Furnished Office Rentals

Furnished Office Rentals Near Little Armenia, CA

There’s nothing like being able to call a place home for work that has all the conveniences in a facility that you need and is located in a pleasant neighborhood where you can stop by retail shops and cafes. We have a place near Little Armenia CA that comes with these features and it’s where many entertainment executives call home. Here, you’ll find fully furnished offices and on-site services that are there to help film professionals meet major deadlines and accomplish tasks in a secure environment. There are also conference rooms and locations perfect for hosting networking events and large gatherings.

The office space here at Hollywood PC is designed to be fitting for various IT and paperwork tasks, but also for relaxed settings and peace when needed. In addition to high-speed wi-fi networks and access to copiers and printers, our turnkey offices also have valet parking for tenants, 24/7 access, balconies, and their own kitchens. We also employ secretarial staff and housekeeping to make sure everything in the office stays neat and organized. Even more so, we have flexible rental options for our offices.

If you need to use props and setup filming equipment on-site, our full service amenities come with locations where you can do that. Our sound stage is managed by an in-house engineer who can assist you and your film crews at any time. There are many ideal locations to film from including the rooftop, outdoor patios, and other places that match your film’s needs. If you’re not busy filming, you can spend time at our on-site gym or enjoying one of our game areas.

If HPC appeals to you and you want to get started renting from us, then it’s time to take the tour. This free tour can take you to the office suite you want and get the paperwork started so you can move in ASAP. The tour can be easily signed up for by calling (866)930-2806 or visiting today.