Luxury Corporate Housing


Fully furnished office suites and luxury corporate housing is offered, for the southern California area. We have four separate locations for all of your onsite writing, production, filming and editing requirements.

Leases available include a month to month rental arrangement, for short term production and full use of our Hollywood Production Center. Onsite film and media production companies are our current tenants. Our office suites include a comprehensive setup for your writers and film crews. Leasing is month to month, and each rental contract may be extended for as long as your filming project requires.

Our onsite amenities allow you and your staff to enjoy a state-of-the-art professional reception facility. You are welcome to have meetings at your office suites. Your office has skylights, private kitchens, balconies and a private entrance. Our facility is a turn key arrangement. We have an onsite gym for you and your filming staff, to use as often as you wish. We provide a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, a masseuse, flower and plant deliveries and a car wash area. All of these amenities are available either upon request or are included within your rental package.

We offer our location as a long term leasing arrangement, also. We have same day move in, and you can quickly set up your filming requirements. We are dead line savvy, and we understand the importance of finishing your work on time. Our staff is trained to respond professionally and quickly to your production needs. We have a professional reception area, that presents you and your company in the best of light. Your office suites are kept clean with our own janitorial service, that cleans your office area daily. Our HPC locations include office sets and a rooftop courtyard, for you and your staff.

Altadena CA is a perfect location for your entertainment industry projects. We specialize in immediate occupancy and full amenities. Our customer service is trained to respond to the requirements of the television and film industry, post production business needs, news media deadlines and publishing company specific requirements.

Your production office includes an installed voice and data system. All of our office suites have high speed Internet availability, that is ready for you to use. Your production office has its own premium address, that is located within a fully equipped building. Each of our four locations has its own state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Visit our website and arrange your free professional tour, of any of our four convenient office locations. You can call us to set up your free tour.