Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Sunset Hills, CA

Hollywood PC is widely recognized throughout the office rental community for our honesty and integrity in meeting the needs of businesses and professionals. We have extensive experience in providing office solutions and we can match you with the perfect office or production space.

We provide executive suites, production workspace, shared office, post-production office, temporary office, and collaborative workspace for rent.

If you’re looking for an executive suite or production studio near Sunset Hills CA, there are many options to choose from. Sunset Hills is a great location for running a business and many popular companies are in the area. We have been providing services to clients from a wide variety of industries, including producers, directors, business owners, designers, entrepreneurs, creative writing teams, artists, corporate executives, business travelers, entertainment industry attorneys, and other professionals looking for a great location to set up their office.

HPC offers ready-to-go office spaces and Production & Post- Production Facilities, and you can move as soon as you’re ready. We offer easy move in, and with no hidden fees.

Our fully furnished offices and production spaces offer several high-end amenities and features. Get an affordable, all-inclusive office or executive suite without the hassles and financial burdens usually associated with getting an office in a prime location.

We provide the receptionist to answer your telephones, and provide meeting and conference facilities, in addition to many other amenities. All workspaces, Executive Office Suites and meeting facilities are fully equipped and feature the latest technologies and business services.

We also provide 24-hour security surveillance, a well-decorated reception area, kitchens with stainless steel appliances, janitorial services, and adequate parking for you and your guests. You will also have access to our modern fitness center, sauna, rooftop pool, jacuzzi, and yoga instructor. High-speed Internet, printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines are also provided.

Furnished offices and administrative support whenever you need it. Only pay for the workspace you need – short-term, extended rental plan, all on your terms. We handle the details, while you focus on running your business.

Find your ideal business workspace or production space without the expense and hassle of setting it up It’s quick and easy. Contact us today to schedule a free tour of HPC amazing facilities. You’ll be glad you did.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Little Armenia, CA

Fully furnished office space near Little Armenia is available at an affordable rate.
Clients are impressed by comfortable and stylish executive office suites and meeting rooms.

At HPC, we provide businesses and professionals with all-inclusive office and productions spaces. We have been providing outstanding services for many years and we understand what it takes to run a business efficiently and productively. Our clients and renters include corporate personnel, business travelers, attorneys, creative teams, advertising companies, producers and directors, and many other professionals.

Hollywood PC has a great reputation due to our quality of service and world-class amenities. We provide services that facilities that help business people, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives work in style and comfort.

First impressions really do matter. From the moment you step into our professional building, you’ll know you’ve landed at the right place. Everything you need to conduct business is provided here in one place for your convenience. So you can focus on running your business and not worry about running an office.

We have several locations and each of our buildings is expertly designed and decorated for a really enjoyable working environment. Secretarial services, administrative support, and office management are provided and help our renters and clients run their business successfully.

Our executive offices and Production & Post- Production Facilities are fully furnished are well equipped with copiers, scanners and fax machines and are ready to use. We also provide high-speed internet access, meeting rooms and video conferencing capabilities.

Our state-of-art, full-service facility Little Armenia CA is ready to go. There is an on-site café, jacuzzi, a gym with showers, a rooftop pool, lockers, an onsite fitness instructor, a hair salon, and a staff ready to assist you and provide exceptional customer service whenever you need it.

With 24/7 access and top-notch amenities and features, HPC is your clear choice for office space. Work in a private space, choose a collaborative or shared space. Hold meetings with potential clients or business associates in a high-tech conference room, or finish a special project on your own schedule.

Each of our locations is only a walking distance from popular roads and public transport links. There are shops, dining spots, recreational opportunities, and entertainment. And there are commercial establishments within walking distance as well. We provide you with the access, amenities, and environment you need to excel. Visit our website to request a free tour of our facilities.

Executive Office Suites

The Perfect Film And Workplace In Mount Olympus CA

Hollywood Production Centers offers the perfect place for you and your team to film write and produce in the beautiful Mount Olympus CA. The Mount Olympus production center is located directly in the middle of Hollywood itself, which makes for an amazing film spot for you or your crew, and also serves for amazing views through your office window, so that you may take in the beauty of the city. The office is meticulously designed in regards to architecture to ensure that you work in a elegant environment for the enjoyment of anyone who enters.

Hollywood PC includes a staff for your entertainment or professional needs, such as relaxing after a day of work and having fun. Another one of the large lists of amenities includes ready-to-go voice, data and high-speed internet, yoga and gym instructors, and gorgeous plant decorations for your workplace. Also offered is a fully furnished office along with janitorial services and security so that you can fully devote your time to your work. If you would like to work alongside pets, that is also a fine option for you and your team, as pets are welcome in all HPC facilities.

Looking for that perfect spot for you and your team to film? Hollywood PC offers an abundance of great filming spots for you to use such as penthouse filming, pool filming, faculty rooftop filming, and Helipad filming. If you need help setting up a location to film, and on site, the engineer can happily help set everything up for you. There will be a surplus of areas for you to film, write and work due to the massive 31,000 square foot facility for you and your team to treat yourself to. The Production & Post- Production Facilities are made to please with their full furnishing, and you’ll find yourself glad to welcome your team into the lavish work area.

In a hurry to move in? Hollywood PC offers convenient same-day move-in so your work can get started right away. For the head of production, fancy Executive Office Suites are varying in size and include a fully furnished office space for you to conduct your work in. You’ll find that the Executive Suite is the perfect place for you to edit, work, film, or simply unwind with some entertainment or food.

Hollywood Production Centers is the absolute best office for you and your team to enjoy working in, especially with all the amenities. We offer lavish offices, a plethora of filming locations, and many, many included services for your convenience! Reserve a tour now, so you can experience all of what HPC has to offer before you start working with us!

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Spaulding Square, CA

Looking for fully-furnished workspace or corporate offices near Spaulding Square CA? Need a production space or executive office that projects a corporate-style image without the high price?

It is important to make the right impression, work productively and spend wisely. Hollywood PC is an experienced office space provider, committed to finding the space you need. We offer you a professional environment to conduct business and achieve success. For many years, we’ve provided an environment where businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives can work in style and comfort. Whatever size your business is, we have many office options to choose from.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, having a reliable and highly skilled administrative support staff is a must. As a well established serviced office search consultancy, HPC provides a support service that enables you to find your ideal working space.

Over the past several years, our reputation for outstanding service and cost-effective solutions has helped our company to grow. With our month-to-month lease, you can upgrade your office as needed to support your success.

At HPC, we’ve done the work and provided the essential amenities so you can focus on building your business, not proving amenities and running an office. We pride ourselves in providing the very best in short-term and long-term offices for rent, corporate office suites, shared workspaces, and temporary offices.

Our Executive Office Suites provide you with a host of quality amenities and services. From luxury offices to high-tech conference rooms, meeting rooms, copiers, and high-speed Internet, all of the essential resources for working efficiently are available to you. Each of our locations also provides 24/7 key card access, a large lounge area, break rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and security cameras throughout our premises. We also have a knowledgeable staff ready to assist you with administrative needs at all times.

Our stylish, state-of-the-art, turnkey office solutions offer an on-site café, a fitness center with showers, an onsite personal trainer, jacuzzi, sauna, rooftop pool, and much more.

We are committed to delivering service excellence and flexible office rental terms. Choose short-term or long-term rental – it’s up to you. Our flexibility allows you to match your office requirements with your professional needs.

Whether you are traveling on a company project, vacation or relocation, between offices, or have a renovation situation, one of our fully-furnished executive offices is perfect for you. Contact us right away to schedule your free tour of our executive suites and Production & Post- Production Facilities near Spaulding Square.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Brentwood, CA

Are you looking for executive office or Production & Post- Production Facilities near Brentwood? Finding a perfect space for your business is not an easy task if you go about it on your own. That is why businesses and professionals rely on the expert services of experienced office rental providers. If you are ready to move into to great office in a prestigious location, HPC can help. We have great expertise in commercial and office rentals and we can match you with the right space for your project or business.

Hollywood PC has been providing office spaces and production studios for businesses, producers, directors, designers, artists, creative teams, writers, lawyers, and other professionals who desire to work in style and comfort. We provide office solutions that help to enhance your business or project by providing a comfortable work environment. We give you access to the top-notch amenities and features you need at affordable rates. We understand that every business is unique, so our staff is well versed in creating customized office solutions to suit the needs of our renters and clients.

Our ready-to-rent production spaces and executive offices come with high-end amenities and services without the high cost. Our offices are available in a variety of sizes that are suitable for businesses of all types. These beautiful offices are well furnished and equipped with printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines and have high-speed Internet access available as well.

We also provide state-of-the-art conference and meeting rooms, telecommunications facilities, a business center, administrative support, and personalized telephone answering. Networking and telecom support are also available on-site for your luxury.

Each of our locations also has fully-equipped kitchens with extensive kitchenware sets and stainless steel appliances. Other features of HPC office rental include secure parking space, directory listings, 24 hour security, refreshments, janitorial service and other essential amenities for a comfortable environment. Also, our resort-style rooftop pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, and modern gym are absolutely fabulous.

Our professional building near Brentwood CA is situated in the heart of of the area’s prominent business district. This prime location offers easy access to shops, fine restaurants, cafes, and recreational facilities. Plus, it’s easily accessible from major roads, popular expressways, and public transport links.

To schedule a free tour of our Executive Office Suites and production spaces, or to learn more about our exquisite amenities and services, simply submit your request at our website and we’ll get back to you right away.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Thai Town, CA

The need for diverse and suitable locations for all types of television and feature movie productions, is met with beautiful turn-key office spaces like those offered by Hollywood PC. The ability to move into a luxurious office and production space at a moment’s notice is paramount to keeping a schedule on pace while providing more than an adequate workspace for crews and casts. Versatile and equipped suites help all members of a production crew complete their unique jobs, and eliminate the stress of finding locations in proximity to studio headquarters.

This executive office suites provider maintains efficient and spacious complexes of suites in key locations throughout the LA area. Each office location features the necessary amenities for crews to experience preferred comfort levels as they complete each stage of filming and production. These suites have conveniences and building features that minimize stress, consolidate human resources and make every stage of production easier. Any on-location production can benefit from these strategically located suites specially designed with the modern film crew and cast in mind. An example of the unique suites is a complex located near Thai Town CA.

The six-block area near Hollywood Boulevard known as Thai Town provides incredible opportunities for film companies to shoot and edit unique feature films. This neighborhood has an unmistakeably international look and is ideal for creating scenes that take place in exotic locations. Though its appearance is eclectic, it is only minutes from the main studio headquarters of big companies in Hollywood. Without having to use immense resources, film production crews find Thai Town to be unsurpassed in its versatility. Production & post-production facilities maintained by HPC in this neighborhood are luxurious, but diverse enough to assist with any big project.

Studios and turnkey office suites in Thai Town offer an endless list of amenities. These include office, pool, rooftop, 2-story, and penthouse scene filming locations. They also provide fully furnished suites for casting, rehearsing, and residential needs. Each site has a resident technician, engineer, and trained security staff. For assistance in production, janitorial services, concierge representatives, freight carriers, valets, and even helipad staff are available. The HPC network of LA office suites is unparalleled in their location and operation in helping professional production crews complete projects using world-class conveniences. There really is no other way to take advantage of a downtown LA location when planning and finishing an important film project than working with Hollywood PC.

Every aspect of film production can be accomplished in this suite space near Thai Town CA. From writing, cast screening, and scoring, to editing and the post-production party, these studios provide the perfect space. Don’t waste valuable production time by searching for suite space outside of LA. A simple request is enough to arrange a private tour of the Thai Town studio and suite space that can become the ideal production location. Visit the HPC Website to book an executive office suites tour, and get all the details for turning these suites into a film company’s home base.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Sunset Gower Studios CA

Are you the head of a hard-charging, hard working creative team looking for state-of-the-art PRODUCTION & POST-PRODUCTION FACILITIES in the heart of exciting Hollywood? If your team’s creative project is ready for takeoff, now is the time to move into fully furnished, beautifully decorated EXECUTIVE OFFICE SUITES and production facilities from HPC at the world famous SUNSET GOWER STUDIOS CA.

These beautifully designed Production & Post- Production Facilities offer everything needed to serve the needs of film, television, and new media producers and their employees. Our production and post-production facilities are turn-key ready, and we also offer a sound stage to enhance all of your creative production needs. The incredibly chic executive office suites here offer incredible design and comfort, to enhance your busy workday and to provide ease and comfort for employees and visiting clients. The historic Sunset Gower Studios CA offers all of this, in a place that has the feel of Hollywood history around every corner. Located right in the middle of Hollywood, these gorgeous studios offer a bit of classic Hollywood that enhances modern creative projects.

The Hollywood PC site offers full-service amenities and a facility that is committed to offering the highest level of customer service. The sleekly designed office spaces here are beautifully designed with the kind of modern aesthetic your demanding clients expect. These offices are sleek, clean, and comfortable, and come with special amenities like Internet and phone service, as well as utilities included.

Production in Hollywood is a exciting yet highly demanding profession, which is why your company needs to have high-end facilities at the ready, so you can focus on the work in a place that offers comfort, quality, and style.

When your company is truly ready to hit the highest of the heights with a state-of-the-art, fully furnished production facility, visit the website at
and schedule a tour today. We also offer four different production and executive office facilities in Hollywood, Glendale (at two locations), and Santa Monica. Contact us for a tour today!

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Garden Grove CA

If you’re looking for an executive suite or business office with a highly trained, enthusiastic staff, we can help. We offer flexible office solutions, with state of a art business center, all with access to services to help you grow your business.

Fully furnished and IT equipped, HPC offices are located in the most strategic areas.
Successful businesses and professionals choose an executive office solution that provides credibility, flexibility, and a corporate style that instills utmost confidence with their associates and clients.

Hollywood PC provides the most impressive buildings, well-designed and lavishly decorated offices, professional business centers, a strategic address to enhance your company’s profile, state-of-the-art technology, the best staff, and the best service and features. Our executive offices and amenities are absolutely fabulous and will impress your clients and business associates.

We have several locations and our professional building near Garden Grove are fully furnished and comes with all the amenities and services that are essential for running a successful business.

Our Executive Office Suites provide all-inclusive and customizable temporary, short-term or long-term office rental, ideal for start-ups, business travelers, entrepreneurs, production companies, artists, attorneys, corporate executives, creative teams and all others who desire to work in a comfortable environment. If you want to work in comfort and style while avoiding high rental fees often associated with getting a professional office, get in touch with us right away.

With a HPC office rental, you’ll have access to ready-to-go office space, high-tech meeting rooms, fully loaded conference rooms, video conferencing capabilities and the latest technology.

All of our locations are run by our trained staff alone, and not a third party. Because of this, we can guarantee consistency of service, professionalism, and cleanliness that no other office provider can match. Our premises are also monitored around the clock, and you have access to your office 24/7.

As a leading provider of executive offices and Production & Post- Production Facilities, our goal is to ensure that you have the services necessary to help you work efficiently and reach the success you desire. Whether you’re working on a small project or working on a big, long-term project, we have the perfect office solution for you.

With premier office locations in the most popular areas near Garden Grove CA, you can impress your clients with a knowledgeable and supportive team and an elegant office that shows you’re serious about your business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and set up a free tour of our location.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Civic Center, CA

If you are looking for an executive office or production studio, we can help. Executive Office Suites and production spaces are available near Civic Center but you need to know where to look. Only experienced office rental providers have the resources and industry connections to find you a suitable office or workspace. When it comes to getting the perfect office for your business or special project, look no further than Hollywood PC.

For an affordable price, we offer unique executive offices and production spaces in various layouts, a well-decorated reception area, and a professional management team at a location that can’t be beaten.

Need to find a fully furnished office space with in-suite amenities? We can match you with the right business office for your needs. We have been catering to businesses and professionals for many years and we understand what you need to work comfortably. Our office solution is top-notch and is designed to help you work efficiently and productively.

We have many office spaces, temporary offices, executive suites, and collaborative workspaces for rent in several locations. Just choose the size, amenities, and price that meet your needs and move in as soon as you’re ready.

Our facility near Civic Center CA is in a premier business district, with easy access to a wide variety of desirable amenities. Walk to art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, shops, and tons of entertainment spots and financial establishments. Our locations have floor-to-ceiling windows and large balconies with stunning views of the beautiful surroundings. Break rooms, a modern kitchen with granite countertop and stainless steel appliances, are also available. Amenities also include a rooftop pool, fitness center, sauna, game room, yoga instructor, business center, and 24-hour security surveillance system.

HPC provides secretarial support, reception team, meeting rooms facilities, exceptional furnishings and state of the art technology. Outstanding upscale office space for rent and Production & Post- Production Facilities with high quality essential features and a wealth of services. HPC location has a beautiful outdoor tranquil atmosphere while boasting a professional, stylish interior environment.

Our facility provides businesses with the elegance and efficiency they need, at a price they can afford. Our executive office tenants include start-ups, corporate executives, business travelers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, artists, production companies, fashion designers, creative teams, and all others who desire to work in style and comfort.

To get started with the rental process and to request a free tour of our amazing facilities, just contact us right away.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Burbank, CA

It’s a sleek, new, fast-paced, and very mobile world out there, especially among the creative class. Savvy industry professionals near Burbank CA are looking for production & post-production facilities to meet the needs of this new world of work. That means taking the location to where the creatives are, rather than having them commute to a distant central office, then around to other locations as needed for production and post-production work. There’s just far too much distance and traffic and not enough time. This new world has brought a new challenge: Let’s call this the location problem.

Hollywood PC in Glendale offers a modern, and exciting answer to the location problem: Executive office suites for video and film media production, tailored to the way things are done in this new world. And they have a location very close to Burbank CA.

These rental executive office suites are freshly remodeled, with open seating and architecture. The decor is smart and pleasing. Lighting is perfectly optimized for visual work. Furniture is modern and exciting. Access to meeting rooms and commons areas is part of the package. HPC offers suites sure to impress visiting backers and media, all while providing a stimulating and comfortable space for your creative team.

HPC‘s executive office suites feature balconies, skylights, and private entrances. There’s an onsite gym with showers, a personal trainer, and even a yoga instructor. The building itself can be used as a location for film and video shoots. Restaurants and bars for offsite meetings are nearby. It seems Hollywood PC has thought of everything for production & post-production facilities.

It’s easy to get started at Hollywood PC. They’ve considered the realities of the business and know you need to get moving quickly. There’s no time to wait on service providers or technicians, nor negotiate separate contracts for facility services. Thus, all voice and internet facilities are pre-wired. Most units are turn-key — ready to go at signing. Gated parking and 24/7 security surveillance come standard. All janitorial and maintenance are provided.

Also, they know you need flexibility: Both month-to-month and long-term leases are available.

The location problem has been solved. Don’t wait to get started with production & post-production facilities in this new world. Contact HPC today and request a free tour.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Westwood Village CA

If you are looking for a great place to rent an office space or production studio, we can help. Executive suites and luxury office spaces are available near Westwood Village, at affordable rates.

The best option for most businesses and professionals is fully furnished offices. Conducting business in a world-class functional executive office that also has aesthetically pleasing ambiances is a great way to impress clients and secure more business. Executive office suites provide all of the services and features that are essential for running a successful business.

Hollywood PC is a leading provider of fully furnished suites and Production & Post- Production Facilities in the industry. We have several locations near Westwood Village and each location offers a choice of tastefully furnished short-term and extended rental suites in an upscale office complex, high-end amenities, services and a dedicated team of administrative professionals.

Save time in your executive office or production studio with access to couriers and mail delivery, avoiding trips to the post office. We provide best-in-class technology in the meeting and conference rooms. High-speed Internet access is also available. Fax, make copies and hold a teleconference. Your guests be impressed by HPC and you’ll benefit from more productive meetings. On-site business solutions allow you to work on projects efficiently and quickly.

Our professional office building near Westwood Village offers well-designed and luxuriously furnished workspaces and office spaces in a convenient location near Westwood Village, ideal for any business. The building offers a really enjoyable working environment, and also features numerous services to encourage a more productive working day. We’ll even help you put together an executive office plan to meet your specific needs.

Secure parking is available in the building, and our large waiting area will provide the perfect first impression to any visitors. Several major national and multinational companies are in the surrounding area, which provides ideal networking opportunities to any business.

Your dream office space or production studio is available, and you can move as soon as you’re ready. We provide you with everything you need to start working on your project. Just provide you with every detail for your next executive office space and we will give you a free tour of our prestigious location near Westwood Village.

Now you can work in style and comfort. Whether you are looking for a short-term office or a long-term office solution, HPC can help. Contact us today at our website to learn more about how our services can help you run a successful business and reach your goals.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Universal City, CA

Hollywood Production Center is your predestined office suite provider. With a wide array of fully furnished office suites, all you have to bring is your laptop and a packed suitcase. Enjoy a working space that is also a home.
We provide an elegant feel to your business endeavors with our skylight office suites. The offices have preinstalled voices and high speed, reliable internet connection to ensure your business networks are at arm’s reach. If you want to whip a quick meal, HPC office suites provide a private kitchenette that is equipped with stainless steel equipment. Each space comes with a balcony with a breathtaking view of the majestic Universal City CA below.

Hollywood PC can also serve as a filming location in our strategically and stylishly designed courtyard, patio or rooftop with Production & Post- Production Facilities . And after a successful production, a call to our customer care will have us deliver a beautiful flower arrangement.

Our staff is tutored to be friendly but professional. Let our valets park your car safely in our garage and enjoy a host of other services including cleaning your car upon request. Our customer care ensures that any plumbing or electrical fault is quickly and appropriately fixed by the technical team which is always on standby. Your cleanliness is taken care of at your convenience by our janitors and to ensure your working environment is safe, we have 24-hour security surveillance.

For the complete nourishment of your creative being, HPC has a fully equipped gym and a personal trainer on the ready. We also offer yoga workouts after which, a masseuse will help release the tension in your muscles. You can then enjoy networking at our rooftop where tasty refreshments are offered.
If you are looking to expand your business and are looking for reassignment to a larger office suite, feel free to consult with the administration and we will see what is available. We base our company on integrity and state-of-the-art customer service. Schedule a tour on any of our four sites in California and grow with us as we will you?

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Toluca Lake CA

Are you looking for suitable, executive office suites for your production company? What you need is a stylish building that is ideal for success in the entertainment sector. There are buildings correctly structured and furnished for your endeavors in the creative world.

All you need is a housing company that guarantees an entertainment-like environment. My job here is to show you a credible company that can give you an environment to film, produce and edit.

The Hollywood production center would be a good choice for office. The Hollywood PC serves the entertainment industry of southern California. They are efficient in furnishing and equipping offices for companies like:
• Film and television production.
Production & Post- Production Facilities
• Publishing Companies
• New media

The HPC near Toluca Lake CA beautiful facility provides excellent service amenities and awesome customer service. Let me take you to some of the Hollywood production centers around Los Angeles. Read keenly to select an HPC that best suits your creative work.

Hollywood PC1
This Hollywood production center is most suited for individuals looking for production office space. It is just a stone’s throw distance from Sunset Gower Studios. The HPC1 was constructed for producers, editors, designers, and writers. Hollywood PC1 is also a suitable personal office.

Hollywood PC2 Glendale
The Hollywood PC2 best suits PR Institutions, attorneys, fashion consultants, real estate agencies, and talent organizations.

This house has a basement and six floors. The entire building houses several well-furnished offices. Mid-sized and large Meeting rooms are available.

Hollywood Pc3

It has a state of the art offices in the basement and three floors. It is most suited for entertainment office. HPC3 is fitted with production & post-production facilities. Some of the services available include balconies, private entrances, and skylights.
Hpc3 offices are stylish, sleek, and modern.

Hollywood PC4
The Hollywood PC4 is had over one hundred rooms. It was found at 6350 Santa Monica Blvd. It is has a conference room and a gym for tenants. This building houses a Brasil Kiss café. Lunch trucks are available on weekdays. The downstairs upstairs patios available give room for mixers.

Hollywood PC TENTEN
It is located near the civic center of Los Angeles.
This is an ideal environment for high technology, Production & Post-production Facilities, entertainment, fashion, media, legal, advertising, electronic gaming, consulting, sales and so many more fields. TENTEN Wilshire provides necessities and amenities to make your stay here comfortable and enjoyable. It is live, work, and plays all under one roof. The furnishing of this facility is excellent and suits many individual’s needs.

I suppose you now have what you require delivering in your art. Visit our website to register for a free tour. The tour will open up to more information.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Silver Lake, CA

We at Hollywood PC are a well-established provider of chic office space and accommodation in the Los Angeles area. Our establishments include HPC1 and HPC4 in Hollywood, CA; HPC2 and HPC3 in Glendale, CA and TENTEN Wilshire in downtown LA. All 5 Hollywood centers offer flexible month-to-month and long-term leases to serve clients with different accommodation needs and budgets. The center also operates a same-day move-in policy that ensures guests arrive, unpack, relax and get back to work as quickly as possible. Our establishments are easily accessible since they are located a few miles from major highways, interchanges, and landmarks.

For production companies, advertisement bureaus, movie executives, creative teams, and filming and television crews in Silver Lake CA who do not need full-time office space, but want to maintain a professional image. Hollywood centers offer some of the best living and working accommodations in Southern California. For starters, guests get to enjoy personalized services with an amazing array of personal amenities, including professional reception, private entrance, private kitchen, and personal trainer. Executives in the business world and entertainment industry with huge accommodation demands will be glad to know that amenities such as boardrooms and conference rooms are readily available for immediate occupancy.

Clients also get the benefit of enjoying cost savings that come with living and working in a shared environment, while maintaining their individual identities. Besides the strategic address and personal attention to details, the executive suites at HPC also feature skylights, balconies, and an advanced communication package that includes pre-installed data, voice, and high-speed internet. This is in addition to ample parking, a gated facility, and 24-hour security surveillance. The filming locations available at the client’s convenience include office sets, courtyard, gym, and a fully functional rooftop that comes with a host of world-class amenities such as a swimming pool.

The addition of a new sound stage in Glendale CA is aimed at revamping HPC’s fast-growing production business. The location can be used by production crews to film; television, photoshoots, commercial, movies, and music videos. Because of its strategic advantages, HPC has played host to big names in the entertainment industry. The clients include; CBS, 20th Century Fox, MTV, and Paramount. To get accommodation in Southern California’s distinct production & post-production facilities, call us today at (888)298-7887 or schedule a tour to learn more about our office plans and know how we can help you advance your filming aspirations. Tour details are also available at our website

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites in Santa Monica, CA

With 5 centers straddling Los Angeles County, Hollywood PC offers some of the most polished executive suites for immediate occupancy near Santa Monica CA. This premier establishment in Southern California has two locations in Hollywood and Glendale. Since its establishment in 2001, Hollywood Production Centers have continued to provide a conducive environment for production companies, creative teams, directors, and filming, and TV crews to conduct their trade. One of the main attractions is flexible leasing terms, which give guests various options to rent on a short and long-term basis. The Class A executive office suites at Hollywood centers also provide state-of-the-art amenities and a peaceful ambiance.

The World-Class amenities offered at HPC include; fully furnished office suites of different sizes, professional reception area, filming locations, and all the trappings of a modern office suite such as high-speed internet, balconies, private entrance, and private kitchens. The readily available filming locations include a courtyard, patio, rooftops, and office sets. The other amenities include ample parking and an on-site gym with, shower personal trainer and yoga instructor. Hollywood PC1 has located a short distance from the famous Sunset Gower Studio and Raleigh Studios. The location is especially ideal for entertainment industry insiders looking for fully functional production office space to kick start work without hassles.

Hollywood PC1 features chic office suites and individual offices targeting editors, designers, and producers. The stylish Hollywood PC2 in Glendale, CA features state-of-the-art office spaces on 4 floors, including the basement. Entertainment professionals living in Santa Monica CA will find the production & post- Production facilities, especially ideal for filming and TV productions. Hollywood PC3, on the other hand, is also strategically located in Glendale CA. The center offers a sleek, stylish and modern environment for entertainment industry professionals who have a knack for fine things. Hollywood PC4 is a newly unveiled 2 story office accommodation on the famous Santa Monica Boulevard.

The 31,000 sq ft Hollywood PC4 building offers over 100 fully furnished office spaces with a host of modern amenities. For pet owners, it important to recognize that all Hollywood centers are pet-friendly. The advantages of booking your accommodation at Hollywood PC are numerous; they include a professional meeting place, high-quality technology, world-class amenities, and access to cost-efficient production & post-production facilities. Guests and crews also get the opportunity to live at a premium address. You can be part of this wonderful experience by booking your space today. To schedule a tour or speak to our friendly customer service assistant, call 888-295-5939 or visit us at

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near San Jose, CA

Many businesses and organizations are turning to executive office suites as an affordable location option for their work. Renting saves a lot of money every month but you still have your own space to work and create a successful business. There are a lot of overhead costs that occur when you are maintaining your own Production & Post- Production Facilities. Opting for another location opportunity such as the HPC cuts down on these kinds of costs greatly. You save money but you also achieve a professional space that will allow you to be as creative and productive as possible. Some of the other advantages of renting executive office suites near San Jose CA include the following:

Whether you are just starting or you have an already established business, adhering to a budget will help you gain success and remain profitable. Spending more than you are bringing in will only slow down your business and lead to failure. Renting office space is very affordable and this also allows you to utilize the equipment and services that are available at a specific location. Passing on the maintenance to another source will save you time and money since maintenance of a building and property can be pretty extensive. In this situation, the maintenance fees will be split equally among the tenants in the building.

Expansion Potential
When you rent space at the Hollywood PC you can start with the amount of space that you need. You won’t be renting more than you need which will keep the cost down, but you have the ability to expand and rent more space if need be later on. Rather than moving into your own building that you might outgrow at some point, this will keep you settled in one location where you can worry about your business. You will save long term on moving costs and such.

Don’t forget that when you rent an executive office suite, you will be in a building with other professionals. This can give you a unique opportunity to network with other individuals and maybe generate some more business that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Just hopping in the elevator or walking through the lobby can provide you networking opportunities.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Palmer Park, CA

Looking for a move-in-ready office space or production space? Want to find an affordable office near Palmer Park? Serviced office space is available near Palmer Park CA. A serviced office or production space can take the expense and hassle out of finding the perfect office space.

Hollywood PC is a highly reputable executive office provider and we have an extensive list of clients and tenants who are completely satisfied with our services. If you are looking for the right place to conduct business or work on a special project, short term or long term, we can help. We are fully aware of what businesses and professionals need to work efficiently and comfortably.

Enjoy a corporate-style image without the huge expense. Our office complex near Palmer Park combines living, working, and leisure spaces within a smart business center. The building is expertly designed and elegantly furnished for a really enjoyable working environment, and also features a vast range of top-notch amenities and services.

This impressive contemporary business center is conveniently situated in a business district, with easy access to dining, shopping, and the area’s public transport links. It boasts one of the area’s most sought-after addresses. Our state-of-the-art facilities, amenities, and special features enable businesses to flourish and thrive in a professional environment where you can network with other professionals.

Facilities and services available from HPC include fully-furnished offices, furnished production and post-production spaces, high-speed Internet access, secure parking, key card entry system with 24-hour access, secretarial services, administrative support, mail services, break rooms, meeting rooms, video conferencing capabilities, and print and copy rooms.

Our kitchen provides all the conveniences of home and office, including a large service coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, filtered water, and more. Our reception area is impressive and adds to the professional atmosphere of your office, offering a comfortable place for your guests and clients to wait.

Whether you want the flexibility of an all-inclusive office space a prestigious business address, or are looking for a production space for a special project – or starting your own business, HPC offers a variety of work spaces, executive office suites and business solutions. Our services can be custom tailored to suit your unique business requirements.

Contact us today to check out our executive offices, luxury workspaces, and Production & Post- Production Facilities near Palmer Park. Simply go to our website and submit your request for a free tour and we will get back to you promptly.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites in Hollywood, CA

Hollywood CA is where the magic still happens. Not even 100 years ago, it wasn’t much more than a housing development a few miles away from the small city of Los Angeles. But in the barely-century since, Hollywood has changed the entire world. It’s all been thanks to creative geniuses making fantasy real in some way. And still, they come — writers, producers, directors, editors — all pushing hard to bring their visions to life on screens both big and small.

Much has changed since the birth of Hollywood CA as a center for film and video production. The field is a lot more crowded now. Costs are higher. Complexities abound. But in some ways, it’s easier than ever to make your dreams take wing in Hollywood.

Take Hollywood PC for instance: They offer executive office suites that get your project off the ground quickly. HPC has thought of everything a creative professional — or a whole team of them — might need in production & post- production facilities for film and video. It’s been taken care of — and it’s ready when you are.

HPC’s location in Hollywood is on North Gower Street near Vine. It’s walking distance from Sunset Gower Studios and close to Raleigh Studios — right at the heart of where the Hollywood magic happens. Whatever your project might need, it’s nearby. You’re at the center of the entertainment and media universe.

Hollywood PC offers two floors of executive office suites with features like kitchenettes and floorplans sure to stimulate your creative team. Furnishings and decor are sleek and modern. Some suites feature skylights and balconies. There’s an on-site gym with showers, as well as yoga and fitness instructors. The on-site cafe and a professional reception area make a great impression on visiting backers and media reps.

HPC has taken care of the dirty work: Telecom and the internet are pre-wired and ready to go. All janitorial and maintenance are provided. 24/7 security cameras and gated parking (with valet) keep you safe.

You might even use the building itself as a location for your project. Office sets, rooftops, courtyards, and patios are available for shooting. That’s convenient!

HPC knows you need to remain flexible, so they’re flexible. They offer both long-term and month-to-month leases. It’s a turn-key answer for your production & post-production facilities needs.

Contact Hollywood Production Center today for a tour of their location in the center of Hollywood. Start bringing your own magic into the world from where it still happens.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles CA is the second-largest city in the U.S., but it is the first city in entertainment and film. Directors and producers of TV, movies, and all types of entertainment come to Hollywood every year, and they need production & post-production facilities to work on their projects. When superb executive office suites and modern apartments for their team are in the same location, they have hit the jackpot. At Hollywood Production Center, HPC, we offer every luxury accommodations and amenities for the production population in L.A.

Hollywood PC has state-of-the-art office production rooms that are specifically designed to accommodate the entertainment industry. Our goal is to provide excellent amenities in a first-class environment, so clients can focus on their work or their relaxation time.

The facilities at Hollywood Production Center will allow you to focus on work, and, at the end of the day, we provide Happy Hour for the clients on the rooftop, so you can relax and network with others in the industry. The modern and comfortable environment on the roof-top overlooks beautiful downtown Los Angeles CA and also offers an Olympic-sized pool and a sauna. Hollywood PC knows how important your work is to you, so we try to anticipate your desires.

The executive office suites are large and furnished with ultra-modern decor, and the conference rooms are typically furnished with modern accessories, conference tables, and chairs, and the latest in tech equipment. Phones, the Internet, and teleconferencing are standard and will keep you connected to everyone you need to be, at no extra charge.

With all the conveniences of a luxury apartment building, HPC has provided all the accessories you may need while away from home and all 238 rooms are luxurious fashion with palms and other tropicals strategically placed to give the LA atmosphere. These state-of-the-art facilities offer flexible leasing, long or short, for both the apartments and the offices, and they come either furnished or non-furnished.

Other amenities include a car wash to keep your vehicle sparkling and a fully supplied office area located in the lobby that is available 24 hours. HPC works with you and your team to reach your full potential by providing an excellent atmosphere and a friendly staff.

Hollywood Production Center has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry, so we know what an executive production staff is looking for to produce a work of excellence. Go to and register for a free tour; we offer an environment of sophistication and style, so you can enjoy your time at Hollywood PC.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Highland Park, CA

There are not many facilities that one can truly count on when it comes to production & post-production facilities. Most of them are usually ill-equipped, or they are not set up correctly. A filmmaker on a budget does not have the money to rent more than one facility at a time. So, it is important to find a location that can serve as a set as well as the production headquarters. One option to consider is executive office suites that can serve as both. All you have to do is find a suite that suits your needs.

As a filmmaker, the best thing you can do is come up with a shortlist of some of the things you might need for your executive office. This should include your power needs, internet needs, or any other need that you might think of. Remember that location is important because you do not want to get stuck in LA traffic trying to get to a place hours away. So be sure to stick with a local company like this office suite near Highland Park CA.

There is also production itself that needs to be considered. This means that the suite itself needs to be exactly what you need. Think about production design. You do not want to shoot your executives in an office that looks dated. This is one of the reasons why it is important to ensure that the layout of the office is updated and that it is fully furnished. Thankfully this is something that the good people at Hollywood PC thought of for you.

So, what is a modern or updated look? The truth is this depends on both the characters in your production as well as some of the styles available. There is always that classic juxtaposition of leather furniture with updated desks, such as glass desks. Or perhaps the production needs an executive with a slight bend towards eco-friendliness. This means that one might want to consider something like bamboo furniture just as an example. Keep in mind that variety is something that HPC offers all their clients.

Another aspect that should be considered is if you have a variety of spaces available to you. Say, for example, you need executive office suites that can accommodate a whole team of executives for a shot. This is something that the Hollywood PC offers as well. In fact, their facilities offer indoor gyms, balconies, and many other amenities that will make your production better and your post-production less of a hassle. So do not hesitate to give HPC a call, or schedule a tour to see if they are the right people for you.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Griffith Park, CA

Are you looking for a nice office in a great location? Most companies and professionals need to project a impressive image when trying to grow their business or attract more clients.

Hollywood PC has a great reputation for providing top-notch office spaces and production spaces. We have been catering to businesses, lawyers, real estate companies, production companies, and professionals who need a prestigious office space. We have a good understanding of the ever-changing needs of business professionals and executives. If you are looking for the perfect executive suite or fully furnished office near Griffith Park, we can help.

Executive Office Suites with high-end amenities are critical for corporate personnel, entrepreneurs, business travelers, entertainment professionals, creative teams, small businesses, and all those who desire to work in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. If you are pressed for time or do not want to deal with the hassle of setting up an office yourself, our move-in-ready office solution is perfect for you.

HPC can take the expense and stress out of finding the right office space. We make it easy for businesses and professionals to get a ready-to-go office and get to work quickly while we handle the management tasks. Our professional support team is available and ready to assist you whenever you want.

At HPC, our serviced office solution is cost-effective and is designed to save you money and inconvenience. We provide a vast array of services and amenities to help you operate efficiently and grow your business. Our friendly receptionist will greet your guests, and answer your telephones. We also provide classy conference and meeting rooms, state-of-the-art technology, and business centers, in addition to many other high-end amenities and features.

With our all-inclusive office spaces and production facilities, you have everything and can move in soon as you are ready. Our management staff handles the upkeep, updates, and maintenance tasks. Our office rental plans are customizable to suit your business needs.

A great first impression is critical for any business. Our offices for rent and Production & Post- Production Facilities come with world-class amenities and superior services to help you work efficiently and productively. With a premier location near Griffith Park, you can certainly impress your clients and business associates with an executive office suite that indicates you are serious about your business. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free tour of our amazing location.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Glassell Park, CA

Need an executive office space or production studio near Glassell Park CA? We can help – we have many furnished offices and workspaces for rent and we can help you choose one that’s just right for you. Just tell us every detail for your next office space or production space.

An office rental is a big commitment, and you need to choose carefully. There are many offices for rent near Glassell Park but not all office rental providers are created equal. The quality of your office has several consequences including productivity and client impressions. It is important to get an office that conveys a great impression and instills confidence in your clients.

Hollywood PC is a leading provider of turnkey office solutions and we have provided services for many years. We cater to those who desire to work in style and comfort. Our office solutions are perfect for entrepreneurs, business people, attorneys, production companies, writers, creative teams, designers, corporate executives, and all others who are looking for a great place to run their business.

Grow your business with a prestigious address – luxury offices and professional suites. We have several locations near Glassell Park. Each of our amazing professional buildings features ready-to-go, fully-furnished workspaces and executive office suites, corporate offices and collaborative spaces, and walk-in, plug-in business centers for all budgets.

Our modern, tech-powered spaces feature inspiring designs and luxuriously furnished spaces. We also provide receptionist service and administrative to help you work efficiently and grow your business. We provide janitorial, maintenance and management services, allowing you to focus on your project. High-speed Internet access, copiers, printers, and scanners are also available.

HPC professional offices are located in a highly accessible area, close to many amenities, including shops, restaurants, companies and financial services.

Choose the amount of office space to suit you, with the benefit of HPC business lounges, state-of-the-art meeting space, and video communications available as and when you need them. Only pay for the space you need – whether you’re interested in a short-term or long-term rental, you only pay for the space you need. And, you can upgrade or downsize anytime to meet your current needs. Just one monthly bill. No hidden charges.

Find your ideal office space without the expense and hassle of setting it up yourself. The process is quick and easy. Contact us today to schedule a free tour of our fabulous executive offices and Production & Post- Production Facilities near Glassell Park.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Edendale, CA

If you live in the area of Edendale CA and you have a media project which you have to complete, then chances are that you are looking for a production center to ensure that your work is the best that it can be. Well, look no further because Hollywood Production Center is the place to go for any of your production needs. With their state-of-the-art facilities, Hollywood PC wants to ensure that your production and post-production needs are fully met and that you can work to the best of your potential.

With its state of the art Production & Post- Production Facilities, HPC is a fantastic environment for creating films, music videos, television shows, as well as all other types of digital media. Not only do you have access to production space which would make any producer jealous, but in your downtime, you can enjoy some of the fabulous amenities. Maybe too much brainstorming has you overheated and you need to take a dip in the pool, or possibly you have too much excess energy that needs to be burned off in the gym. Needless to say, everyone needs some time to relax, and HPC has a masseuse for that.

In addition to the superb production facilities, Hollywood PC offers some prime Executive Office Suites to accommodate the members who will be making the team’s important decisions. HPC understands that every creative genius needs the right ambiance in order to produce their best work, so their luxury suites are clean enough for a king to eat his spaghetti dinner off of the floor. At their suites located close to Edendale CA, you will feel as if you are part of James Cameron’s production company.

But don’t just take my word for it. Hollywood PC offers free tours of their facilities during their normal business hours. To schedule a tour, make sure to visit their website at and I guarantee that you will know that you have made the right choice in choosing them.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites Near Eagle Rock Ca

If you are looking for a premier office suite location near Eagle Rock CA, consider Hollywood Production Center, or Hollywood PC. These are state-of-the-art facilities that offer fully-furnished turnkey office space for the entertainment professional. Our suites are stylish, comfortable and the perfect place to get work done when you’re on a strict deadline. There is no better location to focus and create outstanding results than at a Hollywood PC.

We are leaders in providing space that is conducive to high-performance results. As a business-savvy, innovative professional in the entertainment industry, you need the amenities and services that will help you to think and create. You need to push your team for the results you want. That’s exactly what we have!

At our executive office suites we give you beautiful views, bright spaces and amazing outdoor seating areas to get your work done. We specialize in offering the perfect setting for script writing, commercial story-board creation, production & post- production facilities, video recording, and TV/film production. We also have an abundance of mid- to large-sized meeting rooms for business gatherings.

Currently, we have five HPC locations that can easily serve Eagle Rock CA and neighboring areas. We are minutes from places like Sunset Gower Studios and Raleigh Studios. We are the hub of business creativity in the Hollywood and Glendale areas. Our facilities have a pre-installed voice, data and high-speed internet. We also have on-site gyms, personal trainers, yoga instructors, showers, masseuse, and car wash amenities in many of our locations. Our professional meeting space gives you a location to thrive along with your team. With our world-class amenities and high-quality technology, you can’t go wrong. Everything is here for you. All you have to do is show up and do what you do best—create your next successful business venture!

By offering the perfect turn-key office suites, you can find the ideal location for your production to get rolling. We know the importance of fostering creativity in the entertainment field. That’s why we have focused our energies on creating areas that encourage cohesion and teamwork along with ideas and brainstorming. Our goal is to help you- the innovative and proactive professional—to show your skills. Being in the best setting possible is always a positive thing! We are proud to present some of the best locations for positive energy to flow. If you really want to hit a high in your industry, come and see how our work environment can help you to organize and generate the top productions of your career.

Whether you are a producer, director, manager, or any entertainment industry professional, we have the perfect solution. Visit us at for a virtual tour of our premier office locations.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites in Glendale, CA

Our Hollywood PC is located in Glendale CA where we offer executive office suites for industry insiders in need of a production office space. All the members of the entertainment industry including production companies, commercials, music videos, television, and creative teams can comfortably rent our sophisticated offices in their bid to have prestigious work in the film industry. The place is wholly set up for editors, writers, designers and also featuring individual office and office suites.
Learn More
Executive offices located in Glendale CA include a turnkey office space that is more suited to talent agencies, attorneys, PR companies, and Fashion consultants. There are med-sized and large meeting rooms in addition to fully furnished large offices.
The offices are designed to cater to clients’ needs by preserving them from spending a lot of money in securing office space that has no furniture. The customers are only required to come with their computers while kitchenettes are provided with essential items. Other services offered include a friendly maintenance team that handles challenges quickly and efficiently.
Janitorial staff is also provided for the day-to-day cleaning activities. The team also ensures that all utilities are paid on behalf of the client in a convenient way to avoid challenges in setting up water and power bill accounts. A secure valet parking service is also provided to ensure that the customer’s vehicles are safe.
The cars can be washed while the customers are inside the building if they wish. Apart from Production & Post- Production Facilities, a well-equipped gym with a trainer is also provided to cater for the in-between stressful sessions and lunch breaks periods. The clients can relax from a masseuse to be fit for the next meetings. The company clearly understands all the customers and the type of office needs they have. Entrust all your office needs therefore with HPC for a creature kind of comfort you deserve.
Facility Amenities
• Ample parking that includes gated and valet to ensure security.
• 24-hour surveillance, janitorial and professional reception area.
• Fully furnished office suites of various sizes.
• High-speed internet.
• Showers, on-site gym, yoga instructor and trainer, car wash, and masseuse.
Executive office suites with balconies, private kitchen, skylights, and private entrance.
• Long term and month-to-month leases.
• Filming location-courtyard, office sets, rooftops, gym, and patio.
• Same day move in!
• Save money on start-up costs.
• Tour today move
• Professional meeting space.
• Word class amenities.
• High-quality infrastructure and technology
• Kind of environment where you thrive best.
• Cost savings of a shared building while maintaining an identity for the clients.
• Every location offers professionally equipped buildings and a premium address.
Consider paying a visit and take a free tour of our office suites and be proud of Production & Post- Production Facilities offered.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Chula Vista, CA

Hollywood Production Center’s Executive Office Suites near Chula Vista are the ultimate suites for those looking to conduct film or editing work in the Southern California area. The office suites are chock-full of amenities that will be sure to please. The suites are also home to many employees that are available to help you with your film work if you decide to film within the beautiful Chula Vista office. During your search for the perfect film spot, you’ll be sure to find many areas that may serve as the perfect place for you and your crew to start filming. Some areas that you are welcome to film within the Hollywood PC office include office rooftops, office sets, patio, gym, courtyard, and much more.

Hollywood PC also provides its clients with high speed voice, data, and internet. You won’t have to worry about setting it up either, as it’s already all pre-installed. The suite also includes high-quality security, fully equipped with surveillance cameras so safety never has to be an issue for you and your group. All HPC offices come fully furnished so you can save money, and focus on your work. All you need to do to get started in your new suite is plug in your computer! Finding this type of convenience in other offices is very rare, this is part of the reason why HPC is so highly rated. Available for your personal pleasure are gyms, a yoga instructor, masseuse, a personal trainer, and a car wash. Your office suite can also contain a sound stage studio which can enable incredibly convenient on-site audio recording so you can get your work done faster.

The HPC suite is also home to behind-the-scenes janitorial staff that serves to make sure that your office, and the areas you frequent are always clean and presentable. Hollywood PC can also provide you with a film production studio which is also available in multiple sizes that will serve to fit your exact needs. The extraordinary beauty of your new suite will undoubtedly match the quality of your project, a worthy office for a top-notch production team.

HPC has a place for you to set up no matter what stage your project is in, state the art high-tech Production & Post- Production Facilities are available today. Hollywood Production Center has what you need for your project, whether it be almost endless filming opportunities, gorgeous suites, top-notch security, and amazing convenience, we have it here. If you are intrigued by our offices and want to move in quickly, even the same day, schedule a tour now, so you can join us in your new office suite!

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Century City, CA

If you’re looking for a furnished office space rental, or a production office space near Century City, contact HPC. We serve Century City and surrounding areas, offering cost-conscious professionals and businesses a superb value with convenience and top-quality services.

Furnished office space is critical for business travelers, small businesses, corporate personnel, and professionals, especially those who are looking for an affordable office solution. It can take the expense and hassle out of finding the right business office. It allows you to move into a new office quicker and with less upfront capital.

It costs a lot of money furnishing an entire office with copiers, printers, fax machines, computers, direct fiber high-speed Internet access, furniture, phone systems, and other resources that create a comfortable work environment. With fully-furnished Executive Office Suites, you can move into an affordable, professional business office without spending an outrageous amount of money.

At Hollywood PC, we have been helping companies and professionals get a high-quality office or production space for their projects. We can match you with the perfect office for your needs. You don’t have to worry about purchasing or moving office equipment or furniture, and you can save a tremendous amount of money. The money saved can be invested back in your business.

Image and first impression matter greatly when looking for a place to set up a business office. A great first impression is extremely important for any business. To achieve success in your business endeavors, you must convey a professional and polished image. This will give your clients and prospects the impression that you are serious about your business.

HPC provides comfortable and stylish executive offices, meeting rooms and video conferencing capabilities. Each conference and meeting room is fully outfitted and ready for business. Never worry about missing a call with an experienced, professional receptionist taking your business calls. Our experienced staff is fully dedicated to your business success. All of the resources needed for your business to flourish are available.

We have several locations near Century City CA. Our offices have very good views of the beautiful surroundings and business districts. We are steps away from popular shopping and dining venues, and public transport links are just minutes away. With our sophisticated office environment, whether you’re renting a short-term or long-term executive office, you can relax and work in comfort.

Contact us today to check out the wide range of amenities and executive offices we offer, including our Production & Post- Production Facilities.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Bel Air, CA

Do you need a professional office near near Bel Air CA? Looking for a prestigious office complete with a receptionist, top-quality amenities, and expert business support? A HPC office with full staff and flexible terms is what you need. Modern, sleek, efficient executive offices and workspaces tailored to your current business needs.

All-inclusive executive suites and fully-furnished workspaces are fast becoming the top choice of businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. An all-inclusive office solution is essential for minimizing expenses, maximizing profit, and enhancing customer service and overall exposure.

Hollywood PC provides fully equipped, customizable office spaces with the latest technology, ready as soon as you are. We provide office solutions for companies and professionals from a wide variety of industries. Some of our renters include production companies, artists, corporate executives, business travelers, fashion designers, creative teams, attorneys, and others who desire a perfect location for their all-in-one spot to live, work and play.

Use our modern fitness gym for your workout instead of commuting to the gym. Jacuzzi, yoga instructor, rooftop pool and are also available on our premises. We also have a business center with state-of-the-art technology.

Amenities also include High-Speed Internet, Telephone with Voicemail, Mail Delivery and Handling, Network Printer, Copier and Fax, Friendly Receptionist to Greet Your Guests, and 24/7 Facility Access. You’ll find that HPC gives you all the essential amenities and services for working efficiently.

The Executive Office Suites are in an environment which enhances company image and credibility. Having an office in such an environment is important in portraying yourself as someone that potential clients and associates can have confidence in.

We provide offices, Production & Post- Production Facilities that impress, prestigious address, excellent location, the latest technology, and office space that suits your needs. With several large buildings near Bel Air, depending on your schedule, you can move into your new office as soon as the following day. Just a single, affordable bill that includes only the items you want.

Whether you want a temporary office or extended office rental, we have a fully furnished office ready to meet all your business needs. Use professional workspaces and meeting rooms fitted with state-of-the-art technology.

Ready to get started with a luxury office, temporary office, or private office? Visit our website to request a free tour of our professional office complex, and we will get back to you right away.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Altadena, CA

You can move into Executive Office Suites near Altadena CA that are completely furnished and ready to go. These Turnkey Office Spaces include utilities, Internet, and phone services. There are several locations near Altadena. Gorgeous facilities are available for the entertainment and professional industries that need office space. In most cases, you can move in immediately. The suites are completely furnished and ready to use.

These are state-of-the-art facilities where all you have to do is bring your work and get started. Internet access is waiting for you, as well as instant telephone service. For your convenience there is an on-site café, so you and your staff can grab a bite to eat, without having to disrupt your workday. There is a hair salon on the premises to make life easier. An on-site gym with showers can be used at your leisure. There is a personal trainer at the location as well. The staff at the locations is there to serve you in any way necessary. The location will give you a feeling of community making your work here, very nice.

The Hollywood Production Center has been serving the community since 2001. People in the entertainment industry and other professions find the locations serve their needs very well. The Hollywood PC locations have parking lots with valet services. The facilities are the used regularly for Production & Post- Production Facilities, creative work, filming and executive offices.

At the HPC you will be able to work and conduct business among your peers. Facilities are supplicated and luxurious. Short-term leases, as well as long-term leases, are offered. They are there for your convenience. You have the flexibility to reduce your space as your needs are reduced. You can also grow into your space as your needs increase. The benefits of the facilities are breathtaking.

The facilities offer private kitchens, balconies, and other amenities. There is a professional reception area, security system, and janitorial services available every day. The facilities will give you all that you need to complete your projects without any additional hassles. Visit their website at and take a virtual tour of the facilities.

Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Alhambra, CA

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or an old pro on the Hollywood television and film scene, you need a place where you’re comfortable so you can tap into that creative vein within for your next brilliant concept.
You want a place where you can simply be yourself. A place to channel your energies on your craft and utilize cutting-edge technology to bring that work to fruition. And a place, too, where you can relax, blow off steam and have some fun.

At Hollywood Production Center, also called HPC, executive office suites cater to the needs of producers, writers, editors, and anyone else in the industry.
If your production plans find you near Alhambra CA, this all-in-one complex has all you need to do your best.

Hollywood PC is a one-stop studio for all your production needs. You’ll have access to facilities to shoot any type of production you want, including reality shows and feature-length films. Furthermore, you can utilize any on-site location to shoot your production, from the rooftop to the swimming pool.

Once your day’s work is done, forget about trying to deal with LA traffic to get your post-production done. You have on-site access to top-notch professional Production & Post- Production Facilities. You don’t need to leave the site because a dedicated site engineer is there to ensure your work is flawless. Moreover, you can even get the heavy stuff taken care of; for example, there’s more than enough space for generators to park.

You don’t need distractions. Your focus should be on your craft. Our focus will be on having your back.

You know exactly what you want after a tough day in production or onset. There’s plenty to help you blow off steam or make you smile. An on-site gym to run a treadmill from your stress? Or maybe you need to hit the free weights? No? Don’t worry, there’s a massage service or a yoga class to help ease your body and mind if that’s your style.

Outside are a courtyard and patio where you can enjoy the year-round LA sun with a cold drink while drawing up that next big idea. Sit and network with fellow industry insiders or negotiate your next big contract.
The HPC complex is an all-inclusive facility designed to save your money, time, and, ultimately, stress. Yet, it’s also located purposely in an area where you’ll also enjoy getting out and exploring nearby trendy shops, bars, and restaurants.

Home (Almost!)
As much as we try, we know it’s not home. However we at HPC do all we can to make you as comfortable as possible.

Your executive office suite is nicely appointed. When you check-in, there’s no wait. Your room is ready, and you’ll be pampered with five-star housekeeping and secure with 24-hour security making sure you have the quiet you need.

You’ll have various ways to tap your creativity – sit on the balcony and be inspired or meditate under the suite skylight until your idea crystallizes. There’s even an overstuffed sofa where you can forget it all if need be.

There’s also high-speed wireless, a fully-equipped modern kitchen, and enough furniture to make any guests welcome and comfortable.

Your lease options vary from weekly to monthly – or even longer, should that be the case. Please tell us your needs, and we’ll work out a lease that suits your schedule.