Luxury Corporate Housing


As every creative and writing team that has ever attempted launch a television or film project knows, a peaceful and well-equipped working environment is critical to a project’s success. In the entertainment industry, creative projects for the small or silver screen can have so many moving parts that it can often feel overwhelming. There are camera crews that must be hired, camera footage that must be sifted through and carefully edited and talent that must be auditioned and housed. At Hollywood Production Center we can take the logistical burden required to make your project come together off your shoulders by offering comprehensive production facilities in and near Silver Lake CA.

Our affordable luxury corporate housing is designed to offer entertainment professionals onsite facilities that meet all of their filming, writing, production and editing needs. Our team takes every opportunity to create a working environment that will be enjoyable, comfortable and cater to the needs of your project’s team. Our facilities offer a comprehensive range of amenities that will enable your team to have the productive experience they need.

Among our facilities’ many amenities are on-site cafes, a hair salon staffed with knowledgeable beauty professionals and on-site gym that includes a personal trainer to meet your team’s wellness and physical fitness needs. In addition to our cafe, some of our facilities offer tenants free refreshments. Our onsite gym also includes lockers and showers that your staff can use after completing a long intense day of shooting. Among HPC’s other amenities are on-site yoga instructors, an on-site masseuse and on-site car washing services that are available at your request. High-speed wireless internet is available and our facilities’ utilities will already be turned on before tenants’ arrival.

Our facilities house many production offices that have proven to be the perfect setup for entertainment professionals that are in what can be one of the most taxing stages of completing a successful creative project.

In fact many of American television’s most exciting TV shows have called our facilities home. The teams that are behind TV series like Syfy’s futuristic show Defiance and the CW’s paranormal romance teen sitcom called Star-Crossed have used our comprehensive facilities to help make their programs a success. We have also housed MetaTV.

Other benefits to securing one of our luxury facilities include our on-site cleaning and janitorial service. Each of our properties comes with 24-hour surveillance to meet our tenants’ security needs. Our sprawling parking lots ensure that the deluge of vehicles that often accompany creative projects are able to be comfortably parked. At our tenants’ request, we can easily provide friendly, efficient and professional valet parking services.

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