Luxury Corporate Housing


When it comes to pursuing a home that emphasizes luxurious living along with comfort and professionalism, one may find the search quite a challenging hunt. However, if the prospective property investor is located in the Alhambra CA area, they may not need to look too far to find what they are looking for.

Hollywood Production Center offers an amazing luxurious corporate housing area in Alhambra CA. When entering the building, one will quickly become enamored by all of the facility’s amenities, appliances, and features. There is always something to do when an individual chooses the HPC to live in and work out of.

When living in any of the luxury corporate housing units, the resident will be surrounded by a vast array of amenities they can benefit from. Some of the amenities included in the HPC buildings are completely furnished office suites in different sizes and styles, ample parking for all guests and residents, valet parking services, gated facilities, clean and professional reception area, janitorial services with regular cleaning routines, 24/7 security surveillance, high speed internet and data, pre-installed voice transmission technology, on-site gym with a vast array of machines and equipment, skylights, balconies with private entrances and much more. All of these extras included with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities are sure to encourage anyone to consider the production offices and housing units as one’s home. Whether we are aware of it or not, a hard working individual will always feel the need to reward themselves for working hard and diligently. Therefore, one will never sell themselves short when choosing the Hollywood production center as one’s home, as they can take care of all of their daily responsibilities from where they live. Having everything one needs available to them in their very home is greatly beneficial with a great opportunity for conserving their time. Time management will hardly ever be a problem since they won’t be needing to leave their home too much.

The facilities are located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, which is another positive aspect of living in the location for those that enjoy going out every once in a while to enjoy the finer things in life. Entertainment, dining, and shopping venues are located in the same community, which further extends the fact that they will never need to leave the city if convenient comfortable living is what they are seeking.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Fully furnished office suites and luxury corporate housing is offered, for the southern California area. We have four separate locations for all of your onsite writing, production, filming and editing requirements.

Leases available include a month to month rental arrangement, for short term production and full use of our Hollywood Production Center. Onsite film and media production companies are our current tenants. Our office suites include a comprehensive setup for your writers and film crews. Leasing is month to month, and each rental contract may be extended for as long as your filming project requires.

Our onsite amenities allow you and your staff to enjoy a state-of-the-art professional reception facility. You are welcome to have meetings at your office suites. Your office has skylights, private kitchens, balconies and a private entrance. Our facility is a turn key arrangement. We have an onsite gym for you and your filming staff, to use as often as you wish. We provide a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, a masseuse, flower and plant deliveries and a car wash area. All of these amenities are available either upon request or are included within your rental package.

We offer our location as a long term leasing arrangement, also. We have same day move in, and you can quickly set up your filming requirements. We are dead line savvy, and we understand the importance of finishing your work on time. Our staff is trained to respond professionally and quickly to your production needs. We have a professional reception area, that presents you and your company in the best of light. Your office suites are kept clean with our own janitorial service, that cleans your office area daily. Our HPC locations include office sets and a rooftop courtyard, for you and your staff.

Altadena CA is a perfect location for your entertainment industry projects. We specialize in immediate occupancy and full amenities. Our customer service is trained to respond to the requirements of the television and film industry, post production business needs, news media deadlines and publishing company specific requirements.

Your production office includes an installed voice and data system. All of our office suites have high speed Internet availability, that is ready for you to use. Your production office has its own premium address, that is located within a fully equipped building. Each of our four locations has its own state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Visit our website and arrange your free professional tour, of any of our four convenient office locations. You can call us to set up your free tour.

Luxury Corporate Housing


To help your production company grow to its full potential, it is important that you add luxury corporate housing to your crop of facilties for supervisors, managers, technicians and others who contribute to your business. Or if you are an individual planning to move to Century City CA, Hollywood Production Center offers a wide range of condos and suites for your stay.

It is hard to perceive the difference between luxury and Hollywood PC. You can find good features here both inside and outside. Deciding what to select and which way to go when a unit becomes available in this luxury complex comes down to examining the inherent qualities of each unit. When you are staying at this facility, you are sending a powerful positive signal to your colleagues or employees that says they have the potential to obtain luxury and convenience for an affordable price. Choosing to stay in one of these facilities is a good idea when you are looking for a great lifestyle that no other properties deliver.

Perhaps the most important feature of HPC is the availability of something for everyone. The property comes with fully furnished office suites of various sizes with lots of parking space, reception area, janitorial service, security service, voice, data and high speed internet, gym, yoga classes, suites with private kitchen, skylights, private entrance and balconies. Not only that, the property also offers corporate housing for anyone in need of a short term or long term rental unit.

It is generally worthwhile to look into these properties before making any decision in Century City CA. These decisions could include setting up a business or company, job relocation, planning to join a college in the area, or a business-related move. Hollywood PC is the best way to find production offices. Renting an office is different here from renting almost any other property in the area. For one thing, other properties are expensive. You get what you pay for. They can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to a thousand dollars a day. Make sure you know what the extra fees and charges will be and exactly what you will get for paying those fees. On the other hand, Hollywood PC provides a more customized solution to your rental search. You will get many services pertaining to your stays, such as maintenance, valet parking, transportation upon request, and much else. Just specify your needs and ask for the right unit.

Luxury Corporate Housing


When it comes to choosing a place to live, whether it be for student housing, workplace residency, or simply comfort living, it is imperative for the prospective renter or buyer to ensure that they are choosing a location that is suitable for their needs. Therefore, if the prospective investor of the property knows they will be working within the area for a specific amount of time, they may want to choose a location that meets their style, standards of living, and is set up to provide comfort for them.

By choosing to stay in a housing unit in Hollywood Production Center, one can feel assured of knowing that everything they need is at their most convenient access. The office spaces are fully furnished with utilities, internet, and phone included into the rental fees. By requesting a tour request, the applicant can have their application fee waived upon signing up for a rental term.

There are many advantages in living at luxury corporate housing. Some of those advantages are immediate move-in capabilities, the ability of saving money on start-up costs, saving money on a shared environment with others in the complex, professional meeting spaces, top-of-the-line amenities, top quality technologies, private addresses for each location, along with many others.

The HPC facilities in Chula Vista CA are regularly maintained and cleaned to meet regulatory city standards for the assurance of providing residents with healthy and safe living environments. There is no doubt about the fact that California is one of the most beautiful places to live and/or visit, and the Hollywood Production Center only fulfills that testament.

The production offices can be rented from a variety of different styles and sizes. The facilities provide renters with ample parking spaces in a gated community. The facilities are always safe with the incorporation of 24-hour surveillance. The facilities are included with an on-site gym with several machines ranging from cardiovascular and weight machines. The office suites include skylights, private kitchens, and balconies with private entrances.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Temporary housing in Hollywood can have all of the best amenities when you explore all that Hollywood Production Center has to offer. This is a place that can be conducive to work and play with an address you will be proud to use while in Hollywood. There are many great advantages when using a temporary office space that you will only find at this location. If you are a person that needs to conduct some business in the area, you may be seeking out fully furnished luxury corporate housing. When you have a fully furnished space you will not have to worry about providing any of the necessities on this business trip. Month to month lease terms area available, or you can choose a much longer lease depending upon your personal needs. The staff at HPC will work hard to make sure that your needs are addressed when you are making your arrangements. When it comes to business there are many amenities that you can use the second you move in. Meeting spaces are available exclusively to residents on site. These are private areas where you can easily host gatherings. There is also a business center on site that can help you to take care of even more business needs. Each office suite is equipped with state of the art technology including internet service.

If you are relocating from Eagle Rock CA to Hollywood, this can be the place that you stay for each business visit. There are many places very near the temporary housing that can be visited without a car including shopping, and dining. There is also a full concierge service that can help you with any other needs that you may have. There are also production offices that can be used for all aspects of filming and production.

You will find that luxury corporate housing can also be a great way to spend your down time. With kitchenettes and full kitchens available, you will find that all of your needs can be accommodated on site. You will have a rooftop pool that you can spend some free time. There is also a fully equipped gym on site.

Luxury production offices can be yours now. With a simple tour, you can see what attracts so many other business-minded people to this special location and you can move in with your own lease terms right away. When you begin to explore HPC you will find a luxurious place to relocate from Eagle Rock CA to Hollywood.

Luxury Corporate Housing


You are imagining the future of your production business. It is just around the corner. It has to be, because Hollywood Production Center is here to assist you to make your dream comes true. And if your business is to thrive, your perspective needs to be shifted to a new mind-set that focuses on relevant tasks pertaining to your business and not have to worry about trivial things.

Hollywood PC genuinely offers luxury corporate housing for your business use so that you can enjoy the process of production you want and take pleasure in seeing your business grow and your dream become reality. There are many features that come along with the unit you choose from this company that you now seek. They include spacious halls, executive office space, lighting, appliances, parking areas and much else. Some of these features will be quite suitable for you employee needs; some will evolve to become suitable; some will also be distinctly unsuitable that can be modified later. It will be a wide range of features that will be offered to you when you sign up to rent the place. The basic features are usually designed to meet any business corporate housing needs but some may need to be modified if they are to really deliver what you need from them.

Whatever you get on this new unit for business employee housing, it is likely to be a significant investment so it is important that you get it right. Thoroughly determine your requirements and place them before renting. There is no doubt that an easily managed, integrated and comprehensive production offices like these will be your foundation for success in the very near future. For many business owners, renting these units is a quantum leap forward that can transform their business around. If there is a magical way to grow your wealth, then it is this process that will seamlessly unite all your business elements. It will be a system to give you an easy access to best resources so you can effortlessly concentrate on your work.

Sometimes people pay a heavy price for trying to grab necessary things on the cheap. It is important not only to focus on the cost but on value for money. Rental prices of these luxury housing units in Edendale, CA differ depending on what unit you choose and how many features are provided in that unit. You or your employees will also have an opportunity to enjoy many common features in HPC property such as common gathering areas, pool, club house and parks.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Are you a Hollywood producer or another employee of the entertainment industry who lives in Griffith Park, California that is looking for a productive place to work or film? Then the Hollywood Production Center is the ideal place for you. Our center is specially built for employees of the entertainment industry who can work, film, and meet up with a team to collaborate. There many advantages and amenities that can help make your stay as enjoyable and productive as possible at our luxuriously furnished offices.

Our office suites can provide you with a comfortable, productive, working environment. These professional meeting spaces can also allow you and your team of workers to come together and work in one convenient location. Our production offices have an entire IT structure set up, installed, and ready for immediate use. We provide you with high quality technology that can help increase you and your team’s production. You and your team also do not have to worry about any distractions. Although the working environment is shared within our facility, your office suite will be kept separate and private from our other clients. We also make sure that your identity is kept safe. If you set up a free tour with us today, then you can move in your new office suite and work on the same day. This can help you save money on start-up costs. Our luxury corporate housing also has many amenities that can make you and your team’s working experience smooth and productive throughout.

Our facilities have 24 hour surveillance for your protection. Our turn key facility provides you with fully furnished office suites of all sizes that are fully equipped with private kitchens, skylights, balconies, and a private entrance. There is high speed internet available throughout the HPC building. Also available for use are the on-site gyms, showers, masseuse, yoga instructor, personal trainer, and a car wash. Our facilities have multiple plant and flower arrangements all around for additional beauty.

Not only can you write, edit, and produce your work at our facilities, but you can also film here. We have multiple filming areas around our property that can be ideal for shooting TV shows and movies, such as our courtyard, gym, office sets, rooftops, and patio. You can shoot your TV shows for many seasons or an entire movie. With our facilities conveniently located here in Griffith Park CA, we provide you with a place filled with assets and amenities that can provide you with a productive experience like no other.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Hollywood Production Center is the premier facility for professionals that work in the enertainment industry and are in need of state of the art exective suites and prodction offices in the Toluca Lake area. Toluca Lake CA is located in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles California, just near Burbank, CA, which is the heart of music and television producrion studios. We have been serving the entertainment industry for over ten years at prime locations for movie producers, directors, music publishers, lghting and other crew members, artist managers, writing teams, and other members of the entertainment industry to conduct business.

Our luxury production offices provide corporate luxury housing that is ideal for members of the entertainment industry. We are a one-stop facility that has been designed to accommodate jobs such as editing, on-sight filming, on-sight writing, post production and other entertainment industry related tasks.

Not only are the corporate and production offices stylish and luxurious, but they also have been designed specifically with entertainment industry professionals in mind – they include full-service amenities, are fully furnished, are available in a variety of different floorplans, comes with a professional reception area, has 24 hour security and surveillance, up to date technology and high speed internet access, provides janitorial and maintenance services and has the option of a month-to-month or a long-term lease.

Luxury Corporate Housing in Toluca Lake, CA is a perfect fit for those trying to impress elite clients; and it can be done in a neighborhood that suggest you are serious about what you do and about maintaining a corporate image within the entertainment industry. Hollywood Production Center also offers ample parking, personal fitness trainers, showering, car wash, plant arrangements and more.

HPC in Toluca Lake California is affordable and is also an ideal location for the way entertainment industry professionls condust business. It is adjacent to Burbank California, which houses some of the most prominent recording and TV production studios in the Los Angeles area. It offers a variety of floor plans, balconies, skylights and private entrances. Tenants can also move in the same day is that’s more suitable for them..

For more information or to schedule a tour of our executive offices and great amenities, please fill out the form online or give us a call today.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Temporarily relocating from Los Feliz CA to the Los Angeles area for business does not have to be a challenge. Learning more about temporary, luxury living can allow you to get all of your needs met while you are in the area. Hollywood Production Center is a hidden gem that will provide you with temporary living that you may not have found in LA. This is the place where the amenities are outstanding. Not only will you have a great place to work where all of your business needs are met, you will also have a great place to spend your free time.

Many people think about luxury corporate housing and do not realize all that can be offered to make your stay a very pleasant one. It is important to explore all of the great amenities at our temporary location to see how much you can enjoy your time in the LA area.

Parking is often a major concern in LA, but at HPC this will never be an issue. There is a lot that is secure, and exclusive to residents. This will ensure that you always have a place to park and you will not have to spend time each day searching for a parking spot. There is also a valet service available that can make picking up and dropping your car off at the corporate housing simple.

Some of the amenities that you will find at the production offices include the latest state of the art office amenities that are available in every space. There are also meeting spaces available that can be used at will. High speed internet is also available in each office, living space. Each office suite is also completely furnished and you will not have to worry about bringing any of your own equipment. Full kitchens and kitchenettes are also available and this can also be a great convenience.

Relocating from Los Feliz CA to Hollywood for business can be simple when you understand all that temporary living has to offer. There are many amenities that you can take advantage of the same day you move in.

With a simple phone call, you can find out much more about production offices. You can also schedule a free tour and make arrangements for your stay while you are in the area. It is an option to move on the same day that you tour if you need business, luxury housing now.

Luxury Corporate Housing


A great number of enterprising companies seek to obtain luxury corporate housing in Universal City CA. This is not a surprise, due to it’s excellent location and the upscale atmosphere that it delivers. Some of the most premiere corporate spaces are located in Universal City CA and demand for luxury corporate housing is on the rise.

In a rush to make sure they aren’t the on that gets left behind in a competitive and rapidly evolving market, companies are racing to get the best office space that they can possibly find. A company is often times judged on the type of office they keep, so the incentive to have an upscale office space is high. In fact, economically speaking, the opportunity cost of not having such production offices is staggering, considering what one has potentially given up in choosing to do so. Having a great office in the modern business war is kind of like an arms race, and nobody wants to be the country that loses the arms race. Leading business publications often suggest that a company’s success is directly linked to their office. A better office of course means a better workplace. This then leads to happier, more well-adjusted and productive staff members. In a comfortable office, people won’t mind as much having to stay that extra couple of hours to make sure something important gets done on time. When it comes to the best production offices in the business, Hollywood Production Center delivers the best in fully furnished turnkey office spaces for Los Angeles business and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Hollywood Production Center, is a business you can trust to put your interests ahead of their own because, from the moment you walk through the door, your interests become their own. It is essential when searching for an office space to be dealing with someone who understands and responds to your needs as if they were their own. HPC is a firm people know they can trust when it comes to getting the job done. People know it is a firm that keeps its promise to you, and this is one of the most important aspects of establishing a healthy and ongoing business relationship with someone. Any company looking for an excellent all-in-one location to film, edit, write, produce, their movie should look no further because the perfect company can only be one company and that company is of course this company, HPC.

Luxury Corporate Housing


As every creative and writing team that has ever attempted launch a television or film project knows, a peaceful and well-equipped working environment is critical to a project’s success. In the entertainment industry, creative projects for the small or silver screen can have so many moving parts that it can often feel overwhelming. There are camera crews that must be hired, camera footage that must be sifted through and carefully edited and talent that must be auditioned and housed. At Hollywood Production Center we can take the logistical burden required to make your project come together off your shoulders by offering comprehensive production facilities in and near Silver Lake CA.

Our affordable luxury corporate housing is designed to offer entertainment professionals onsite facilities that meet all of their filming, writing, production and editing needs. Our team takes every opportunity to create a working environment that will be enjoyable, comfortable and cater to the needs of your project’s team. Our facilities offer a comprehensive range of amenities that will enable your team to have the productive experience they need.

Among our facilities’ many amenities are on-site cafes, a hair salon staffed with knowledgeable beauty professionals and on-site gym that includes a personal trainer to meet your team’s wellness and physical fitness needs. In addition to our cafe, some of our facilities offer tenants free refreshments. Our onsite gym also includes lockers and showers that your staff can use after completing a long intense day of shooting. Among HPC’s other amenities are on-site yoga instructors, an on-site masseuse and on-site car washing services that are available at your request. High-speed wireless internet is available and our facilities’ utilities will already be turned on before tenants’ arrival.

Our facilities house many production offices that have proven to be the perfect setup for entertainment professionals that are in what can be one of the most taxing stages of completing a successful creative project.

In fact many of American television’s most exciting TV shows have called our facilities home. The teams that are behind TV series like Syfy’s futuristic show Defiance and the CW’s paranormal romance teen sitcom called Star-Crossed have used our comprehensive facilities to help make their programs a success. We have also housed MetaTV.

Other benefits to securing one of our luxury facilities include our on-site cleaning and janitorial service. Each of our properties comes with 24-hour surveillance to meet our tenants’ security needs. Our sprawling parking lots ensure that the deluge of vehicles that often accompany creative projects are able to be comfortably parked. At our tenants’ request, we can easily provide friendly, efficient and professional valet parking services.

Visit today or call 888-981-9506 to schedule a free tour of one of our facilities.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Are you looking for luxury corporate housing in the Palmer Park CA area? Try the industry leaders. Hollywood Production Center is a one stop shop for all your television, film production, and post production office space needs. HPC has a vast array of production offices for you to choose from.

HPC caters to the Hollywood Entertainment Industry. They have facilities all over the Hollywood area, with frequent vacancies to immediately fulfill your office space needs. Their facilities are top of the line facilities offering great customer service and amenities you would never imagine.

Hollywood Production Centers offer fully furnished office suites in many different sizes. They have more than enough parking to accommodate your crew. There is a professional reception area, 24 hour security and janitorial on duty. They offer high speed internet and pre-installed voice. There is a fully equipped gym, with showers, masseuse, yoga instructors, personal trainers, flowers and a car wash. The office suites have private kitchens, a private entrance, skylights and balconies.

They have workable rental terms. You can rent a space on a month to month basis or on a long term lease. At their filming locations you will find office sets, a gym, rooftops to hangout on, courtyards and patios. The facility is a fully turn key facility. You can move in on the same day that you make your reservation.

The office facilities are centrally located for the Hollywood industry. It is an environment to help you make your clients feel cozy and at home. Food trucks come by weekly and their is a cafe on site. You can run your business from the facilities for many years to come. You have the option to expand your office space when needed.

Production companies need a place to hold business in a way that is comfortable and inviting. When you work the long hours that production companies work, you need a place that feels like home. You will find a second home you could be proud of in this place. WIth the gym, cafe, high speed internet, high quality technology, professional meeting spaces and spa like atmosphere, how could you ever want to conduct business anywhere else? There is nothing you would ever need that this great company does not provide. You can even bring your dog into the office. The building is dog friendly.

Give Hollywood Production Centers a call and take a tour of the space. Once you have walked through the grounds, you will for sure come to the conclusion that Hollywood Production Centers is the place you want to move your business to. The best part is you can move on the very same day. Immediate move-in is possible.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Since 2001, Hollywood Production Center has been catering to the entertainment business providing executive office services, occupancy of production, filming locations, and creative space. We pride ourselves in providing high quality, furnished amenities to clients in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale CA. Our luxury corporate housing facilities are perfect for the professional industries that are seeking affordable high-end accommodations.

We currently have 3 different locations for your convenience, all offering modern, high-tech facilities that are fully furnished in a gated community. Our suites range in various sizes, guaranteed to fully accommodate your whole team. Every suite is equipped with high speed internet and ready to go voice. You will also enjoy our many onsite services like our café, gym with showers and personal trainers, yoga classes, hair salon and masseuse. We house everything you’ll need right here at our facility.

We do everything in our power to make sure you’re able to welcome your staff and get them set up to do their job. Our facility has ample on-site parking and valet services in a enclosed community. For additional security, we have surveillance around the clock to ensure no one but authorized personnel are present at your filming sessions. The kitchenettes featured in our office spaces allow quick food preparation, ideal for heating up meals. Or you can take advantage of the on-site café that provides a variety of snacks and refreshing beverages.

Our production offices will even serve you further during set design and filming phases. After you’re done filming, space is still available for all your post-production needs. If you realize that some scenes still need some re-vamping, you save money because you are still in the location where you did the filming originally. Additionally, re-setting up your equipment will be a lot less costly, since you will not have to rent out another venue that requires additional permits.

We’ve made it feasible for anyone in the entertainment industry to be able to do business amongst their peers with elegance and tack, no matter what facet of the industry they’re in. With our month to month, or long-term leases we make it possible for a flexible space that allows you to grow or subtract space as needed. Whether you already have a presence in the area or trying to expand out into the Southern California region, we welcome you to team up with us here at Hollywood Production Center. We offer the best surroundings for your professional needs and services. Our staff is ready to provide you with exceptional client service with a smile. Come visit us today!

Luxury Corporate Housing


Every phase of the entertainment industry is fast paced and on a consistent rise from day to day. There are many levels or positions held within the industry but it goes without saying that every position is essential in the productive flow of business. The entertainment industry is energized by the effort of the mega minds and talent of the creative juices that are dedicated to pushing their piece of the puzzle to the next level.

Hollywood Production Center provides one of the most prime elements of any successful entity of the entertainment business. The time, energy and effort required to make sure that business flows above the radar is very demanding. Therefore, providing fully furnished corporate office spaces is the ultimate goal of the company. With the constant changes and high demands of the industry, there is a great demand for the contemporary, all inclusive and fully functional office space to help business to boom at its best.

These offices are fully equipped to enhance the business part of the entertainment industry. The hassle of contacting, scheduling and selecting the cable, internet and phone providers are a thing of the past. All of the production offices come fully equipped with these amenities. There is no wait or delay and the offices are ready for occupancy. The contemporary styles and amenity options are well planned and designed with the busy executive in mind. These spaces provide an executive office with the highest quality furnishing. The spaces are extremely professional and inviting to the corporate giants of the entertainment industry.

California has definitely earned its spot as the entertainment host of the world. The giants of the industry are well known to the area of West Lexington Drive of Glendale CA. The location of a successful business speaks volumes about the capabilities and the services provided by the company. The ability to negotiate and delegate business transactions from a modern style office suite with skylights and private balconies will provide an ambiance of desire. This desire is targeted around the need to succeed.

Choose a location that is completely prepared for the entertainment elevator of today. The IT infrastructure is complete and ready for use at the moment of occupancy Luxury Corporate Housing is a must-have in a successful entertainment business because this business keeps the players of the game on the move. Hollywood Production Center turns the key to the future of success in the business of entertainment. Any professional in search of an upscale executive office should view the innovative production offices of West Lexington Drive in Glendale CA. The only way to be successful is to prepare for success. Choose a great turnkey space where the scale only tilts toward success.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Imagine finishing a long day of filming, and retiring to a bland, cookie-cutter office space for post production work. Go ahead and forget this thought, because the new Hollywood Production Center on Santa Monica Blvd has revolutionized executive office space.

Still don’t believe it? Now, keep imagining, only this time its reality. Welcome to your new home for Luxury Corporate Housing. This turn-key, fully furnished facility brings home to the office with an on-site gym, showers, 24-hour security, private kitchens and a dog friendly environment. That is only half the story.

Many times, production staffs are scrambling to get their team in the same place. Considering the moving parts of dozens of schedules, there’s no need to balance your Director’s desire to workout, with the creative team’s need to preview the day’s shoots. Everyone can be within arm’s reach. Simply re-convene in the state-of-the-art conference room and never waste precious time with tracking down staff.

Gone are the days of driving across town, going to a sub-par facility, only to hope someone cleaned the night before. The Hollywood Product Center has four locations to choose from with numerous floor plans and amenities. The Santa Monica Blvd location is situated in the heart of Hollywood and provides executive office space rivaling any Five Star hotel. These production offices are used by some of the biggest names in media: CBS, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Bravo, to name a few. Why not work with the best in Luxury Corporate Housing?

There’s no need to worry about trying to find parking on already crowded Hollywood streets. Your new production offices come with a plethora of private parking spaces. Studies have shown, the average executive spends an hour a day finding satisfactory parking in most larger cities. Who has this much time to waste? Chances are, you don’t. Neither do you have have time to waste on signing long-term lease contracts. The Hollywood Production Center offers flexible lease terms, depending on your production needs. If you feel like your business has grown to the point where a longer contract is needed, forget “doubling down” and signing unnecessary lease extensions. Plenty of short-term options are available.

Once you tour this facility, you’ll soon realize what all the buzz is about. The daily yoga classes, masseuse, car wash, and built-in IT infrastructure will only seal the deal on why these facilities are the leaders in corporate housing. This is something most executives only wish they had. Sit back, relax and go to the salon. Your work is right down the hall. Time for another massage.

Luxury Corporate Housing


When you think about establishing your business near North Gower Street, you may want to make sure you have the space available to handle the workload. While you are moving in to a new office space or renovating an old one, you may need to secure space for your executives and owners. Check out the selection of rental units that they have available at the Hollywood Production Center. This is one of the top spots in Los Angeles for luxury corporate housing and for a reason. You will find offices that have been extensively furnished and provided with some of the best amenities anywhere around.

First, you may want to simply think about the types of advantages you can expect when you rent out some of this executive office space. Many offices undergoing renovation might have work crews that generate a lot of noise. This may disrupt the work of some owners or high level managers. They may want to find a place with privacy, where they can simply work in peace. Some of these executive office spaces will be ideal for anyone who would like to host high level meetings. Many prospective investors and colleagues will appreciate the chance to meet in peace here.

You might also be glad to know that all of the offices in the center will have their own private access point. This will help allow executives to feel at home when they arrive at their new office setting. They may also be impressed by some of the balconies and skylights that are installed here as well. This can give them a great look at the LA cityscape and feel like they are valued when they stay here. All the offices at this center will be equipped with fast internet connections and high tech data storage technology. This will ensure that executives can perform any routine task that they need to throughout the day at their office.

Finally, you may want to consider this center if your company needs to utilize production offices sometime soon. Many filmmakers need space to help handle the editing process that happens after filming occurs. There are directors and producers that also need production offices to help plan out their next set of projects in the future. Think about renting out some of these spaces if you would like a little more room to handle these extra duties. Since they are rental spaces, you can use them briefly while your workload expands.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Just about every type of business relies on its ability to provide an effective work environment for its employees. This is most important for the corporate executives that work for the company. They will be handling some of the leadership roles that will define the business that is handled by the company on a routine basis. If you would wanting to find luxury corporate housing, you may want to check out what they have to offer through the Hollywood Production Center. This place has some of the most updated executive suites that you can find anywhere around. Think about getting this unit if you plan to operate near Sunset Gower Studios CA.

There are actually quite a few different advantages that you could come to expect from offices you rent from here. The center will have its own private entryway for anyone who operates through an executive suite here. Many of the offices will also feature enjoyable inclusions such as balconies and skylights, which may please many executives out there. A number of executives will also appreciate the roominess of the executive suites offered through this center. This will allow them to link up with other business professionals and have highly effective meetings in these rooms. Any manager will tell you that they depend on their ability to connect with prospective investors and impress them with the meetings they host.

There is another considerable advantage of getting an executive office through this center. Your business may be undergoing a transitional period, which it may be rapidly expanding its operation. Think about how you may be able to work with executives while your business undergoes this transition. You may be adding new workspace and renovating old areas to house a new department for your office. In the meantime, your executives will need an effective place to work from every day. This office location could be their best bet, because it can link them up with the best opportunities to handle difficult tasks.

Finally, don’t forget that you can use these housing suites if you need production offices. This could be your best option for many different reasons. Think about how your film company may need an area to handle the editing work it will be facing after filming is complete. There are a few people that may even need production offices to help plan for the needed projects they will be handling. Think about setting up your work site here if you need to have a quiet and effective work environment for filmmakers.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Should your business operate near Raleigh Studios, you might want to get a rental unit that will help expand effectively. Think about checking in to luxury corporate housing at the Hollywood Production Center. You may be impressed by the general selection of high quality office suites that are available here. This could be the perfect place for an owner or executive level manager who handles important tasks throughout the day. You might be wondering what can set this center apart from some of the others that are out there. There are quite a few reasons why you may want to think about working with these office suites soon.

First, you may just be impressed by the amenities that you can get when you rent out an executive office here. All the rooms will be stocked with high speed internet and data storage technology. Executives can get linked up with call support and voice messaging services. Many of the rooms here will even be fitted with balconies and skylights, which are an impressive addition to LA office suites. This can give your corporate managers the chance to really feel at home when they stop by here. Think about how you might be able to attract top talent to your company if you can set up these professionals with this kind of work environment. Many of them will be impressed that your team was willing to spring for this kind of advanced location.

You might also be impressed by the support that you can get from this center, since the staff are all friendly and helpful. They can show executives around the building and let them get a feel for what they might be able to expect from working here. You might also be interested in whether they will be able to get started on projects soon. This center is dedicated to providing start up support for businesses that are trying to expand their operation here. Think about using some of the high tech equipment that the center makes available for executives and owners.

Finally, don’t forget that you can use these offices for production offices when you get a chance. Many filmmakers will want to know that they can have quiet and high-tech offices when they are in the production phase of their project. Getting an executive officer may be the perfect solution for hard-working producers and directors. They may simply want to get the space that their team needs to complete the editing process on a film project.

Luxury Corporate Housing


Lights! Camera! Action! You there in the entertainment community! Are you looking for the ideal place to set up shop for that major project that you are working on? Are you in the market for superior production offices? Then we have the perfect spot for you.

These beautiful production and post-production facilities are perfect locations for TV/film production, post- production, new media, and publishing companies. Hollywood Production Center is a turnkey facility that is here to serve the entertainment community. We understand the need for urgency and that is why we specialize in immediate occupancy. Tour today, move in today!

Are you an attorney, real estate agency, talent agency public relations firm or fashion consultant in need of professional and luxury executive offices and suites?

The use of the beautiful office space for executive offices and executive suites are unbelievable. Packed with generously proportioned office suites and stand-along offices these facilities are best for any professional looking for executive offices. Our state of the art layout is the perfect setting to house your executive offices and executive suites.

The Hollywood Production Centers have exactly what you will need. All inclusive amenities are provided in these luxury facilities. Hollywood Production Centers are all located near the prestigious, Glendale Courthouse. These are four of the most elegant Luxury Corporate Housing facilities in all of Southern California. Loaded with full service amenities and excellent customer service, there is no other place to consider.

The Office and office suites which ranges in various sizes are fully furnished and are designed with ultra-modern sky lights, private kitchens, which are stocked with basic items and a private entrance. The executive office and suites are all equipped with pre-installed high speed internet, and voice data. The facilities all provide a professional reception area, more than adequate professional meeting space, superior 24 hour security surveillance and excellent and friendly janitorial services.

Luxury Corporate Housing with all inclusive amenities is at your feet. You get to save money on startup costs. Why spend money on security for office space and then have to spend more money to furnish and equip it. We take care of all of that for you. With month to month and long term leases we make it easier for you to conduct your business effectively without worrying about the small stuff. The high quality technology with all infrastructure already installed and ready to use as well.

You also get access to world-class amenities such as an onsite gym, showers, personal trainer, yoga instructor, masseuses, flower and plant arrangements, car wash, parking, and valet parking. So then why don’t you take advantage and of these cost-saving but luxurious facilities and keep your status?

Luxury Corporate Housing


Located near Beverly Hills CA in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale, California, we offer three facilities with state-of-the-art, multi-matrix floor plans that can be upgraded or scaled down when-ever your company has the need. Your clients will love the convenience of easily finding your executive office location near the main freeways, with ample and secured valet parking provided for all Corporate clients and guests. All three facilities have successfully developed a combination of cutting edge technical ready amenities and professional sophistication in office decor and plush furnishings.

The Hollywood Production Center offers a variety of areas for filming (indoor and outdoor sites and sets), cutting edged new décor, greenery, plants and flowers, which provides an economical, convenient and ideal environment to transition from writing and storyboarding, to production offices and filming, post-production, and the flexibility of any additional professional services you specifically require. You specify exactly how many offices you need, suites with kitchenettes, bull-pens and conference rooms, with all the exceptional accommodations in addition to complimentary amenities all ready in place.

There are Entertainment industry networking events promoted monthly, but you also have the option of Hosting semi-formal galas in the huge conference rooms, or intimate net-working events in your own office spaces. You will have kitchenettes in the suites, additionally there is the options of the On-Site Café with food and light snacks, and your choice of catering from your favorite outside sources.

The executive staff in these three facilities has been attending to the needs of the Professional Entertainment Industry since 2001 and are established and recognized as being among the top area facilities and known for their excellent attention to every need and detail required by your Corporation. Just contact our offices to schedule an On-Site tour and we can begin to accommodate you in the ways that benefit and enhance your teams creativity and work product efficiency.

You will immediately find that the offices and staff of this Luxury Corporate Housing facility are set up to provide you with a pleasant experience and successful solutions to your every custom need. Your executive office will provide formal space to host meetings as well as accommodate a needed restful environment. Our committed staff will ensure that your technical and electronic device connections are not simply “hooked up”, but professionally installed and checked to be sure that all your staff need do is plug-in and get instant service. Voice, data and high speed Internet services, fully furnished top of the line pieces to whimsical furnishings that will inspire creativity. Finally, when the extreme business of the production offices require staff to find “mind-space” and recharge batteries, the On-Site GYM has Modern Equipment, a Masseuse and Personal Trainer, Showers and Yoga Instructor!

Luxury Corporate Housing


Luxury housing and corporate suits are available for same day moving in when you visit our production center. Find your perfect space for production today. Los Angeles CA has the very best in Luxury Corporate Housing. You will find us online at the Hollywood Production Center.

If you’re looking for turnkey facilities and a place for production, post production and media, TV and film space the Hollywood Production Center has exactly what you need. Our facilities offer corporate living and work space for corporations or individuals.

We have the perfect space in downtown LA for work or play. We have a gym and exercise spaces for whatever needs you have. We facilitate film production, and make it as easy as a same day move in; just bring yourself, and the computer. No other equipment is necessary when you find the management that makes it as easy as we do. We have the finest Luxury Corporate Housing in downtown Los Angeles CA.

Due to the economic downturn, we make every need fulfilled by our clients. You can afford the very best, and we bring it to you. There’s no need to search for anything else to match your taste and sophistication. You can choose exactly what you want and we want you to choose us.

We have production offices to suit your particular needs. The world is yours, and our little slice will please you greatly; you won’t find an executive office like ours. Only the best is good enough for our clients, and you will notice that as soon as you visit our website.

Our photo gallery gives you insight as to what is available to our clients. Please take the time to register and look at the features available to make you welcome for the best working and living experience of a lifetime.

Time is of the essence when you have a film or video of any sort to shoot. We know how valuable it is. That’s why our spaces and services are designed to please you from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave. Our concierge service will help you at any time. We have parking, valet, and living services for cooking, cleaning; and everything is anticipated for your every need.

We are happy to help you in any way possible when you contract with us. Our services are as important as all the amenities that are a part of your stay. You will never forget your stay with us, and you will tell your colleagues what a great time you had with your stay at our building. Whether your stay is only a short time or is extended indefinitely, you will love it.

Luxury Corporate Housing


In a city renowned for being the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood CA offers numerous opportunities for work and play. The city is one of the most popular California’s destinations for tourism and nightlife and home to the well-known Hollywood Walk of Fame. This exciting city offers numerous facilities for entertainment including clubs, fashionable bars, and retail businesses. Hollywood residents can enjoy the freedom to conduct business throughout the state of California and return to a cozy and comfortable home each night.

It is not uncommon for company executives to spend several weeks or months at a different part of the country or even out of the country. When this happens, it’s usually cost efficient to get some type of corporate housing for the executive. Corporate housing is generally less expensive than hotel rates and provides a more comfortable accommodation. When a proper housing has been provided, even the most particular executive will enjoy a relaxed and comfortable stay for the duration of the assignment. So it is crucial to find the right type of corporate housing.

Location is always an important factor to consider when choosing a corporate housing. If the executive will be provided with a vehicle, finding a housing unit with garage or parking facilities is important. If the executive will use public transportation, then choosing housing that is within walking distance is something to take into consideration. Proximity to grocery stores and other types of shopping facilities would also be important considerations, if public transportation will be the means of getting around.

Not only is it a major entertainment city in the country, Hollywood provides residents with one of the largest public transportation systems in the United States. With many conveniently located corporate apartments, residents have easy access to public and alternative transport systems.

Providing for furnishings is also important when looking for appropriate corporate housing. Most houses and apartments that are provided for corporate housing come already furnished. In some cases, there are unfurnished options. The company can decide to buy or rent furniture if the housing will be maintained over a long period of time.

Luxury Corporate Housing in Hollywood is available near many historic theaters and production offices. Whether you are looking for corporate housing, temporary housing, or furnished apartment, choose an experienced rental agency for your housing solution. A reputable rental agency, such as Hollywood Production Center, can even help you find an executive office in Hollywood.

Choosing the right agency for your housing needs is an important step in finding comfortable housing for your stay in Hollywood. Obviously, choosing a reputable rental agency with a good track record will certainly ensure that your apartment is clean and perfect for your needs.

Luxury Corporate Housing


At least since the turn of the twentieth century, Hollywood has been one of the biggest centers of the motion picture industry in the world, owing in no small part to the natural beauty of its setting. The Hollywood Production Center, formed in 2001, has since served the entertainment industry from their three offices located in East Broadway in Glendale. They provide luxury corporate housing for producers, directors, actors, set workers and other people who work in motion pictures to stay for the duration of the production in which they are taking part. Movies can be shot in any part of the Hollywood PC building: the courtyard, the patio, the gym, the office sets, even the rooftops!


Besides their executive office and production offices, Hollywood PC provides a range of amenities for its clients to enable them to live comfortably whilst they stay there. These include:

  • high-speed Internet
  • a professional reception area
  • janitorial services
  • a range of health and fitness services, including a gym, personal and yoga trainers, and massage therapy, to help relieve the stress that comes with working on something so major as a film
  • a turnkey facility (i. e. one that can be used immediately, as soon as those who rent the place move in.)
  • security surveillance 24 hours a day: Hollywood PC is quite serious about making sure that no one except authorized personnel shows up at the filming sessions.

A production team can save much valuable money by using Hollywood Production Center as a base for its projects. Scenes that need to be redone can be attended to in the same place where the original filming was done, with no need to apply for additional permits or otherwise do extra work.

The four offices

Hollywood PC has four offices that are distributed throughout the area. HPC 1 is for those who are looking for production offices to use for their post-production work; once you rent the space, all you need to bring in is your laptop. HPC 2, located in Los Angeles, features “standalone” office space on four floors, with all the furniture already in place. A basement is also present. The building is perfect for fashion consultants, PR companies, attorneys, and others. HPC 3, in Glendale, has three floors and a basement. The offices are sleek and modern, and balconies and skylights are both present. HPC 4 is on Santa Monica Boulevard and has more than a hundred office spaces plus a conference room that renters can use.

Luxury Corporate Housing


There are quite a few different companies out there that may need to utilize some extra space. You never know when your company is going to take on a new project or need to open a new department. These kinds of initiatives will need to be overseen by a corporate executive or manager who knows how to direct these processes. They will naturally need some space to help host meetings and handle important issues that will tend to come up from time to time. You may want to check out the luxury corporate housing that is available to you through the Hollywood Production Center.

Many businesses in California routinely face major expansion, so they might not be able to house new corporate executives in their workplace right away. They may need to incorporate an addition to their property, or even acquire a new office building that has more executive suites inside. In the meantime, their executives will need a place where they can confidently work throughout the day. This center may be the best place to help secure executive office spaces in the area. This is because you can find offices that are equipped with the meeting space and high quality furnishings that an executive would want to see.

Don’t discount the importance of finding effective executive office space for the managers that work for your company. They likely need to host high profile meetings with investors and potential business partners. If they don’t have the space they need to work, they may not be able to successfully handle these kinds of initiatives. You may need to keep their needs in mind when you think about renting out these types of office suites. Try to find one that will also have the equipment that they need to help conduct certain types of work, including teleconferences with overseas clients.

Finally, don’t forget that you can get production offices through this center as well. This could be perfect for production companies in the area that are looking for a place to help their Producer or Director stay focused. These kinds of professionals will want to check out some of the offerings available to them at this center. They may even want to stop by for a tour of the suites that are offered here, so they can plan out how they might want to conduct their business.