Service Offices


If you are looking for service office in California then look no further than Hollywood Production Center. They provide offices for wide range of needs ranging from production offices to recording studios. They are specialists who provide turnkey facilities that are ready for occupation. This means that you can view their facilities and if you agree to the lease contract, you can move in the same day. They are located in good areas. There are wonderful locations in Glendale, Santa Monica, and other key areas.

The Hollywood Production Center offers offices that are fully furnished in a number of sizes. You have a wealth of choices to ensure that you get the office size that you need. All of the offices come with a professional reception area. This creates the right impression on the professional nature of your company when someone walks into your office. In order to maintain the right level of cleanliness and order in these facilities they come equipped with janitorial services. These are provided in a manner that will not inconvenience your operations in any way. Furthermore, since they understand the valuable nature of your business all the available office facilities have been equipped with round the clock 24 hour security surveillance. This will protect your investment, assets, not to mention you and your employees and visitors.

All of the available service offices in the California locations come with a ready to use IT infrastructure. This is made of pre-installed voice and high speed data connections. The office suites available are well equipped with private kitchens, balconies, private entrances, and even skylights. In keeping with aesthetics, there is also a flower and plant arrangement service provided. In order to take care of your health while you work, there are health and training facilities. There is an onsite gym complete with the right training equipment and a personal trainer for your convenience.

There is also a yoga instructor and masseuse on site in case you will require their services. These are all equipped with ample parking spaces. Furthermore, there is valet parking available in case you are running a business that needs it such as a recording studio. The parking is gated to ensure that the safety of your car is guaranteed. While the car is parked there, you can make use of the car wash service that is provided. All of the available facilities have ample space that can be used as a filming location forproduction offices. There are patios, courtyards, and so much more to ensure that if you use it for production you will be more than satisfied with the level of versatility and flexibility these offices offer.