Service Offices


Glendale is one of the best cities for business in Southern California. With Dreamworks and Walt Disney located near East Broadway in Glendale and other companies like Nestle close by, the city has a lot of experience hosting talented companies.

So if you are looking at locating your service offices in an area that is close to one of the most talented work forces in the country, looking in Glendale makes sense.

Hollywood Production Center has a building complex in Glendale that is optimized for businesses that are expanding to the Los Angeles area. Whether you are involved in film production or animation or as a service firm, you will likely find both our location and our facility to be a compelling choice.

The parking options at HPC allow you to have several spaces during the day or evening without having to pay additional monthly charges, making each stage of projects that you work on that require more people a breeze.

If you are involved in film production and you need production offices to shoot film or video, your lease with HPC allows you to do so in the common areas of the building, in your suite, and around most of the exteriors.

The suites themselves are furnished with the latest contemporary designs and contain a sizeable work space and open area. The suites range in size from a small office to a very large office area. If you prefer private offices, that floor plan is available as well. Recording studios are also a use that the suites are put to when people lease from HPC.

One of the largest reasons that HPC is popular with business people in Southern California is that the leases are designed to be flexible with regard to the amount of time that people spend in an office. We know that expanding to Los Angeles for a project can be a temporary thing that lasts 6 to 12 months. It can also be a permanent expansion. The staff and the business offices are used to, and in fact designed to work with whatever your requirements are in this regard. Right now, if you schedule an office tour and come in and see the floorplans, any application fee that goes along with the leasing is automatically waived.

Once you do come in, you can also get a chance to see the building’s amenities. Large common areas that are great for an impromptu get-together and a full gym and massage room with professionals on staff help make our commitment to providing you with a holistic work experience evident.