Serviced Office Space


West Lexington Drive is a popular area and an ideal location to set up a business office. If you want to get a small space for rent or check out one of the executive suits in Glendale CA and surrounding areas, you made a great decision. This amazing place has a vast selection of office spaces and production rental spaces, and it is not far from world-renowned Hollywood Production Center.

Having a business office in a suitable location is important. Your office is not only where your vital documents are kept, it is where most of your business is conducted. Some people do not give careful thought to the location of their business office. Choosing the right office space is also an important decision that can have a significant effect on your productivity and your business success. If you own a business, it is crucial that you have an appropriate business office and set it up properly.

For long term success, it is important to establish credibility and trust. If your business appears established, then prospective customers and clients will be eager to do business with you. This can be difficult in some situations, but there are ways to handle it. Renting a serviced office may be just what you need to get your company off the ground.

A serviced office comes complete with equipment and furnishings. Rather than moving into an office space and having to equip and furnish it, the space is serviced. You don’t need to arrange for nightly janitorial service, supply stocking and inventory, insurance payments and the other necessary services. The building management handles all of the operational tasks of the office building. You simply move into a fully equipped office and focus on running your business. A serviced office space gives your business instant credibility. To customers or clients, your serviced office looks like any standard business office.

Choose a reliable rental agency that not only specializes in finding office rentals but knows the area you are interested in and, preferably, has a good reputation in the office rental or business community. Finding office rental can be a tedious and time consuming task, and you want an expert in your corner who deals with this type of issue on a daily basis.

Once you hire the services of a reputable rental company, you can peace of mind in knowing that your search for the perfect rental office space for your needs will be handled properly and in a timely manner.

Serviced Office Space


If you are a business owner and need to rent an office space, it is important that you choose carefully. The location of an office matters a lot. It can have a huge impact on the future of your business. If you make the wrong choice, you will waste your time and money. Make sure you choose a location that is well known for promoting business growth and prosperity. It is also important that you have access to quality office space that will help grow sales and establish your business.

When it comes to choosing a location for office rental, Santa Monica Blvd is a great option. Many of the most popular businesses and International companies are located in this area. The world-renownedHollywood Production Center is close to this area as well. Whether you need a small space for rentor production rental, you can find a suitable space near this popular Blvd. Many executive suits are also located in this amazing business and entertainment city.

If you want a hassle-free way of moving into an office, you may consider getting serviced office space. Serviced office buildings provide businesses with work space and the amenities that are available in a standard professional office. This type of office rental is gaining increasing popularity as businesses and organizations try to find ways to minimize expenses while maintaining a professional appearance. Renting a serviced office can be beneficial, but you need to be sure you find the right office space that will help you run your business successfully.

Read a prospective lease carefully. Review your monthly rent, the length of the lease, responsibilities of the landlord, any penalties for early termination of the lease, and other pertinent details. Find out if the lease includes maintenance of office and other issues. Don’t forget telephone lines, broadband Internet connections, receptionist and other communication needs.

Plan properly, know what you need, and be ready to look for it. It is crucial that you get proper guidance in choosing a suitable office space. Contact a reputable rental company that has a huge database of available rental spaces. Established agencies have the inside connection on what office space is becoming available soon and can advise you on which office rentals are the best for your situation. Some companies specialize exclusively in office space rentals or leases. For a convenient monthly fee, you can get a suitable office space for your business.

Serviced Office Space


If you are considering getting an office space in the Los Angeles area, you made a wise decision. Whether you need a production rental space or a regular office space, you will find it in this city. This city is home to many International and multi-national businesses.

When it comes to choosing an office space, the location of your office should be considered carefully. You need to identify an area of the city that is suitable for the type of business you are operating. For instance, if your business provides services to those who are in the music or entertainment industry, then it’s a good idea to find a location that is close to a major street, such as North Gower Street. If you are running a business in brokering or finance, you might want to get an office space in the middle of the city where many of your potential clients can be found.

After you decide on the right location, you need to know whether you want a small space for rent or one of the larger executive suits in the city. If you are operating a small business, and do not anticipate having customers or clients come to your business location, you can get a small office space. But for a larger business, however, you will need to get a commercial space that can accommodate your staff, clients, waiting areas, and cubicles and all of your office equipment.

Serviced offices are a quick and convenient way to move into an office and start running your business. This is a great way to get set up properly without the hassle of purchasing or dealing with office equipment and furnishings. With a serviced office space, you get all of the benefits of a standard office without the hassles. Most serviced offices come with amenities such as a receptionist, conference rooms, security guard, and office equipment such as fax machines and printers. Many serviced offices provide a call answering and forwarding service that answers telephone calls on behalf of the business owner. They can take messages and forward calls to your office or home, depending on your wishes and availability.

Now you are ready to start looking for available spaces. A licensed rental agency can help you find an office space and save time. Rental companies have the knowledge and experience to assist you in finding the most suitable office for your needs. Learn to identify reliable rental companies as you go about looking for office location. Choosing the right agency will pave the way toward finding your dream office.

Serviced Office Space


Hollywood Production Center has office space available that is specifically designed for TV/film production, post production, new media, and publishing companies. Our office space has full service amenities and has a staff that is eager to make you work environment as enjoyable as possible.

Serving the professional and entertainment industry in Southern California since 2001, Hollywood Production Center has gained a reputation of quality and professionalism that is unmatched. Our office space is conveniently located near Sunset Gower Studios CA. We have everything from small space for rent, to executive suits available. Our serviced office space is a great place to have your entertainment company. Our production rental offices are a great place to have all of your professional meetings. There is plenty of space for your meetings and the world class amenities allow you to conduct a productive meeting and get everything done.

All spaces have the latest high quality technology installed and ready to use. You and your employees will thrive in the comfortable, fully furnished office suites. Also with our onsite parking clients and employees will never have to bother with parking fees, or long walks from an offsite parking lot.

For the past twelve years we have made it possible for anyone in the entertainment industry and professional environment to conduct business in a professional sophisticated manner no matter what aspect of the industry they are in. We accommodate our clients with whatever they need, whether it is a short term lease, or a high quality suit with the latest technology. At HPC you have the ability to grow into more space or subtract space as you need. Also our office space comes with the support of our experienced, responsive and understanding staff.

In addition to a great space and exceptional customer service, HPC office space comes with a sense of community and family among our tenets. The on-site gym, showers, personal trainer, yoga instructor, masseuse, flower and plant arrangements and car wash make it easy to build relationships quickly. These relationships make for a great working environment and in some cases allow for interesting business opportunities. Once you rent space from HPC you will instantly be involved in this community and will quickly become acquainted with other companies in your industry.

Getting into HPC has never been easier with our same-day move-in, our convenient locations, and our flexible leasing options, your company can get moved in and start enjoying a great office as soon as you need it.

Serviced Office Space


Hollywood Production Center has been offering great office space to the professional and entertainment industry in Southern California for twelve years. HPC has a well-respected reputation and is known throughout the entertainment industry. Our available office space is located conveniently near Raleigh Studios. Our offices provide a wonderful space for your entertainment company. HPC has available office space for all kinds of entertainment companies.

All of our offices have high quality technology already installed. This technology is ready to be used by our tenants. All members of your company will be able to get quality work done in our fully furnished, comfortably laid out office suites. Also our onsite parking provides clients and employees with plenty of spaces so they will never have to find a parking lot or garage to park in.

The staff at HPC understands your needs and will do anything they can to help. Our employees will respond to any production rental needs in a quick and efficient manner. Our employees are experienced in the entertainment industry, and can understand what you need.

Since 2001 we have made it easy for entertainment companies to have a professional business environment, and conduct business in a professional office space no matter what kind of work they do. We support our tenants by providing them with the space and tools that they need. We allow them to move into a bigger or smaller space as needed and provide the option of a short or long term lease.

Our offices are a smart choice for all of your business related meetings. The world class amenities allow you to conduct a productive meeting and our offices provide a comfortable business environment. This ensures that you will be able to have productive meetings with your clients.

If you choose to have an office at HPC you will quickly realize that we offer much more than a good office space with an attentive staff. HPC offers an on-site gym, personal trainer, masseuse, yoga instructor, flower and plant arrangements, showers and a car wash. All of these amenities make it easy for tenants to get to know each other.

Once our tenants know each other they become surprised with what these relationships can do. Whether you find a friend or a future business partner the friendly atmosphere at HPC is one of our most endeared qualities. HPC offers same day move in making it extremely easy and fast to get moved into a new office, and with our flexible lease options it is easy to leave whenever you deem necessary.

Serviced Office Space


For anyone living around the Glendale Courthouse area or nearby, they may want to think about some of the serviced office space available to them. Some people might want to take a look around them to find what they can get. There are a number of different options available for different people. Many business professionals find this kind of space to be useful for the projects that they have. This can give them a better working environment and help them get some things done. No matter what your budget may be, you can get some help here. If you aren’t sure whether this is the right option for you, feel free to read through this article.

One of the biggest advantages provided by these production rental offices is that they can provide a private working environment. You will be in charge of what happens when you get a room through this agency. There are many high quality rooms that you can get with the Hollywood Production Center. Some people will be impressed by the availability of different rooms here. They will also be well stocked, providing all the supplies that they may need. Talk to a representative with this agency to see what you can get through here.

Even if you are a small business owner, you might want to take a look at some of this office space. There are small space for rent options that will help owners that may have a limited budget. They will still have access to many amenities when they contract with this provider. Some of them will be priced to allow small owners to conduct virtual office business work in them. This can still provide them with a way to meet with colleagues and potential clients. This can allow you to get more done and potentially expand your business operation.

Finally, there are some customers that may be interested in the different executive suits that are out on the market. This will give them access to some of the top-of-the-line suites that are available here. They can get everything that they need when they choose this option. They can even sign long time contracts that will let them lease these units for a while. This can provide executives and managers with a sense of stability with what they do on a regular basis. This kind of stability can enhance productivity and make them more valuable to their organization.

Serviced Office Space


Beverly Hills CA is right in the midst of Hollywood’s big names, and finding a small space for rent in town can be tricky. So many serviced office space apartment buildings are either rented, too expensive for new professionals in the entertainment industry, or too far away from the heart of the city. You don’t want to be outskirts in this town: being on the outskirts means you’re on the outs in Hollywood!

Don’t worry about finding a place to live: we have got you covered. The Hollywood Production Centerwas opened in 2001 to service professionals in the entertainment industry. Whether you are looking forproduction rental, or a place for executive suits, we can fulfill your needs. We know that you’ll love our amazing suites, as they are designed to meet the high, exacting quality you expect from Beverly Hills apartments.

We offer three different locations in and around Beverly Hills, each a high-quality, state-of-the-art facility. Each suite is designed to be comfortable, easy to understand, enjoyable to work at, and inexpensive for the budding entertainment industry specialist. All suites can be used as production offices, post-production, executive offices, and even offers potential filming locations. There’s no end to what you can get by renting a suite with us.

Our rental facilities come with a high level of technological advances, including voice mail, data storage, high speed internet connections, an on-site cafe, hair salons, gyms, showers, lockers, and even personal trainers. People renting from our facilities get the executive treatment: you will feel like the king of Hollywood in our suites, capable of taking over the world. All our buildings are close to at least one production facility, giving you access to the biggest names and companies in the film industry today.

All suites include a bathroom with the latest in fashion and style and a high quality kitchenette to meet your cooking needs.

Our suites are perfectly designed for the directors, producers, and writers that make Hollywood spin. If you’re worried about security, don’t: we offer a highly trained security firm that keeps you safe from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. We also offer skilled valet parking, and a busy janitorial staff to look after your needs.

So, if you’re looking for a production rental or a small space for rent, call us at 855-737-7534 to inquire about vacancies. Take advantage of our same-day move-in policy, to get the suite of your dreams!

Serviced Office Space


The hustle and bustle of Hollywood Ca is the perfect place to locate an upcoming, or even established production company. It is here that the company can find the best and the brightest in the production industry. The people here are focused, and concerned with the quality of the products they offer production studios and want to make the best impression possible.

One of the best ways to establish a business presence in Hollywood Ca is to utilize serviced office space. These spaces are fully equipped and ready to go. The company offers fully furnished executive suites that include utilities and all the perks to make your production rental space look polished and professional.

In the world of business a handshake is gold and the appearance of the business makes all the difference when seeking repeat customers. Even in the production game, one needs to look like a high roller, even if they are not. Executive suites that have all the amenities like valet parking in a gated facility can make just the impression needed to catapult a business to the upper level.

Office space in southern California is in high demand. Finding the perfect location can take hours, even weeks to find. There is a solution. Whether seeking a small space for rent or needing something that replicates a Hollywood Production Center going to anyone else will not net the same results. We pride ourselves on high quality furnishings, prime locations and the best service available.

Executive suites will make the difference when seeking to impress guests. Choose a location with an on site gym, masseuse, and even a car wash for guests’s vehicles will leave a lasting impression. That impression will be a good one that the guests will want to deal with your company again and again. Theexecutive suits will definitely refer friends and colleagues to your business.

The perfect office space makes for the perfect working environment. Finding a place in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale is important if wanting to expand and garner a reputation. Strategically situating a business where the highest traffic for that business is simply making good business sense. When wanting a strategic location and the best possible suites available always go to the best in the business. Same-day move-in and long and short-term leases make us the best to serve all your office needs.

Serviced Office Space


With the jump in animated features in the movies over the past decade, Glendale has continued to build and improve upon its reputation as a one stop shop for people who want to produce a movie that contains elements of animation or any other form of advanced graphical design.

Part of the attraction aside from having the talent and the support that you need to bring off a major motion picture production are local businesses like Hollywood Production Center. HPC is one of the most popular serviced office space complexes in Glendale, with two different locations in the city to serve you.

They also have two more locations in Hollywood that can serve as every thing from a pre-production planning space to post-production editing and anywhere in-between. In fact, many times people who lease are surprised to find out that they are allowed to film on location in many of the buidings’ outside areas and public spaces.

Another nice thing about locating your crew in Glendale is that you are close to everything without having to climb into the middle of it every day if you do not choose to. Located a little North of Hollywood on East Broadway in Glendale, you can avoid traffic when ever you are not meeting with other partners in other places.

Production rental can vary in terms of the amenities that are provided. At HPC, we strive to provide each complex with a mixture of professional and support services that will allow you to feel pampered while you focus on productivity in your open work space.

In terms of size, HPC has everything from small space for rent, to executive suits. Each suite has enough space to put a small production team in so that they can work comfortably side by side. There is also private office space in some suites that can be used for executives or for specific technical purposes like sound or video editing.

If you need to hold meetings with a team, each building has onsite conference room capability, you really just need to sign up on the schedule to be able to use one.

And of course, if you are going to be working hard, you will probably want to have access to a place to work out and stay in shape. To that end, HPC provides a full gym complete with instructors and classes throughout the day. To top it off, as with most tech facilities where people work insane hours, HPC offers lockers and showers.

Serviced Office Space


Hollywood Production Center in California offers serviced office spaceproduction rental, andexecutive suits. If you need a small space for rent in the Los Angeles or Glendale areas, this production center is perfect for you.

At the production center in Los Angeles and Glendale, utilities, internet, and phone are included. The application fee for rentals is waived with a tour request. Once you see the quality and style of the production center, you will never want to work in another office again. These offices are the best in the business!

The office suite available come in a variety of sizes to suit any of your needs. The entire facility is gated and has 24 hour security surveillance, providing you and your colleagues with an extra layer of protection and privacy. There is plenty of parking available, including valet parking for that special client.

The various office suites available boast skylights, private kitchens, balconies, and private entrances. Every office comes complete with pre-installed voice, data, and internet accessibility. These offices are located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, offering close access to many production studios. Leases are available on a month to month or long term basis, based on what works for your project. You will not be trapped in a lease longer than you need when you choose this office space.

The production center strives to exceed your expectations by offering more than just basic office services. Luxury amenities include an on-site gym and personal trainer to keep you in shape. Stay fit or get in shape by training alongside a professional personal trainer before or after work, without having to drive to a gym.

Yoga classes from a professional yoga instructor are available to lower stress levels. Hundreds of studies have shown that people who practice yoga are more focused and energized than people who do not. You could improve your efficiency during the workday by waking up with a yoga class to energize your body. After you try the yoga class, be sure to visit the on-site masseuse for a professional massage. Loose, relaxed muscles feel great even hours after a massage. The package is topped off with live flower arrangements and a car wash for your convenience.

You can not go wrong with the variety, flexible lease terms, security, amenities, and convenience of this production office center.

Serviced Office Space


If your are involved in the entertainment industry in the Los Angeles area and are in need of office space, look no further than Hollywood Production Center. They have offices ready to use and provide everything you need in an office environment. You can stay focused on what you need to be doing in order to succeed instead spending time managing an office space.

Hollywood Production Center provides furnished offices that are attractively decorated and completely functional. If you desire them, unfurnished offices are also available. Phones are supplied as well as Internet access. Conference rooms are available for meetings and are set-up for your teleconferencing needs.

Projects in the entertainment industry can vary in size, so your office requirements may vary in size as well. Hollywood Production Center solves this problem for businesses by offering a scalable service. Your office space can be expanded or retracted when needed. In addition, short-term as well as long-term leases are available to help your business adapted to the changes in the size of your projects.

Other aspects of running an office are also taken care of for you. Utilities are included in the monthly fee, and there is 24 security for your office and parking area including security personnel and camera surveillance. The headache of setting up office cleaning is eliminated because janitorial services are a part of the package.

The ranges of amenities are amazing. Everything from a car wash to free coffee or cappuccino. An espresso machine is available as well. There is also an on site gym equipped with lockers and showers.

These offices, and the environment that has been created, are perfect for those in the entertaining industry that are involved in creative areas. They are ideal for writing and working with ideas as well as casting for a production. Those filming on location in the Los Angeles will find these managed offices to be an ideal fit for their project.

All of the services from Hollywood Production Center are geared towards taken care of the needs you have for an office, so you can become more focused on what you do best. Taking away one aspect of business that does not relate directly to your business. After providing you with your office needs, Hollywood Production Center creates a relaxing environment that will help to keep your creative level high for yourself and others you are working with.

Serviced Office Space


Serviced office space in Glendale, CA is frequently becoming one of the more popular options for business owners in the area due to a variety of reasons. There are regular offices that require manual set-up including placement and individual purchasing of office equipment, and then there are serviced officesthat already come fully equipped. One of the main reasons why more people are making the decision to purchase and/or rent serviced office space in Glendale, CA is obviously due to convenience and then of course, lower cost.

A office building in Glendale, CA for rent is easy to find. However, not all buildings come available at an affordable price. One variable to consider is that the folks who are renting the building need to make a living also, so finding the most affordable office space for rent can be tricky. Most business owners are looking for a bargain, and when searching for a place to host business, there are always more things to consider than just price.

Serviced office space in Glendale, CA is also a lot less hassle. People who are in business generally do not want to take out the time to find equipment because it can honestly take a lot of time – sometimes months to week if just starting out. Another advantage for newbies is that there are no questions as to what customers prefer and what is needed in the office because everything is already right there ready to use.

If cost is an issue, serviced office space is the way to go because it minimizes start-up costs. Overall, business supplies can range from hundreds to several thousand. This also eliminates the potential need for applying for a loan. Not everyone has the perfect credit to qualify for the funds required to get up and running, which presents a huge problem for otherwise very qualified and knowledgeable entrepreneurs. Not having a good credit score can hinder business-owners in a number of ways, and can also be very discouraging, causing many to give up their dreams altogether.

Making the decision to rent or purchase serviced office space in Glendale, CA is an option that is available for beginners, the experienced, as well as those who have low funds and bad credit. It’s by far considered one of the quickest, most convenient, and simplistic ways to conduct business, making the overall experience pleasant for both the business as well as the customer.

Serviced Office Space


If you are looking for fully serviced offices in Los Angeles, CA, consider Hollywood Production Center. There are many benefits to choosing a serviced office from a reputable company. You can enjoy having the space that you need to work in along with many other perks.

To begin with, you can choose an office that will fit your needs. You may be interested in a suite or just a small corner office to do your work. When you choose a serviced office, you will not have to pay any extra fees for utilities. Your electric bill, Internet, and phone bills will be free.

When you choose to rent a serviced office from Hollywood Production Center, you get many more good things too. You can enjoy getting your car washed while you are at work or enjoy getting a massage during your coffee break. This company will treat you like royalty.

If you have a small business that you run yourself or with just a few employees, you will really appreciate the sense of community that Hollywood Production Center offers. You can meet new people at the monthly mixers that this company holds. You can also meet people in the gym or cafe that are inside of this company. You can always enjoy a little bit of chitchat while drinking the coffee, mocha, hot chocolate, or cappuccinos that are all complimentary. By renting a serviced office space, you are joining a group of professionals that work as hard as you do.

There is no need to worry about hiring a professional cleaning service for your office because this company offers a great janitorial service. Your office will stay looking clean and amazing for no additional charge. If you have any trouble with the heating, air conditioning, or anything else this company also offers an amazing maintenance team that will be ready to assist you.

Security is always good at Hollywood Production Center. You can count on their 24-hour security surveillance. This company also offers free valet parking. If you are looking for a serviced office that offers more than you can imagine, Hollywood Production Center is going to be right for you.

Serviced Office Space


The entertainment industry of today is a fast-paced and ever-changing world that has a varying degree of special needs. From pre-production to post-production, your needs may vary as the amount of people working on any project at a given time can shrink or grow as resources are reallocated to other needs elsewhere. For this reason, it is important to ensure that your office and production space is as flexible as your schedule. By working with Hollywood Production Center, you will not only have a space available to you that fits your needs, but it will be well outfitted and finished to serve as your home away from home.

Although we can work with you to provide almost any need, our offices are already well furnished and equipped with phones and Internet, utilities, conference rooms and also 24-hour surveillance and security. This not only ensures that you can quickly move into an office area that has already been set up, but it also offers you the flexibility and scalability you’ll need as your production changes and grows.

Aside from the functional aspects of the office space, you may also choose to have any number of amenities to make your space feel more at home. We can provide access to an on-site gym that is outfitted with lockers and toiletries so you can burn off some steam if you get stuck during the creative process or simply need to escape for a short while. Also, because lifting weights and running isn’t for everyone, you may choose to also have personal trainers and yoga instructors available to your entire staff.

Regardless of whether you’re writing a script, storyboarding, casting or simply needing space to get the creative juices flowing, we can help. We understand how important a professional and sophisticated work area is to anyone working within the industry, so we strive to bring any of your needs to you quickly and easily while also making it affordable. We have captured what we believe to be the ideal sophisticated working environment for nearly any professional in the entertainment industry, and we work diligently to ensure that any changes that are needed are dealt with swiftly.