Serviced Office Space


If your are involved in the entertainment industry in the Los Angeles area and are in need of office space, look no further than Hollywood Production Center. They have offices ready to use and provide everything you need in an office environment. You can stay focused on what you need to be doing in order to succeed instead spending time managing an office space.

Hollywood Production Center provides furnished offices that are attractively decorated and completely functional. If you desire them, unfurnished offices are also available. Phones are supplied as well as Internet access. Conference rooms are available for meetings and are set-up for your teleconferencing needs.

Projects in the entertainment industry can vary in size, so your office requirements may vary in size as well. Hollywood Production Center solves this problem for businesses by offering a scalable service. Your office space can be expanded or retracted when needed. In addition, short-term as well as long-term leases are available to help your business adapted to the changes in the size of your projects.

Other aspects of running an office are also taken care of for you. Utilities are included in the monthly fee, and there is 24 security for your office and parking area including security personnel and camera surveillance. The headache of setting up office cleaning is eliminated because janitorial services are a part of the package.

The ranges of amenities are amazing. Everything from a car wash to free coffee or cappuccino. An espresso machine is available as well. There is also an on site gym equipped with lockers and showers.

These offices, and the environment that has been created, are perfect for those in the entertaining industry that are involved in creative areas. They are ideal for writing and working with ideas as well as casting for a production. Those filming on location in the Los Angeles will find these managed offices to be an ideal fit for their project.

All of the services from Hollywood Production Center are geared towards taken care of the needs you have for an office, so you can become more focused on what you do best. Taking away one aspect of business that does not relate directly to your business. After providing you with your office needs, Hollywood Production Center creates a relaxing environment that will help to keep your creative level high for yourself and others you are working with.