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If you are seeking seek to set up a cost effective posh office inside a Class-A building that can accommodate up to 15 individuals then go to Glendale California for the best result. Hollywood Production Centers provides high quality offices with exquisite services. The business offices come alongside spacious conference and meeting rooms, a serene parlor, state-of-the technological system including internet and faxes not mentioning 24-hour automated security system. Recording studiosindustry is aggressively changing this city that was once known as the home of Forest Lawn.

With numerous production offices other media-related firms are rushing to this town, and as a result, office space demand has escalated significantly. According to trends exhibited earlier on during the year which is at present the same, office demand is surging and this particular demand is attributed to the news that Hollywood Production Center is planning to rent seven carpets in a Glendale office building for corporate managerial operations. These West Lexington Drive service offices comprises of both outfitted and unfurnished business settings that reflects the business outlook of the surrounding areas. Secretarial and IT services are accessible and customers’ benefit from access to the city information center. These offices have also incorporated various business amenities such as financial institutions, health clubs, hotels, on location restaurant, dry cleaning, and Sundry Store among others.

For very many years, Disney was the main amusement park within Glendale. This particular park envelops in the ballpark of 1 million square feet and uses more than 1,000 workers. Its freshly discovered popularity is also good information to a city that boasts of 192,000 inhabitants, which in the earlier years began a promotion campaign that incorporated magazine and radio spots. The campaign focused on the city’s top-quality office structures in strolling separation of restaurants, shops, and theaters. The city has likewise profited as the quickly extending stimulation organizations in Burbank have discovered it more and more troublesome to find space in the West Lexington Drive in Glendale CA, and consequently have turned to close-by Glendale. The production offices are presently the city’s biggest employer.

Additionally, the media and entertainment sectors are moderately high paying and industry stakeholders have a tendency to use more cash on food and entertainment than workers in different organizations do. The nearby housing business sector has additionally profited as studio representatives search for homes adjacent. Between Burbank and Glendale, you may have the strongest business locale in the Glendale CA.

Overall, recording studios possess more than 2 million square feet of office space in Glendale. The workplace-opening rate is a tight 6%, compared with more than 20% in business district of Los Angele. Moreover, top rental rates have moved to an august $26 for every square foot. Maybe the biggest concern for Glendale now is that the business land has ended up so tight that entertainment organizations with prompt needs may need to look somewhere else.

With increasing business competition it is advisable to go for serviced offices in areas such as Hollywood Production Center. When you rent a fully furnished office, various office equipment and furniture are converted from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. This implies fewer taxes and reduced operational costs because you get the services of secretaries and boardrooms from the rent that you pay.

Service Offices


To help keep your finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry, moving your offices to a Los Angeles or Glendale area location may be the right solution for your company.

Image is everything in the entertainment industry, and having a Santa Monica Blvd. office will help you raise your profile among the many competing players in the business. In addition to providing a prestigious address where you can hang your shingle, an office in the Santa Monica Blvd. area can make important meetings and other events more convenient as you have a facility near important competitors and potential partners in the business.

With regard to film production, this area lends itself to creating eye-catching, attractive shots, so having a location in the Los Angeles or Glendale area can be a big benefit. Filmmakers have shot in this area for years, as it provides a great diversity of architecture, scenery and more.

Hollywood Production Center has a number of properties perfect for use as service offices, filming sets for office, gym or rooftop scenes and for use as recording studios. One of the benefits of using our company for your office or other location needs is that we can cut through the red tape involved with securing permits to film, saving you production time and associated costs. Our company also has long and short-term lease options available, which can help you should you need to reshoot footage.

All of our office facilities are ready for use, complete with phone and Internet connections, further increasing their convenience to our clients.

In addition to the convenience and practicality of having your production officesrecording studios or filming sets in a convenient Los Angeles or Glendale location, our company also provides a range of amenities for its clients. Many of our service offices and similar properties have catering and gym facilities on site. Being able to conveniently pick up a delicious, healthy meal or blow off some steam by working out can be very beneficial in the hectic atmosphere of film production or entertainment deal-making.

By using a company slanted toward the entertainment industry, you benefit by dealing with office space providers who understand the pressures you are facing to complete production and who know how to best facilitate solutions for any obstacles you may face. For greater convenience and a host of amenities geared toward the entertainment industry, Hollywood Production Center is the office space provider of choice in the Los Angeles and Glendale areas.

Service Offices


Looking for the home of your next production office? Look no further, the Hollywood Production Centerwas designed with you in mind. Within walking distance from Hollywood Boulevard,North Gower Street is infamously located near the historic heart of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

With office locations in Hollywood and Glendale to service professionals like you since 2001, our facilities come with cozy add-ons and star quality comfort to make your work day complete. From single offices to executive suites, our all-inclusive, fully-furnished, turn key offices come equipped with sky lights, private kitchens, balconies, and private entrances for all of your production needs.

Home to producers, writers, and editors alike, our creative spaces and added features are a main attraction for those in search of service offices. Since you live at your job, all of our service offices,production offices, and recording studios have pre-installed voice, data, and high speed internet. These fully functioning spaces are offered for long-term or short-term contracts and immediate offices are now available for month to month leasing and same day move in. Call and get a tour today.

Conveniently located on North Gower Street, Los Angeles, the Hollywood Production Center is a favorite of many insider professionals. There is no need to hassle with moving furniture, setting up internet services, or other utilities. Our professional offices are ready to be utilized, but space is limited. Reserve a tour by calling now.

With full access to a wide range of filming locations and amenities such as; office sets, modern patios, state of the art gyms, charming courtyards, breezy rooftops, and much more! Moving into our facility is a win-win for everyone. Beautiful and modern individual offices as well as executive office suites are all part of this contemporary design. Used for group meetings, individual offices, company gatherings, film productions, or studio recordings our chic facility is intended to service your production and post production needs.

You never have to worry about finding parking with our large parking garage, 24-hour surveillance, and valet parking. No time to eat breakfast? There is a cafe on site too. No matter how big or how small the project, whether you are looking for short-term or long-term offices, HPC is the place for you. Our staff is available at any time to assist you with questions or concerns.

Flexible, convenient, and functioning professional office spaces are now available at a location near you. Bring your laptop, plug into your creative space, and plug away at work. Tour today, work today. Reserve a tour and make HPC your new office space now.

Service Offices


Sunset Gower Studios CA is a nice place to have a business. This beautiful city offers everything that a business needs to establish and flourish. There are many successful businesses located in and near this wonderful place, including production offices and recording studios.

If you are looking to operate your business from a professional environment, it’s important to find the right office rental to accommodate your clients and employees. The first step to finding the best space is to evaluate your company’s office needs. Before you look at available office space, you must devise a strategic plan. You should determine how much space your company needs. Additionally, if your company is growing, you must plan for creating additional space.

The cost of office rental directly relates to the size and type of space you are interested in. An office with a conference room is typically more expensive than one without a conference room. Rental price for month to month lease is typically more expensive than a long-term contract. This an important consideration you will need to make when renting a space for business.

Amenities are another important factor you need to take into consideration. Some office rentals include a reception a receptionist that answers phone calls for businesses in the same building. The receptionist can answer your calls and then either transfers the calls to you or takes messages for you. Some rentals also include equipment and machinery so you don’t have to bother buying them. You should find out what’s included before you decide to sign a rental agreement.

Generally, furnished office spaces give you access to office equipment including fax machines and copy machines. They also provide access to meeting rooms, which are equipped with telephones and other supplies. Conference rooms may also provide access to audio visual equipment for meetings and presentations. In order to select the most suitable office space for your business, you need to make sure that the rental office has all of the items that you need to operate your business.

When you ready to find a nice office space, it is advisable to enlist the services of a reputable rental company that is experienced in commercial office rentals. While there are many rental agencies out there offering to help you find the right rental space, you should only deal with a company that has the expertise to help you get what you are looking for.

Reputable service offices are available in Sunset Gower Studios CA. If you are looking to rent office near-production offices or recording studios, such as Hollywood Production Center, you can get what you want if you know where to look.

Service Offices


When you relocate from the Raleigh Studios area into a temporary space in Hollywood, you may need a space where you can work. can provide you with a great space to do all of your work each day. Each office is completely furnished in the latest decor. This can provide you with a working space that has everything you need to be successful each day.

You will also have a choice in the size of service offices that you need. If you need a large space to complete your work each day, this need can be fully accommodated. You can also choose a smaller space if you only need a small amount of room to complete your work each day. You will be working in a shared location that allows you to save money, but you will still have your own private space for working. All of your expenses like utilities, internet, and telephone are included in the monthly payment for your unit. When you begin to look at the many amenities you can expect, you will be able to see how much you can take advantage of when you are conducting your work in the Hollywood area.

You will be able to park your car in a gated facility that can provide you parking at any time of the day, or night. You will also be able to use valet parking to quickly leave your car, and enter the building. Inside the building you will find everything you could dream of to make your life easier while in town. You will find a full gym, personal trainer, and shower facilities to make sure that you stay in shape while you are away from home.

Hollywood Production Center can provide you with an exclusive address. This is a great way to establish your reputation as a business in the area. You can use the highest standards in technology to conduct your business each day. This in turns means that you will have access to technology that can make your work life a breeze. Each office suite is ready to go. You can come and tour the facilities, and make arrangements to move in the same day. This can be a hassle free way to find production offices on a temporary basis.

If you need access to recording studios, you will find everything you need. This can give you a wonderful space that you enjoy immensely. This can be the business space you use anytime you are visiting the Hollywood area for business.

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For recording studios and production offices looking for suitable service offices, Hollywood Production Center offers local spaces in Los Angeles and Glendale, some of them with a great view of Glendale Courthouse and other beautiful areas.

Starting and running a business isn’t easy, after all, and you want to make certain that you and your staff have the best possible environment to work in. A great work environment leads to higher productivity among your staff, increasing their job satisfaction as well as the work they put in. Whether or not you believe in Feng Shui or the philosophies of certain interior designers, you have to believe those hard-nosed real estate agents when they tell you that it’s all about “location, location, location!”

Obviously, a beautifully constructed and maintained office space is great for your business, but the central location of your office is a boon in and of itself. First and foremost, you want to have a location that is convenient for staff and clients to reach; the more distant or obscure your office’s location, the harder it is for staff to get there in time and on a regular basis, and that goes double for clients.

A central location also gives your office access to the many facilities and amenities of Glendale and Los Angeles. Recording studios obviously have a need of regular maintenance and delivery, given the complex machinery they work with; when your office is conveniently located in the city, maintenance and supply professionals will have no problem locating and reaching (on time, amazingly!) your office when you need them.

Production offices also need to entertain clients and guests on a regular basis, which means providing food, drink, entertainment, so on and so forth. A centrally located office has access to all the businesses — restaurants, bars, caterers, etc. — that can be found in Los Angeles and Glendale. These are the same services that the high-flying lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats of downtown L.A. law firms and Glendale Courthouse enjoy. You won’t have to settle for whatever is available in your distantly-located office when you choose instead to settle your business in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the United States.

Start exploring your options for service offices today by filling out the form and sending it to us. Our professionals will work with you to find the right office location for you, one that meets and even exceeds your needs and expectations at a surprisingly affordable rate.

Service Offices


A lot of people start out their service offices by adding a virtual office in Beverly Hills CA because it allows them to meet their client requirements without having to be there every day.

What happens though, when your business starts to grow and you require full-time office space in a nearby location? Beverly Hills is nice, but it can’t always provide the same amount of choices that you will find in Hollywood.

And what if you have a project that requires you to get an office full-time for a short duration like 6 months before you go back to working from a virtual office?

In both cases, Hollywood Production Center can help fulfill your requirements. Designed for film and sound production work as well as providing office suites for service businesses, HPC knows how peripatetic schedules can become in Los Angeles and has some of the most flexible lease options available.

Visitors to our complexes are often surprised at the amount of parking space available for staff members that come in to work in your offices. Don’t be. There are few complexes in the area that provide as much free parking as you’ll find at HPC.

If your business involves recording studios or film production offices, you will be happy to note that the facilities are set up to work well with either environment and have a variety of tenants at any time already working on similar projects. Of course, with the time that it takes to get permission to film in the Los Angeles area, it is also nice to know that you are allowed to film in the common areas, the parking garage, and most of the exterior building if you would like. Each building contains an extensive lobby and a workout facility that features onsite trainers, masseuses, and periodic exercise classes.

The suites themselves range in size from comfortable to spacious. They are pre-furnished and equipped with the latest hookups in cable, phone, and internet technology. Each suite has its own private entrance, making it easy to work through the night if necessary.

Seeing is believing, however. Once you have had a chance to come by and take a look at the amenities and the office suites, you’ll likely find that it is an incredibly productive environment to accomplish whatever it is that you plan to. To make things even nicer, if you schedule a tour, HPC will waive any application fee. And if you are in a bind because of an accelerated schedule, don’t worry, we are flexible and efficient enough to allow you to move in the same day if that is what you require.

Hollywood Production Center is one of the best-located set of offices complexes in the area for those running service businesses. With 4 locations to serve you from, you will be sure to find a suite close to your client base.

Service Offices


The choice of commercial office location is something that needs to be handled carefully. If you don’t choose properly, you will waste your money and time. You want to locate your office in a place that will help you attract the right audience and grow your company. If you choose the right location, your service office will help you achieve the success you desire. That is why you should get a quality office space for your business.

If you are thinking about getting an office in Los Angeles CA or a nearby city, you made a great choice. This is an amazing city that has a lot of interesting things to offer to its residents and visitors. Many of the world’s greatest business and entertainment centers are located in this beautiful city and surrounding areas. Any business owner who sets up an office in this area can benefit tremendously from the exposure that this area gets.

When you are looking for office rentals, you should compare all options and select the most suitable space for your budget and business needs. It is always advisable to research properly before choosing the best service office for your situation, even if you are looking for one of the available recording studios nearHollywood Production Center.

There are many sources of information about service offices and office rentals, but not all of these sources can provide the kind of service you need. You want to be sure you are dealing with a company that maintains a huge database of good rental spaces, including recording studios. So it is absolutely necessary to use the services of a trusted rental company that is thoroughly familiar with this city.

There are several ways to find a rental space, and some methods are better than others. The Internet is the best place to begin your search for office rentals. A quick Internet search for “production offices” will certainly provide you with abundant results. But it is important to choose a reliable company in order to find a quality office space. A reputable rental company will provide the guidance you need to find and choose the most suitable rental for your needs. When you find your service office through a reputable rental company, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you made a wise decision.

Service Offices


Whether you are getting started or expanding your business in the Los Angeles area, it is pretty well-known that being centrally located can be a key to your success in the area.

Hollywood CA, is an area that is close to almost everywhere that you would want to be if you are a services company or involved in the film or video industry. Service offices set up in Hollywood not only cut time off their own commute, they also make life much easier for clients, who can drop by without driving for one or more hours to get there.

Hollywood Production Center is a popular business complex located right in Hollywood near the heart of the movie-making community. Their staff specialize in putting together flexible leases that allow clients to work in their offices on a project basis over the course of a year or so without having to worry about a long-term lease.

This makes it nice for companies that are based in San Diego or Orange County to set up production offices or a service office in Hollywood and either work through a new project, or use it as a base for expansion.

The amenities will certainly impress. The complex features multiple sizes of offices that all have large workspace areas and come pre-furnished. Most of the suites include kitchens and they all are pre-wired for high-speed internet, cable television and voice telephone service. The space is so well designed, that some firms have even set up recording studios for their projects.

Around the complex, you will find spacious common areas where you can chat with other tenants or hold informal meetings. You will also find full-service exercise facilities onsite, with a masseuse and plenty of exercise instructors to help provide balance to your workday. HPC is also equipped with locker rooms and showers for your convenience.

For meetings and small client parties, there are conference rooms and onsite cafe support that can allow for one of the most seamless experiences in the business.

As a service company, location is key. One look at the HPC website will show you how many other successful film industry firms have made HPC their home. In each case, location, amenities, and schedule made HPC the logical choice for these production and service teams to locate here.

But instead of taking our word for it, come over and take a look at the offices for yourself. Just by coming out and going through a tour, the staff will waive any application fee if you decide to lease.

Service Offices


For those in the know, there is only one choice for move-in ready production offices and recording studios in the Los Angeles area. Hollywood Production Center (HPC) provides the entertainment community in Southern California with move-in ready, world class office spaces suitable for TV and film production, audio recording, and publishing.

Located in Glendale CA, HPC’s full service offices are within easy reach of a diverse array of entertainment-related companies and abundant leisure activities. Glendale offers big-city amenities and a small-town feel with a moderate climate. It is the perfect location to be in the middle of everything without feeling surrounded, so you can comfortably do your best creative work in HPC’s chic facilities offering full service amenities and top notch customer service.

HPC specializes in serving the entertainment community, enabling you to do your filming, recording, production, and publishing in an all-inclusive location while keeping the typical delays and red tape to an absolute minimum. HPC’s office suites abundantly serve you during all phases of your endeavors, including writing, set design, creative phases, and all of your post-production needs.

What you’ll find in HPC’s production offices will far exceed your expectations. HPC has established themselves as the premier destination for those in the professional and entertainment industry since 2001. Their current offerings include three ultra-modern, state-of-the-art facilities offering fully furnished suites with turnkey voice, data and high speed internet connections. There is also an onsite café and a hair salon, and for those times when you need to relax and unwind, you will find a well-equipped gym to keep you healthy and energized, complete with showers, lockers, yoga instructor, personal trainer and masseuse. At all times, there is 24-hour security and a friendly staff providing you with exceptional customer service and a smile.

You can now see why those in the know make HPC’s turnkey service offices their top destination. There simply is no equal. When making your next move up to a facility that will enable you to do your very best creative work in the most relaxed, secure, and competent environment available, make HPC your only choice. Their expertise and experience serving the entertainment community assures you of world class facilities, services, and attention to detail. Your satisfaction is their top priority. When you combine the modern facilities with friendly staff, 24-hour security, exceptional customer service, and a location in the heart of Glendale Ca, you have an outstanding value that can’t be beat. Join the many other satisfied entertainment professionals who have made HPC their number one choice since 2001.

Service Offices


Glendale is one of the best cities for business in Southern California. With Dreamworks and Walt Disney located near East Broadway in Glendale and other companies like Nestle close by, the city has a lot of experience hosting talented companies.

So if you are looking at locating your service offices in an area that is close to one of the most talented work forces in the country, looking in Glendale makes sense.

Hollywood Production Center has a building complex in Glendale that is optimized for businesses that are expanding to the Los Angeles area. Whether you are involved in film production or animation or as a service firm, you will likely find both our location and our facility to be a compelling choice.

The parking options at HPC allow you to have several spaces during the day or evening without having to pay additional monthly charges, making each stage of projects that you work on that require more people a breeze.

If you are involved in film production and you need production offices to shoot film or video, your lease with HPC allows you to do so in the common areas of the building, in your suite, and around most of the exteriors.

The suites themselves are furnished with the latest contemporary designs and contain a sizeable work space and open area. The suites range in size from a small office to a very large office area. If you prefer private offices, that floor plan is available as well. Recording studios are also a use that the suites are put to when people lease from HPC.

One of the largest reasons that HPC is popular with business people in Southern California is that the leases are designed to be flexible with regard to the amount of time that people spend in an office. We know that expanding to Los Angeles for a project can be a temporary thing that lasts 6 to 12 months. It can also be a permanent expansion. The staff and the business offices are used to, and in fact designed to work with whatever your requirements are in this regard. Right now, if you schedule an office tour and come in and see the floorplans, any application fee that goes along with the leasing is automatically waived.

Once you do come in, you can also get a chance to see the building’s amenities. Large common areas that are great for an impromptu get-together and a full gym and massage room with professionals on staff help make our commitment to providing you with a holistic work experience evident.

Service Offices


If you are looking for service office in California then look no further than Hollywood Production Center. They provide offices for wide range of needs ranging from production offices to recording studios. They are specialists who provide turnkey facilities that are ready for occupation. This means that you can view their facilities and if you agree to the lease contract, you can move in the same day. They are located in good areas. There are wonderful locations in Glendale, Santa Monica, and other key areas.

The Hollywood Production Center offers offices that are fully furnished in a number of sizes. You have a wealth of choices to ensure that you get the office size that you need. All of the offices come with a professional reception area. This creates the right impression on the professional nature of your company when someone walks into your office. In order to maintain the right level of cleanliness and order in these facilities they come equipped with janitorial services. These are provided in a manner that will not inconvenience your operations in any way. Furthermore, since they understand the valuable nature of your business all the available office facilities have been equipped with round the clock 24 hour security surveillance. This will protect your investment, assets, not to mention you and your employees and visitors.

All of the available service offices in the California locations come with a ready to use IT infrastructure. This is made of pre-installed voice and high speed data connections. The office suites available are well equipped with private kitchens, balconies, private entrances, and even skylights. In keeping with aesthetics, there is also a flower and plant arrangement service provided. In order to take care of your health while you work, there are health and training facilities. There is an onsite gym complete with the right training equipment and a personal trainer for your convenience.

There is also a yoga instructor and masseuse on site in case you will require their services. These are all equipped with ample parking spaces. Furthermore, there is valet parking available in case you are running a business that needs it such as a recording studio. The parking is gated to ensure that the safety of your car is guaranteed. While the car is parked there, you can make use of the car wash service that is provided. All of the available facilities have ample space that can be used as a filming location forproduction offices. There are patios, courtyards, and so much more to ensure that if you use it for production you will be more than satisfied with the level of versatility and flexibility these offices offer.