Service Offices


Whether you are getting started or expanding your business in the Los Angeles area, it is pretty well-known that being centrally located can be a key to your success in the area.

Hollywood CA, is an area that is close to almost everywhere that you would want to be if you are a services company or involved in the film or video industry. Service offices set up in Hollywood not only cut time off their own commute, they also make life much easier for clients, who can drop by without driving for one or more hours to get there.

Hollywood Production Center is a popular business complex located right in Hollywood near the heart of the movie-making community. Their staff specialize in putting together flexible leases that allow clients to work in their offices on a project basis over the course of a year or so without having to worry about a long-term lease.

This makes it nice for companies that are based in San Diego or Orange County to set up production offices or a service office in Hollywood and either work through a new project, or use it as a base for expansion.

The amenities will certainly impress. The complex features multiple sizes of offices that all have large workspace areas and come pre-furnished. Most of the suites include kitchens and they all are pre-wired for high-speed internet, cable television and voice telephone service. The space is so well designed, that some firms have even set up recording studios for their projects.

Around the complex, you will find spacious common areas where you can chat with other tenants or hold informal meetings. You will also find full-service exercise facilities onsite, with a masseuse and plenty of exercise instructors to help provide balance to your workday. HPC is also equipped with locker rooms and showers for your convenience.

For meetings and small client parties, there are conference rooms and onsite cafe support that can allow for one of the most seamless experiences in the business.

As a service company, location is key. One look at the HPC website will show you how many other successful film industry firms have made HPC their home. In each case, location, amenities, and schedule made HPC the logical choice for these production and service teams to locate here.

But instead of taking our word for it, come over and take a look at the offices for yourself. Just by coming out and going through a tour, the staff will waive any application fee if you decide to lease.