Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Alhambra, CA

If you need extra space to manage filming work and work in comfortable settings while doing so, we have the right locations for you. With some of the best-in-class office space in our markets, we serve film production companies, professional service providers, and other major business executives. Our facilities are located throughout the greater Los Angeles area and can be found near Alhambra CA. What we do is introduce our newcomers to our wide array of services.

What You Can Do At Our Office Centers

Our company, Hollywood PC comes with tremendous luxurious offices and even has film shooting areas and a sound stage. We have engineers and technicians on-site ready to assist with your filming operations at any time. If you’re planning corporate events and hosting new client meetings, our full service amenities also include conference rooms, rooftop areas, lounge space and other key places to host events. There are also business shipping centers, gyms with locker rooms, and massage centers for your convenience on-site.

What Your Suite Has

At HPC we make sure our furnished offices are up to speed with customer demands and provide a home for their work and employees. We’ll set you up with reliable high-speed business internet, have office equipment such as printers, copiers, and fax service available, and even include a balcony and private kitchen with your office. Our valets will park your car for you and our housekeepers will keep your suite clean while you’re away.

If you’re ready to find the office suite you want, you can signup for the tour of our Hollywood PC facility. The tour is completely free and it’s your chance to decide if you’re ready to move into our luxury suites. To take the tour, give us a call at 1-866-930-2806 or go to