Executive Office Suites

Executive Office Suites near Silver Lake, CA

We at Hollywood PC are a well-established provider of chic office space and accommodation in the Los Angeles area. Our establishments include HPC1 and HPC4 in Hollywood, CA; HPC2 and HPC3 in Glendale, CA and TENTEN Wilshire in downtown LA. All 5 Hollywood centers offer flexible month-to-month and long-term leases to serve clients with different accommodation needs and budgets. The center also operates a same-day move-in policy that ensures guests arrive, unpack, relax and get back to work as quickly as possible. Our establishments are easily accessible since they are located a few miles from major highways, interchanges, and landmarks.

For production companies, advertisement bureaus, movie executives, creative teams, and filming and television crews in Silver Lake CA who do not need full-time office space, but want to maintain a professional image. Hollywood centers offer some of the best living and working accommodations in Southern California. For starters, guests get to enjoy personalized services with an amazing array of personal amenities, including professional reception, private entrance, private kitchen, and personal trainer. Executives in the business world and entertainment industry with huge accommodation demands will be glad to know that amenities such as boardrooms and conference rooms are readily available for immediate occupancy.

Clients also get the benefit of enjoying cost savings that come with living and working in a shared environment, while maintaining their individual identities. Besides the strategic address and personal attention to details, the executive suites at HPC also feature skylights, balconies, and an advanced communication package that includes pre-installed data, voice, and high-speed internet. This is in addition to ample parking, a gated facility, and 24-hour security surveillance. The filming locations available at the client’s convenience include office sets, courtyard, gym, and a fully functional rooftop that comes with a host of world-class amenities such as a swimming pool.

The addition of a new sound stage in Glendale CA is aimed at revamping HPC’s fast-growing production business. The location can be used by production crews to film; television, photoshoots, commercial, movies, and music videos. Because of its strategic advantages, HPC has played host to big names in the entertainment industry. The clients include; CBS, 20th Century Fox, MTV, and Paramount. To get accommodation in Southern California’s distinct production & post-production facilities, call us today at (888)298-7887 or schedule a tour to learn more about our office plans and know how we can help you advance your filming aspirations. Tour details are also available at our website