Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Spaulding Square, CA

When it’s time for lights, camera, and action, you want that film set you’re running to be all set. Having an office and production stage area is important to make that happen, and those things are what you’ll find at our office facility near Spaulding Square CA. Why should you rent an office suite from us? Because we make sure it has a home-like atmosphere and is a place you can work with minimal interruptions, meet with clients and your team as needed but also where you can take part in the fun when you’re off of work.

Why Our Hollywood Production Center Company Ranks High In-Service Satisfaction

Our office space is carefully and methodically prepared for you here at Hollywood PC so that once you get to work, you don’t experience any downtime. Within our facilities we have high-speed internet services that we make sure are always running for you, new and efficient office equipment and IT support staff always on call. There are a variety of floor plans detailing our fully furnished offices that include areas which have private kitchens and secured back entrances. You’ll always have 24/7 access to your office, and our lease terms are flexible for renting either short or long-term.

Other Features And Amenities At Our Company

Our HPC locations have stage areas available where you can test effects and sounds if you’re in the middle of making a film. There are also outdoor locations and different props we offer if you need to bring a little more exotic looks to your film. But even when you aren’t on the set or working in the office, HPC has other full-service amenities such as a gym, massage rooms, recreation lounge, and others for your enjoyment.

If you’re excited about what you’ve heard about us and want to move in, then sign up for our free tour to get started. The tour will cover our office suites and any on-site activity area you wish to see, and our staff can answer any questions you have. Just remember that our offices get taken fast, so don’t delay signing up for the tour by calling (866)930-2806 or visiting