Service Offices


A lot of people start out their service offices by adding a virtual office in Beverly Hills CA because it allows them to meet their client requirements without having to be there every day.

What happens though, when your business starts to grow and you require full-time office space in a nearby location? Beverly Hills is nice, but it can’t always provide the same amount of choices that you will find in Hollywood.

And what if you have a project that requires you to get an office full-time for a short duration like 6 months before you go back to working from a virtual office?

In both cases, Hollywood Production Center can help fulfill your requirements. Designed for film and sound production work as well as providing office suites for service businesses, HPC knows how peripatetic schedules can become in Los Angeles and has some of the most flexible lease options available.

Visitors to our complexes are often surprised at the amount of parking space available for staff members that come in to work in your offices. Don’t be. There are few complexes in the area that provide as much free parking as you’ll find at HPC.

If your business involves recording studios or film production offices, you will be happy to note that the facilities are set up to work well with either environment and have a variety of tenants at any time already working on similar projects. Of course, with the time that it takes to get permission to film in the Los Angeles area, it is also nice to know that you are allowed to film in the common areas, the parking garage, and most of the exterior building if you would like. Each building contains an extensive lobby and a workout facility that features onsite trainers, masseuses, and periodic exercise classes.

The suites themselves range in size from comfortable to spacious. They are pre-furnished and equipped with the latest hookups in cable, phone, and internet technology. Each suite has its own private entrance, making it easy to work through the night if necessary.

Seeing is believing, however. Once you have had a chance to come by and take a look at the amenities and the office suites, you’ll likely find that it is an incredibly productive environment to accomplish whatever it is that you plan to. To make things even nicer, if you schedule a tour, HPC will waive any application fee. And if you are in a bind because of an accelerated schedule, don’t worry, we are flexible and efficient enough to allow you to move in the same day if that is what you require.

Hollywood Production Center is one of the best-located set of offices complexes in the area for those running service businesses. With 4 locations to serve you from, you will be sure to find a suite close to your client base.