Luxury Corporate Housing


Imagine finishing a long day of filming, and retiring to a bland, cookie-cutter office space for post production work. Go ahead and forget this thought, because the new Hollywood Production Center on Santa Monica Blvd has revolutionized executive office space.

Still don’t believe it? Now, keep imagining, only this time its reality. Welcome to your new home for Luxury Corporate Housing. This turn-key, fully furnished facility brings home to the office with an on-site gym, showers, 24-hour security, private kitchens and a dog friendly environment. That is only half the story.

Many times, production staffs are scrambling to get their team in the same place. Considering the moving parts of dozens of schedules, there’s no need to balance your Director’s desire to workout, with the creative team’s need to preview the day’s shoots. Everyone can be within arm’s reach. Simply re-convene in the state-of-the-art conference room and never waste precious time with tracking down staff.

Gone are the days of driving across town, going to a sub-par facility, only to hope someone cleaned the night before. The Hollywood Product Center has four locations to choose from with numerous floor plans and amenities. The Santa Monica Blvd location is situated in the heart of Hollywood and provides executive office space rivaling any Five Star hotel. These production offices are used by some of the biggest names in media: CBS, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox, Bravo, to name a few. Why not work with the best in Luxury Corporate Housing?

There’s no need to worry about trying to find parking on already crowded Hollywood streets. Your new production offices come with a plethora of private parking spaces. Studies have shown, the average executive spends an hour a day finding satisfactory parking in most larger cities. Who has this much time to waste? Chances are, you don’t. Neither do you have have time to waste on signing long-term lease contracts. The Hollywood Production Center offers flexible lease terms, depending on your production needs. If you feel like your business has grown to the point where a longer contract is needed, forget “doubling down” and signing unnecessary lease extensions. Plenty of short-term options are available.

Once you tour this facility, you’ll soon realize what all the buzz is about. The daily yoga classes, masseuse, car wash, and built-in IT infrastructure will only seal the deal on why these facilities are the leaders in corporate housing. This is something most executives only wish they had. Sit back, relax and go to the salon. Your work is right down the hall. Time for another massage.