Executive Office Suites

The Perfect Film And Workplace In Mount Olympus CA

Hollywood Production Centers offers the perfect place for you and your team to film write and produce in the beautiful Mount Olympus CA. The Mount Olympus production center is located directly in the middle of Hollywood itself, which makes for an amazing film spot for you or your crew, and also serves for amazing views through your office window, so that you may take in the beauty of the city. The office is meticulously designed in regards to architecture to ensure that you work in a elegant environment for the enjoyment of anyone who enters.

Hollywood PC includes a staff for your entertainment or professional needs, such as relaxing after a day of work and having fun. Another one of the large lists of amenities includes ready-to-go voice, data and high-speed internet, yoga and gym instructors, and gorgeous plant decorations for your workplace. Also offered is a fully furnished office along with janitorial services and security so that you can fully devote your time to your work. If you would like to work alongside pets, that is also a fine option for you and your team, as pets are welcome in all HPC facilities.

Looking for that perfect spot for you and your team to film? Hollywood PC offers an abundance of great filming spots for you to use such as penthouse filming, pool filming, faculty rooftop filming, and Helipad filming. If you need help setting up a location to film, and on site, the engineer can happily help set everything up for you. There will be a surplus of areas for you to film, write and work due to the massive 31,000 square foot facility for you and your team to treat yourself to. The Production & Post- Production Facilities are made to please with their full furnishing, and you’ll find yourself glad to welcome your team into the lavish work area.

In a hurry to move in? Hollywood PC offers convenient same-day move-in so your work can get started right away. For the head of production, fancy Executive Office Suites are varying in size and include a fully furnished office space for you to conduct your work in. You’ll find that the Executive Suite is the perfect place for you to edit, work, film, or simply unwind with some entertainment or food.

Hollywood Production Centers is the absolute best office for you and your team to enjoy working in, especially with all the amenities. We offer lavish offices, a plethora of filming locations, and many, many included services for your convenience! Reserve a tour now, so you can experience all of what HPC has to offer before you start working with us!