Luxury Corporate Housing


At least since the turn of the twentieth century, Hollywood has been one of the biggest centers of the motion picture industry in the world, owing in no small part to the natural beauty of its setting. The Hollywood Production Center, formed in 2001, has since served the entertainment industry from their three offices located in East Broadway in Glendale. They provide luxury corporate housing for producers, directors, actors, set workers and other people who work in motion pictures to stay for the duration of the production in which they are taking part. Movies can be shot in any part of the Hollywood PC building: the courtyard, the patio, the gym, the office sets, even the rooftops!


Besides their executive office and production offices, Hollywood PC provides a range of amenities for its clients to enable them to live comfortably whilst they stay there. These include:

  • high-speed Internet
  • a professional reception area
  • janitorial services
  • a range of health and fitness services, including a gym, personal and yoga trainers, and massage therapy, to help relieve the stress that comes with working on something so major as a film
  • a turnkey facility (i. e. one that can be used immediately, as soon as those who rent the place move in.)
  • security surveillance 24 hours a day: Hollywood PC is quite serious about making sure that no one except authorized personnel shows up at the filming sessions.

A production team can save much valuable money by using Hollywood Production Center as a base for its projects. Scenes that need to be redone can be attended to in the same place where the original filming was done, with no need to apply for additional permits or otherwise do extra work.

The four offices

Hollywood PC has four offices that are distributed throughout the area. HPC 1 is for those who are looking for production offices to use for their post-production work; once you rent the space, all you need to bring in is your laptop. HPC 2, located in Los Angeles, features “standalone” office space on four floors, with all the furniture already in place. A basement is also present. The building is perfect for fashion consultants, PR companies, attorneys, and others. HPC 3, in Glendale, has three floors and a basement. The offices are sleek and modern, and balconies and skylights are both present. HPC 4 is on Santa Monica Boulevard and has more than a hundred office spaces plus a conference room that renters can use.