Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Burbank, CA

Burbank CA is a beautiful part of Los Angeles and it’s where the television and motion picture industries have really taken root. In fact, three of the most well-known companies in Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and NBC have their chief headquarters here and their executives commute to work every day in this upscale southern California town. If you’re coming into this area to join the motion picture or television production business you’ll be pleased to find there are exclusive studio rentals available near Burbank. Our company is ready to make you feel at home when you come to your office each day.

What Our Production Centers Look Like

Our company, Hollywood PC has put together studios and office suites all across the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding cities, and once you visit them you’ll see why our clients have become very happy with us. Our office studios are made to be up and running the moment you move in because we know the film and television production business doesn’t rest. Our production centers have sound stages and filming rooms onsite, but in addition, we have valet service and after-hours activities such as gyms, spas, and massage parlors for relaxation and enjoyment.

What Your Office Looks Like

We take pride in making sure your office space is a place to call your own with all the equipment and side accessories you need. What you’ll find are desks and master chairs, computers, organized bookshelves, cabinets, and one of the best high-speed internet connections to plug into. We also want to make sure you’re treated to a completely clean office, so that’s why we have janitorial services to keep it nice and tidy when you aren’t around. And if you have a late-night project you have to rush to complete a deadline for, you’ll have 24/7 access to your HPC office.

You Can Tour Our Building And Even Move In Today

As with many of our clients, you’re probably eager to see for yourself what your new office could look like. So we offer tours free of charge to all of our new tenants and give them a complete lay of the land. Our staff member can take you anywhere you want to see and explain to you what it’s like when you rent from us. Best of all, if you’re eager to move in you don’t have to wait. You can sign the paperwork to get into your fully furnished corporate office today. To get started with your free tour or move in, call 1-888-298-6029 or fill in the contact form at