Serviced Office Space


The hustle and bustle of Hollywood Ca is the perfect place to locate an upcoming, or even established production company. It is here that the company can find the best and the brightest in the production industry. The people here are focused, and concerned with the quality of the products they offer production studios and want to make the best impression possible.

One of the best ways to establish a business presence in Hollywood Ca is to utilize serviced office space. These spaces are fully equipped and ready to go. The company offers fully furnished executive suites that include utilities and all the perks to make your production rental space look polished and professional.

In the world of business a handshake is gold and the appearance of the business makes all the difference when seeking repeat customers. Even in the production game, one needs to look like a high roller, even if they are not. Executive suites that have all the amenities like valet parking in a gated facility can make just the impression needed to catapult a business to the upper level.

Office space in southern California is in high demand. Finding the perfect location can take hours, even weeks to find. There is a solution. Whether seeking a small space for rent or needing something that replicates a Hollywood Production Center going to anyone else will not net the same results. We pride ourselves on high quality furnishings, prime locations and the best service available.

Executive suites will make the difference when seeking to impress guests. Choose a location with an on site gym, masseuse, and even a car wash for guests’s vehicles will leave a lasting impression. That impression will be a good one that the guests will want to deal with your company again and again. Theexecutive suits will definitely refer friends and colleagues to your business.

The perfect office space makes for the perfect working environment. Finding a place in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale is important if wanting to expand and garner a reputation. Strategically situating a business where the highest traffic for that business is simply making good business sense. When wanting a strategic location and the best possible suites available always go to the best in the business. Same-day move-in and long and short-term leases make us the best to serve all your office needs.