Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Century City, CA

There is a place where busy professionals working in the business of show, or wherever, can find themselves right at home in the office, while getting creative on projects. Truth be told, there are actually five offices in four locations that facilitate the free flow of energy and professionalism needed to make profitable creativity come to life. These office areas are all under the HPC (Hollywood Production Center) name, and each location is designed with specific production goals in mind.

The Hollywood and Glendale locations are perfect for production crews and the executives that manage the work that they do in Century City Ca. The floor plans are designed with everything a production company needs in mind, from duplex office space to eight floors of business power. These facilities have it all.

In no particular order, the space and amenities Hollywood PC offices have to offer are understated but at the same time especially spectacular. The HPC1 facility located on 1149 North Gower Street, Hollywood is perfect for the smaller and more cozy production company that only needs around four suites and a couple of hundred offices and rooms. It is one of the simplest and smallest locations on the market.

The HPC2 121 Building located at 121 West Lexington Dr., Glendale is somewhat larger than HPC1 with six floors. It also has things like waiting areas, kitchens, a larger Gym and conference areas, jointed offices and patios, for just stepping outside without having to leave the building. This particular facility is perfect for professionals in fields such as law and fashion design. The second HPC2 413 building is only two floors with a basement.

The Hollywood PC3 is both a mix of modern architecture and classic building design to incorporate a totally cutting edge look while at the same time providing an open feeling of being in a mall or some other fun place while punching the clock. There are three floors above ground and one basement to this building. It is located at 225 East Broadway, Glendale.

The HPC 4 floor plan is just one of those simple work-horse office spaces that offers a plenty of private offices and Gym area with a deck space on the second floor as well. It is located at 6350 Santa Monica in Hollywood. Much like the HPC1 facility, it is just two floors that are both above ground. This gives a simple yet powerful appearance and production capacity.

The HPC 5 location at 127 South Brand Boulevard in Glendale is three levels above ground and one basement that is most ideal for making production goals happen on long sunny days in California. The reason being that this building has a front lawn on the roof of the building, which makes “going out” for a little inspiring peace and quiets quite the simple task indeed. And, just like all of the other floor plans available, this location is a fully furnished corporate office. All it takes is a visit to the website to schedule a visit.