Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near San Jose, CA

Locating the right office space can be a chore, but why does it have to be? Choosing the right space for you and your team to work is essential to your success. With all of the hard work that you do, don’t you deserve to have a comfortable, luxurious office that provides the level of amenities that you have earned? Now you can have it all, a fully furnished corporate office, luxurious amenities, ease of leasing, and great location with one simple and smart solution, Hollywood Production Centers.

You may be asking why you would want to lease space at HPC when your business doesn’t have anything to do with the TV or film entertainment industry? The truth is that Hollywood Production Centers, may have gotten their start working with the associated Hollywood entertainment fields, today Hollywood PC offers great office spaces for every professional regardless of field. So what makes Hollywood Production Centers different? Let take a look at why leasing at Hollywood Production is unlike leasing anywhere else.

First, when you lease at a traditional office park, you get four white, blank walls, a roof, and maybe a phone sitting on the floor. At Hollywood Production Centers, you get a fully furnished, ready to occupy office suite that already has everything that you need to succeed, including desks, chairs, shelving units, filing cabinets, art, casual furnishings, lamps, rugs, décor items, blinds, drapes, and even pre-installed PBX ready phone lines, high-speed data connections, and blazing fast internet (both wired and wireless networks). You also get a productive-minded community of business professionals who are in it to win it. By sharing certain resources, you can increase synergy, improve networking opportunities, and lower total costs.

Hollywood PC also provides those little extras that make your daily activities seem less like work and more like fun. Every property has an on-site café, daily visits from some of LA’s hottest gourmet food trucks, free valet parking with a secured parking facility, massage options, shoeshine, newspaper, and dry-cleaning options, great nearby restaurants that offer delivery of incredible lunch carryout, and more. You can also take comfort in the professional security officers who patrol constantly, the fully vetted US citizen janitorial and maintenance staff who understand discretion and are bound by confidentiality, and the main lobby staff who are friendly and eager to help no matter what you need.

Why not take your office to the next level? If you are in the market for a fully furnished corporate office near San Jose CA, or any other location in the greater Los Angeles area, check out the Hollywood Production Centers website today. With five locations, they are sure to have one near where you want to be. While you are on the site make sure that you register for a free tour. In most cases, you can tour, lease, and move in to start working on the same day.