Furnished Office Space


The furnished office space at each of the Hollywood Production Centers in LA provide the highest quality of technology in beautifully decorated facilities expressly designed for the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Production Offices in LA

Los Angeles is the largest city in California, and it has become a Mecca for the film industry and recording artists who come from across the country to record here. There are many businesses that spin off the recording industry, and the furnished office space at HPC accommodates the field.

HPC has four locations in Glendale and Los Angeles Ca, and we have been working with the entertainment business for over 30 years. Our offices and reception area are designed in a modern, contemporary furnishing and artwork, and each office is equipped with voice mail, data and high-speed internet. HPC offers the latest technology available.

The Unique Facilities and Amenities of Hollywood Production Center

The entertainment industry moves quickly, and HPC knows that many tenants prefer to move-in on the very day of the tour. High tech is available for each unit, individual parking comes with the office, and HPC provides the best customer service, gym, trainer, masseuse and a yoga instructor for each facility. When spending long hours working, it’s important to remember to not let stress build up. HPC provides these amenities for the tenants.

The offices and suites are all fully furnished in ultra-modern décor, and the bright colors and artwork fill each HPC. Each production facility offers a professional meeting space, and also has fantastic filming sets right on location. The office and gym area can be used for a set along with the beautiful rooftop, which is contemporarily furnished and stocked with California wine. You are welcome to use any of these areas as a stage.

Executive Office and Suites

Every new business person benefits from the shared space and the up-to-date furnishings. HPC is a turn key facility, and the tenants are able to start working the very same day as they tour the facility, and with everything ready, you can come in and take control of your office space. Our property mangers can arrange a lease that fits your schedule because we are aware of the need for flexibility in the entertainment world, and HPC will work with you.

HPC is located in the northern section of the city, which is amazingly within reach of the entire LA area. The LAX airport is in the center of the city, the beach is less than 45 minutes from the facility and there are exquisite and trendy restaurants scattered all over LA. Go to our website,, and sign up to take a tour of the Hollywood Production Center in Los Angeles Ca, and get your business off to a terrific start.