Furnished Office Space


We offer four unique office spaces, in Glendale and Hollywood that will allow you and your business furnished office space and amenities to start your business today. Hollywood Production Center knows that when you are starting a business, you want a place that offers all the amenities and extras that you will need because you are going to be focused on your business.

Finding the right location for production offices, leads to an executive office that has everything you want. In Beverly Hills, Ca, Hollywood Production Center offers the new business owner fantastic amenities. The office suites vary in size for each owner’s preference, and are fully-furnished with modern contemporary decor. Each unit has voice, data and high-speed internet pre-installed for the tenant’s convenience, complete with skylights in each office for natural lighting and private kitchens that are fully equipped. If you are talented as a cook, you may dazzle your visitors with lunch served in.

In the center of the first floor is a professional reception area for all to be proud of. Your visitors and clients will be amazed when they walk in the front lobby. Every one of the four locations, including the offices in Beverly Hills CA are filled with luxurious contemporary sofas, chairs and glass tables with splashes of modern art adorning the walls. If you choose your office space on the ground level, you will be close to the showers, masseuse, yoga teacher and weight trainer. Hollywood is known as a town that works hard and plays hard, and at HPC, you will feel comfortable as you maintain a business environment.

These offices are provided the best in high quality technology for the client to expand their business aptitudes and provide more for their clients. Because Beverly Hills Ca is headquarters for films and other recordings, the office building can be used as a shooting facility with office sets, lobby areas, the gym, courtyard, and the extravagant rooftop. The rooftop has an extraordinary view, and small delights like a chilled wine cellar and a place to relax.