Furnished Office Space


Take advantage of this affordable office space located in Alhambra for your next production. When you require a location that will fulfill your filming, production or editing needs, there is only one place on the west coast to contact. Hollywood Production Center offers all the amenities that are needed including utilities, access to high-speed internet, phone service and more. We have served the entertainment industry for more than a decade and during that time have become one of the top facilities for immediate occupancy in Southern California. Our office suites may be used as filming locations, creative space and executive offices. Let us help you find the right facility in Alhambra for all your production needs.

We now have three locations which can be found in the center of Hollywood, as well as the downtown Glendale area. These full-service facilities provide access to an on-site cafe, hair salon, a gym with showers, lockers, and an on-site personal trainer as well as employees who are ready to serve you. These facilities are like small communities where people work together for a common cause and help you to make your product a success. At HPC, our primary goal is to make it possible for anyone who has ever dreamed of entering the entertainment industry to do just that. Our affordable lease options make it possible for anyone to live out their dreams and turn their potential production into a success.

Our modernized facilities are ideal for the busy professional or production team. We have placed our office space nearby the places in Alhambra CA that you will need to visit most so that you are only minutes away from a great lead or important meeting. Plug in to the company computer and take advantage of the phone, data and internet services that are included with your lease. These modernized communication tools can help you to stay connected to each and every person involved with your project. This allows you to sit back and enjoy the convenience of your executive office suite and stay in control of production at all times.

We have several floor plans available that will accommodate your production team. These large, spacious areas can provide you with enough room no matter if your crew is made up of 20 or 200 employees. Customize your space with the amenities that matter most to you and your crew. Contact us today for more information on our state of the art locations for lease and find out more about how our furnished office space solutions can help you.

Furnished Office Space


Whoever said that one can’t judge a book by its cover was dead wrong. First impressions are built on what is seen, not on what lies under the surface, and it is done in a matter of seconds. Failing a first impression can mean the difference between a failed relationship and a lifelong partnership. There is never an excuse to not place your best foot forward in any given situation in order to give yourself the leg up you deserve.

As a professional, you should already know that you must always look your best at all times. Unfortunately, may business professionals forget that they need to also have their office space at an above par level. In this day and age there is no excuse for not having an executive office that will wow your clientele and affiliates.

Regardless of what line of work you’re in, there is always furnished office space available to you. There are many companies out there that cater to the needs of businesses in order to help them to be more productive and do so in a professional manner. One such company that helps businesses achieve their goals, be it for lawyers, accountants, film producers, promotions, and on and on, is Hollywood Production Center. This company offers locations in Los Angeles, Glendale, Hollywood, and Altadena CA for just about any business professional’s office needs.

Companies like HPC offer so much more than a few desks in a building. Instead they offer an experience. Office space is so much more than a place to get work done, it’s a place to enjoy and be productive in. Advanced technology is a must in any office space, but there is no reason why you can’t find a space that also provides access to a gym, masseuse, hairdresser, personal trainer, staff ready to assist, and anything else you can think of. Don’t just get your work done, experience it instead.

Your best foot forward is so much more than a fancy suit, it’s the whole. Full attention to detail in every aspect of your business is of great importance. From every detail about you, your partners, and your staff to the cars parked outside your office building, the furnished office space, and even the style of glass you offer water in all contribute to what your client thinks of you. You have the power to make or break the deal, don’t ever underestimate that power.

Furnished Office Space


The trademark Hollywood Production Center was built to cater for the burgeoning entertainment community in southern California. One of the biggest such communities resides in the Century City CA. The city, which is located on the Westside of Los Angeles, is home to about 6,000 residents. The four strategically located productions centers are located in the nearby cities of Hollywood and Glendale, California. Each of the centers incorporates some of the latest building designs and masterful floor plans to cater for ever growing demands of today’s executives and filming crews.

The wide selection of Executive Office space at HPC can be used by TV and movie production professionals, publishing company workers, post production crews and professionals in new media. The outstanding full service amenities at the facilities combined with the exceptional customer service have made the facilities stand out like no other in southern California. The amenities at the four Hollywood Production Centers include; ample car parking facilities that includes valet parking, 24-hour security surveillance, professional reception area, On-site showers and gyms as well as a masseuse, personal trainers and yoga instructors. Other amenities include office suites fitted with skylights, private entrances and private kitchens.

Inside any of the available fully Furnished Office Space in downtown Hollywood and Glendale are state of the art modern office suites that featuring turnkey office spaces with beautiful well-maintained furniture sets. While in the offices you can easily plug in your work computer and enjoy a fast internet connection as well as phone access. The executive office space at the facilities also feature large windows designed to allow lots of natural light. As a new occupant you will be greeted by a team of disciplined and well-trained receptionist who will direct you to office suites decorated with modern deluxe touches starting at the entrance.

Filming production crews, business executives and professionals residing in and around Century City will also be glad to know that they can keep fit without having to move out to other fitness facilities in LA. The On-site gyms are furnished with some of the most modern fitness equipment’s set out on well ventilated and lighted rooms. On-site training instructors are always at hand to assist you with the some of the latest workout regimens. HPC will provide you with all the necessary amenity’s that any modern office provides just to keep you moving. To book your exclusive office space today, you can simply visit our website at or call our customer service representative on (888) 298 7887.

Furnished Office Space


Your office is to your business what mind is to your body. If you can’t have a good system working for your employees and business in general in terms of space, facilities and equipments, you might as well be going to fail. Creating an effective office is an important component of making it easy for your business to grow.

Like most things, Hollywood Production center offers furnished office space to its customers. Think about a large space where you can run your company successfully, with employees working at their best, features in place to make your business up and running at your finger tip. This is what HPC promises to offer. One of the best moves you can make to reduce the complexity of placing your business assets and equipments is to move into one of the executive office facilities offered by HPC.

Getting extra storage space in the office will give you more room to get work done and reduce overall clutter. The incredible reception area here is designed perfectly to entice customers and make them do business with you. These office suites are equipped with furniture, cubicles, kitchen, security, parking and safety area to keep your office records safely. And because the company specializes in providing these features, you may be able to run your company without worrying about trivial things.

Good office involves selecting the proper furniture, allocating adequate space for addressing the storage needs, lighting the work areas appropriately, offering work surfaces for equipments, computers and peripherals and taking into account work satisfaction and personal work style of the employees. In a office suite provided by Hollywood Production Center you don’t have to worry about these requirements because the company itself will take care of it. All you need to do is start by specifying your requirements and determine how much space you will require for your business items. Don’t forget room for phones and answering machines. Also consider how your business work flows when placing your request. Hollywood PC will make sure that your office layout and ergonomic needs are in accordance with the needs of your employees. Know the cost of each unit and features upfront and you will avoid being blind-sided by varying prices.

There are many things that you can do for your business and selecting the right place is one of them. It is a management challenge; it makes it harder for your business to grow when you experience wide swings in selection. Hollywood PC will make that selection easy for you.

Furnished Office Space


Each new production in Hollywood has to have its own story, production area, shooting venues, and editing facility. If you are in charge of the next great production but you cannot decide where to set up your command central, we have the perfect location for your living, relaxing, and working needs located in one professionally designed building.

The Hollywood Production Center has everything you need to complete your business and filming needs. We have on-site filming locations such as meeting rooms, boardrooms, outside patio, gym, courtyard, rooftop, and more. Whatever your needs are, we are here to accommodate. The outside shooting locations are well maintained and modern. If your need is a Furnished Office Space, we can provide the perfect setting and shooting possibilities for you. Our indoor shooting areas are versatile and available when you need them. When it is time to do the editing and paperwork part of the production, we have you covered there also.

We provide a large business center for our tenants. There are fax machines, copiers, and high-speed internet computers to complete any business transactions that are necessary. Keeping your production as professional as possible, each tenant has his or her own personal business address. To ensure that your clients and business partners are impressed right from the time they walk in the door, HPC offers them a modern and clean lobby. With your residence being in the same building, your clients can also reach you when they need.

The furnished apartments that are available in Eagle Rock CA offer the best there is for living, working, and playing all in one place. Our apartments are fully furnished and come with all kitchen appliances including in-suite washer and dryer. The hardwood floors throughout emanate the warmth of the environment. With individual climate control, glass tile bathroom, and soaking tub with extraordinary panoramic views of the city, and comfy resting area, these apartments are the top in rental living spaces.

At the end of the day, you can relax right here with yoga, a gym, fire pit, bar, or one of the rooftop activities that are arranged specifically for our tenants. There is also an arcade, ping-pong, and other special daily activities that you can join with other tenants and visitors. Give us a call today to start enjoying this all-inclusive dream living. Contact the Executive Office to arrange for your free tour to see first hand what we have to offer, or visit our website to arrange your move-in date.

Furnished Office Space


Planning and executing your next production should not have to involve a lot of planning for traveling. When in production mode, it is much more convenient to be able to conduct all of the necessary steps to a production in one central location. That is exactly what we have to offer. All of your work, live, and play needs in one convenient location.

At the Hollywood Production Center, you will be able to conduct your business from the same building that you reside and play in. With on-site writing, production, filming, and editing facilities, we offer top of the line equipment and technical accessories. This includes large and modern conference and boardrooms that are equipped with full teleconferencing and video capabilities. The entire building has both wired and wireless internet. The business center is fully equipped with everything you may need for your production, including fax machine, work stations with computers, scanner, and an ATM. There are UPS and Fed-Ex drop boxes, delivery service, and package and mail processing. All of your office needs in one space.

To keep the stature of having an Executive Office, there are fully equipped business suites from which you can choose. Visit our website to look over the floor plans and see what we have to offer your business needs. The business suites are telecommunication and video ready, so you will never have to wait for the audio and visual attendant to get your meeting started. Call to arrange your free tour of our facilities and decide which one is best for your needs. There is no wrong choice with this amazing work, live, and play location.

Not only do you get a Furnished Office Space when you rent here, you are also getting a premiere apartment in a prominent area of California. The fully furnished apartments that we offer have all of the necessities for everyday living. These living spaces include the basic needs like in-unit laundry, full kitchen, living quarters, bedroom, and bathroom. The apartments also have high-end added touches such as the comfortable beds, glass tile bathrooms, stainless steel kitchen appliances, modern furniture, and incredible views of Edendale CA. This includes the views that you get from the rooftop.

We also offer our tenants specials and opportunities for rest and relaxation. There is a gym, yoga studio with the instructor, and many other places to relax. One of those places may be on the rooftop. At HPC our tenants will find a selection of activities to partake in such as a fire pit, Jacuzzi, and much more.

Furnished Office Space


Glassell Park CA, residents we understand how difficult it is to find a location that fits all of your professional and filming needs. At Hollywood production center you will be able to get down to business as soon as you sign the lease.

At our location we offer you a wide range of amenities that will allow you to get to work immediately. All of our office spaces are fully furnished, which means there is no need to make expensive furniture or décor purchases. When you sign a lease with us, you will have access to an office that include desks, chairs, tables and flower décor. Also, there is no need to wait around for the cable or phone guy to arrive. Voice, data, and high-speed internet come pre-installed and ready to use.

You are able to save time and money by utilizing the services that come with your HPC lease. All of our residents enjoy our onsite janitorial service and 24 hour security. No need to outsource these particular services. We make sure that your executive office remains clean and that you and your guest are safe at all time. Saving money by not having to pay for janitorial or security services can help to increase the amount of funds available for your filming project.

So much time can be wasted trying to find and area to film from. Once you have found the perfect area to film from, you still must go through the process of getting permission or a permit before you can start filming. At facility, you will not have to worry about obtaining permission or a permit. Once you sign a lease with us you will be able to use our office sets, patio, courtyard, rooftops, gym and many more areas for all of your filming needs.

We understand that filming can be very stressful and time consuming. Therefore we have included on-site accommodations that will allow you to relax and get your thoughts together. A brain freeze can be helped with a visit to our on-site gym relieve some of that stress. Or you can get refreshed with a visit to our masseuse. If you need to recharge your energy, we also have yoga classes that you can attend.

Once you have utilized HPC for your filming needs, you will be able to appreciate our post-production space. Here is where you and your crew can come together and focus on turning your filmed clips into a finished project.

Furnished Office Space


Hollywood Production Center offers premium turnkey office spaces and suites that include utilities, phone and high-speed internet service. Our complex contains stunning design elements and up-to-date resources for writers, TV/Movie filmmakers, directors, producers, post-production and publishing companies in Griffith Park CA. We have four office locations each with state-of-the-art technology, shared creative spaces, business centers and more. We thought of every detail to stimulate your creative juices including on-site Yoga instructors to help clear you mind and get you energized.

HPC is located in premium locations for tenants to network with businesses and people that can contribute to your project. Our office suites are fun and technically advanced, housing many professionals and companies that are successful in the film and production industry. We spare no expense to ensure our facilities motivate our tenants so you can focus on creating quality film projects. We provide the resources and tools for every aspect of your project from writing to filming to editing. We are literally a one-stop shop for entertainment production companies with a budget of any size.

The visual decor of our complex and office suites are centered around luxury, functionality and innovation. This is why our offices are consistently occupied by industry professionals that value what we offer and trust our effort to help artist grow and flourish. Our primary goal is to make it easy for you to succeed and prosper. Our tenants are hip and significant players in the entertainment industry. They benefit immensely from our beautiful executive office suites and demonstrate their appreciation by recommending our services to other industry professionals.

HPC suites simplify the daily tasks of engaging your team in focused and meaningful collaboration. In addition to providing luxurious furnished office space we feature world-class amenities that include a reception area, showers, private kitchens, balconies, car wash service, skylights, private entrances and more.

We understand that the film industry can be an expensive venture. The Hollywood Production Center provides an opportunity for industry professionals to save money on start-up costs and to take advantage of cost-effective measures like month-to-month lease terms. Our furnished suites are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to accommodate your needs. We offer plenty of parking and valet services in a gated facility with 24 hour surveillance security inside and outside the complex.

You can visit our facility today and move on the same day. Our business structure is centered around convenience so you can thrive. As a tenant, when it’s time to unwind you don’t have to leave the business complex you can enjoy our rooftop, courtyard, patio, masseuse, and on-site gym (with a personal trainer). Contact us today to take a free tour of our state-of-the-art business and production complex.

Furnished Office Space


Hollywood Production Center the perfect location to fulfill your writing, production, filming and editing needs. Our office spaces are great when you need to get working. Do you need state of the art furnished office space , internet, and phone services? Do you want support such as a professional reception area? Do you want amenities such as a gym with showers and a masseuse? Did you think you could rent office space including an on-site yoga instructor? Well, you can at Hollywood Production Center , also known as HPC. We’re headquartered in Highland Park CA. HPC is the type of executive office space you’re looking for if you’re a writer, producer or someone in the entertainment industry. We have locations in Glendale and Hollywood and can provide different types of floor plans and amenities depending on what you need. For example if you’d like shared creative spaces, or state of the art meeting rooms, we can provide those.

We can provide different sizes of office space and we provide filming locations. Amenities such as stocked kitchenettes, valet parking and flower arrangements are provided. One of our facilities even has an on-site hair salon and personal trainers. Each Hollywood Production Center has a track record of great clients. Therefore, you can be sure that our centers will fulfill your business needs. We have flexible leases and you don’t need to setup things such as water, power and the internet. These are ready to go.

Center 1 is in downtown Hollywood. It is conveniently close to a couple of Hollywood studios and is great for post-production tasks. Center 2 is in Glendale and offers six floors and a basement. You can take advantage of the car wash here, and there’s an onsite masseuse. Center 3 is also in Glendale and offers three floors and a basement. You can take advantage of the gym, masseuse and car wash here. Center 4 is our newest and is located in Hollywood. It has over 100 office spaces, and has a café run by Brasil Kiss with various food trucks. It’s great for post-production work but like our other HPCs caters to different types of businesses such as writers, editors, talent agencies and PR companies.

We’re sure that our centers offer the ideal environment for your office or production work. We have a great list of clients and would to add your name to that list. Please visit our website ( to subscribe to a free tour of one of our Centers. Or you can call 1-888-299-5107.

Furnished Office Space


One of the challenges for filmmakers and enthusiasts is to look for furnished office space that is designed for the type of work that is required for filmmaking and other industries. It is easy to look for offices if you are starting a business. However, finding the right office spaces that will cater to the unique needs of filming and production can be challenging.

You should not look for an executive office and turn it into a film production area. Instead, look for an appropriate office that will not only cater to the needs of your job as well as enhance creativity for you and your staff. Here are a couple of things that you should consider when looking for production offices and centers in Los Feliz CA,

Fully Furnished Office Space. When you create films, it is expected that you will send them to different production directors and owners for evaluation and value. Once these directors and production owners signify their interest in your work, you will be contacted or visited. When you have a proper office where they can visit, you should give a good impression and show them that you are serious about producing films.

Ample secure parking with valet assistance. It can often get frustrating with the amount of traffic in HPC. However, providing secure parking with valet assistance is one way of making your business associates feel relieved that they went to your office first.

Reception area and round-the-clock security surveillance. Security is of utmost importance in offices. An executive office that has high security surveillance system and a professional reception area will provide your guests and business associates with a real sense of security and professionalism.

Their office spaces come with private entrances. There are instances that your guest or business associates may need to meet with you away from the prying public eye. Having an office space that has a private entrance helps to establish trusting relationships since your clients will have confidence in knowing that you do not allow private information leaks to the media.

Sports and Leisure facilities. When you start film production, there will be times that your staff has to work for days on end. During filming, some staff members will not be required to be present and may choose to spend their time off doing sports and leisure activities like gym workouts, spa therapy, or having their car washed. These activities will take their minds off work and provide a balanced amount of time to energize. This is important in order to maintain a sustainable flow of creative ideas.

Installed hi-speed internet. Inter-office communication as well as keeping abreast with world news is important in the film industry. You should look for office spaces that offer pre-installed hi-speed Internet access so that you can readily get the information you need with the click of a mouse.

All of the features you need in a professional office space should be available when you want to establish your production office. With this company, you can find the perfect location you need in Hollywood.

Furnished Office Space


It can be a bit of a hassle to find the perfect office in North Hollywood. However, the Hollywood Production Center has offices that are ideal for those in the TV and Film industry. Tenants also work in production, post-production, new media and publishing. If you long to find a chic office space among creative professionals, you will feel at home in this vibrant community. These offices can also be used as filming locations. You do not have to go through the trouble and red tape of securing a permit.

This building offers a staggering array of amenities. HPC office suites are furnished with chic modern furniture and have skylights, private kitchens, balconies and private entrances. There are several sizes of office suites, so you will be able to find the best fit for all your office needs. If you prefer an executive office, there are units currently available. Utilities, high speed internet and phone are all included with the office unit.

We understand that creative individuals often have needs that change as they work on a project. You might start filming in an office unit and then realize in post production that you need to go back and reshoot a scene. Instead of going through the trouble of securing permits, you could simply extend your lease to reshoot the scene and then continue to work on the project in post production. Our leases are flexible, so you can lease according to your needs. You can lease from month to month or you can have a long term lease in North Hollywood CA.

There are also communal areas which are great for interacting with other business executives. The courtyard, patio and rooftop are quite scenic. You could meet a future business partner or meet someone that you can collaborate with on creative projects. The on site gym is a perfect place to unwind after a stressful day of work. The personal trainer and yoga instructor help to invigorate your fitness routine. A masseuse is available when you are in need of alleviating tension. After a grueling day of shooting or editing, a masseuse can help you clear your mind of erratic negative thoughts.

You never have to worry about finding a parking place. There is an abundance of parking, and valet parking is also available. This facility has 24 hour surveillance and is gated for your protection.

If you are looking to rent furnished office space in Hollywood, you can schedule a tour through our website. If you prefer, you can also call to schedule a free tour.

Furnished Office Space


When it comes to being proactive in what an individual does in their life, it is imperative to ensure that they are provided with a living environment that enables them to pursue their goals with the greatest levels of energy, strength, and motivation. One’s living situation can have a major effect on how well they perform in school, work, or anything else they may be striving for. These are the reasons why the phrase, “there’s no place like home” is so popular and well attested. People will perform better when they are relaxed, aware, and have a good sense of protection and security.

The Hollywood Production Center provides its residents with a vast array of features and amenities for residing and working. To match its name, it certainly serves the entertainment community in Palmer Park CA righteously. The HPC specializes in immediate occupancy or workplace environment for all applicants that are interested in staying there. It is also a great place for TV/film production in the case a producer needs a good place to conduct their work with a good set for backgrounds and settings. It is a top choice for post-production professionals, new media, and companies that specialize in publishing.

Executive office offers fully furnished suites that range in sizes and designs. Every resident of worker of the community is guaranteed an ample amount of parking spaces, valet parking services, and security within a gated facility that is under 24 hours of surveillance for every day. The residents and workers of the furnished office space can enjoy a various amount of options to make their job or living arrangement more efficient, such as pre-installed voice, data, and high speed internet service. The gym is sure to keep its workers and residents in shape year round, as there are a multitude of different machines and equipment. The gyms even include personal trainers, yoga instructors, and masseuses for rest, relaxation, and recovery.

The office suites’ environment is always kept lively with skylights that provide illumination. The beautifully designed private kitchens are enough to make an avid fast food connoisseur into a well-renowned chef. The balconies of the living arrangements enable residents and workers to have every opportunity of catching some fresh air while enjoying a beautiful view.

Furnished Office Space


Hollywood Production Center offers a comprehensive solution for your movies, TV and commercial production in San Jose. These facilities are matched to fulfill your production business needs and meet your budgets. It can be expensive to rent a production unit in a place known for technology companies and expensive lifestyle like San Jose. But with HPC, you can have it all – a spacious production facility to rent along with a great supportive environment to take your business to next level.

Units offered from this company come in various sizes ranging from a 1000 sqft studio to a 20,000 square feet hall equipped with furniture and more. You will also find state-of-art stages and related items to successfully perform a production task. These facilities have been associated with success in other parts of the country and customers have discovered two long-lasting values from them: affordability and convenience. Here, you will find a highly-efficient team being able to coordinate in your film production business without hassles.

Areas that are meant for film and movie production can be tailored to one’s requirements. Once you have thoroughly investigated the space, it is time to move on to figuring out and incorporating additional features to the facility. By default, every basic unit comes with a spacious hall, stage, lighting, dressing room, and much else mentioned on the company’s brochure. By working with the company, you will get an opportunity to choose the type of unit, features and various other elements that comprise your executive office or film studio. Whether you want to use the existing platform or make improvements to it, you can always convey your ideas to the company. Normally built to suit any kind of entertainment industry, these facilities can be easily redesigned according to your business needs if required.

Whether you are in San Jose CA for a short period or are looking to stay there for a longer duration, Hollywood PC is the right place to go. This company is dedicated to providing production units for its customers for current production as well as post-production use. Certain units also come with furnished office space, warehouse, edit suites, producer suites, and corporate housing as well. Moreover, the facility you choose will be in a place very close to major shopping malls, airports, public offices, and other interests around the city so you don’t have to feel isolated in any way. You will also find golf courses, parks, plenty of restaurants and cuisines nearby. All in all, Hollywood PC provides a production facility in this city without compromising quality.

Furnished Office Space


Ever since Hollywood Production Center began operations in 2001, the southern California based facility has established itself as a center that offers immediate occupancy of executive office space, filming locales, creative spaces and production spaces. The center has also managed to create a sense of community among its vast portfolio of clients and staff; this feeling is evident immediately when you take a walk through the spaciously lobbies. The four HPC facilities situated in Glendale and Hollywood are easily accessible from the affluent neighborhood of Sherman Oaks CA. The two facilities in Glendale are located on 121 W. Lexington Dr. and 225 E. Broadway. On the other hand, the two facilities in Hollywood are located on 6350 Santa Monica and 1149 North Gower St. The four turnkey facilities are all located at the heart of Glendale and Hollywood with easy access to the highway.

Business executives together with Filming and TV production crews looking to expand into the Southern California market now have a better luxury corporate solution that can fully cater to their needs. The turnkey Executive Office suites have fully stocked restrooms, 24-hour security personnel, comfortable furniture’s and a state of art gym with a masseuse. While booked at any of the Hollywood Production Center facilities in Southern California, expect to enjoy the type of office experience you can only get from a long established corporate or hospitality business entity. While booked here, you can also make a good impression to anyone coming to visit you. Some of the facilities offered for your convenience include a plug and play high speed internet services that includes voice and data, plenty of parking and an impressive reception area with luxurious lobby.

Each of the fully Furnished Office Space is fitted with some of the latest top-of-the-range user-friendly pieces. To cater to your daily living comfort, the office suites feature private kitchens and a private entrances. All the office suites are designed to cater to the needs of the entertainment industry professionals as well as staff, looking for a perfect production-ready space where one can work immediately after booking in. The HPC facilities also provide exceptional networking spaces where professionals from different areas can host their events. The large conference rooms can act as a setting for your semi-formal get-together. Another important thing is that you can impress your guests with an offer of free cappuccino, coffee, or other refreshments. You can book your space today by visiting our website at or by calling (888)-298-6029 to speak to a customer service representative.

Furnished Office Space


The Hollywood Production Center (HPC) is a large-scale facility where many entertainment employees lease apartments, as well as have the opportunity to rent a Furnished Office Space to do their administrative paperwork or meet with clients.

At HPC we offer you additionally a place to live so they can live, work and play all in the same area, making it very convenient. Whether they are the film producer or one of the crew, they can all choose from the fantastic apartments with unheard of great amenities like security 24hours a day, cafes to grab a snack, gyms, valet parking, and turnkey move-in the same day you sign the lease.

If you are filming in the area of Silver Lake CA having an executive office, as well as a home here, gives you more time to relax and not be stressed out due to traffic or other stress from daily problems that commuters must face.

If you are interested in getting a tour to look over the apartments and working spaces available to lease at the facility, it’s easy to set one up. All you have to do is go to our website at and ask for an appointment. The officials there are eager to help potential leasers to get a good impression of all of the available services to their clients.

You will be able to see all of the things like the executive office property available, as well as see where you can use places like rooftops or patios or other spaces to film your latest blockbuster picture, then go to your Furnished Office Space to make changes to the script or write out contracts for your actors and crew.

Our huge complex is set up to help their clients with all of the necessary permits and paperwork needed to film in the area, as well as ensuring your guests get a great parking space and are protected by the 24 hour security teams. Both short and long rental agreements are possible for anyone renting apartments, working spaces or offices. Once you have signed a lease, you are ready to pick up a key and get to work or start enjoying one of the many onsite amenities. This is above all one of the very premiere places to work, live and play. It gives renters the best of the best of everything from a place to live to a place to work all in the same facility.

So, if all this meets your needs, be sure to get a meeting with us today. Just go to and fill out the available form.

Furnished Office Space


Finding a good office space in Toluca Lake CA isn’t complicated. At its most basic, it involves finding what you want in order to run your company or business clearly and specifically. Some secondary things include large parking area, corporate housing for employees and transportation. But essentially, it is nothing more than finding a space that can house your employees and equipments that comprise the business comfortably.

This comfortable space is provide by Hollywood Production Center in Toluca Lake. Perhaps it is a better way to run your business when things are already in place. Examples of features that are available by default in this property include cubicles, furniture, reception area, dining area, parking space, guest area, phone and internet access and kitchen in some units.

Many business owners who are worried about rental price for office spaces try to avoid the issue by being ambiguous about their needs whenever possible. This is a big mistake. Not knowing your requirements for your business space will lead to ambiguous outcomes. If you want an employe of your company to do exactly what you expect don’t leave anything to chance. Provide the best facility in a best place possible that way you are growing your business to its full potential.

It is also important to choose the right kind of office space. A place which can be at a close proximity to residential communities, schools, shopping malls and public facilities. If your business comprises of not more than 25 employees having a multi-story unit does not make sense. Being able to match the needs with the available features is a valuable skill in many cases. In addition to being perceived as a good business, it is a good idea to actually provide a comfortable place for the employees so that they can concentrate on their work and not worry about other things. With Hollywood PC your dream of owning a successful business from a fully furnished office space will come true.

You can easily spend the majority of your life establishing and growing your business but that still requires you to have a peaceful business in place. With Hollywood PC you are in good hands in which to place your business firmly on the ground. You may have never thought of attaining luxury living while running your company but after approaching HPC you will start thinking over the possibilities. Having a good business strategy also includes having a big office space like this to expand a business.

Furnished Office Space


If you are in the entertainment industry and need executive office space, there is no place that compares to Hollywood Production Center. We service the entire Universal City CA area. Whether you are looking for a filming location or a post-production office space, we can cater to it.

We have been in business since 2001, during this time, we have learned how to construct and design offices to fit the needs of the entertainment business. We offer furnished office space, which gives you less to worry about. Everything is set up for you and your employees. Our office sizes accommodate even the largest groups. If you need an office on short notice, we offer same-day move in. All of our offices are turn key ready. We have the options for short-term and long-term leases.

HPC is a high-class facility and doesn’t fall short on the luxuries. Our facility is gated for safety and also offers valet parking. There is a reception area to guide your guests to the right location. Our receptionists are all highly qualified in the customer service field. No need to worry about safety, our entire facility has 24-hour surveillance. All of our furnished office spaces are equipped with voice, data and high speed internet. We offer several different filming location options. Throughout our facility, you will find office sets, gyms, patio and rooftops. The options are endless. No need to step out for lunch, your office will have a personal kitchen. Your employees will also have a private entrance available. Take a minute to relax on your patio.

Now, when you work hard you should play hard too. We offer more than just working amenities. We also have personal amenities. Start your morning off with a intense workout in our on-site gym, just don’t forget to shower afterwards. Need help getting motivated, book a training session with one of our personal trainers. Get your body detoxed and ready to go. If you enjoy relaxation and mental focus, take one of our yoga classes. Save personal time by taking advantage of our on-site car wash. If one of your employees or actors need a touch-up, make an appointment in our hair salon. Don’t waste time leaving the office for lunch, enjoy our delicious cafe on site. We even offer plant and flower arrangements.

Hollywood Production Center is more than just a place to work. It is royalty, you and your employees will have everything you need during your workday. We have every amenity imaginable for you.

Furnished Office Space


The Hollywood Production Center rents office suites catering to a variety of professions and services. The buildings have many superior amenities available onsite. There are four locations to choose from. On the website you are able to search floor plans and check on the flexibility of lease terms. Feel welcome to schedule a tour after checking for current availability. These office suites are favored by business owners who appreciate the turn-key style move in approach.

HPC has a long list of prestigious clients. They understand that having a well known clientele base is their best reference. Experts in many fields assert this office building firm is their favorite place to do their work. No stone is left unturned in terms of amenities. There are skylights, balconies, and rooftop areas to use. Modern, stylish meeting rooms are ample. Each office building has a janitorial service in place. Other staff is on hand for security, food service, and valet parking. The HPC1 location is a great place for film production studio owners who need high quality Executive Office space. It has voice, data, and internet pre-installed. Ready and available for editors, designers, and producers who need fully equipped office space. These buildings are located in the heart of downtown Hollywood at 1149 North Gower St. which is close proximity to other top studios.

HPC2 is located at 121 West Lexington Drive in Glendale. This large fully Furnished Office Space is an excellent choice for attorneys, talent agencies, real estate agencies who are looking for practical yet classy amenities. This location features an onsite gym, valet parking, and a car wash! A place where creative groups will be highly productive. HPC3 is widely preferred by production studios to handle post-production tasks and general office work. Round-the-clock surveillance and plentiful parking accommodate serious professionals. Because of the on-site cafeteria, copy/fax center, and rooftops, entire film crews can be provided for. An on-site florist is ready to handle your plant and flower arrangements. This site also has a large basement. Located at 225 East Broadway, in Glendale. West Hollywood CA recently welcomed HPC4 to the film and television creative community. This building is located at 6350 Santa Monica Blvd and has over 100 office spaces for lease. It has a café, gym, and masseuse. There are conference rooms available to accommodate small groups or larger gatherings.

Furnished Office Space


Take advantage of this affordable office space located in Alhambra for your next production. When you require a location that will fulfill your filming, production or editing needs, there is only one place on the west coast to contact. Hollywood Production Center offers all the amenities that are needed including utilities, access to high-speed internet, phone service and more. We have served the entertainment industry for more than a decade and during that time have become one of the top facilities for immediate occupancy in Southern California. Our office suites may be used as filming locations, creative space and executive offices. Let us help you find the right facility in Alhambra for all your production needs.

We now have three locations which can be found in the center of Hollywood, as well as the downtown Glendale area. These full-service facilities provide access to an on-site cafe, hair salon, a gym with showers, lockers, and an on-site personal trainer as well as employees who are ready to serve you. These facilities are like small communities where people work together for a common cause and help you to make your product a success. At HPC, our primary goal is to make it possible for anyone who has ever dreamed of entering the entertainment industry to do just that. Our affordable lease options make it possible for anyone to live out their dreams and turn their potential production into a success.

Our modernized facilities are ideal for the busy professional or production team. We have placed our office space nearby the places in Alhambra CA that you will need to visit most so that you are only minutes away from a great lead or important meeting. Plug in to the company computer and take advantage of the phone, data and internet services that are included with your lease. These modernized communication tools can help you to stay connected to each and every person involved with your project. This allows you to sit back and enjoy the convenience of your executive office suite and stay in control of production at all times.

We have several floor plans available that will accommodate your production team. These large, spacious areas can provide you with enough room no matter if your crew is made up of 20 or 200 employees. Customize your space with the amenities that matter most to you and your crew. Contact us today for more information on our state-of-the-art locations for lease and find out more about how our furnished office space solutions can help you.

Furnished Office Space


Establishing a professional business impression is essential. This requires getting an office in a good business district and investing in office equipment and supplies. Buying office equipment that includes fax machines, copiers, computers and a commercial telephone system can cost a huge sum of money, especially for a start-up or a beginning entrepreneur. Furnishing your office with cheap looking office furniture will not help create to the best impression. Moving into an office with bare walls does not give an opportunity to impress your prospective customers or clients. Every serious business owner knows regard office equipment and supplies as a must-have.

There are, however, options to renting an office space without investing too much upfront cash on purchasing equipment and supplies. You can now get a fully furnished office space in a suitable location, allowing you to move in and start running your business immediately. Furnished offices are a great option for those who want to move into an office and start working, without having to deal with buying office equipment and furnishings.

A fully furnished office, located near West Lexington Drive in Glendale CA offers a perfect professional image, which in turn attracts clients, customers and potential partners. Convenience combined with affordable cost is what you get when you go for a furnished office.

Consider executive office suites. The rate may be higher for executive suites, but many of them come furnished and provide access to conference rooms, office equipment and supplies, thereby lowering up-front expenses for equipment and furnishings to almost nothing.

Read a prospective lease carefully. Review your monthly payment, amenities provided, length of the lease, any provisions for early termination of the lease, and other details such as annual rent increases due to inflation. Find out if the lease includes cleaning service and other maintenance tasks. Don’t forget telephone lines, broadband Internet connections, cable service and other communication services.

Although you can browse through the Internet to look for companies that offer fully furnished office spaces, including production offices, it is advisable to use the services of a popular company, such as Hollywood Production Center, to locate the most suitable office for your business. If you choose a reputable company to guide you in choosing the right office space, you can rest assured that you will get the perfect office space for your needs and at the best rate.

By renting a furnished space you can use the money you would have invested in equipment and furnishings to further expand your business. This money can pay for an extra software program, a specialized printer, or other business supplies that you need.

Furnished Office Space


Santa Monica Blvd is a classic location for business. Office space is a big part of expenditures when operating a business. Location is important in how customers view a business and its ability to deliver a product. This is a prime location for business with a desire to rent, available furnished office space.

This area of Hollywood Production Center activity provides an economical and practical setting for production offices or an executive office. Enhance the stature of your business with a Santa Monica locality. These spaces are the home to a number of entertainment giants. Your business can sit among them with an office rental in the Santa Monica Blvd district.

Westside Los Angeles is busy, stylish and filled with the energy of a Hollywood Production Center. Buildings scrape the skylines filled with furnished office space in the center of a bustling entertainment industry. If you are relocating a business or starting a new one, the convenience of an office pre-furnished and ready to work in is a major advantage. The film industry is active in Santa Monica with offices sprinkled throughout the area. Each building is unique with varied levels of advantages.

Some properties are closer to venues and others are known for their prime locality, however, whatever the difference a spot in this vicinity is a treasure. Decide what you want in an office and find it in this busy jet set environment. Choose a size and any added requirements and find yourself in an office of your choice.

With an office in this district, reach the business group you need to network with. Customers will find your location of high interest and possibly gain more of an interest in your business. This business residence certainly gains attention. These properties owners have covered every facet of office rental needs for the customer. Small details that might be overlooked in the day to day operation of a business are covered. Security is always a necessity in caring for any property but this is already arranged.

Rent suites that are well maintained, equipped with Wi-Fi and other business amenities. There is nothing for you to worry about except unlocking the door. File cabinets, desk, chairs and a great view are ready and waiting. There is nothing typical about this location. Each building has a unique flavor.

It would be an advantage to have offices in such a famous location. Offices are available with the receptionist, maintenance, and phone service. Executive space is already prepared. If your preference is a corner office, this is the location to find your office suite.

Furnished Office Space


If your company needs additional office space Los Angeles/Glendale, California is the place to grow your business. Furnished office space is available in a multitude of floor plans that will accommodate your business today and beyond. As your company grows so can your office space without ever having to leave the building.

Imagine the advantages of leasing turn key office space in a highly populated area! Anything your company would need to operate is available at other nearby businesses within minutes of your luxurious office suite. Plus the added benefits of having your company located on popular North Gower Street is that your office will be near other companies needing your services.

Should you choose to lease any office space many amenities await you such as secure parking, valet service, a private kitchen, plug in ready internet, janitorial service, surveillance, an executive office, a car wash, plus a private entrance. Ample lighting, a fully furnished conference room, large offices, and attractive, sturdy office decor are standard features your company will appreciate.

An added benefit for your company is the buildings general reception area. The general reception area is available right inside the front door to act as a buffer between your company and time wasting vendors that you do not have time for on a busy day. This gives you a chance to schedule outside companies and vendors around your busy schedule without the hassle of uninvited interruptions.

Hollywood Production Center offers same day move in on any of its office floor plans. Simply sign the contract, bring your computer, employee’s, and paperwork and your business is up and running in its new location. The time you save over having to purchase furnishings, find new office space in a prime location and moving your existing furnishings can now be spent making a larger profit for your business.

Filming can begin almost immediately after your company moves in. No more waiting on permits, delays, and other costly frustrations. Hollywood Production specializes in offering fast, easy ways to get your filming started. If you need help with set design, writing or post production, don’t worry. Hollywood Production Center is there to assist you every step of the way.

Their production offices will be the easiest, fastest way toward getting your business goals accomplished. With all the services and benefits already in place, your company can thrive with little investment of your precious time.

Furnished Office Space


Relocating to Sunset Gower Studios CA temporarily can be easy when you know where to turn. Hollywood Production Center is the place where short term leases are a standard. While a month to month lease may be the most common option, you can also stay for much longer if you choose. This can provide someone with an elegant space while they are relocating to the area permanently. You will still be able to conduct your business each day even if you do not reside in the area.

One of the best features is that each office is a fully furnished office space. You will not have to worry about having furniture delivered, or any of the technology you rely on each day. Everything you need to start working will be included in each office suite. This can allow you to take a tour, and move in and begin working the very same day. You may work in a very fast paced business, and our specialty is helping a business minded individual get what they need in no time.

When you visit our temporary production offices you will find out what all of the buzz is about. You will have a private entrance into the building, and there are security measures in place at all times that ensure you are in a safe location at all times of the day and night. You will also have a secured parking area if you are renting, or using your own car while you are in town.

When you bring your computer with you to our temporary executive office you will be able to plug in and you will be ready to go. We offer many of the amenities on site that you would expect in an office. This can include high speed internet, meeting facilities to meet with clients, and even mailing facilities that you can use on site. This will allow you to get everything completed each day without having to leave this location. If you are new to the area it can be frustrating trying to find a new location. We can prevent this by offering you many amenities that you may not find anywhere else.

There are janitorial services on-site that keep our building in pristine condition. If you need this service in your office, it is a phone call away. You may wonder why it took you so long to discover this type of temporary office space.

Furnished Office Space


Many businesses use furnished office spaces due to the benefits they offer. A furnished space provides a professional work environment; the business atmosphere helps employees complete their tasks more efficiently. Branding and company’s overall reputation also improves when a furnished space is used. Finding a good office space provider near Raleigh Studios is possible. Many businesses are operating successfully in this particular location. One company worth considering is called Hollywood Production Center.

A business that uses an office space has access all hours of the day; the office can also be used all week. Because of this, an employee can complete a task at any time. Most businesses enjoy this benefit. For example, if a worker needs to fax something after office hours, the individual can send the fax; late night access will not be an issue. Another benefit involves kids; children can be distracting. When important projects must be completed, kids increase the overall time it takes to finish. An office space, however, gives employees a quiet atmosphere that does not have any distractions.

Standard offices and office spaces that provide furniture offer the same features. A furnished space has standard office furniture, an area for cooking, telephones, cabinets for files, desks and chairs for employees, and more. Most office spaces also have a meeting area for discussing important business projects. Businesses sometimes need to find a place to handle projects immediately; this is another reason why furnished spaces are considered.

A furnished space does not require any improvements; a business a move into the office without any delays. However, some companies may want to make adjustments to suit their style of business; companies are allowed to make the adjustments they need. Although adjustments are possible, all adjustments must be discussed with the building provider.

Office spaces are a good choice because they help businesses on a budget. The cost of the space will be given to business owners; because they understand the cost each month, the leftover money can be managed in other ways, such as for marketing efforts.

Because furnished spaces have furniture, businesses can save much more money. When businesses use space without furniture, they could spend hundreds of dollars buying the supplies needed to run the office efficiently. This is why furnished spaces are the better option for all businesses. The items provided are not cheap; businesses enjoy using the furniture, and they have no issues.

Furnished Office Space


You can find a very modern, temporary office space near Glendale Courthouse. If you find that you are in a situation where you need to come to the Glendale area for a short time to work, you will find that Hollywood Production Center can provide you with a fully furnished office space where everything you need is provided in the cost of your lease each month. This can be a great way to work in Glendale where you will have access to high speed internet, and many luxurious amenities that you may not find in other temporary office settings.

Finding production offices in a good location in Glendale can also be challenging. We can provide you with a very desirable address while you are in the area. This can help you to build your credentials while you are working in Glendale, and you will also have the luxury of not having to worry about your personal safety. If you have not been to the area before, it can be worrisome when choosing a safe address, but we have that covered for you.

You will also be close to shopping, dining, and other entertainment that can make you feel more at home while you are in the Glendale area. Being located so close to the courthouse, our facilities can be great for a lawyer, or anyone else that will use the courthouse regularly while in the area. You will be able to walk to the courthouse, and this may help reduce the expense of using a car while you are in town.

Our executive office rentals are turn key ready. You will not have to wait on a suite to be ready. We have many suites to choose from that are ready for you the same day if you wish. This can allow you to get the studio you need fast, so you can begin your work without delay. This can provide a great office suite each time you find that you need to stay in the area for business. You will have your own office, and building you can use with a moments notice.

Our space is very modern, and you will not have to worry about being embarrassed to invite clients to your office. Each suite is designed with the latest design, and the best materials are used for construction. This will allow you a classy place to bring all of your clients that can fully represent your level of professionalism.

Furnished Office Space


We offer four unique office spaces, in Glendale and Hollywood that will allow you and your business furnished office space and amenities to start your business today. Hollywood Production Center knows that when you are starting a business, you want a place that offers all the amenities and extras that you will need because you are going to be focused on your business.

Finding the right location for production offices, leads to an executive office that has everything you want. In Beverly Hills, Ca, Hollywood Production Center offers the new business owner fantastic amenities. The office suites vary in size for each owner’s preference, and are fully-furnished with modern contemporary decor. Each unit has voice, data and high-speed internet pre-installed for the tenant’s convenience, complete with skylights in each office for natural lighting and private kitchens that are fully equipped. If you are talented as a cook, you may dazzle your visitors with lunch served in.

In the center of the first floor is a professional reception area for all to be proud of. Your visitors and clients will be amazed when they walk in the front lobby. Every one of the four locations, including the offices in Beverly Hills CA are filled with luxurious contemporary sofas, chairs and glass tables with splashes of modern art adorning the walls. If you choose your office space on the ground level, you will be close to the showers, masseuse, yoga teacher and weight trainer. Hollywood is known as a town that works hard and plays hard, and at HPC, you will feel comfortable as you maintain a business environment.

These offices are provided the best in high quality technology for the client to expand their business aptitudes and provide more for their clients. Because Beverly Hills Ca is headquarters for films and other recordings, the office building can be used as a shooting facility with office sets, lobby areas, the gym, courtyard, and the extravagant rooftop. The rooftop has an extraordinary view, and small delights like a chilled wine cellar and a place to relax.

Furnished Office Space


The furnished office space at each of the Hollywood Production Centers in LA provide the highest quality of technology in beautifully decorated facilities expressly designed for the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Production Offices in LA

Los Angeles is the largest city in California, and it has become a Mecca for the film industry and recording artists who come from across the country to record here. There are many businesses that spin off the recording industry, and the furnished office space at HPC accommodates the field.

HPC has four locations in Glendale and Los Angeles Ca, and we have been working with the entertainment business for over 30 years. Our offices and reception area are designed in a modern, contemporary furnishing and artwork, and each office is equipped with voice mail, data and high-speed internet. HPC offers the latest technology available.

The Unique Facilities and Amenities of Hollywood Production Center

The entertainment industry moves quickly, and HPC knows that many tenants prefer to move-in on the very day of the tour. High tech is available for each unit, individual parking comes with the office, and HPC provides the best customer service, gym, trainer, masseuse and a yoga instructor for each facility. When spending long hours working, it’s important to remember to not let stress build up. HPC provides these amenities for the tenants.

The offices and suites are all fully furnished in ultra-modern décor, and the bright colors and artwork fill each HPC. Each production facility offers a professional meeting space, and also has fantastic filming sets right on location. The office and gym area can be used for a set along with the beautiful rooftop, which is contemporarily furnished and stocked with California wine. You are welcome to use any of these areas as a stage.

Executive Office and Suites

Every new business person benefits from the shared space and the up-to-date furnishings. HPC is a turn key facility, and the tenants are able to start working the very same day as they tour the facility, and with everything ready, you can come in and take control of your office space. Our property mangers can arrange a lease that fits your schedule because we are aware of the need for flexibility in the entertainment world, and HPC will work with you.

HPC is located in the northern section of the city, which is amazingly within reach of the entire LA area. The LAX airport is in the center of the city, the beach is less than 45 minutes from the facility and there are exquisite and trendy restaurants scattered all over LA. Go to our website,, and sign up to take a tour of the Hollywood Production Center in Los Angeles Ca, and get your business off to a terrific start.

Furnished Office Space


Do you own an entertainment related business in the Hollywood area? Are you looking for furnished office space that is a cut above the rest? Hollywood Production Center invites you to come tour our office and production suites today. When you’ve seen what we have to offer, we’re confident you will agree that this should be your next business address. Whether you need production offices with space for multiple employees or just an office to meet with your top clients, we have the best selection of immediate occupancy office space in the Hollywood area.

Our executive office suites are designed with your business in mind. Whether you are in the business of TV and film production, post-production, or new media, you’ll find prime office space outfitted with all the technology and services you require. Each office is integrated with high-end technology and is pre-wired for IT services. We offer all our resident businesses a complete line of amenities backed by our customer service is that is second to none. Each facility offers ample parking for your employees and clients. Your staff will enjoy the onsite amenities that include a gym, masseuse, personal trainer and yoga instructor and more.

Decide to make your next business address in one of our four amazing facilities. Your valued clients will appreciate the convenience and decor your new executive office provides. They will enjoy meeting with you in your new, professional meeting space. Imagine making your next business deal in your very own chic office space. Your clients and employees will all agree that your new office space is a cut above the rest.

If your production business is growing fast and you need new offices right away, you can move into one of our executive suites without delay. Just call or stop by for a quick tour with one of our knowledgeable staff members. While you’re here, you’ll be able to select the office of your choice and even move in on the same day as your visit. Each of our offices spaces is ready for your immediate occupancy and comes with complement of high-end furnishings and services. For your convenience, we offer both short and long-term leases.

If you’re running out of space in your current location call us today and schedule a tour of one of our four amazing executive properties located in the Hollywood CA area. Call our staff now for a complete list of amenities and to schedule a free, no obligation tour.

Furnished Office Space


Renting an office space in Glendale CA will give you the advantage of running your business in one of the most desirable cities in California. You can choose from a wide variety of office spaces to suit your business needs. Whether you decide to rent a fully furnished and equipped executive office space or one of the production offices, you can find the space you need at a very affordable price.

The success of a business can be immensely affected by the location and appearance of their office. Running a business in a lifeless and unimpressive office located in a shabby area can give your business a bad image. This kind of business environment will not only affect credibility of the business, it can also negatively affect the productivity of workers. Consequently, the business’ growth and expansion will be adversely affected. Therefore, getting office space in a professional setting is a wise decision.

Most of these offices spaces are fully furnished and equipped with office essentials. Aside from providing the office space, many providers also offer efficient staffing and support needs. They take care of the office support needs so that you will not have to bother about answering phone calls and handling other minor clerical tasks. With a fully staffed reception area, visitors will certainly be awed and clients will be confident of the top notch service that a business provides.

It is a significant benefit to a business person when you can start working as soon as you move into a fully furnished office. Generally, these offices are pre-wired with Internet connectivity and other communications services that are essential for running a business.

Renting a fully furnished office space is usually a good idea for those who want to save money as well as avoid the hassles involved in moving furnishings and equipment. However, if you are looking for a space that is already furnished, it is important to consider the style and quality of the furnishings. After all, you want your clients to be impressed by your office.

By contacting a reliable office space provider, such as Hollywood Production Center, you can find the most suitable space for your business. Reputable office space rental companies usually have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is willing to help business people and company executives in finding the perfect office. An experienced agency can guide you through the entire process, from identifying your office space requirements to locating your office space to rent. Through coordination with the right office space provider, you will find a space that meets your needs.

Furnished Office Space


When businesses move from one location to another, the process can be tough. General projects will be disrupted, and this is frustrating for most businesses. The biggest challenge involves hiring companies to move furniture, and calling companies to handle telephones lines. Once the new furniture arrives, the business has to stop productivity to arrange the furniture in the proper locations. Because of these reasons, most businesses use furnished office spaces. There are many options in East Broadway in Glendale. Most businesses, however, use the services that Hollywood Production Center offers.

Businesses enjoy using furnished office spaces because all the required business supplies are already there, such as chairs, desks, and various units of storage. All these objects will be in their proper places, so businesses can work without delays. Before the business owner gains access to the office space, the leasing company makes a plan. The plan involves how the space will be used and the supplies needed for certain tasks. General supplies include, telephones, furniture, fax machines, and other important office devices. Business owners enjoy the benefits of a furnished space because they save money; they will not have to purchase office equipment. When the business owner has access to the office, all the devices will be there. There will not be any delays; the only slight delay will involve putting books and other office items, such as staplers, in their proper places. Because the office has furniture, employees can handle this task in comfort.

Businesses also gain financial benefits when they lease a furnished office space. The best furniture used for executive offices cost a lot money. The biggest advantage, however, is that most furnished space companies gain the best furniture at low prices. When a furnished space is not used, businesses will need to get a loan to buy good office furniture. Businesses who use furnished office spaces, however, do not have to pay high prices for great office furniture; the cost of the furniture is included in the overall cost of the space.

Although many businesses have used many office spaces over the years, the office furniture remains in good condition. The desks are not battered, the upholstery of the chairs is not worn, and trash is not found in the drawers of the desks. Furniture used in office spaces is advanced; the business owner chooses the kind of furniture the office requires. All furniture used in current office spaces is designed by professionals.