Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Sunset Hills, CA

If you live near Sunset Hills CA, then you are in a perfect location for an office in one of the quality Hollywood Production Centers. These office centers are designed to serve the entertainment community in Southern California, and HPC offers high-quality technology with contemporary comfort both inside the office buildings and out.

Hollywood Production Center luxury office space started as one location in Hollywood, but in the past five years, we have expanded to five spectacular office centers in Glendale, Hollywood, and Los Angeles.

The offices are available in different dimensions, so no matter what stage of development your business is in, you’ll find a perfect space on an HPC property. The fully furnished turnkey office spaces on each location, include hi-speed WiFi, local phone, and all of your utilities in the rent. This means that you only have to write one check every month instead of five or six, which allows you to spend more time on your projects.

Each Hollywood PC location offers a fully furnished corporate office setting that accommodates everything to make your team feel comfortable while they are at the office. All the centers have state-of-the-art fitness centers with trainers available six days a week with masseuses and showers in every gym.

Off the doors of the meeting rooms, which are completely furnished in modern/contemporary decor and hi-tech equipment, there are several patios. These patios are perfect for your guests and staff to get a breath of fresh air or to sit outside for lunch or coffee.

We strive to provide everything you need at Hollywood PC, so on every property, there is a cafe, which includes delicious breakfast and lunch entrees and, of course, coffee all day long. With the traffic in LA, the on-site cafe provides the opportunity for you and your staff to remain on the premises all day without going out into traffic.

We have designed this chic office space specifically for TV/film production, post-production, media, and publishing companies because this is our experience and our passion. Los Angeles is the motion picture capital of the U.S. and millions of people in the industry travel to California every year.

We offer a fully furnished corporate office that is typically available for immediate occupancy, and our beautiful facilities offer all the full-service amenities with exceptional customer service at all times. We have provided a fantastic virtual tour for you to view HPC. Simply go to our website and register at

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Little Armenia, CA

Maintaining an excelling career as a producer can be a plentiful act to follow. Producers are busy people running from place to place to get their everyday jobs completed. What sounds better than a stable, suitable, and professional office space in which all production work can be accomplished at once. No more exhausting traveling from studio to studio to get the job done!

With four different locations to choose from, at Hollywood Production Center, producers and creative directors are presented with a space of their own that offers comfort and plenty of space to be filled with all their creative ideas.

Located near Little Armenia CA, Hollywood Production Center is the one-stop place to fulfill all the duties of writing, producing, filming, and editing.
With a total of five different production spaces, Hollywood Production Center delivers superior and quality technology to accommodate everyone’s visit.

Hollywood PC 1 is located in North Gower St. making it the perfect place near other studios in case quick post-production duties need to be completed. Hollywood PC1 offers office suites as well as individual office suite spaces. The production spaces come fully furnished to satisfy your every need and aid you in accomplishing your projects expertly.

Hollywood PC 2 is located in Lexington Drive and is perfect for business-minded individuals. With already furnished ample offices and meeting rooms, there is no out-of-pocket spending to build the place up. HPC2 is a beautiful fully furnished corporate office that brings the confidence of triumph to any businessman and woman.
Want to relax after a long stressful business meeting? Well, there is no need to travel far because of HPC on-site masseuse services. Go get a massage after that meeting and be ready for your next one feeling reborn!

Hollywood PC 3 is a favorite location of film crews. Located in Broadway street, HPC3 thrives on its ample and modernly furnished spaces. With various floor plans to choose from, HPC3 can be your one-stop shop to accommodate your production needs.

Hollywood PC 4 opened its doors to Hollywood California on June 27th. Located on Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood Production Center Building 4 is 31,000 square feet and is packed with brand new technology and over 100 office spaces. Check out the brand new space and fall in love with the beautiful building among the top facilities.

The newest location to Hollywood PC opened on July 1st in Brand Blvd. The four-story building is 21,000 square feet and has over 100 office spaces. The fully furnished vibrantly styled spaces offer creativity flow. And like all the other locations, it is packed with the amenities to provide the best stay and business accomplishments.

All of HPC locations offer the following ammenities:

  • Office suites – fully furnished
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Janitorial services
  • Ample and valet parking
  • Voice data and high speed internet
  • Various filming locations
  • In sight personal pampering services
  • Pet friendly

So what are you waiting for? There is no better offer for writing, producing, filming, and editing space than Hollywood PC! Visit Hollywood Production Center for a free tour of the location now!

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Mount Olympus, CA

Los Angeles is known as the city of dreams, the glittering city, the city of stars, and a dozen more nicknames because of its long connection with the TV and film industry. While the golden age of Hollywood may be gone, even today the entertainment industry is the largest single economic driver in the greater LA area. Everyone associated with “Hollywood” is, of course, in need of premium office space to work in. You are not different. No doubt you have also learned that finding great office space in the LA area that is well suited to the unique and specific needs of those in the myriad of professions associated with the “Hollywood machine” can be difficult at best. Locating offices that are right for your team to work on and produce your next TV or film project can be difficult enough with the highly competitive and expensive market, but finding space that is not only available, affordable, and which offers that little something extra can seem impossible. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be when you choose to lease at Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC is the leading provider of ready to occupy office space catering to the TV and film entertainment industries. It doesn’t matter if you have a writing team of a few people or a huge staff who needs a fully furnished corporate office solution to get everyone together under one roof and improve productivity and effectiveness, HPC has space that is flexible and perfect for your needs. Designed to accommodate the specific needs of those who work “in the industry” Hollywood Production Centers is the best choice for workspace for your next project.

The difference between Hollywood PC and other space providers is in the little details. This isn’t just an open space with white walls and a phone sitting on the floor. This is a fully furnished turnkey office solution that includes everything that you need to not only get to work on day one, but to excel at what you do every day you come to work. Every suite features furnishings, lamps, rugs, décor, pre-installed phone, data, and internet service, and more. There are options for in-suite kitchens, suites with skylights and balconies, units with private entrances, and in-suite conference rooms as well.

All five of the buildings have a business center with printing services if you need them, dry cleaning pickup & delivery, shoeshine, masseuse, flower services, valet parking with secured parking facility, and 24-hour security officers who are courteous and professional. All janitorial staff are provided and are fully vetted, US citizens, with clean background checks and who understand the need for discretion and confidentiality. Every building also has an on-site café, daily visits from some of the city’s hottest food trucks, a fitness center with showers, personal trainer options, a yoga instructor, and professional lobby reception staff that are there to help with any concierge services you may need.

Why waste your time anywhere else. Make Hollywood Production Centers your choice for workspace for your next project, undertaking, or new venture. Check out the website today and while you are there, make sure you register for a free tour of the facility near Mount Olympus CA, or any of the other great HPC properties that are close to where you want to set up shop.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Spaulding, CA

Is your business on the verge of increasing but you are running out of space for productivity? If you are drawing up layouts for more space capacity, a fully furnished corporate office near Spaulding is what you need. Hollywood Production Center has a turnkey office for permanent to short-term leasing.

Hollywood PC is well organized for handling your resources and innovations. They have assisted several companies in and around Spaulding Square CA and are aware of your need to get up and running fast. Hollywood Production Center is domiciling to recording artists, administrators, and writers. Thus, you may select the space that will do for your business setup.

The fully furnished corporate office is set up and equipped for you to move in at once so you can start your production without delay. Someone with HPC will be right there helping you until you’re satisfied with what will work for all your equipment.

Additionally, Hollywood PC offers topside facilities for various private events, small businesses, and DJ occasions. You are welcome to do a tour of each space that may be of interest. This will help you to figure out the best plan for developing your future business. Be sure to ask questions during each tour as you observe the inside areas.

Hollywood Production Center is more than an office rental facility providing to the wishes of the entertainment business. They endeavor to build a prosperous business community. Moreover, they serve necessary business resources along with networking events, services, and amenities:

  • Ready to move in office space
  • High-speed Internet
  • Long-term leases from month-to-month
  • Plenty of parking area, gated provision, and valet parking
  • Complete furnished corporate office

These included amenities, plus others are offered by all of the HPC buildings. Moreover, these facilities are surrounded by the ideal setting that fits the filming location requirements.

After your immediate occupancy, you will view a furnished chic interior office space. It will offer an elegant careerist appearance and elaborate architecture. Just like any other head corporation, you will get the benefit of the same amenities such as several phone lines, conference rooms, and video telecons.

This enterprise is particular for the showbiz industry, and the ideal place for leasing all of your artistic, filming, and production places near Spaulding Square CA.
For your interest, go online and take an actual tour or if you prefer, call and schedule an on-the-spot tour to see what all the Hollywood Production facilities propose in its many LA filming locations.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Brentwood, CA

Are you looking for a fully furnished corporate office or an executive office in Brentwood that is excellent in terms of space and budget? Well, Hollywood Production Center is the answer for you.

Hollywood Production Center has been in existence since 2001 and is known for its admirable reputation of establishing top-quality office facilities for filming, productions, scriptwriting, and editing of a film.

A visit to Hollywood Production Center will offer you the ultimate description of excellent facilities. The facilities are clean, modern, and fully functional, proving to be the perfect place to set up your office space. The furnishings and the finishes have a modern touch and are strategically located in spaces that have great lighting. To ensure that you stay healthy and fit, the facility is equipped with a modern gym. A yoga instructor, a masseuse, personal trainer, and staff are readily available to offer you the services that you need at any time.

The office suites in Brentwood CA are based in four locations. All four locations are equipped with similar amenities that will ensure you have the most productive stay. To maintain the incredible level of exquisiteness, the janitorial staff work every single day to ensure the facilities are clean and perfect at all times. The security is also tight. Given that the film industry is an expensive one, it is key that the workers in the industry are protected alongside their equipment. HPC has contracted a private security firm that ensures that security at the facilities is not compromised. Thus, you can be sure to conduct your business comfortably.

The package for this gated facility includes features such as fully furnished office suites that vary in size, ample parking that includes valet parking, high-speed internet connection, on-site gym, and office suites that include a private kitchen, skylights, private entrances, and balconies. The amenities are world-class, and the technology is of high quality to facilitate the highest level of production.

In addition to the incredible staff and the state-of-the-art amenities, Hollywood PC has cultivated and natured a sense of community among the staff and the tenants. This means you can always feel comfortable engaging and even partner with the other tenants and persons in the location.
The offices are available for lease on either a short-term or a long-term basis. This allows you to have the much-needed flexibility to alter the space as your needs change. You get to save up on start-up costs while still maintaining your professional identity. The office suites and the other amenities ensure that an environment where you thrive best is created and maintained.
Visit the HPC website to schedule a tour of the facilities. You can tour today and move in on the same day. Hollywood Production Center office space is exactly what anyone in the film production and media industry needs.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Thai Town, CA

If you are looking for a fully furnished corporate office near Thai Town, CA then you are definitely in luck! Our company offers corporate offices to help you get your creative juices flowing and help you edit, produce, film, and create your next cinematic masterpiece. Hollywood PC beautiful facility offers full service amenities and exceptional customer service. The professionals at Hollywood PC have worked with some of the best and brightest names in show business!

Thai Town, CA is located in the Thai-populated area of Los Angeles. As such, it would be a great place for a historical movie, a documentary, or a film with a foreign setting. You can count on HPC to be dedicated to finding areas such as this one for their clients. Thai Town CA is an area where everyday life can reveal some remarkable plots and sub-plots. It is a great area for many different types of film projects, and that is why our company is proud to provide locations in this historic and unique backdrop in the heart of Los Angeles.

Corporate space is one of those things that are necessary, but it is something that should be in the background. In other words, it shouldn’t be the backbone of any type of Hollywood production. It is simply something that should be viewed as a given. Thus, if you have a company that has the ability to give you a fully furnished corporate space then it is one less thing that you will need to think about. Hollywood productions require a lot of commitment, leadership, and organization. Our company realizes that you hold your actors and crew members to a high standard. Moreover, they know you have a choice when it comes to office space, so that is why you will find their offerings have only the best attention to detail.

Furthermore, when you are looking for an office space you want it to an area where your creative juices will stay flowing strong. These office spaces will do the trick for you. They will provide the valuable one-two punch you need to develop the next great film. They also will provide all of the comforts of your regular office as well.

So if you are focused on coming up with the next great Hollywood hit, consider the fully furnished corporate spaces near the Thai Town area of Los Angeles. They will help you compete in this cutthroat business!

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Sunset Gower Studios CA

An office rental is a big commitment and should be handled carefully. Even though it sounds like it should be easy enough to find the right office for your needs, it can be very difficult if you go about it on your own.

The areas near Sunset Gower Studios are perfect for companies and professionals who want to set up an impressive office space or production facility for their project. There are many executive and corporate offices and production spaces to choose from, as well as a good business climate to conduct your business.

The ability to rent space that is suitable for your needs and budget takes some skills. The cost of your office or production facility affects your bottom line. Your business office or its location has other consequences including client impressions and employee productivity. Getting help from an experienced office rental consultant, who is well versed with the market and has a good understanding of your needs will make a huge difference in your executive office or production space outcome.

Hollywood PC has been catering to a wide variety of companies, business owners, and professionals and has the resources to help you find a suitable office. We have many office spaces for rent and we know how to find the right office space for any type of business or project, be it corporate offices, legal offices, small businesses, creative writing teams, or just a private office for yourself to work on your project or conduct your professional business.

We will need a list of your requirements and then give you a tour of our offices and workspaces, including our high-end amenities and features.

HPC office rental gives you access to the best business essentials and services in the industry. Choose from any of our impressive locations near Sunset Gower Studios CA. Enjoy the Fully Furnished Corporate Office package, with office maintenance, mail handling, receptionist service and administrative support, business lounge access, business centers with state-of-the-art technology, and secure parking for you and your guests.

Create the right image for your company with a prestigious address and a vast range of features and support services. Get a professional address with mail handling and telephone answering, plus access to our top-notch amenities and services to help you work in comfort and style.

Ready to move into your executive suite, luxury office, or productive workspace? Contact us today to discuss your requirements and schedule a free tour of one of the HPC locations near Sunset Gower Studios.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Garden Grove CA

Hollywood PC is a reputable company in the office rental business. We provide all-inclusive office rentals with high-class amenities and features that help companies and professionals operate efficiently.

If you want to run a successful business you need a professional office space. There are many corporate and executive office spaces in Garden Grove and surrounding areas but finding these office spaces, particularly the high-end ones, requires expert assistance. We can help you find a beautiful office in a great location near Garden Grove.

Almost every entrepreneur or professional knows that having an impressive office is essential for business success. So when you think about setting up a business office, you need to be sure you get an office that matches the image you want to create. It is important to consider the design, layout, and furnishings of your office or workspace.

HPC staff has helped numerous businesses and professionals grow and expand by offering an affordable office rental solution. Our renters and clients come from a wide variety of industries and include production companies, directors, architects, lawyers, designers, entertainment industry professionals, corporate executives, and others who desire to work in a comfortable and stylish environment.

Our management staff is fully dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. As entrepreneurs ourselves with many years of office rental experience, we’re highly knowledgeable about choosing the right office or production facility. We will help you find the perfect space for your business or project.

Our goal is to provide you with an all-inclusive office or workspace with high-end amenities and services to help you succeed. We are dedicated to providing a flexible, easy office solution that doesn’t come with a huge price tag.

With our office rental solution you get your own Fully Furnished Corporate Office or production space with first-class amenities and services, all at a prestigious location that will certainly impress your clients and associates. You will even have access to office equipment such as scanners, copiers, and fax machines. You’ll have high-speed Internet access and related services. A professional receptionist is available to greet your visitors in the lobby.

Clients are impressed by HPC stylish and comfortable executive offices, business centers, high-tech meeting rooms, state of the art technology and conference facilities.

To learn more about our professional office complex and features, go to our website now and schedule a free tour of our facility near Garden Grove CA.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Civic Center, CA

Choosing the right office space for your business can be perhaps one of the most important tasks that you can undertake. The right office space can bring you and your team comfort, effectiveness, and success, choosing the wrong space can lead to frustration, growth impairment, and the potential of failure. The active and vibrant real estate market in the greater Los Angeles area certainly has no shortage of office space options to choose from, but what if you are looking for a fully furnished corporate office near Civic Center CA? If that is the case, then you will be happy to hear that choosing the best space is as easy as choosing Hollywood Production Centers.

HPC is the region’s top provider of flexible, occupancy ready office spaces for all kinds of operations and all kinds of teams big and small. No matter if you need space for only one or two people or a full corporate office setup with multiple suites, conference rooms, in-suite kitchens, private entrances, and more, Hollywood Production Centers has you covered. Hollywood PC offers ready-to-go, fully furnished suites that are tastefully appointed and fully equipped to let you move in and get working from the day on. Everything you need is here waiting to include pre-installed phone lines, internet connections, and high-speed data service.

So, you may be asking what exactly does make Hollywood PC different from any other office provider in the LA area? Its starts with the fact that Hollywood Production Centers has five properties all over the area, each situated near one of the hottest business districts in the city. Each has its own unique identity, but they all share a common set of features you won’t find in any other property, including daily visits from the city’s hottest food trucks, on-site cafes, valet parking, fully vetted janitorial staff, professional security officers, spacious workspaces, balconies, skylights, courtyards, fitness centers, and more.

All of the suites at HPC are flexible so as your team grows, you can adjust your space to meet your needs. You can also rest assured that Hollywood Production Centers is on the ball when it comes to maintenance needs, security issues, and tenant care. You are not just leasing space at Hollywood Production Centers, you are getting a partner that is committed to helping you and your operation grow and succeed.

Enough talk, why not head over to the Hollywood PC website and check it out for yourself. See why so many others have chosen to make Hollywood Production Centers their business home, and why you should too. Be sure to register for a free your, and know that if you decide to lease, you can move in and get started on the same day in most cases.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Burbank, CA

Burbank CA is a beautiful part of Los Angeles and it’s where the television and motion picture industries have really taken root. In fact, three of the most well-known companies in Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and NBC have their chief headquarters here and their executives commute to work every day in this upscale southern California town. If you’re coming into this area to join the motion picture or television production business you’ll be pleased to find there are exclusive studio rentals available near Burbank. Our company is ready to make you feel at home when you come to your office each day.

What Our Production Centers Look Like

Our company, Hollywood PC has put together studios and office suites all across the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding cities, and once you visit them you’ll see why our clients have become very happy with us. Our office studios are made to be up and running the moment you move in because we know the film and television production business doesn’t rest. Our production centers have sound stages and filming rooms onsite, but in addition, we have valet service and after-hours activities such as gyms, spas, and massage parlors for relaxation and enjoyment.

What Your Office Looks Like

We take pride in making sure your office space is a place to call your own with all the equipment and side accessories you need. What you’ll find are desks and master chairs, computers, organized bookshelves, cabinets, and one of the best high-speed internet connections to plug into. We also want to make sure you’re treated to a completely clean office, so that’s why we have janitorial services to keep it nice and tidy when you aren’t around. And if you have a late-night project you have to rush to complete a deadline for, you’ll have 24/7 access to your HPC office.

You Can Tour Our Building And Even Move In Today

As with many of our clients, you’re probably eager to see for yourself what your new office could look like. So we offer tours free of charge to all of our new tenants and give them a complete lay of the land. Our staff member can take you anywhere you want to see and explain to you what it’s like when you rent from us. Best of all, if you’re eager to move in you don’t have to wait. You can sign the paperwork to get into your fully furnished corporate office today. To get started with your free tour or move in, call 1-888-298-6029 or fill in the contact form at

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Westwood Village CA

If you’re looking for a ready-to-go office space or a production space that is affordable and properly designed, you’re in the right place. We can give you access to the best facilities and resources to help you work efficiently and productively.

Hollywood PC is a highly reputable office space and production facilities provider. We have been meeting the needs of companies and professionals from many different industries. If you’re in need of a fully furnished office or workspace HPC can help. We have many offices and workspaces in the most prestigious locations, including areas near Westwood Village.

We offer clients an array of executive suites and luxury office spaces for rent as well as production spaces and networking environments. Our office solutions are perfect for corporate executives, writers, editors, producers, designers, directors, lawyers, business people, and members of the entertainment industry.

As a full-service provider of executive suites, corporate offices, and production spaces, we have been catering to numerous clients. We have great expertise in all aspects of the rental business and we have the resources to match you with the right office space for your needs.

Our Fully Furnished Corporate Office comes with modern business centers, meeting rooms, conference facilities, high speed Internet access and high tech office equipment, including scanners, copiers and fax machines.

HPC facilities also include fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, cafe and beautiful lounge areas. We have ample parking space for you and your guests, and our office premises are monitored 24 hours to ensure your safety and security.

Our executive offices and office suites are designed to give our renters and clients a stylish, comfortable environment to work peacefully without interruptions. Never worry about missing an important phone call with a friendly receptionist answering your business calls.

We have well-trained and experienced staff who will ensure that you have all the amenities and services you need to run your business successfully. Whether you are a startup, an established business, or a business traveler, we provide the services and facilities you need to work on your project or conduct your business smoothly.

Our professional buildings are located in neighborhoods that are home to the area’s most distinguished corporations, financial institutions, finest restaurants, best retail stores, and an array of exciting recreational venues.

We invite you to visit our website and check out the vast range of services and amenities that we offer. Be sure to subscribe for a free tour of our location near Westwood Village CA.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Universal City, CA

The average movie and entertainment follower most likely doesn’t have any comprehension of just how much actual business goes on behind the camera, behind the scenes of the finished product they’re accustomed to viewing at their leisure. Entertainment and professional industry personnel, however, have a tremendous appreciation for fully furnished corporate office setups near-site locations.

In the Hollywood area, a great number of people in these industries strive to find office locations within the region that offers more than the basic office environment. The top facilities that Hollywood Production Center offers are the ideal solutions for those in need of stylish, state-of-the-art full-service facilities.

Offering fully furnished suites, with ready to go data, voice, and high-speed internet connections offered in three locations in the heart of Hollywood as well as downtown Glendale, Hollywood Production Center (HPC) has become a somewhat home away from home for staff and executives. A most comfortable, convenient work area when it comes to production, post-production, and executive office responsibilities, they have created a true sense of family and community among tenants and staff in every one of their facilities.

Some other amenities that Hollywood PC, or HPC, proudly feature include an on-site cafe, a gym with showers, a hair salon, lockers, an on-site personal trainer and staff, yoga instructor, and masseuse.

With fully-furnished office suites that feature private kitchens, skylights, balconies, and private entrance, suites range in size, these turnkey facilities offer same day move in.

Tenants can feel secure the moment they drive onto the property, as ample parking, including valet parking, is provided in the gated facility. Prior to going to the office space or suite, tenants stroll through the beautiful reception area that features 24-hour security surveillance.

These production centers are extraordinary filming locations near Universal City CA, with ideal shoot locations and amenities on-site that really need to be seen to be believed. To truly appreciate all that HPC can offer future tenants, you can visit the website ( and schedule a tour. You’ll truly be amazed at the world-class facilities and ideal location, and see in person how wonderful it could be to be a member of this fabulous, tight-knit community.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Toluca Lake, CA

Finding office space isn’t hard, especially in a city like Los Angeles, but finding the right space for you and your team can be a challenge. You don’t just need walls and a roof, you need an environment that is conducive to getting work done and achieving success. If you are in the market for fully furnished corporate office suites near Toluca Lake CA, the smart choice is Hollywood Production Centers.

You may be thinking, why would I want to lease space from Hollywood Production Centers, when my business has nothing to do with the TV or film entertainment industry? The truth is that Hollywood Production Centers is not just a place for those who work in the film or TV industry or the associated entertaining fields, but it’s a great place for top-level, luxury ready to occupy corporate office suites for professionals in every field. This is because at HPC you don’t just get a place for you and your team to work, you get a place that is designed to help you and your team to be your best.

Every suite at Hollywood Production Centers is a fully furnished working environment that provides not only desks, chairs, and other basics, but everything that you need to move in and get to work on day one. This includes lamps, casual furniture, art, rugs, filing cabinets, and even pre-installed internet service, high-speed data lines, and PBX-ready phone lines. All you need to bring is your own office equipment, your team, and your drive to succeed.

Of course, the real difference you can experience at HPC is what’s included outside of the office suite. This is a professional community that is designed from the ground up to provide comfort, style, and convenience. All of the five properties that Hollywood PC has feature on-site cafes, daily visits from some of LA’s hottest gourmet food trucks, complimentary valet parking with a secured parking facility, conference rooms, meeting lounges, professional lobby staff who are courteous and friendly and more. You will also be able to take comfort that all properties provide 24-hour professional security staff, and fully vetted, US citizen janitorial crews who know the importance of discretion and confidentiality.

These are true turn-key suites, which offer you the ability to sign your lease, which can be as short or long term as you need, and move in to start working the same day. In most cases, you can even lease and move in right after your free tour if you like.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Hollywood Production Centers website today for more information and to register for a free tour. Come see why the smart choice for ready to occupy luxury corporate office suites is Hollywood PC. Everything else is just space.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Silver Lake, CA

Office space is not hard to find, finding the right office space for your needs, however, can be a challenging task at best. It’s important to find space that not only accommodates your needs now and in the future, but which also provides you with the level of service and amenities that you desire. The office is after all where most people spend up to half of their lives, shouldn’t your’s offer style, comfort, and convenience to you and your team. If you are ready to make a move to a new office environment, and are in the market for fully furnished corporate office suites near Silver Lake CA, then why not take the easy and simple choice and turn to Hollywood Production Centers.

Most people think that Hollywood Production Centers is only a place for those who work in the television and film entertainment industries, but truth be told HPC is home to professionals from all fields and offers a level of comfort and convenience that you just can’t find anywhere else. To start, Hollywood PC has five great properties spaces out around the entire LA metropolitan area. This means that no matter where you want to headquarter, you can be sure that there is a Hollywood Production Centers property nearby. The newest one in Glendale, CA even offers in-house soundstage, editing, and post-production facilities for those who need to produce and film anything from infomercials to motivational videos, training videos, and even mass marketing campaign spots.

Every suite at Hollywood PC is fully furnished with everything that you need to move in and get to work on day one. We are not just talking about desks and chairs here either, lamps, artwork, rugs, casual furniture, lobby needs, shelving, and more is provided. All you need to bring is you, your team, and your drive to succeed. There is even high-speed data, wired and wireless internet, and PBX-ready phone lines pre-installed and configured for your equipment to connect to.

You won’t have to worry about anything while leasing here either professional and experienced security offers are always on hand, a lobbying staff is provided to help make life easier, and you can take advantage of such amenities as free valet parking, a secured parking facility, an on-site café, visits from some of the city’s hottest gourmet food trucks daily, a fitness center with yoga instructor, personal trainer, showers, dry cleaning and shoe shine services, flower and plant services, and even massage services all in house. When you are at Hollywood Production Centers you can feel like the successful professional that you are every day.

Why not check out the website today and register for a free tour. Come see why Hollywood PC is the number one choice for ready to occupy turnkey luxury office suites in the greater LA area.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office in Santa Monica CA

There are many locations in Santa Monica CA and the housing solutions vary from one place to another. The business rental, fully furnished corporate offices, is close to downtown Los Angeles and right next to the beach. The facilities provided here are available nowhere else in the area. Included are hi-tech stocked kitchens, new appliances, and luxury beds, as well as Apple TV, Android compatible, and all the electrical amenities required for many types of electronic equipment.

When there is a need for fully furnished corporate office space for your business or employees, the customer service and exceptional office space is chic and located in a fashionable, yet the very affordable area of Santa Monica.

Here are some other Hollywood PC services provided:

• Self and Valet Parking
• Reception available 24/7-Daytime concierge services
• Car wash
• Florist
• Gym with showers
• Food delivery and janitorial service

The office spaces are modern with high ceilings in some rooms, and skylights in others for more light. Included are elaborate kitchens with all the amenities to accommodate seminars and guests, as well as private entrances and balconies for individual or group meetings and entertainment.

There are both short and long term, dog and cat friendly, leases that are available at market prices, but specifically, these offices are in the heart of the movie and entertainment industry with the newest destination for opulent apartment living in the heart of downtown Santa Monica CA.

Cleaning and maintenance are nicely taken care of by the owner of the property. The furnishings are brand new and all types of electronic equipment are provided. Visitors will live in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, with fun bars and entertainment spots close by, great shopping, and Cosmopolitan restaurants that are right around the corner and open late.

The fully furnished corporate office space prices are reasonable and quite affordable for many businesses and corporations. These luxury premises are for those who are starting their business, sharing or co-working space, or those who are freelancing and working alone. All environments are special and one of a kind custom decorated and furnished. Like-minded people and co-workers can work together without getting in each other’s ways, as there is always the capability of also creating private space.

For a free tour of these locations with many furnished spaces that are easy to access and close to HPC, and where the entertainment community members frequently attend, please go to It’s the perfect place for an all-in-one office spot for business owners, affiliates, and employees.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near San Jose, CA

Locating the right office space can be a chore, but why does it have to be? Choosing the right space for you and your team to work is essential to your success. With all of the hard work that you do, don’t you deserve to have a comfortable, luxurious office that provides the level of amenities that you have earned? Now you can have it all, a fully furnished corporate office, luxurious amenities, ease of leasing, and great location with one simple and smart solution, Hollywood Production Centers.

You may be asking why you would want to lease space at HPC when your business doesn’t have anything to do with the TV or film entertainment industry? The truth is that Hollywood Production Centers, may have gotten their start working with the associated Hollywood entertainment fields, today Hollywood PC offers great office spaces for every professional regardless of field. So what makes Hollywood Production Centers different? Let take a look at why leasing at Hollywood Production is unlike leasing anywhere else.

First, when you lease at a traditional office park, you get four white, blank walls, a roof, and maybe a phone sitting on the floor. At Hollywood Production Centers, you get a fully furnished, ready to occupy office suite that already has everything that you need to succeed, including desks, chairs, shelving units, filing cabinets, art, casual furnishings, lamps, rugs, décor items, blinds, drapes, and even pre-installed PBX ready phone lines, high-speed data connections, and blazing fast internet (both wired and wireless networks). You also get a productive-minded community of business professionals who are in it to win it. By sharing certain resources, you can increase synergy, improve networking opportunities, and lower total costs.

Hollywood PC also provides those little extras that make your daily activities seem less like work and more like fun. Every property has an on-site café, daily visits from some of LA’s hottest gourmet food trucks, free valet parking with a secured parking facility, massage options, shoeshine, newspaper, and dry-cleaning options, great nearby restaurants that offer delivery of incredible lunch carryout, and more. You can also take comfort in the professional security officers who patrol constantly, the fully vetted US citizen janitorial and maintenance staff who understand discretion and are bound by confidentiality, and the main lobby staff who are friendly and eager to help no matter what you need.

Why not take your office to the next level? If you are in the market for a fully furnished corporate office near San Jose CA, or any other location in the greater Los Angeles area, check out the Hollywood Production Centers website today. With five locations, they are sure to have one near where you want to be. While you are on the site make sure that you register for a free tour. In most cases, you can tour, lease, and move in to start working on the same day.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Palmer Park, CA

If you are in the Media industry and looking for Office spaces that can serve you perfectly in your field of work, Hollywood Production Center is just the place you have been looking for. The offices have been uniquely designed to ensure you get to finish your film production project in the most comfortable and stress-free way possible. Since 2001, HPC has strived to establish top-notch office facilities that perfectly serve people working in the film industry.

A tour of the Hollywood Production Center provides a new definition of excellence. The office suites feature state-of-the-art amenities that make the film production process smooth and the stay enjoyable. The offices come in various sizes depending on your needs. Also, the lease can be on a long-term or month-to-month basis. This way, you get to be as flexible as possible. You can choose to either scale up or down on space depending on how your needs adjust with time.

A fully furnished corporate office at Hollywood Production Center comes with pre-installed Internet, data, and voice. They also have modern finishes and furniture strategically located to bring the glamor and life out of the rooms. The rooms are kept clean at all times. The Janitorial staff work every single day to ensure that the cleanliness standards are kept high. There is no comprise when it comes to the security of the facility too. A private security firm has been contracted to ensure that all the residents and their property are secure at all times.

Some of the amenities that characterize the HPC near Palmer Park CA include ample parking such as valet parking, 24-hour security surveillance, high-speed data, and an internet connection, on-site gym, yoga instructors, personal trainer, conference rooms, access to technical support, gyms, bars, and rooftop with swimming pools and helipads. You can also find office spaces that are equipped with a balcony, a skylight, a private kitchen, and a private entrance.
The success of any project is greatly determined by the kind of support that it receives. Hollywood PC has cultivated the community culture in its facilities to ensure that the staff and the residents get to support each other during their stay. There also are additional facilities on-sight like copy machines, scanners, video machines, and computer stations to facilitate the smooth running of your project.
With Hollywood Production Center, you get to save up on start-up costs while enjoying all the facilities and having all the equipment you require for your film production project at your disposal. Additionally, you can tour the facility today and move in on the same day. You also get to meet with other persons in the same industry forming new professional relationships and partnerships.
Visit the Hollywood Production Center website and schedule a tour today. HPC is the ultimate destination to make all your film production projects and career thrive.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office in Hollywood, CA

Hollywood PC is a reputable provider of classy offices, executive suites and luxury workspaces for companies and professionals. We cater to the needs of corporate executives, advertising companies, directors, writers, editors, designers, architects, entrepreneurs, and all others who desire to work in a stylish and comfortable environment.

Our all-in-one setup is perfect for on-site writing, filming and editing and gives access to a vast range of amenities and services. We also offer production and post-production facilities for production companies and artists who looking to take advantage of the great location and features we provide.

Having a business office located in a prestigious area such as Hollywood adds a feeling of stability and professionalism. We will match you with the right office in an elegant, sophisticated office environment that will impress your associates and clients.

HPC furnished office rentals make it easy for you to move into a new office space. You’ll save money because you do not have high upfront costs. Instead, you invest your time and money into your business, not running the office. Typically, furnished office spaces include a beautiful selection of luxury chairs and executive desks that fit the prestigious business setting.

In addition to having a Fully Furnished Corporate Office, our friendly and knowledgeable staff also provides the amenities and services that you need to work efficiently and productively. Receptionist service, administrative support, mail and package handling, office maintenance, janitorial services, and many more services and amenities are made available to you.

We also provide features like a fully stocked kitchen, refreshments, directory listings, and well-furnished lounge areas. Our furnished offices and production spaces also provide access to fax, copy, scanner, and printing services. Conference rooms are available with HPC offices and include amenities such as high speed Internet and audio-visual equipment.

We have many years of experience matching companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals with the space they need. We will need to get information about your business, and what amenities and features you require for the office or workspace. We will match you with the right office in Hollywood along with the needed qualities or features for the office you’re seeking.

Whether your corporate personnel looking for a temporary office solution or you are an entertainment industry professional that needs a well-equipped workspace or setting for a special project, our all-inclusive office solution is perfect for you. Simply contact us today to schedule a free tour of our location in Hollywood CA. You’ll be glad you did.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office in Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking for an office from which to run your business in Los Angeles CA? Hollywood Production Center has the ideal working space for you.

Top-of-the-Class Office Spaces

Located at 1010 Wilshire Blvd, TENTEN Wilshire is the ideal working space for professionals in diverse industries: media, entertainment, fashion, real estate, consultancy, advertising, and sales, among others. These Class-A office spaces are fully furnished with high-end furniture for functionality as well as comfort. The office includes board and conference rooms, suites, networking mixers, and business centers. What’s more, each office is fitted with state-of-the-art technology including voice command and high-speed internet.
The office suites come in different sizes and dynamic settings, and you are guaranteed to find one just right for you.

Live, Work, and Play

Hollywood PC also goes an extra mile to make these offices ideal for more than just work; for the first time, HPC offers a single lifestyle solution for working, living, and playing. You will especially appreciate the massage and yoga parlors whenever you feel like taking a break and indulging in some pleasure. There are also private kitchens in case you ever feel hungry.

Privacy and Security Guaranteed

TENTEN Wilshire guarantees your security through its stringent security measures. For starters, there is 24-hour security surveillance that keeps track of everyone on the property. Additionally, the property is constantly guarded and controlled by trained security guards.
You also do not have to worry about your privacy as all measures have been taken to protect your private affairs. For instance, the internet connection is encrypted to protect against hackers, and some amenities such as balconies, entrances, and kitchens are private.

No Hassle

Do you want to lease a fully furnished corporate office at TENTEN Wilshire? Well, there is nothing in your way as leasing is hassle-free.
For starters, the lease terms are flexible in terms of leasing periods and costs. Additionally, you can move on the same day you lease. Finally, the dynamic settings of these offices make them ideal for a wide range of businesses and companies including start-ups and growing companies. Prices are also fair and definitely worth it considering the state-of-the-art working environment provided by TENTEN Wilshire offices. For instance, clients get to save money through the shared environment and optimize their businesses’ performance thanks to a flawless working environment.
Visit the Hollywood PC website or schedule a tour at any time of your liking to learn more about the TENTEN Wilshire corporate office. You can reach out to agents at any time online or at (213) 769-6242.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Highland Park, CA

When you need furnished office space near Highland Park CA, Hollywood PC is the place to call. We offer luxury furnished offices in a variety of different sizes to meet your needs. Space includes utilities, high-speed Internet, and local telephone service in the price. We serve the entertainment community, real estate offices, law offices, publishing companies, and more.

The fully furnished corporate office spaces include plenty of parking spaces in a gated facility. Each building has a professional reception area and 24-hour security surveillance. Janitorial services are provided as well. Some suites come with skylights, private kitchens, and balconies. There is an on-site gym for your convenience, that includes a masseuse, personal trainer, and showers.

Benefits of Selecting Hollywood Production Center

There are many benefits to renting from the HPC, including:

  • Move in immediately. Everything you need is already set up. All you need to bring is your laptop and your work.
  • Offices are located near restaurants and shopping; typically, within walking distance.
  • We offer long-term as well as short-term leases. This allows you the flexibility you need for getting your projects done on your schedule.
  • Five locations to choose from.

The office spaces are stylish, and full-service facilities. They have onsite cafes, hair salons, and provide a sense of community for those working in them. The locations are in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale.

The offices are great places for film pre-production work, production, post-production, and professional offices.

Locations Available

  • Hollywood PC 1 is a good place for editors, producers and writers. It has two floors with various sized offices. It is located near studios for convenience.
  • Hollywood 2 is geared towards attorneys, real estate offices, and PR companies. It offers large and mid-sized conference rooms.
  • Hollywood 3 offers skylights, balconies, and private entrances. The office space provides a modern atmosphere in which to get your work done.
  • Hollywood 4 is a two-story building with a conference room available for tenant’s use. There is an on-site café as well as lunch trucks Monday through Friday. This facility has patios for company functions.
  • Hollywood 5 is located next to The Americana. It is a four-story building on Brand Blvd. It offers 21,000 square feet of space and has 100 offices.

The Hollywood Production Center has been serving the entertainment and professional service providers since 2001 and is dedicated to supporting you in every way possible to make your work projects run smoothly. Go to, to take an online tour of the facilities.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully furnished corporate office near Griffith Park CA

Fully furnished corporate offices are a great deal for many professionals including managers, directors, production companies, and filmmakers. Hollywood PC offers great help when it comes to this. HPC is the most respectable executive suite and production workspace provider in this region.
Here are some of the reasons why:

HPC provides elegantly designed fully furnished corporate office spaces that offer ample working space. There is adequate space for equipment and movement. The furniture available is world-class and modern. They also provide high-speed internet access.

Griffith Park CA as a location has many professionals that need the internet to work effectively. Having a means of accessing the internet with no trouble is an added advantage to the occupants of the offices.

Spacious office spaces are a fundamental requirement in any business premise. HPC offers meeting spaces and conference facilities. Luxurious desks and workspace are also available. They furthermore provide ample parking spaces for their clients and visitors. Every business will need receptionists, administrators, and other support staff members. At Hollywood PC, this team is already provided. Well-trained and qualified personnel are at your service.

The other advantage is that occupants will be allowed to use their business address. This being a widely known production center, people are well conversant with the address. Once used to represent your business, the address itself will market the venture. It will draw the attention of those who see it hence attracting many customers.

They also care for the health and physical wellbeing of their clients. There are onsite gym facilities and trainers that will help workers exercise and keep fit. There are yoga instructors for those who love yoga. Warm showers to freshen up after the workouts are also available. To add to this, motor vehicles will also be taken care of. Car wash and service bays that are well equipped are provided too.
These fully furnished offices are located strategically. Accessing them is easy making them a convenient deal for all. A person can move on the same day that the place is paid for. There are no delays in their services. The charges are also fair. Hollywood PC offers monthly leases as well as long-term leases.

This is a great deal for people looking for a luxurious and convenient working space. The offices have all that it takes to meet the world-class status. They even have skylights, private kitchens, and private entrances for privacy. Who would not want such working conditions? Here is a chance to work in a remarkable environment that is designed for coziness, success, and expediency.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Glassell Park, CA

If you want a ready-to-go, fully-furnished office or production space, we can help. Corporate office spaces, executive suites and collaborative workspaces with modern business centers are available near Glassell Park.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office is professionally decorated and come equipped with high-end amenities, high-speed Internet access, administrative services, video conferencing, state-of-the-art telephone systems and even cafes.

At Hollywood PC we have a wide variety of executive offices, corporate offices and production spaces to choose from. All of our offices, workspaces and executive suites are professionally designed and furnished to convey a corporate-style image without the exorbitant costs. We have provided professional office solutions for years and we can help you find the right space for your needs.

With our rental solution, you get your own furnished office or workspace with high-quality amenities and features, all at a prestigious address. You even have access to meeting rooms, conference facilities for larger meetings, break rooms, a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, large lounge areas, and much more.

You’ll also have a receptionist to greet your guests and clients in the lobby. Our receptionists are professionals and highly experienced, not just a standard secretary. Administrative support services are also provided at your request, so we have all the resources and knowledge to help you grow your business or complete your project successfully.

Fully furnished office space is the ideal option for start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporate personnel, lawyers, creative teams, entertainment industry professionals, or any company that wants to convey a professional image and stick out above the competition.

Another extremely important feature of HPC executive suites, luxury offices and production spaces is the flexible lease terms we offer. You can rent an office for a short-term project or a long-term business need.

In a fully furnished, all-inclusive office space or production space, the management tasks and office maintenance are taken care of for you. Our office rental solution will save you time and help you focus on your other priorities so you can be more effective and productive in your business.

The best way to get a better understanding of what fully furnished or all-inclusive office rental is all about is to get a free tour of our professional office complex.

With a HPC office rental, you can work in style and comfort, and make a great impression on your clients and business associates. Contact our rental staff today to discuss your needs and schedule a free tour of our location near Glassell Park CA.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Edendale, CA

If you’re looking for an office or production space in a great location, HPC can help. Whether you want a Fully Furnished Corporate Office, production space or post production space, we have the resources and expertise to help you find exactly what you need.

Hollywood PC is well known for providing world-class office solutions to businesses and professionals. Our clients come from all walks of life and are happy with the services and office solutions that we provide. We offer our clients an array of furnished workspaces and office suites for rent as well as a vast range of high-end amenities and services.

Fully furnished offices and executive suites are available near Edendale, but it’s important to have expert guidance in selecting the right space and amenities for your project or business. We can advise and guide you in choosing a suitable office space for your business or project. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced dental professionals who is passionate about seeing our clients and renters succeed.

HPC offers private office suites, executive offices, collaborative spaces and production setups in several prestigious business districts. Our Office spaces come fully furnished with modern office equipment and other essentials, including state-of-the-art technology.

We provide you with an impressive business address for your company as well as mail handling and office management. Our facilities also include conference rooms, meeting spaces, workspace areas with computers, a fully equipped kitchen, break rooms, bathrooms, and beautiful lounge areas.

In our executive suite or all-inclusive office solution, you can focus on your project or business, while our management staff handles the details of managing your office. You will enjoy administrative support personnel and professional reception service, without the headaches of hiring and training your own staff.

Be smart and avoid wasting valuable time, energy, and resources searching all over town for the perfect office space. We offer exceptional executive suites, corporate offices, and production facilities in a comfortable and luxurious setting in several locations near Edendale. Your office space or production space is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The first step to getting your desired office or production workspace is to get in touch with our staff and provide us with a list of your requirements. We’ll then set up a consultation to discuss your needs and give you a free tour of our location near Edendale CA. We’re waiting to assist you with your business needs.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Eagle Rock, CA

Setting up an office for a business is one of the most difficult parts of moving an existing business or a new start-up business. The details include not just finding a location, but turning on utilities, telephone service, office furniture, and business equipment. This is time-consuming and can put a stop to daily business activities while the office is being set up. There is another way to solve the office space problem. The one way around this obstacle since every business needs office space is to find Fully Furnished Corporate Office space.

The things to be done if renting this kind of office space are simple since the utilities are on and the phone. The first thing is to check out locations and choose one that will work for the business and clients. The other thing that will need to be done is to move the physical property of the business to the new location. One of the benefits of choosing a furnished rental office is it saves time and money for purchasing office furniture. The other benefits of the Office spaces include having the utilities already one and a location that has full amenities. Having this kind of address lends credibility to the business letting clients and customers know it is a serious firm that would work hard for them.

Projecting a business the right way starts with the location and appearance. The one great thing about rental offices of this kind is the fact that the suite is furnished, but also there is no maintenance or extra maintenance expenses to figure into the profit of the company. Near Eagle Rock CA there are no surprise repair costs, instead, the business gets the extra benefits of large office suites and mid-size or large meeting rooms.

The amenities are not just advantageous for client approval of the location and professional-looking office suite. It is perfect working conditions for the owner and employees with high-speed internet, skylights and private kitchens, private entrances and even balconies at HPC. This is the kind of location that has an onsite gym, showers, a masseuse that makes working hard has benefits to start or end the day.

The turnkey office space is perfect for many types of business, from real estate agencies or lawyers to consultants. It is even the right choice for the high-end construction and architect firm. Writers, editors, and publishing companies will find it a perfect place to be creative. What is more important than the kind of business is the perfect location. A business address at a location like this includes a professional reception area, plenty of parking, and valet parking for clients. At Hollywood PC businesses can enjoy having 24-hour security surveillance and janitorial services. This cuts out having to find trusted cleaning personnel and installing a security system and the extra added worry about parking for clients. Visit the website to arrange a tour of the office space waiting to provide every need for any type of business.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office in Glendale, CA

Producing creative content, be it a film script, designer clothing, multimedia presentations, or complex legal documents, makes for an exacting and challenging day of service. However, there are facilities in the Glendale and Hollywood areas that take away the basic worries concerned with achieving creative production goals. These worksites are proudly presented under the Hollywood Production Center name, and they are designed to get production teams busy doing what they need to be doing, from talent scouting to litigation. Depending on the scale and nature of your creative and production needs, there is sure to be an HPC office and studio space to meet them head. This happens all while adding an air of consummate professionalism to any project, big or small.

There are five different Hollywood PC office locations in Hollywood and Glendale CA that show incredible range in their functionality, accommodation and basic ability to aid working professionals. With three of these offices in Glendale and the other two in Hollywood, the details of these facilities deserve just a little closer look. The names for these offices are simple and run from HPC1 through HPC5, but their names are the only thing simple about them. HPC1 is located at 1149 Gower Street in Hollywood. Its physical location places it conveniently (walking distance) close to Gower Sunset Studios and a reasonable (short driving) distance from Raleigh Studios, which makes it perfect for seasoned professionals. PC4 is the second office location in Hollywood, and it is at 6350 Santa Monica Drive. This facility is a new building with more than one hundred offices, a gym, large conference rooms, patios on both floors, and a staffed cafe. It is even dog friendly, which keeps pet parents and their families happy on occasions when vet appointments and deadlines fall on the same day.

Not to be ignored or outdone by the amenities available in the Hollywood locations, the office spaces in Glendale are not to be sneezed at. HPC2 is located at 121 Lexington Drive, and it is best suited for PR (Public Relations) consultants, or professionals in the fashion industry as it has a basement level. HPC3, located at 225 East Broadway, is much like the HPC2 office in that it also has a basement to use as you see fit. However, this office has a little more glitz and glamour, with skylights and private entrances. HPC3 is quite stylish and a favorite among entertainment professionals when it comes to post-production final touches. Last on the list of Hollywood Production Center fully furnished corporate office space is HPC5 located at 127 South Brand Boulevard. This office space is ideal for professionals in fashion sales because it has a retail space right on the first floor. It also has two other levels above ground and a basement level. Of course, like all the offices available through Hollywood Production Center, it is completely furnished.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Chula Vista, CA

If you are looking for a fully furnished corporate office space near Chula Vista CA, there is good news for you. Hollywood Production Center (HPC) is a top facility for immediate occupancy of executive offices, creative spaces and production is ready to cater your needs. Your office space comes fully furnished, with state of art service facilities, ready-to-go voice, data and high-speed internet connections, gym, and many more.

If you are in the entertainment industry, we have all the facilities you need for your production, filming, and post-production. The fully furnished corporate office is nicely set up for editors, writers, designers and producers. We have perfect locations for filming such as rooftop, penthouse, pool area, helipad, office sets, patio, and many more. HPC has the perfect setting for your post-production activities with executive offices, creative space, fully furnished suits, ready-to-go voice, data, and high-speed internet connection. Another reason why our properties are attracting many film crews is the in-house office amenities we provide such as copy centers, free refreshments, and the clean-up service. Our properties have already hosted big productions like Warner Brothers, NBC, MTV, SYFY, CBS, etc.

You don’t need to worry about maintaining your office spaces because we have taken care of the maintenance as well. We have very welcoming and warm reception services and Janitors who help keep your office space clean and without a speck. All the security measures are in place in and around the buildings to keep your staff safe and your office spaces secure at all times.

Along with the maintenance, HPC offers many facilities that are needed for a professional setting. Every location has a parking facility inside the building with a secure valet parking service, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your vehicles. You can hit the gym right after your work in the building, where we have a personal trainer as well. If you are having a stressful day, a masseuse will help relax, so that you can be charged for the rest of your day. We have a café as well inside the building for your refreshments between your intense post-production works.

The Hollywood PC has been serving the professional and entertainment industry in Southern California since 2001. It has three locations in and around the heart of Hollywood and Downtown Glendale, with stylish, state-of-art full-service facilities. You can take a tour of one of our locations before you can decide. To schedule a tour, call 888-303-2077. To know more about us, visit

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Century City, CA

There is a place where busy professionals working in the business of show, or wherever, can find themselves right at home in the office, while getting creative on projects. Truth be told, there are actually five offices in four locations that facilitate the free flow of energy and professionalism needed to make profitable creativity come to life. These office areas are all under the HPC (Hollywood Production Center) name, and each location is designed with specific production goals in mind.

The Hollywood and Glendale locations are perfect for production crews and the executives that manage the work that they do in Century City Ca. The floor plans are designed with everything a production company needs in mind, from duplex office space to eight floors of business power. These facilities have it all.

In no particular order, the space and amenities Hollywood PC offices have to offer are understated but at the same time especially spectacular. The HPC1 facility located on 1149 North Gower Street, Hollywood is perfect for the smaller and more cozy production company that only needs around four suites and a couple of hundred offices and rooms. It is one of the simplest and smallest locations on the market.

The HPC2 121 Building located at 121 West Lexington Dr., Glendale is somewhat larger than HPC1 with six floors. It also has things like waiting areas, kitchens, a larger Gym and conference areas, jointed offices and patios, for just stepping outside without having to leave the building. This particular facility is perfect for professionals in fields such as law and fashion design. The second HPC2 413 building is only two floors with a basement.

The Hollywood PC3 is both a mix of modern architecture and classic building design to incorporate a totally cutting edge look while at the same time providing an open feeling of being in a mall or some other fun place while punching the clock. There are three floors above ground and one basement to this building. It is located at 225 East Broadway, Glendale.

The HPC 4 floor plan is just one of those simple work-horse office spaces that offers a plenty of private offices and Gym area with a deck space on the second floor as well. It is located at 6350 Santa Monica in Hollywood. Much like the HPC1 facility, it is just two floors that are both above ground. This gives a simple yet powerful appearance and production capacity.

The HPC 5 location at 127 South Brand Boulevard in Glendale is three levels above ground and one basement that is most ideal for making production goals happen on long sunny days in California. The reason being that this building has a front lawn on the roof of the building, which makes “going out” for a little inspiring peace and quiets quite the simple task indeed. And, just like all of the other floor plans available, this location is a fully furnished corporate office. All it takes is a visit to the website to schedule a visit.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Bel Air, CA

When you come to Los Angeles and need a place to film or visit for inspiration that has some beautiful architecture, you should visit Bel Air CA. Bel Air is located in the northwestern corner of the city within walking distance of the Santa Monica Mountains. It got both an influence of old Spanish and Japanese culture here, including the Hannah Carter Japanese Garden. As you might have guessed from its name, this is indeed the town in California where “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is based, and other television series have also been filmed here over the years. Taking advantage of the scenery here can be done if you rent out an office near Bel Air through Hollywood PC.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Hollywood Production Center’s Studios

The studios at HPC are professionally built and have the perfect atmosphere for executives and producers in the entertainment industry. When you signup to rent out with our company, you’ll have a place that’s right in the same area as your filming location and convenient to work from. You don’t have to worry about logistical nightmares going through the crowded streets of Los Angeles because our office spaces are all set with everything you could ask for.

What You’ll Be Treated To At Hollywood Production Center’s Studios

Once you’re ready to come to our center, you’ll have a fully furnished corporate office all ready to go. The valet service is ready to take your car and park it for you so you can get to work. You’ll have high-quality television and internet with amazing speeds and all the office equipment such as printers and fax machines at your disposal. Once you’ve put in hours of work and need a break, you can visit our onsite gym and workout with a personal trainer, or take part in yoga exercises. There are also massage parlors and masseuses ready to tend to your needs.

You Can Start Your Time At HPC Today

If you’re really ready to see what Hollywood PC is all about and get set up near Bel Air, you can get started today. We have introductory tours you can signup for free of charge where our people will come greet you and show you around the building. If you love what you see in our office spaces on the tour and want to move in right away, you can do just that. To schedule a tour and move-in date, simply go to and fill in your contact information, and our specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Altadena, CA

There is a lot that is needed to start or grow a business, which takes time, money, resources to find the right location and get all the equipment needed to make your business a success. Imagine if you could skip some of that hassle and move straight into a building that was already set to start work right away. A fully furnished corporate office that comes in many sizes and pre-installed with utilities, high-speed internet, and phone included to help you better network your business.
A place that can provide professionals or start-up entrepreneurs a secure space for production, post-production, entertainment offices, and other accommodations to make all your ideas come to life.

Well, there is such a place.
Rather you are in the entertainment industry, specializing in production, or just looking for the perfect office, Hollywood PC offers many places equipped with the highest quality that will allow you to not only start-up and grow your business but also thrive.

Each of the locations offers world-class amenities including being able to safely work in a secure gated facility with 24-hour security surveillance, and private entrances for employees.
Outside also provides valet parking, a car wash, and beautiful plant arrangements.
There are areas for professional reception and janitorial to help keep your business on track.
Office suites have a built-in skylight for natural light and patio, rooftop and courtyard, to give you a great view as you relax.
On those busy workdays, you and your employees can still enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the on-site gym, personal trainer or yoga instructor, and showers, which is included, since health is one of the keys to success.
There are even private kitchens for employees to cook delicious fresh meals for everyday use or on special occasions and meetings.

The HPC locations are perfect for business owners who are looking into to start-up or grow in entertainment, with the recent installment of the brand-new state of the art sound stage that is considered to be one of the best in Southern California and offers silent air, and production office, to make all your projects even more fantastic.
It is designed with production in mind as it accommodates filming, recording, music, photoshoots, and anything else you can think of to make your vision a reality.
Besides the studio, there is a control room, audio room, wardrobe and make-up room, and restrooms that are included.

Rather you looking for long-term leasing or month to month, Hollywood PC gives you what you need to get started right away while saving you money.

Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Alhambra, CA

Are you searching for a professional design place to carry out your goals, but you continue coming up short? Perhaps going about it alone is not the best way to avoid the trouble of finding your exact workspace. Nonetheless, save yourself the trouble and check out our fully furnished corporate office near Alhambra, CA.

You will find knowledgeable service online that will point you in the right direction in the Alhambra CAarea. Once you collect a browsing list, our experts will work with you in choosing one workspace that might fit your requirement. You can always keep that list of business facilities for future reference.

The HPC team’s specialty is helping people get what fits their form that is, assembly activity, entertainment workers, lawyers, production companies, or executives. We have it all covered at Hollywood PC, so you can do your work in style and convenience.

HPC lease office spaces for temporary or permanent extents. In the surrounding area of Alhambra CA, you may observe our numerous amenities offered by our rentals. Its features are appropriate for whatever your project type is. Our creative workspaces are designed for executive offices, conference, or private rooms, just the way you might need them.

We are prepared to save you time and money while you enjoy your business operation in a professional environment. After you make the selection that works for you, the Hollywood PC staff will direct you with ideas for your perfect set up. We have what it takes for any business growth and corporate success.

Whenever you think in terms of office solutions with state-of-the-art amenities, our company has a well-known reputation in the business. Moreover, we have a fully furnished corporate office for your company. Thus, our services will happily assist you in moving into the ideal workspace or luxury office.

Since our turnkey office spaces are offered fully functional, you may begin your tasks or creativities immediately. With our rentals, we cater to business travelers, management personnel, transferring employees, and others. Those who extend their lease may take advantage of our money-saving plans.

They will still enjoy the same amenities and services:

  • Proficiently designed and furnished spaces
  • Snack rooms and complete supplied bathrooms
  • Business high-speed data Internet
  • Set apart kitchen
  • Terrace areas
  • Cutting edge office technology and much more

Therefore, after we receive your request for the fully furnished apartment and location, we will send you more info instructions. You will be detailed about the apartment community and your preferred setting. Additionally, your complete price quote will be provided.

In conclusion, you will need to submit your application online into our reservation system. And, while you are at it, check out our website to request a free tour of our facility.