Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Thai Town, CA

Being in a place where office space is abundant and furnished with the right equipment and comfort items is a must when you need to organize for a major production. That’s why our office center near Thai Town CA is where you should go to get your filmmaking and effects engineering team to work. Our furnished offices and facility services have been ideal for clients to assemble stage sets, conduct meetings with important executives and even host corporate networking events and conferences. Those clients include some major television networks such as 20th Century Fox, CBS, and Paramount Pictures.

Why Our Offices Are So Popular

A big part of what makes Hollywood PC special is that we go all in to build an atmosphere both conducive to work but also with a little fun. Renting one of our fully-furnished turnkey offices is a process we’ve made easy so that you spend less time dealing with the hassle of moving and more time getting work done. Plus the suites come with a private entrance, balconies, kitchen areas and can be accessed 24/7.

Why Our Place Is Attractive

At HPC, we’ve always offered full support for projects and given access to quality equipment and areas such as our sound stage. We also have stage engineers and their helpers to assist with heavy lifting in your projects. But even when you’re off of work, our full-service amenities even include a fitness center with personal trainers and your own locker room, rooftop relaxation decks, game, and activity lounges and other fun things to do.

If you believe Hollywood PC is the best choice for you and want to see one of our office suites, you can take our guided tour. There is no charge for the tour, but you can decide while you’re on it if you want to go ahead and pay the move-in expenses and even move on the same day. You should hurry to get the office space you want and sign up for the tour by calling (866)930-2806 or filling in the form at