Serviced Office Space


With the jump in animated features in the movies over the past decade, Glendale has continued to build and improve upon its reputation as a one stop shop for people who want to produce a movie that contains elements of animation or any other form of advanced graphical design.

Part of the attraction aside from having the talent and the support that you need to bring off a major motion picture production are local businesses like Hollywood Production Center. HPC is one of the most popular serviced office space complexes in Glendale, with two different locations in the city to serve you.

They also have two more locations in Hollywood that can serve as every thing from a pre-production planning space to post-production editing and anywhere in-between. In fact, many times people who lease are surprised to find out that they are allowed to film on location in many of the buidings’ outside areas and public spaces.

Another nice thing about locating your crew in Glendale is that you are close to everything without having to climb into the middle of it every day if you do not choose to. Located a little North of Hollywood on East Broadway in Glendale, you can avoid traffic when ever you are not meeting with other partners in other places.

Production rental can vary in terms of the amenities that are provided. At HPC, we strive to provide each complex with a mixture of professional and support services that will allow you to feel pampered while you focus on productivity in your open work space.

In terms of size, HPC has everything from small space for rent, to executive suits. Each suite has enough space to put a small production team in so that they can work comfortably side by side. There is also private office space in some suites that can be used for executives or for specific technical purposes like sound or video editing.

If you need to hold meetings with a team, each building has onsite conference room capability, you really just need to sign up on the schedule to be able to use one.

And of course, if you are going to be working hard, you will probably want to have access to a place to work out and stay in shape. To that end, HPC provides a full gym complete with instructors and classes throughout the day. To top it off, as with most tech facilities where people work insane hours, HPC offers lockers and showers.