Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Altadena, CA

You can move into Executive Office Suites near Altadena CA that are completely furnished and ready to go. These Turnkey Office Spaces include utilities, Internet, and phone services. There are several locations near Altadena. Gorgeous facilities are available for the entertainment and professional industries that need office space. In most cases, you can move in immediately. The suites are completely furnished and ready to use.

These are state-of-the-art facilities where all you have to do is bring your work and get started. Internet access is waiting for you, as well as instant telephone service. For your convenience there is an on-site café, so you and your staff can grab a bite to eat, without having to disrupt your workday. There is a hair salon on the premises to make life easier. An on-site gym with showers can be used at your leisure. There is a personal trainer at the location as well. The staff at the locations is there to serve you in any way necessary. The location will give you a feeling of community making your work here, very nice.

The Hollywood Production Center has been serving the community since 2001. People in the entertainment industry and other professions find the locations serve their needs very well. The Hollywood PC locations have parking lots with valet services. The facilities are the used regularly for Production & Post- Production Facilities, creative work, filming and executive offices.

At the HPC you will be able to work and conduct business among your peers. Facilities are supplicated and luxurious. Short-term leases, as well as long-term leases, are offered. They are there for your convenience. You have the flexibility to reduce your space as your needs are reduced. You can also grow into your space as your needs increase. The benefits of the facilities are breathtaking.

The facilities offer private kitchens, balconies, and other amenities. There is a professional reception area, security system, and janitorial services available every day. The facilities will give you all that you need to complete your projects without any additional hassles. Visit their website at and take a virtual tour of the facilities.