Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites Near Eagle Rock Ca

If you are looking for a premier office suite location near Eagle Rock CA, consider Hollywood Production Center, or Hollywood PC. These are state-of-the-art facilities that offer fully-furnished turnkey office space for the entertainment professional. Our suites are stylish, comfortable and the perfect place to get work done when you’re on a strict deadline. There is no better location to focus and create outstanding results than at a Hollywood PC.

We are leaders in providing space that is conducive to high-performance results. As a business-savvy, innovative professional in the entertainment industry, you need the amenities and services that will help you to think and create. You need to push your team for the results you want. That’s exactly what we have!

At our executive office suites we give you beautiful views, bright spaces and amazing outdoor seating areas to get your work done. We specialize in offering the perfect setting for script writing, commercial story-board creation, production & post- production facilities, video recording, and TV/film production. We also have an abundance of mid- to large-sized meeting rooms for business gatherings.

Currently, we have five HPC locations that can easily serve Eagle Rock CA and neighboring areas. We are minutes from places like Sunset Gower Studios and Raleigh Studios. We are the hub of business creativity in the Hollywood and Glendale areas. Our facilities have a pre-installed voice, data and high-speed internet. We also have on-site gyms, personal trainers, yoga instructors, showers, masseuse, and car wash amenities in many of our locations. Our professional meeting space gives you a location to thrive along with your team. With our world-class amenities and high-quality technology, you can’t go wrong. Everything is here for you. All you have to do is show up and do what you do best—create your next successful business venture!

By offering the perfect turn-key office suites, you can find the ideal location for your production to get rolling. We know the importance of fostering creativity in the entertainment field. That’s why we have focused our energies on creating areas that encourage cohesion and teamwork along with ideas and brainstorming. Our goal is to help you- the innovative and proactive professional—to show your skills. Being in the best setting possible is always a positive thing! We are proud to present some of the best locations for positive energy to flow. If you really want to hit a high in your industry, come and see how our work environment can help you to organize and generate the top productions of your career.

Whether you are a producer, director, manager, or any entertainment industry professional, we have the perfect solution. Visit us at for a virtual tour of our premier office locations.