Serviced Office Space


Hollywood Production Center in California offers serviced office spaceproduction rental, andexecutive suits. If you need a small space for rent in the Los Angeles or Glendale areas, this production center is perfect for you.

At the production center in Los Angeles and Glendale, utilities, internet, and phone are included. The application fee for rentals is waived with a tour request. Once you see the quality and style of the production center, you will never want to work in another office again. These offices are the best in the business!

The office suite available come in a variety of sizes to suit any of your needs. The entire facility is gated and has 24 hour security surveillance, providing you and your colleagues with an extra layer of protection and privacy. There is plenty of parking available, including valet parking for that special client.

The various office suites available boast skylights, private kitchens, balconies, and private entrances. Every office comes complete with pre-installed voice, data, and internet accessibility. These offices are located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, offering close access to many production studios. Leases are available on a month to month or long term basis, based on what works for your project. You will not be trapped in a lease longer than you need when you choose this office space.

The production center strives to exceed your expectations by offering more than just basic office services. Luxury amenities include an on-site gym and personal trainer to keep you in shape. Stay fit or get in shape by training alongside a professional personal trainer before or after work, without having to drive to a gym.

Yoga classes from a professional yoga instructor are available to lower stress levels. Hundreds of studies have shown that people who practice yoga are more focused and energized than people who do not. You could improve your efficiency during the workday by waking up with a yoga class to energize your body. After you try the yoga class, be sure to visit the on-site masseuse for a professional massage. Loose, relaxed muscles feel great even hours after a massage. The package is topped off with live flower arrangements and a car wash for your convenience.

You can not go wrong with the variety, flexible lease terms, security, amenities, and convenience of this production office center.