Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites in Glendale, CA

Our Hollywood PC is located in Glendale CA where we offer executive office suites for industry insiders in need of a production office space. All the members of the entertainment industry including production companies, commercials, music videos, television, and creative teams can comfortably rent our sophisticated offices in their bid to have prestigious work in the film industry. The place is wholly set up for editors, writers, designers and also featuring individual office and office suites.
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Executive offices located in Glendale CA include a turnkey office space that is more suited to talent agencies, attorneys, PR companies, and Fashion consultants. There are med-sized and large meeting rooms in addition to fully furnished large offices.
The offices are designed to cater to clients’ needs by preserving them from spending a lot of money in securing office space that has no furniture. The customers are only required to come with their computers while kitchenettes are provided with essential items. Other services offered include a friendly maintenance team that handles challenges quickly and efficiently.
Janitorial staff is also provided for the day-to-day cleaning activities. The team also ensures that all utilities are paid on behalf of the client in a convenient way to avoid challenges in setting up water and power bill accounts. A secure valet parking service is also provided to ensure that the customer’s vehicles are safe.
The cars can be washed while the customers are inside the building if they wish. Apart from Production & Post- Production Facilities, a well-equipped gym with a trainer is also provided to cater for the in-between stressful sessions and lunch breaks periods. The clients can relax from a masseuse to be fit for the next meetings. The company clearly understands all the customers and the type of office needs they have. Entrust all your office needs therefore with HPC for a creature kind of comfort you deserve.
Facility Amenities
• Ample parking that includes gated and valet to ensure security.
• 24-hour surveillance, janitorial and professional reception area.
• Fully furnished office suites of various sizes.
• High-speed internet.
• Showers, on-site gym, yoga instructor and trainer, car wash, and masseuse.
Executive office suites with balconies, private kitchen, skylights, and private entrance.
• Long term and month-to-month leases.
• Filming location-courtyard, office sets, rooftops, gym, and patio.
• Same day move in!
• Save money on start-up costs.
• Tour today move
• Professional meeting space.
• Word class amenities.
• High-quality infrastructure and technology
• Kind of environment where you thrive best.
• Cost savings of a shared building while maintaining an identity for the clients.
• Every location offers professionally equipped buildings and a premium address.
Consider paying a visit and take a free tour of our office suites and be proud of Production & Post- Production Facilities offered.