Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office near Altadena, CA

There is a lot that is needed to start or grow a business, which takes time, money, resources to find the right location and get all the equipment needed to make your business a success. Imagine if you could skip some of that hassle and move straight into a building that was already set to start work right away. A fully furnished corporate office that comes in many sizes and pre-installed with utilities, high-speed internet, and phone included to help you better network your business.
A place that can provide professionals or start-up entrepreneurs a secure space for production, post-production, entertainment offices, and other accommodations to make all your ideas come to life.

Well, there is such a place.
Rather you are in the entertainment industry, specializing in production, or just looking for the perfect office, Hollywood PC offers many places equipped with the highest quality that will allow you to not only start-up and grow your business but also thrive.

Each of the locations offers world-class amenities including being able to safely work in a secure gated facility with 24-hour security surveillance, and private entrances for employees.
Outside also provides valet parking, a car wash, and beautiful plant arrangements.
There are areas for professional reception and janitorial to help keep your business on track.
Office suites have a built-in skylight for natural light and patio, rooftop and courtyard, to give you a great view as you relax.
On those busy workdays, you and your employees can still enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the on-site gym, personal trainer or yoga instructor, and showers, which is included, since health is one of the keys to success.
There are even private kitchens for employees to cook delicious fresh meals for everyday use or on special occasions and meetings.

The HPC locations are perfect for business owners who are looking into to start-up or grow in entertainment, with the recent installment of the brand-new state of the art sound stage that is considered to be one of the best in Southern California and offers silent air, and production office, to make all your projects even more fantastic.
It is designed with production in mind as it accommodates filming, recording, music, photoshoots, and anything else you can think of to make your vision a reality.
Besides the studio, there is a control room, audio room, wardrobe and make-up room, and restrooms that are included.

Rather you looking for long-term leasing or month to month, Hollywood PC gives you what you need to get started right away while saving you money.