrant area? Visit our website to check out our floor plans and the high-end amenities and services we offer. We will also schedule you for a free tour of our sophisticated location near Los Angeles CA.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Highland Park, CA

Hollywood PC is a leading provider of office rental solutions, and we have numerous satisfied clients and tenants. We offer customized, flexible office space with full service amenities to support your business near Highland Park.

Choose from many production spaces and office space configurations, including executive suites, multi-person offices, co-working, flexible workspace, project offices, temporary office space, and shared office space for rent.

Our ready-to-use furnished office provides high-speed Internet connections, the latest technology and advanced telecommunication solutions. HPC office solution also provides meeting rooms and conference facilities, and printer, scanner, fax, and photocopy machine access.

Our highly dedicated staff is available and ready to provide outstanding support and will ensure you have everything you need to work in style and comfort.

Enjoy prestigious office address in HPC world-class facilities. Our locations also feature a fitness center, saunas, jacuzzi, massage rooms, yoga instructor, cafe, game rooms, ample parking space, 24-hour security monitoring, and more.

We have numerous clients and renters from all walks of life, including corporate personnel, production companies, entrepreneurs, attorneys, business travelers, creative writing teams, architects, advertising agents, members of the entertainment industry, graphic designers, producers, artists, and other professionals.

We have beautiful lounge areas that are perfect for meeting guests or relaxing during a break. Our facility is designed to help you project a polished, professional appearance for your business.

Let us help you in selecting a suitable business office suite. Eliminate the headaches and hassles associated with getting a professional office or production space.

Whether you want a small office space for your project or a workspace for your corporate team, an all-inclusive office solution is a great choice.

With the fast move-in service, you will have immediate access to a vast range of high-quality business essentials. Go to our website to submit your request for a free tour of our prestigious location near Highland Park CA.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Griffith Park, CA

A fully furnished, ready-to-go office plan is popular nowadays, and many corporate personnel and entrepreneurs enjoy the convenience it provides.

HPC offers affordable rental spaces near Griffith Park. We guide our clients in selecting the right office for their needs, allowing them to move into a new office without hassles.

Hollywood PC is the perfect choice for turnkey office solution for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, creative writing teams, production companies, attorneys, members of the entertainment industry, large corporations, designers and other professionals.

We specialize in providing furnished office, executive workspace and production offices. If you desire the perfect blend of high-end amenities and necessities, then our all-inclusive solution is sure to please you.

We have several facilities located in the most prestigious areas near Griffith Park, and we provide full service amenities. Our executive suites and production spaces vary in size, but all are professionally designed and very spacious.

Our office suite, executive offices and production spaces give entrepreneurs and businesses an opportunity to work in a comfortable environment without a huge up-front investment.

Get access to all business services and amenities: high-tech office equipment, high-speed internet connection, state-of-the-art technology, fully-stocked kitchen with coffee bar, and a beautiful lounge area.

Conduct your meetings in fully-furnished, business-ready conference and meeting rooms. We provide receptionist service and administrative support to help you run a successful business. There is ample parking for you and your guests.

Enjoy a world-class rooftop with a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, full gym, and massage rooms – you will surely be delighted.

HPC is the most reputable office rental provider in this area. Avoid the stress and troubles of setting up an office or production space from scratch. In fact, you can search for your perfect workspace or office in your desired configuration today.

Visit our website to subscribe for a free tour of our amazing location near Griffith Park CA. You’ll be glad you did.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Glassell Park, CA

If you are looking for a furnished office or production space with high-end amenities and services, we can help. We make it easy for you to move into an impressive office and focus on running your business.

Hollywood PC is the first choice for entrepreneurs, professionals, and all those looking for high quality, fully furnished office space or production space in a highly functional and comfortable business atmosphere. We provide luxury offices, collaborative offices, temporary workspaces, private offices, executive suites, and production spaces.

Located in a prestigious business district, all of our facilities are designed to impress and attract the right clients and business partners. We have been providing high-quality, affordable offices for many years, and we have numerous satisfied clients and renters.

Typically, renting an office suite or all-inclusive office includes a vast array of amenities and features that help run a successful business. With a ready-to-go office, you will have immediate access to a professional receptionist to answer calls, conference and meeting rooms with high-end furniture, office equipment, and high-speed Internet. We also provide administrative support services and full service amenities so your business can thrive.

For those who have a limited budget, an all-inclusive office solution is a perfect option to work in an impressive environment. Our workspaces and production offices are well designed by experts and come with the proper setup for a pleasant working experience.

With easy access to highways, major roads, and public transport links and only minutes from the area’s fine restaurants, high-end shopping, and essential business facilities, HPC is the clear choice for businesses and professionals seeking immediate name recognition.

Need the best office or production workspace in the best setting? Then check out HPC facilities today. Our rental staff is available and ready to assist you in selecting the right office for your needs. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our world class location near Glassell Park CA.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Edendale, CA

You deserve a business workspace that is great as you are at what you do. You have worked hard and now it’s time for you and your team to enjoy luxury, style, and convenience. If you are ready to move up to a new level of the office environment, then why not make the move to Hollywood Production Centers. Let’s take a moment to look at why so many others have chosen HPC over the years and why it’s the smart choice for you to make today.

It’s More than Just an Office Suite, It’s a Success Suite
Office space from HPC is more than four walls, a few desks, some chairs, and a phone in the middle of the room. Hollywood Production Centers knows that making a great impression by presenting the right image to your clients is important. They also know that you and your team have worked hard to get where you are and that you deserve to have a comfortable and stylish place to work. With that in mind, every suite is tastefully decorated with trendy furnishing and includes all artwork, rugs, window treatments, wall coverings, plants, occasional pieces, accent items, and even lobby and break room fixtures. In addition, you also get pre-configured phone lines, ultra-secure and super-fast Wi-Fi, and high-speed data lines. The only thing that you need to provide is your technology, your team, and your drive to be the best.

It’s More Than an Office Building, It’s An Environment of Excellence
Hollywood Production Centers is more than just an office building, it is a professional community space that is designed and managed to provide you with everything that you want and need from a luxury working environment. Every Hollywood PC building has a wide range of full service amenities that make your day not only easier but more enjoyable. When you lease space from Hollywood you get features such as on-site fitness centers with lockers, shower, and personal trainers, access to personal yoga and Pilates instructors, access to a curated listing of personal service providers such as massage therapists, psychic advisors, and life coaches, flower and plant services, dry cleaning and shoe shine services, and even auto detailing services. The building’s front desk also has concierge services available in case you need help with a limo, uber, taxi, airport shuttle, event and entertainment tickets, hotel and restaurant reservations, and more. In addition, every building also features a full café with an upscale menu, a break room with well services vending machines, daily visits from some of the hottest branded food trucks in LA, and delivery agreements with some of the best gourmet lunch places nearby.

When you are ready to learn more about these incredible professional properties head over to the HPC website. Hollywood Production Centers has six amazing properties in the greater Los Angeles area including one near the popular Edendale CA community. No matter what industry you are in, or what kind of fully furnished office space you need, Hollywood PC is the name to turn to for ready to occupy turkey office solutions. Schedule your free tour of any of the great Hollywood Production properties today.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Eagle Rock, CA

No matter if you are a business that is just starting and looking for an office solution or if you have been in business for a while and you’re not happy with your current office solutions, choosing where you will call your next business home is essential. You need a solution that offers you everything that you are looking for in a fully furnished ready to occupy turnkey solution as well as a building that adds those extra touches in the form of full-service amenities that you can’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for an all-inclusive luxury level executive office and workspace solution that is located right where you want to be anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, then you are looking for Hollywood Production Centers.

Fully Furnished and Ready to Go Solutions
The office suites that you find at Hollywood PC are not just basic offices with a few desks, some chairs, and maybe a phone and coffee maker, they are ready to occupy productivity environments that are tastefully decorated with trendy furnishing that includes artwork, window treatments, occasional pieces, accent items, floor coverings, lamps, file cabinets, and even lobby and breakroom fixtures. Everything that you need to get to work as soon as you have your keys in hand is right here waiting for you. Why just get a furnished office when you can have an executive suite that is designed to meet your every need in style.

Full Services Amenities That Are Second to None
With the kind of amenities that you find at Hollywood PC, it’s little wonder that these office properties are the talk of the town, in every part of town. Complimentary valet parking, full fitness centers with locker and shower rooms, flower and plant services, dry cleaning and shoe shine, newspaper and mail services, massage, yoga, and clairvoyant advice practitioners, and more are available to help you make the most of every day. Hollywood PC lets you have the luxury, style, comfort, and convenience that you deserve with the professional image, and a great location that you need in an all-in-one package that is flexible and all-inclusive.

Head over to the HPCwebsite right now and check out all of the great properties located all over the greater Los Angeles Metroplex, including those located near Eagle Rock CA. Hollywood Production Centers make it easy to get the top quality executive office suites and team office workspaces that you need to be your best and get work done.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals in Glendale, CA

Choosing the right office and workspace solution provider for your business can be a tough chore, but it doesn’t have to be. The best solution for top-of-the-line fully furnished office environments in the greater LA area is Hollywood Production Centers. HPC has been at the forefront of ready to occupy turn-key office suites for years, let’s take a moment to look at why.

Office Suite Solutions That Are Turnkey Simple
When you make Hollywood PC your next business home, you get a fully furnished office space that provides you with everything that you need to get to work the moment you walk in the door. Everything has been thought about here including pre-configured landline phones, high-speed data, and ultra-secure superfast Wi-Fi. Since all artwork, file cabinets, furniture, window treatments, floor coverings accent items, occasional pieces, lobby fixtures, and more have been provided for you, all you need to bring is your own technical resources and staff. No matter if you are just getting started or if you are relocating from another office and workspace provider, you can feel right at home at Hollywood Production Centers from day one.

Office Solutions Featuring Full-Service Amenities Included
Hollywood PC offers more than just fully furnished office spaces. Every Hollywood Production Centers Property also features full service amenities that make every day at work a little easier, and a lot more enjoyable. Each building has an on-site fitness facility, a built-in café, a break room with well-stocked vending machines, a business center, conference spaces, and meeting rooms with state-of-the-art video and teleconferencing equipment, and more. You can also take advantage of massage services, flower and plant services, dry cleaning and shoe shine services, newspaper and mail services, and even package acceptance and shipping services. Security, maintenance, and janitorial staff are all fluent English speaking U.S. Citizens that are fully vetted. All staff understand the need for confidentiality and discretion when working in your business spaces, and are all bound to strict non-disclosure policies.

In addition to the great amenities that are included at every HPC property, the company is proud to announce the opening of the newest location in Glendale CA which features a full video production center including a soundstage and post-production facilities that are equal to those that you would find at some of the best studios in the valley. If your business includes TV or movie projects, or you regularly self-shoot web content or commercials, then this could be a real-time and money saver for your operation.

Head over to the Hollywood Production Centers website today and check out the incredible properties that are offered all around the greater Los Angeles area. While you are there, be sure you book a free tour of the exciting Glendale CA location which features a full-size state-of-the-art soundstage and full production studio facilities that can make getting your TV or film project finished so much easier.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Chula Vista, CA

They say that in business, three factors make all the difference, guts, timing, and determination. What they don’t tell you is that some other factors are just as important such as networking, image, and location. If your current office suite solution isn’t meeting your needs effectively, then it may be time to move to a new solution that better fits you and your business, it may be time to move to Hollywood Production Centers.

A Fully Furnished Office Suite that Provides Everything You Need
Hollywood Production Centers provide not only great-looking properties that are located in the most popular areas of the great Los Angeles metroplex but also with fantastic office spaces that are fully furnished with everything that you and your team need to get right to work and succeed from the moment that you walk in the door. Every office suite at Hollywood PC includes all of the furnishings that you need as well as artwork, rugs, window treatments, occasional items, accent pieces, and even fully configured plug and go landlines phones, Wi-Fi, and high-speed data connections. When you make HPC your next business home, you can tour, lease, move in, and get to work the same day in most cases.

A Furnished Office that Gives You More
HPC office properties offer you a wide range of full service amenities that you will be hard-pressed to find in a business workspace solution anywhere else in the greater LA area. When you lease at Hollywood PC you get more than just great furnished office space, you also get features such as complimentary valet parking, on-site fitness centers, cafes with tasty menu choices, daily visits from some of the city’s hottest brand food trucks, and full business support services right in the building. There is nothing that you could need to succeed that has not been thought of and provided for you by the dedicated and passionate staff of Hollywood Production Centers.

Don’t waste any more time in an office space solution that isn’t providing you with what you need for you and your business to succeed. Move to HPC today and start working in an environment that lets you network, allows you to be comfortable, and gives you the image that you need. Visit the Hollywood PC website today to learn more and make sure that you sign up for a free tour of any of the Hollywood Production Centers in the greater Los Angeles area that fit your location needs, including properties near Chula Vista CA.

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Century City, CA

If your business needs a place to shoot films, get the post-production work done, meet with clients, and host networking events for casting or assembling a production crew, our facility near Century City CA is where you can get it done. Our company serves clients from the motion picture industry and is known for having several famous television shows filmed on our properties. We’ve arranged our facilities so that you have access to filming sets, props, a high-tech sound, and your own turnkey office and areas for hosting your networking events and functions.

Get Comfortable In A Real Hollywood Production Center Office

Furnished offices here at Hollywood PC are specifically designed both to meet your spatial needs and to give you the comfort that other big-name film executives enjoy. Not only do we have top-of-the-line office furniture with equipment to go with it; we also provide advanced IT infrastructure with very high-speed internet, in-house technicians to make sure you experience no outages, janitorial staff to keep your office clean while you’re away, and even your own kitchen. You also can come in to get work done even at odd hours of the night.

Have Fun On The Side

HPC has a wide variety of full service amenities and has places for you and your colleagues to relax after work. You can spend time watching television or playing games in our lounges, have a nice soothing massage done by one of our professional masseuses, or work out with a personal trainer at our gym. If you need to reserve a conference room or another smaller room here, you can do that with our front desk.

If you’re ready to move into HPC and get your office suite, you should take our tour. Our staff will take you to an available office and let you see if it meets your expectations, and if it does they can help you get the move-in started. The tour is free and the move-in flexible, but you should hurry and reserve your tour today so that you get the suite of your preference. Give us a call at 1-866-930-2806, or fill out the reservation form at

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Bel Air, CA

While there is no Fresh Prince living there in real life, Bel Air CA is quite a remarkable upscale neighborhood in the Los Angeles area. Many other television shows and movies like the Fresh Prince have been filmed near here, and that’s why we also have a place near there where you can put together film productions, and do your planning and post-production work in an environment that’s luxurious and comfortable for you. But there is so much more than you can do at our office facility.

Meet Our Corporate Office Rental Company

We are Hollywood PC, a company that has provided office and filming location places for entertainment professionals ever since our founding. From our wide range of executive suites to our large sound stage, business centers, rooftop filming spots, and other rooms you can reserve, our full-service amenities are second to none. Our staff includes valet parking, equipment engineers and technicians, housekeeping, personal trainers at our gyms, and other assistants who you can call anytime you have questions.

Get Started Renting From Us

Our office suites come with flexible lease lengths so that you can move in and out when you need. And once you’ve moved in, you’ll find an office with modern furnishings, plenty of desk, chair and shelf space and high-quality internet, printing and copying machines and everything else you could ask for in an office. There is even your own private entrance, a balcony, and a kitchen there.

At HPC, we let you see the office you’re interested in before committing to moving in. All you have to do is just signup for the tour and our staff will take you to any available furnished office you’d like to see. The tour is free and all you need to do to signup for it is call 1-866-930-2086 or go to

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Altadena, CA

If you’re in the process of moving your filming company and you want a place near Altadena CA to set up your next production, you should look into our office rentals. We have corporate office space that comes with great services and is designed to accommodate executives and other members of production teams or business departments. In fact, many corporate networking gatherings and casual functions have been hosted on our properties, and if you’re ready to host your own events, you should take a look around our place.

What Our Amenities Are Like

If you’re looking for a place that takes care of your parking, housekeeping, and secretarial needs, Hollywood PC is where you want to be. We have professionally-trained staff who can assist you in all those matters and even more. We even have engineering staff who can help you test filming equipment and show you around our sound stage. You can reserve conference rooms and other rooms either for your corporate events or even for private meetings or film shooting. But when you’re off of work, you can use our other full service amenities including our gym or rooftop recreation area.

What Our Suites Have For You

If you want a place that’s already prepared with furniture and enterprise-level infrastructure, HPC has you covered. Our office suites have some of the top luxury brand furniture ready for you to use and conduct your business. We have IT support technicians to make sure your devices are always connected to the internet, high-grade office printing equipment, coffeemakers, and private entrances to our suites. You’ll also have 24/7 access for when you need to come in at late hours.
Your furnished office awaits you and you can see it when you signup for our free tour. If you decide the office is the one you want, you can start filling in your paperwork to start moving in. But you should schedule the tour immediately to make sure you get it, and you can do so by calling us at 1-866-930-2806 or visiting our website at

Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Alhambra, CA

If you need extra space to manage filming work and work in comfortable settings while doing so, we have the right locations for you. With some of the best-in-class office space in our markets, we serve film production companies, professional service providers, and other major business executives. Our facilities are located throughout the greater Los Angeles area and can be found near Alhambra CA. What we do is introduce our newcomers to our wide array of services.

What You Can Do At Our Office Centers

Our company, Hollywood PC comes with tremendous luxurious offices and even has film shooting areas and a sound stage. We have engineers and technicians on-site ready to assist with your filming operations at any time. If you’re planning corporate events and hosting new client meetings, our full service amenities also include conference rooms, rooftop areas, lounge space and other key places to host events. There are also business shipping centers, gyms with locker rooms, and massage centers for your convenience on-site.

What Your Suite Has

At HPC we make sure our furnished offices are up to speed with customer demands and provide a home for their work and employees. We’ll set you up with reliable high-speed business internet, have office equipment such as printers, copiers, and fax service available, and even include a balcony and private kitchen with your office. Our valets will park your car for you and our housekeepers will keep your suite clean while you’re away.

If you’re ready to find the office suite you want, you can signup for the tour of our Hollywood PC facility. The tour is completely free and it’s your chance to decide if you’re ready to move into our luxury suites. To take the tour, give us a call at 1-866-930-2806 or go to