Fully Furnished Corporate Office

Fully Furnished Corporate Office in Glendale, CA

Producing creative content, be it a film script, designer clothing, multimedia presentations, or complex legal documents, makes for an exacting and challenging day of service. However, there are facilities in the Glendale and Hollywood areas that take away the basic worries concerned with achieving creative production goals. These worksites are proudly presented under the Hollywood Production Center name, and they are designed to get production teams busy doing what they need to be doing, from talent scouting to litigation. Depending on the scale and nature of your creative and production needs, there is sure to be an HPC office and studio space to meet them head. This happens all while adding an air of consummate professionalism to any project, big or small.

There are five different Hollywood PC office locations in Hollywood and Glendale CA that show incredible range in their functionality, accommodation and basic ability to aid working professionals. With three of these offices in Glendale and the other two in Hollywood, the details of these facilities deserve just a little closer look. The names for these offices are simple and run from HPC1 through HPC5, but their names are the only thing simple about them. HPC1 is located at 1149 Gower Street in Hollywood. Its physical location places it conveniently (walking distance) close to Gower Sunset Studios and a reasonable (short driving) distance from Raleigh Studios, which makes it perfect for seasoned professionals. PC4 is the second office location in Hollywood, and it is at 6350 Santa Monica Drive. This facility is a new building with more than one hundred offices, a gym, large conference rooms, patios on both floors, and a staffed cafe. It is even dog friendly, which keeps pet parents and their families happy on occasions when vet appointments and deadlines fall on the same day.

Not to be ignored or outdone by the amenities available in the Hollywood locations, the office spaces in Glendale are not to be sneezed at. HPC2 is located at 121 Lexington Drive, and it is best suited for PR (Public Relations) consultants, or professionals in the fashion industry as it has a basement level. HPC3, located at 225 East Broadway, is much like the HPC2 office in that it also has a basement to use as you see fit. However, this office has a little more glitz and glamour, with skylights and private entrances. HPC3 is quite stylish and a favorite among entertainment professionals when it comes to post-production final touches. Last on the list of Hollywood Production Center fully furnished corporate office space is HPC5 located at 127 South Brand Boulevard. This office space is ideal for professionals in fashion sales because it has a retail space right on the first floor. It also has two other levels above ground and a basement level. Of course, like all the offices available through Hollywood Production Center, it is completely furnished.