Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Silver Lake, CA

Your office should make you feel good about accomplishing your daily tasks. If you’re in or around the Silver Lake CA area, you have an opportunity to enjoy a completely fully furnished office suite with unique guest amenities at Hollywood PC. Their popular office space helps you perform your best creative work along with getting the most out of each day. Their friendly team of professionals is available to cater to you for the duration of your lease. In fact, enjoy a flexible leasing agreement that gives you a hassle-free experience with very little commitment.

Why Guests Prefer HPC

Hollywood PC is an amazing furnished office space that’s dedicated to proactive, savvy, business-minded professionals with everything they would need to be productive located at the office. Each office is designed with high-speed internet, a complete Windows 10 operating system, unlimited local calls with international call access, ample office space, virtual office assistance, customized housekeeping, private shower, kitchen area, and much more. Best of all, all your basic utilities are included to provide additional savings. Come to work with a trendy interior design to greet your clients and a well-kept common area. They also accommodate you with valet parking options.

Not only do they have full service amenities their office suite also doubles as the perfect film location. You have an opportunity to capture the moment from many different locations like their private luxury penthouse suite. Get production assistance when you need it upon request. Nearby Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios are there to support you with your small, independent, or feature film project. In fact, major top television syndicated networks have used their office space to produce your favorite television shows. Ask one of their courteous professionals how HPC can accommodate your film needs.

Their other upscale amenities include an exclusive rooftop helipad, gym, and relaxation lounge. Take a tour of Hollywood PC today by speaking to one of their friendly support professionals.